Romantic Winter Date Spots in Dayton, Ohio

Treat your partner to an unforgettable date at one of these hot locations in Dayton, Ohio

Downtown Daytion on a Winter Night


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Looking for a new spot to take that special someone? Dayton is full of great spots to go on a romantic date with your significant other. In Dayton, there are spots for a first date, a hundredth date, and everything in between. There are a plethora of interesting spots to go to in this city, and before you know it you and your partner will have a few favorites that you’ll be going back to again and again!

Dayton is a great city with a lot of unique places to discover and experience with your partner. As the winter weather sets in it can be hard to think of good dates that take into account the extreme chill of Dayton winter. If you’ve been worried about finding good dates to keep your weekends full and fun, read on for some inspiration and fun wintertime date ideas in and around Dayton!

Escape the Cold at these All-Indoor Date Spots

A romantic restaurant at Dayton, Ohio
This is but one of the many romantic restaurants waiting for your call in Dayton, Ohio. Image courtesy of Dayton Daily News

Wintertime in Dayton is cold. Gone are the sunny days and warm rays of summertime and here are the cold winds and early nights of wintertime. Thus, it is the perfect time to do some exploration of what indoor date spots Dayton has to offer! There is something special about that frantic and brisk walk from your car to the doors of the restaurant, shopping center, or cafe, fending off the cold the best you can. Then, upon your entrance, you can warm up with, perhaps, a cup of tea as you settle in to enjoy the excellent date you have planned. 

Spend Quality Time at one of Dayton’s Cafes 

Coffee dates are perfect in any stage of the relationship. From getting to know one another on the first, second, or third date to anywhere down the line, spending quality time with your partner over a cup of coffee (or hot cocoa, or tea!) makes for a romantic time every time. Coffee dates are low-stress and easy on the wallet, giving you and your partner time to unwind and get to know one another in a relaxing environment. 

Independent, trendy cafes have popped up all over Dayton in the past handful of years, resulting in there being many great spots to try something new, or settle into your favorite cafe. These cafes often boast phenomenal coffee and espresso drinks and deliciously baked goods to compliment them. Many cafes around Dayton also have a fun decor theme, making them an enjoyable, romantic place to be with your partner. 

Go Shopping!

Dayton is full of every kind of shopping you can imagine! Even when the weather gets cold, there are a lot of districts, streets, and blocks where you can hop from shop to shop, only stepping out in the cold for a handful of moments. \

Dayton is home to countless shops, ranging from big department stores, to clothing boutiques, to artisan goods and so much more! Shopping in Dayton is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner walking through your favorite stores on the block. There’s something special about walking through stores looking for clothes, shoes, food, or drinks. As the cold weather continues, shopping can be a great treat for yourself and your partner. 

Enjoy a Romantic Meal Together at one of Dayton’s Finest Restaurants

Celebrating a special occasion? Looking for a place to treat your partner to a fine combination of food and drink? Check out some of Dayton’s most romantic restaurants to enjoy a fine meal with your partner and toast the occasion. Dayton has a wide variety of romantic restaurants with a wide variety of food and drink offerings, leaving you and your partner with many options to pick a place you will both enjoy!

Taking your significant other out to dinner is a great way to show your love, and as the weather gets colder, the warm restaurants with candles lit at every table and a blazing fire in the hearth get more and more inviting. Next time you’ve got an occasion to celebrate, grab a reservation at one of Dayton’s most romantic restaurants for a great date night. 

Stay In!

There is no shame in wanting to stay in! All of these great date ideas will be just as fun later in the month, or even tomorrow. You can plan an incredibly romantic and stress-free night in with your partner without leaving the comfort of your apartment. You can enjoy a few glasses of wine with your favorite new show or movie dressed in your most comfortable pajamas. 

The food options are almost endless if you decide to stay in! Depending on how you are feeling, dinner can be as simple as ordering off of Uber Eats or as involved as cooking up a fancy meal for your partner. Spending a night in is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful week. 

Outdoor Dates

Ice skating in Dayton, Ohio
Dayton metro parks are the perfect place to bring your date and impress them with your ice skating skills! Image courtesy of Metro Parks.

There is an added challenge to planning an outdoor date in Dayton’s winter. As you break out your biggest coats, hats, and gloves, your options are limited in finding pleasant and exciting ways to spend time outside. That being said, if you and your partner have activities you love to do outside together — don’t let the cold stop you! Take advantage of warmer days and bundle up to keep doing what you enjoy around the city. 

When planning an outdoor date, consider how long you’ll be outdoors at a time. If, for instance, you are going on a hike, save that five-mile trail for the springtime! You can go on a shorter hike instead, maybe even before going to the cafe or a nice lunch restaurant to warm up. Outdoor dates are a perfect companion to longer indoor dates for when you are planning the perfect day for you and your partner. 

Explore Oregon District

Take a walk through the Oregon District with your date to enjoy this charming, historic district full of style and live music. This walkable district is a great place to spend an afternoon, evening, or both out on the town. This is an excellent place to spend a few hours bouncing around the shops — as long as you are willing to brave the cold!

The Oregon District is a popular destination for shopping and walking around in Dayton. The center of it all, 5th Street, is brimming with restaurants, shops, food trucks, and more, many of them owned by local residents. At night, the streets spring to life with an impressive live music scene. 

The Classic — Ice Skating

A date on the rink is a must this winter season. Ice skating is the perfect outdoor winter activity — no matter the skill levels of you and your partner! Ice skating is an amazing seasonal date and the only one on this list that is only available during the winter season. If you are at the top of your ice skating game you can glide gracefully around the ring and impress your date, and if you are on the opposite end of the spectrum you can learn on the fly and laugh along with your date as you struggle lap by lap!

No matter the weather, an hour or two of ice skating is a great way to bond with your date and spend a romantic night out in the cold, then, when you are both chilled and shivering it is the perfect time to head indoors and defrost together!

Bundle Up and Explore Parks Around the City

Many winter days in Dayton are spent indoors. As the weather gets colder and colder, it is understandable that many of the summer and fall date spots are moving entirely indoors. That being said, a short, brisk walk through one of the many excellent parks around the city can be a refreshing and rejuvenating change of pace from the indoors (especially on the warmer, sunnier days of winter!). 

Going on casual hikes is a great date, where you and your partner can enjoy the beauty of nature and escape the city for a short time. Although the cold is an obstacle, grabbing a warm coat, hat, and gloves are a great way to stave it off for a little while. On top of that, spending some time outside and getting a little chilly opens up the opportunity to warm yourself at home, cozied up in your biggest blanket with a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa in your hands. Next time you and your partner are feeling a little stir-crazy, take a walk through one of Dayton’s metro parks!

Our Favorite Dayton Date Spots

Bird's eye view of Dayton, Ohio
Dayton is a vibrant city during every season. There are many great places to spend a night out with your partner! Image courtesy of

Dayton is full of potential dates this winter season. Below are some of our absolute favorite places to go with a significant other during the wintertime. Although many days are dark and dreary, these spots never fail to lighten our hearts and put a smile on our faces! 

2nd Street Market

600 East 2nd Street | Dayton | 

This artisan marketplace is the perfect place to bring that special someone this holiday season. 2nd Street Market is prepared for this winter season with indoor vendors and stalls. Local artisans and businesses have the chance to show off their wares, and there are loads of different goods that make perfect presents. Treat your date to one of their favorite cookies, beverages, or a new trinket that they have their eyes on.

Have a weekend where your calendar is open? Stop by 2nd Street Market for great shopping, a fun environment, and pick up some gifts, food, and drink to share with your partner! This is always a great place to go shopping. 

La Comedia Dinner Theatre

765 W Central Avenue | Springboro |

La Comedia Dinner Theatre is a nearby theatre that delivers an amazing experience. It is located in Springboro, about a half-hour’s trip from Dayton, but it is worth the journey!. At La Comedia, they combine great shows with an amazing meal — going to La Comedia is sure to be a memorable date night. They rotate through casts and plays so you will never get tired of stopping in. La Comedia is a famous theatre in the area, a reputation they’ve built up through years of amazing food, service, and music. 

La Comedia endeavors to give you a “Taste of Broadway” every time you go. Their mixture of fine dining and Broadway-style entertainment makes it a perfect place to spend a night out with your date. Check out their musical schedule to find a show you and your partner like!

Lily’s Dayton Restaurant

329 East 5th Street | Dayton | 

Lily’s is a new restaurant to the Dayton scene with an extra serving of personality and it is the perfect place to take your date for some great food and excellent cocktails. At Lily’s, they have created an atmosphere like you are going on a tiny vacation between the time you step through their doors and when you leave. 

Lily’s is a great place to go and take a short moment to escape from the day-to-day of city life. For the few hours you are there, you can focus on the artsy, botanical interior, the tiny umbrellas that garnish your drinks, and having a great time with your date. 

Where Do You Want to Go?

We hope these ideas have inspired you to plan out a truly spectacular date with your partner! Winter in Dayton is a special time, and we hope yours is full of joy and many great dates. Which spot are you planning on taking your partner this winter season? Are there any of your favorite spots that we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

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