Best Restaurants in Kettering, OH

Kettering has several restaurants that are worth visiting.

The river and downtown Kettering at night.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of The UPS Store

Kettering, Ohio is a suburb of Dayton. Dayton is one of the biggest cities in Ohio, and Kettering provides a nice suburban escape. With nearly 60,000 residents, it is the largest suburb in the Dayton area, which means it has a lot more to offer than a smaller suburb. There are many things to do in Kettering, including a great selection of restaurants. There are restaurants of many different cultures and cuisines. If you’re in Kettering, you definitely need to check out some of the best restaurants the city has to offer!

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

This family owned restaurant wants guests to feel comfortable. 
A crispy pepperoni and green pepper pizza topped with parmesan.
This crust is nice and crisp. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3002 Woodman Dr | Kettering |

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen serves Italian food that is made fresh daily. This restaurant prides itself in serving some of the finest Italian cuisine you can find. The owner has over 36 years of restaurant experience, and it certainly shows when you try Jimmy’s food. Everything they serve is homemade. They make great pizza dough and top their pizzas as well as pastas with a secret sauce recipe that’s been in the family since 1975. 

They serve traditional appetizers, dinners, and desserts, and also have a selection of daily specials. Some of their specials include veal or chicken marsala, shrimp a la crème, and lobster or shrimp ravioli. 

This restaurant offers dine-in, takeout, and catering. They can accommodate groups of 60 or more. They give the option for customers to bring their own wine and pay a corking fee, or you can have one of the many house wines on the menu. 

“Hands down the best Italian joint in town.  Their chicken Fra diavolo is amazing and the spice level of the chicken murphy is on point.  We keep dragging friends with us to introduce them to this gem in the Miami Valley and they are now repeat customers.  Try the pepper jack cubes as appetizers and enjoy the size of the entrees as well.” -- Yelp Review

Christopher’s Restaurant and Catering

This restaurant serves delicious high end food. 
A pork chop over mashed potatoes covered in sauce.
This presentation is amazing. Image courtesy of Yelp

2318 E Dorothy Ln | Kettering |

Christopher’s Restaurant and Catering has been serving the community for almost 30 years. They are family owned and operated, and employ over 40 local restaurant professionals. This restaurant is a local favorite. Their menu is made to accommodate people with any budget, palate, or dietary preference. This restaurant uses the highest quality ingredients. They use naturally raised meat, fresh salmon, local cage-free eggs, fresh baked bread, and organic coffee and tea. They also have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. 

Christopher’s offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods, and also homemade desserts every day of the week. They also offer daily special features. Their popular cabbage rolls are available every Monday night. They also serve a rotating collection of craft beers and wines. Catering is also available for private and business events. They also offer carry out and curbside services. 

Christopher’s makes sure that each one of their guests feels like family. They make sure to support their local community with their food choices as well. They get their food from local farms and businesses. They even have a new online ordering system to make ordering more convenient. 

“Amazing! Food was phenomenal and the service was excellent. The owner was very impressionable and came by to talk to us, test new food and just make us feel welcome. My friend who's never been there before, loved it! Instantly became a family hit. A must try, for sure!” -- Yelp Review

Sky Asian Cuisine

This Restaurant has the best sushi in town. 
Many different sushi rolls piled onto one plate.
This array of sushi is quite colorful. Image courtesy of Yelp.

4090 Wilmington Pike | Kettering |

Sky Asian Cuisine serves expertly prepared food made with the highest quality ingredients. They source ingredients from all over the country. They make your order from scratch right before bringing it to your table, so the chef is completely willing to tailor your entrée to fit your preference. 

This restaurant encourages customers to ask for any meal alterations that would make their experience best for them. They want you to feel comfortable asking your waiter for exactly what you need when you order. They make sure that their passion comes across in all their finished products. 

At Sky Asian Cuisine, you can get food to dine-in, and you can have it catered. Their menu items include traditional appetizers like miso soup and pork gyoza, sushi made with several types of seafood, and entrees like filet mignon and chicken with broccoli. They even serve hibachi along with several chef’s specials. You can also get amazing desserts like mochi ice-cream and fried tempura cheesecake. 

“Literally the BEST Japanese/Korean/Chinese food you can get! The staff are super super friendly and helpful with the menu and suggestions. They have a lot of different options and the ambience is so nice. 100% a vibe in my book. The food is cooked perfectly every time and it's always the best quality I've gotten!” -- Yelp Review

El Rancho Grande Mexican Grill & Cantina

This restaurant serves traditional Mexican food in multiple locations. 

A steak next to two piles of yellow rice.
This steak has a great sear. Image courtesy of Yelp

4139 Wilmington Pike | Kettering |

El Rancho Grande was founded by two chefs with years of experience. There are 13 locations throughout the Cincinnati-Dayton region. Most of them are known to be the best restaurants in their areas. They aim to bring great Hispanic food to people, which they accomplish with their amazing menu. They offer a taste of Mexico in the heart of Ohio. 

This restaurant’s menu is extensive and offers a host of familiar foods and unique offerings. For appetizers, you can have nachos, quesadillas, or a chicken raspberry salad. For entrees, you can get chorizo pollo, fajitas, margarita lime chicken, steak mexicano, fish tacos, and so much more!

They even have a lunch menu that offers their food at cheaper prices than they do during dinner hours. It was fully restored back in 2019. They also have an extensive list of beverages. You can get a classic margarita or a daiquiri, or something different, like a Bahama mama or a jalapeno margarita. They also have beers and wines along with a few awesome desserts. 

“This place is terrific!  Ended up settling on this restaurant because another one was closed and I have no regrets. The drinks were cheap and the meals were delicious!  Definitely a good place to stop in and have lunch/dinner.  Luckily we were the only ones here around 3:30 and got excellent attentive service.” -- Yelp Review

First Watch

This is where you go to get good breakfast food. . 

A breakfast bowl topped with two sunny side up eggs next to toast and fruit.
This will make for a filling start to your day. Image courtesy of Yelp

4105 W. Town & Country Rd. | Kettering |

First Watch is a restaurant that serves amazing breakfasts and lunches. Brunch is also a popular offering at this restaurant. They offer quality food and top notch service. They are committed to sourcing high quality ingredients. They also have a menu that changes along with the season. They serve asparagus in April, watermelon in July, and yellow corn in August. These foods come from all over the country. The asparagus comes from California, the watermelon from Florida, and the corn from the Midwest. 

This restaurant’s workers get up early in the day to prepare these fresh foods for customers. They have recently added a First Watch menu with brand new dishes like supersized protein pancakes, carnitas breakfast burrito, and a purple haze drink.

You can also enjoy some top quality coffee when you go there. First Watch sources their coffee directly from Columbia. They personally ventured out to find the richest beans and to meet the female farmers who grow them. They put in time to discover the best of all their ingredients. They also build relationships with all their bakers and growers. 

“Absolutely amazing food and service! I ordered the Pesto chicken & quinoa and it's the best quinoa dish I've ever had! I also had the morning meditation fresh juice and it was amazing too! My husband had biscuits and gravy and said they were the best he's had! Definitely going back!

Must check out!”- Yelp Review 

Sea Jax Tavern

This place sells high quality foods. 

Two tacos covered in sauce next to a beet salad.
These tacos make a great lunch. Image courtesy of Another Food Critic

5900 Bigger Rd | Kettering |

Sea Jax Tavern proudly serves their guests food that is high quality and flavorful. They source their products locally whenever they can and make their food from scratch. They have a dedicated staff who loves to cook. They provide delicious and affordable meals in a relaxed environment. They have a small kitchen, but the wait will be completely worth it!

They will make every effort to accommodate their customer’s food choices, and make any adaptations that are reasonable enough for the staff to prepare. For appetizers, you can get grouper fingers, fried calamari, and spinach artichoke dip. There are different sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and salads. They also have several great meals known as Jax Plates. Those meals include jambalaya, shrimp creole, and lemon parmesan chicken. 

They offer an extensive list of beers. There are several ales, porters, hard seltzers, and several other flavors that are yet to arrive. They have many house wines that include reds, whites, and roses. You can also get a specialty drink. Those include the banana boat, chocolate covered strawberries, and beach bum. 

“Ate here based on other Yelp reviews. They were spot on! That Jambalaya is amazing!! I used to travel for business across LA so believe me when I say this is authentic. I like spicy food and this dish is spicy. Service at the bar was fantastic.”- Yelp Review

Venicia Italian Restaurant

This restaurant offers authentic Italian food.

Chicken marsala over linguini.
This chicken marsala is perfectly creamy. Image courtesy of Yelp

1980 E Whipp Rd | Kettering |

Venecia Italian Restaurant serves authentic Italian food. They have an extensive menu that features different classic Italian dishes. They serve high quality versions of these foods like pizza, pasta, salads, and calzones. They also have a fun and comfortable atmosphere with brand new decorations from a recent renovation. 

Their menu includes appetizers like mozzarella sticks, garlic rolls, fried calamari, and fried zucchini. For pizza, you can go for a meat or veggie lover's pizza, or choose from their many topping options to create your own. Their calzones are made fresh daily with ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses, and you can choose to have up to three other toppings inside. You can get meatball parmesan, Italian combo, and Philly cheesesteak subs, along with many flavors of New York style rolls and salads. 

Venicia has some great desserts on the menu. You can get baklava, cheesecake, cannoli, or tiramisu. For drinks, you can get yourself coffee or a number of different coke products. 

“I ordered food for takeout this evening. This place is awesome. I was told it just opened Yesterday. Me and my husband got the Meat Lasagna. It was so good and the portion size was huge. Prices are really reasonable. This Restaurant is located now where the MCGillicutty bar was. I definitely will be back. The food was so good! I have posted pictures below of our food! Everything was great! Truly Italian food! ”- Yelp Review

Singha Thai

This restaurant does not skimp on flavor.

Shrimp and vegetables over noodles next to a bowl of white rice.
This food will be more than enjoyable. Image courtesy of Yelp.

4123 W Town and Country Rd | Kettering |

Singha Thai offers homemade Thai food in a lively environment. The staff strives to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. They have an exhibition kitchen, which adds to the exciting ambiance. They also have a really fast and friendly wait staff that will make sure you enjoy your time there. 

When you choose to have a meal at the restaurant, you can order your food in advance online even if you want to dine in. Their appetizers include pot stickers, fresh summer rolls, and Thai style dumplings. There are several Thai soups like Tom Yum and Tom Kha. You can get many styles of curry, some of which include mango curry and roasted duck curry. There are also many entrees and chef’s specials to choose from. 

This restaurant offers many simple beverages. You can get sprite, root beer, orange juice, and milk. The dessert options are great as well. They have things like sweet sticky rice and mango ice cream. 

“Thursday night take out from this spot did not disappoint! Large servings, rich layers of flavor, and good price points. If you're going to do Thai food you really want to do it right and they do, friendly and quick service. Tough to beat!”- Yelp Review

Kettering, Ohio is filled with many great restaurants that will improve your day. Whether you want to order in, dine-in, or order catering, these restaurants will give you just what you’re looking for!

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