Top 10 Best Eats in Toledo, Ohio

Visiting Toledo for the weekend and looking for something great to eat? Toledo has options for the whole family, a date night, or just a quick bite to eat in between meetings!

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Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

Whether you’re in town visiting family, on a business trip or you live in the area, Toledo never disappoints when it comes to finding great food and drinks. Toledo serves up some of the most authentic, delicious plates with a variety of food to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters (me). Discover some of the best eats Toledo has to offer. You may just fall in love with Toledo and in that case, check out some of the amazing current home listings!

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1. Mancy’s Steaks

If you love your protein, Mancy’s Steaks is the chophouse for you. Try their delicious steak, crab legs or lobster dishes has earned then 4.7 stars on Yelp. If you feel like really treating yourself, then try their lobster bisque that customers often rave about. If you don’t believe me, then check the Facebook reviews!

mancy's steaks
Looks fancy!

2. Revolution Grille

Revolution Grille is arguably one of Toledo’s finest establishments. Get your girl ready and take her on a nice evening out to enjoy cocktails and unique craft drinks at their bar.  After drinks, sit in a booth to indulge in calamari and short rib that will melt your taste buds. Their food, drinks, and service are worth every penny!

revolution grille
‍Rosé all day!

3. Grumpy’s

If you’re in downtown Toledo for business and looking for a quick bite for breakfast or lunch, then Grumpy’s will be your new go-to spot. Their creative menu is packed with items made fresh and from scratch every single day. Rumor has it, the Reuben is to die for!  Their cozy bricked building is hard to miss but you can also catch “Grumpy’s on the go” which is deemed one of Toledo’s best food truck!

pork belly BLT
‍Pork-belly BLT!

4. Schmucker’s

Every customer that has ever walked through Schmucker’s doors can agree that their tasty pie makes them untouchable. On top of having the 20 flavors of mouthwatering pie, they also serve a wide variety of foods from seafood, breakfast, to home-style cooking that will remind you of your momma’s. This charming diner still has the original phone booth and lunch counter from the day they opened 13 years ago, striving to stay original and not conform to the look of modern chain restaurants.

red raspberry pie
‍Red Raspberry pie

5. Burger Bar 419

This isn’t your typical burger joint. One trip to Burger Bar simply won’t be enough, they sure know how to keep you coming back. Looking to spice up your burger and ditch the traditional lettuce, tomato and mayo? At Burger Bar, you can top your burgers with Chipotle pickled pineapple, sriracha soy deviled-eggs, and goat cheese crostini!

burger bar 419
Enough about the burgers, look at those fries.

6. QQ Kitchen

QQ Kitchen delivers awesome diverse Asian cuisine as well as numerous Korean, Chinese and Japanese dishes. Customers personally love the spicy seafood noodle soup and the varieties of tofu!

QQ kitchen

7. Home Slice Pizza

This buzzing joint serves pizza, salads and subs which you can enjoy on their patio, in their restaurant or at the bar. Who doesn’t love good pizza and craft beer? Make sure you get their $2 slices between 11 am - 3 pm and definitely try the margarita pizza!

margarita pizza
Cheese heaven

8. The Beirut

Who knew you could find such a popular authentic Lebanese restaurant in the Midwest? Even as a picky eater, The Beirut is a place you have to try at least once! Some safer options to order are the lamb shank or the shish kabobs. Or, you can chicken out (lame) and order pizza and pasta!

They've got it all!

9. Fowl and Fodder

Fowl and Fodder has organic foods all made from local ingredients. Try their unique wraps and delicious sides that include their beer cheese soup (yum!) and sweet potato chips. This restaurant also graces the public with cold-pressed juices and yes, the most appetizing chicken and waffles you’ll find!

chicken and waffles
Who doesn't love chicken and waffles

10. Tony Packo’s Cafe

One thing’s for sure, if you stop in at Tony Packo’s Cafe, you have to pick up a some of their world famous chili sauce! Serving up some of the best Hungarian foods and hotdogs, Tony Packo promises to never let you go hungry.

chili cheese dog
Chilli sauce on their hotdog

There's no doubt that Toledo has some amazing food options whether you're looking to dine in or grab a quick bite to eat! Toledo surely won't disappoint.

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