11 Reasons Why Toledo Is The Best Choice For Families With Children

People often want to know, “is Toledo Ohio a good place to live?” The city has something for everyone. With a list of great attractions, museums, parks, and shopping destinations, it is excellent for both kids and adults alike. With the Toledo ...

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Jan 21, 2021

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Toledo, OH, is an excellent option for families with children. With many public and private schools, and daycare facilities available, the city offers plenty of opportunities for parents seeking to raise their families in a safe and nurturing environment. Living in Toledo provides residents with thousands of acres of green space that include playgrounds and picnic areas for families to enjoy.

People often want to know, “is Toledo Ohio a good place to live?” The city has something for everyone. With a list of great attractions, museums, parks, and shopping destinations, it is excellent for both kids and adults alike. With the Toledo Boardwalk overlooking the Maumee River, there are many opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation. The city is also ranked 104 out of 150 metro areas for the best place to live for families.

In this article, we’ll give some of the top reasons why moving to Toledo, Ohio, is a good option for families and answer the following questions:

  • Is Toledo a good place to live?
  • Why should I move to Toledo, Ohio?

We’ll also discuss how the good network quality test plays its role in Toledo’s low crime rate. So, everyone stays tuned. 

11 Reasons To Live In Toledo:

Vibrant Downtown:

Toledo, Ohio, is not your typical Midwestern city. People who live in Toledo are lucky to be able to experience the diversity and vibrancy of a big city while still being able to enjoy the quieter life outside of it. From great restaurants and nightlife to an evolving downtown, the place has something for everyone.

Low Crime Rate:

Crime is an unfortunate reality in many large cities across the United States. Toledo, Ohio, is no exception. However, this city has a relatively low crime rate compared to other cities of similar size. 

Talking about the crime rate, let’s not forget about online crimes. Toledo is also one of the cities which has a low cybercrime rate due to high-quality network connection. The city has a good internet health network. People may have a question in their minds that “what is the test for the health of the internet?” The Internet Health Test is a measure of the state of the internet. It's designed as a way to quantify internet health, with one major goal being to counter misinformation about how the internet is performing. In this way, people can check how healthy their internet connection is. 

Due to strong internet health in the city, the online crime rate is also low as there is very little vulnerability. 


If you're looking for a city to call home and commute from, look no further than Toledo. You'll be happy to know that the metro area has one of the best congestion rates in the country. The average commuter spends only about 18-20 hours per year stuck in traffic, which is less than any other city in America- including Cleveland. With such an appealing driving situation, it's no wonder that people all over the country should move to this place.

Affordable Living Cost:

The cost of living in Toledo, Ohio, is low. Residents can afford the necessities of life with a very modest budget. Many residents say that they can live off one income because their expenses are so manageable. If you're looking for a place to buy a home on a budget, this city could be the perfect location for you.

Big City Arts Scene:

Toledo, Ohio, has a surprisingly rich arts scene. The Toledo Museum of Art is one of the largest and most comprehensive art museums outside of the eastern United States, and it features work from world-renowned artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso. Several other smaller galleries and theaters round out the city's offerings for live music, plays, and art exhibitions.

Things To Do For Everyone:

As one of the largest cities in Ohio, the metro area offers a fantastic variety of things to do for every interest. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, history, cultural attractions, or just relaxing with friends, this city has many options. 

Beautiful Natural Scenery:

The natural beauty of the area is one of the many reasons to live in this city. With everything from lush green parks to fresh blue lakes, Toledo provides residents with various sights to enjoy. Some of these include the many falls that can be found throughout the area and the scenic drives that are perfect for taking in the sights. 

Toledo Zoo & Theaters:

The Toledo Zoo is home to many species of animals, which are featured in exhibits that the world’s best designers design. The zoo offers an interactive experience for adults and children alike, with hands-on opportunities that will excite any visitor. There are also many theaters in the metro area, offering a night out on the town with dinner and a show.


If you're thinking of moving to Toledo and you're looking for a place to raise your children, be sure to include schools as one of your top considerations. There are many excellent public schools available in Toledo, as well as private schools and charter schools. The school system is always working towards providing the best education possible for students with recent additions, such as a kindergarten center and an expanded preschool program.


What might make Toledo unique is it is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States. If you're a pet owner and live in the city, you'll be able to take your dog or cat with you just about anywhere you want. Whether it's visiting family around town, out on the lakefront for an evening stroll, or even just taking a walk around the block, your furry friend will be welcome.


The city has a unique nightlife scene that you should not miss out on. Toledo’s nightlife scene has never been more vibrant and alive than it is today. The city is filled with bars, restaurants, and events for all tastes. 

There are several different districts in the city to explore. Places like Ottawa Street and Monroe Street offer up classic dive bars for those who want to see where the locals go to hang out. For those looking for more of a trendy scene, there is Little Italy District that offers up wine bar after wine bar.

The city features a plethora of new clubs and bars, as well as many of the old favorites, such as the Mud Hens Game Room and the Toledo Zoo. There are also live music venues like Frankie’s, theaters like Happy Days Playhouse, and comedy clubs like Comedy Caravan to enjoy for added fun.

In conclusion, Toledo is a great choice for families with children because of its many benefits. It offers a higher quality of education, safety, and affordability. It's hard to imagine a better place to live than Toledo.

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