Things to Do With the Whole Family in Toledo, OH

Toledo is one of the liveliest cities in Ohio, and offers a lot of good times for families.

A couple holding their child's hand and leading him to the Toledo Zoo.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Main image courtesy of Destination Toledo.

Toledo, Ohio is a large Ohio city that sits at the tip of Lake Erie. It is a great destination for families who are looking to enjoy themselves. Toledo is known for some of its best attractions. They have the Toledo Zoo, the Museum of Art, the Imagination Station, and many great restaurants. The location also makes it ideal for doing activities on the water. 

Toledo is a great place to live and a great place to enjoy for however long someone might end up staying in town. Neither you or your family will ever be bored there as long as you know all the activities that are available to you. Check out some of the fun things you can do with your family while you’re in Toledo!

Toledo Zoo & Aquarium

2 Hippo Way | Toledo |

The Toledo Zoo is a very popular attraction. The zoo houses over 10,000 animals. That number includes over 720 different species. When you visit, you’ll get to see all kinds of animals that you can’t find in most places around the country. You’ll get to see rainforest animals, desert, and ocean animals all in the same place! You’ll also get to see giraffes, tigers, and crocodiles, as well as sea turtles, sharks, and red pandas. 

Aside from showing off these amazing animals, this zoo also makes great efforts to conserve many species. They do their best to improve the lives of animals and their ecosystems. Some of the endangered species the zoo is working to save are Tasmanian devils, polar bears, and brown kiwis. When you visit this zoo, you not only get to see amazing animals, you get to support their conservation efforts too!

This zoo can be a destination for a one time visit if you live out of town, but if you have easy access to it, you can get yourself a membership. A membership to the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium gets you free parking, unlimited admissions, line priority, extended hours, and so much more! 

Toledo Museum of Art

A purple wall covered in different paintings.
There is so much more to see when you step into this museum than these amazing art works. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

2445 Monroe St | Toledo |

The Toledo Art Museum is a popular location for visitors. It is one of the best museums in the country, which is what makes it such a great attraction. The museum has over 30,000 works of art inside. They feature paintings, sculptures, glassworks, and so much more. You can easily find descriptions of the art works that explains their origins and inspirations. The tour guides will also help you get the information that you need. All this knowledge and beauty also comes with free admission!

This museum provides classes for people to learn outside of the art exhibits. As an “art education institution,” one of the museum's main goals is to educate and inspire the community. They offer art classes for youths and adults. They even offer a master class in glass blowing!

Your whole family will be sure to appreciate a visit to this globally recognized museum. It leads the way in engaging its local community with genuinely creative content. It's a privately funded non-profit institution that allows people to explore their facility for free. Not only is this museum a fun family destination, but also a cheap one as well!

National Museum of the Great Lakes

1701 Front St | Toledo |

The National Museum of the Great Lakes shows off the interesting history of our Great Lakes. You’ll get to learn a lot about these lakes, which make up about 84% of the freshwater in North America. Your tour guide will also show off some of the boats once used to traverse these lakes. You’ll get to see canoes, schooners, and steamers, some of the oldest boat models. You also get to see the types of items and pieces of equipment that were kept inside of these boats. 

This museum is open every day except for Tuesdays and on certain holidays. There is an option for a virtual tour on the website, but it is likely to make you wish that you were there in person! The Great Lakes are an enjoyable sight, but you’ll also get to see the Maumee river when you visit this museum. 

This museum offers memberships for anyone who would like to visit them on the regular. The membership offers unlimited admission to the museum, a subscription to their newsletter, a museum store discount, and plenty more. The museum's newsletter is award winning and has been published since 1945. The writers give out interesting information on the history of the Great Lakes in an entertaining way. You get to take the knowledge this museum doles out home with you!

Imagination Station

A colorful place with the image of a man riding a bike across a tightrope in the center.
This place will bring a lot of wonder, science, and fun into your kids’ lives for the day. Image courtesy of Toledo Parent

1 Discovery Way | Toledo |

The Imagination Station is a nonprofit science center located in downtown Toledo. It is a hub of learning that functions as a resource in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. It provides the public with the modern tools needed to teach the future scientists and innovators of the community. The center combines science education with fun to make learning a lot more engaging for young children. It is a great place for them to get a head start on learning useful skills, while having a great time. 

The Imagination Station combines educational programming with interactive exhibits. It fosters a creative environment and inspires passion and enthusiasm in children. This place hosts early childhood programs, extreme science demonstrations, and field trips. They offer fun workshops, summer camp, and host birthday parties! They even have Science After Dark for adults to enjoy. 

Toledo MetroParks

Toledo |

Toledo MetroParks is the metropolitan park district of Toledo. It consists of several parks, nature preserves, trail networks, and a botanical garden. This system connects people living in a city with parks and nature. When you’re in Toledo, you are always just minutes away from a MetroPark. Toledo makes sure to keep these parks clean, safe, and open for the benefit and enjoyment of the public. Toledo conserves its wildlife and nature so its residents can enjoy it even in the midst of an urban area. 

There are tons of activities that the whole family can participate in inside of any one of these parks. You can engage in hiking, camping, biking, ice skating, and fishing. There is also so much more to do! Different MetroParks offer different amenities and activities. There are more than 20 parks in Toledo combined, and no two parks are exactly the same. You and your family can participate in just about any exciting outdoor activity.  

The Valentine Theater 

A red theater with golden walls, a screen, and red seats.
This small theater has been made into a gorgeous space to see dynamic performances. Image courtesy of Toledo Blade

410 Adams St | Toledo |

The Valentine Theater is operated by the Toledo Cultural Arts Center. It is a nonprofit organization that produces entertainment for audiences of all ages. It aims to enhance the quality of the cultural life in Toledo and the surrounding areas. The Valentine Theater is nearly 125 years old and holds up to 900 seats. 

While the building is old, the theater itself was revamped and renovated back in 1999. Since then, it has been used by over 50 different community groups. Those community groups include the Toledo Opera, Toledo Symphony, Ballet Theater of Toledo, and the University of Toledo. 

When you visit the Valentine Theater, you get to see a wide variety of culturally and ethnically diverse productions. Some of the famous productions they have put on include “Grease,” “CABARET,” “Ain't Misbehavin,” and so much more. It is a great place to gather with the whole family to relax and enjoy a wonderful performance. 

Toledo Botanical Garden 

5403 Elmer Dr | Toledo |

The Toledo Botanical Garden is a museum for plants. There are more than 60 acres of plant display gardens. It is known as a center for the arts and as a place full of peace and tranquility. There are many different sights and textures to be experienced when someone enters the botanical garden. It is a great place to observe and learn about plant life. The beauty of the plant life in this garden can keep a family entertained for hours. 

In the Toledo Botanical Garden, you’ll find the Artisan Village, the region’s largest collection of sculptures. These sculptures are spread out all throughout the garden where visitors can see them all while they check out the plant life. This garden is beloved by plant lovers and art lovers alike. 

The Toledo Botanical Garden tends to hold several entertaining events throughout the year. There is the annual Crosby Festival of the Arts and even a summer concert series. Music lovers get to enjoy their favorite music in a gorgeous environment every summer. There is also the Secret Forest, a children's play space. The multilevel play space keeps children active and entertained while they enjoy the outdoors. 

Fifth Third Field

A baseball stadium filled with people, overlooking the city.
This is an exciting and lively place to spend a few hours during the weekend. Image courtesy of Destination Toledo

406 Washington St | Toledo |

Fifth Third Field is a minor league baseball stadium. It is home to the Toledo Mud Hens, Triple A East Team, and the Triple A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. It hosts 71 ball games during the season each year. These are minor league games, and it has given Fifth Third Field the designation of being named the top ballpark in minor league baseball by Newsweek. The venue holds 9,000 seats and makes for a fun and exciting family get together. 

Fifth Third Field is also open all year round for public use. Even when there are no games playing, the venue is open all year round for large scale events. If you book this field, you can host just about any kind of event there! You can hold birthday, graduation, and cocktail parties, or you can even book the field to play a game with your friends and family in a minor league stadium. This stadium can bring families lots of fun whether you are there for a game or for a private party!

Franklin Park Mall

5001 Monroe St | Toledo |

Franklin Park Mall is a shopping mall in Toledo, Ohio. It is home to many popular mall staples like Macy’s, Forever 21, DSW, and JC Penney. This mall was originally opened in the 70s and comprised over 75 stores, and in 2006, they renovated the place and added a whole new wing. That new wing added 49,000 square feet onto the already 940,000 square foot mall. Your whole family will have tons of space to roam along with lots of cool stores to explore. 

This mall is so large, you can spend hours upon hours there without getting bored. Some child friendly stores you can browse include All Smiles Aboard, 3D Lamp Illusion, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Kids for Less, The Children’s Place, and Retro Games. There are also stores like Sephora, Kay Jewelers, Hot Topic, Dick’s Sporting Goods, California Nails, and Eddie Baur. Whatever your tastes, there is likely something for you at this substantial mall. There is even a Cinemark theater there so you can catch a movie when you’re done with browsing and shopping.  

On top of all the great stores in this mall, you will also find a bunch of great places to eat. Franklin Park Mall has BD’s Mongolian Grill, Dave & Buster’s, Don Juan Mexican Restaurant, Steak Escape, and Nori Japan. There are also great places to grab dessert like Jamba, Dragon Breath, Crepe Delicious, and Auntie Annie. With the sheer number of diverse places in this mall, you can easily spend the whole day there with your family. 

Toledo, Ohio is an Ohio city that is a blast to enjoy with your family. There are restaurants, parks, and other attractions that you and your company won’t be able to get enough of when you’re there. There is plenty to do for adults and children alike, and many of those things, you’ll get to enjoy together!

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