Toledo Moving Companies That Can Help You Get Settled in Your New Home

From calling to get your quote to their work on moving day, Toledo moving companies are next to none in their abilities to get the job done well.

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Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Moving is a challenge! While moving out of your first apartment might be possible in a pair of SUVs, there comes a time when you’ve accumulated so much stuff that it’s time to call the pros. Professional movers are an excellent choice to take a bit of the stress out of a move. Trust us, there will be plenty to keep you busy outside of taking all your stuff from one place and depositing them in the next. 

You can work with the movers you choose on how to help make their process easier and more efficient. There are a lot of different factors in this decision, but we recommend taking some time to think about what about your stuff and how you want your stuff transported are unique to you in a way that they might not think about in a normal move. You may be surprised how much they have experienced in their time moving! 

When hiring professional movers it is always good to get to the point where you won't care too much about your stuff when it is being packaged, boxed, and moved to your new place. When looking over our favorite Toledo moving companies, think about which would make you the most comfortable as well as which one is providing the best service and the best price and the highest quality team (if that is something you can determine!). Without further ado, read on for more information about 6 Toledo moving companies that can help you get settled in your new home!

Two Men and a Truck

A full-service team of Toledo movers

5265 Tractor Rd Ste H | Toledo |

Two Men and a Truck is a fantastic service in Toledo and a great place to have high on your list for any type of move. This moving service started in Lansing, Michigan, in the 1980s and has been growing ever since! The founders of this company are quality people who are passionate about providing quality service at every step of the process. From the moment you call in, they will treat you well and work with you to take as much stress out of the moving process as they can.  

The three main services that they provide are moving, junk removal, and storage. They are able to move in and out of state, opening a lot of options for different types of moves, and they have a flexible pricing model based on the amount of stuff you have, the size of your living space, and the distance you are moving. Pricing will vary based on your needs, but Two Men and a Truck is an excellent Toledo moving company. 

Toledo Movers

A Toledo-based moving company that prides itself on quality work!

1302 Palmetto Ave | Toledo |

Toledo movers are a Toledo-based moving company that offers a variety of excellent services at affordable prices. They aren’t a franchise, so you can be certain they know all the ins and outs of the city, and are well versed in relocation all throughout Ohio. Toledo Movers are committed to sitting down with you and deciding on a detailed moving plan beforehand and then executing that plan with professional efficiency when the moving day comes. They pride themselves on quick work without any mistakes. 

Toledo Movers keep their prices affordable without sacrificing the quality of their services. The company's main services are residential moving, corporate moving, and large-item deliveries (mostly furniture). We recommend keeping them in mind as an alternative to getting furniture delivered from the store itself, as their prices might be lower than the furniture store’s prices. While less common than residential relocation, corporate relocation is also an incredible challenge, so getting professional help from a Toledo moving company like this one is a great step toward having a less-stressful move!

MVM Moving and Storage

Northwest Ohio-based moving company 

744 Capital Commons Dr | Toledo |

Maumee Valley Movers was founded in 2005 by Tony Fox, who had worked as a mover through high school and college. He wanted to create a company that catered to the fine residents of northwest Ohio by treating them with respect and kindness while helping them with their residential or corporate move. His hard work and excellent customer service have led this company to grow rapidly over the 17 years it’s been operational. All throughout their growth, they have stood firm in their original mission to take care of their customers and give them the best value possible. 

The teams at Maumee Valley Movers are always professional and are willing to take charge in the packing, moving, and storage of your belongings while you complete the other steps in your moving process. They can do a day-of move directly from place to place, or hold your items in storage if there is a period of time between when you move out of your old place and move back into your new place. 

Tips to Prepare for Moving Day

A couple starting to unpack
Moving day is very stressful! Finding ways to prepare in advance is a great way to make the day a bit easier, even when you are working with a moving company. Image courtesy of HER Realtors.

When you are moving to a new place there are a variety of items to check off your list before you are ready to leave. In the best case scenario, you won’t have to rush to get everything done, and while some of those factors are out of your control, we recommend planning this day, and all of its moving parts, out in advance. Especially if this is your first major move there will inevitably be snags and surprises that make the process more challenging, and having enough time to figure those out and deal with them is very important during your move. 

Make a Checklist

We cannot stress this enough. There are a lot of minor items that easily get lost in the deluge of getting everything ready for your move, even when you give yourself enough time. Forgetting to do one last clean or label your boxes or manage your food can all lead to big headaches when left to the last moment. A checklist can be as simple or as detailed as it works for you, but having one and getting a visual reminder of what you’ve done and what you have left helps a lot. 

Also, checking off items is very satisfying. 

Call Moving and Storage Companies in Advance

When you are moving, it is important to get a lock on your moving company with plenty of time. We recommend around three weeks in advance in order to get a good price and have a lot of options. Having plenty of time in advance lets you shop around a little and get quotes from different companies to compare pricing and services offered. Once you find your budget and what you are looking for in your moving company you can choose the perfect one for your situation, whereas if you wait until the last minute you might only find one company that is able to work on a quick turnaround. 

Move in the Off-Season

What’s the busiest month of moving in Toledo? If you can avoid it you will save yourself some money and a lot of hassle, where the moving companies won’t be as rushed and the streets won’t be filled with trucks driving to and fro. If you have some leeway with your move-out date, find a time when there’s not too much traffic and not too many moves happening. Even if it means you have to store your stuff with your moving company for a few weeks, in the long run, it is often worth it. 

Get Help from Friends and Family (But Not Too Much!)

Gathering support from your network can make moving much easier. Whatever is left on your checklist, having a couple of people with you can make it go a lot faster and can help you evade some stress. That being said, the stress of moves can strain even the tightest friendships, so we recommend leaning on your friends and family, but only a little. And make sure to show your appreciation with some pizza or coffee the next time you can! 

Glass City Movers

The team at Glass City Movers is dedicated to providing you with only the best service

2430 Tremainsville Rd | Toledo |

Glass City Movers started in Toledo, Ohio, and has since grown to two other locations — Livonia Michigan, and Ann Arbor Michigan. They’ve been in business since 2002, and they have proven time and time again that they are excellent at what they do. They, along with many other companies on this list, will provide an excellent moving experience on their end, packing up and getting your stuff from point A to point B with minimal surprises. Make sure to give them a call with enough time, however, because they might get booked for the day that you are planning to move. We doubly recommend making a moving checklist and putting down all the steps from start to finish, as you don’t want anything to slip through the cracks! 

Morse Moving and Storage of Toledo

Local, long-distance, and international moves!

64 N Fearing Blvd | Toledo |

Morse Moving and Storage, formerly known as Stevens Moving and Storage, is a family-owned and operated business that has thrived and persevered through almost 55 years of operation. It all started with a man who had a horse and cart, ferrying passengers to and from the railway station in Michigan. Since then, they have grown to an international business providing some of the highest quality moving across any distance you can imagine. 

They will give you a free quote on your prospective move, so we recommend giving them a call to see what their rates are. Most, if not all moving companies offer a free quote and getting a few different numbers is a good place to start when you are choosing what company you want to go with. What makes Morse moving so good is that there’s really no move that they aren’t equipped to handle. They do great local moving, great out-of-state moving, and great international moving. Even if you are staying in the country, the fact that they have a branch dedicated to moving almost anywhere in the world is a great sign of their quality. 

A.B.C. Movers Inc.

Trusted for over a decade — A.B.C. Movers is a great choice for a Toledo moving company

1020 Jackson St | Toledo |

A.B.C. Movers are a moving company that is always on the move. Every level of their company is dedicated to providing the best possible quality from the moment you call and request a quote to the moment the final box is placed in your new destination. The workers at A.B.C. Movers are always training and working hard on keeping their well-oiled machine running at full efficiency. They’ve been in the moving business for over a decade and they provide service all over the country. Their prices, especially for out-of-state moves, are very competitive.

The movers are well-trained at moving as fast as they can without damaging your belongings, resulting in quick, efficient moves even when you have a lot of items to move. A.B.C. Movers are a great choice for a Toledo Moving Company whether you are moving in the city or moving somewhere else! 

Which Toledo Moving Company Caught Your Eye?

There are so many good options for moving companies in Toledo! Which has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments!

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