Our Top 5 Landscaping Companies in Toledo, OH (And a Few Possible Projects to Boost Your Curb Appeal This Summer)

Toledo is full of excellent landscaping companies to turn your dream landscaping into a reality

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Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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The weather is warm, the sun is out, and plants are blooming. It is a great time to embark upon projects around the house and outside to keep your house exciting and a place you are happy to come home to after work each day. There are a bunch of projects that can turn your landscaping into a part of the house that makes you proud. Depending on how much work you want to do around the house and what tools you have, some of these projects can be done by yourself, while others are best left for the professionals to tackle. 

Toledo, Ohio is a lovely city that is equipped with a variety of excellent landscaping companies to help you with your landscaping projects this summer. The weather is great for spending time outdoors and relaxing. Whether it is throwing the ball, reading with a glass of iced tea, or going on walks, having a home with high-quality curb appeal is key to making those outdoor activities enjoyable and a natural part of your routine. 

Read on for information about:

  • Our top 5 landscaping companies in Toledo
  • What each of those companies has to offer
  • Landscaping projects to boost your curb appeal this summer

Site One Landscaping Supply

Your all-purpose Toledo landscaping company

10300 Geiser Rd | Holland | siteone.com

Site One is an all-purpose landscaping company and it is a great place to start when you’ve got a project in mind. Site One has been around for a while, and they are experts in providing excellent advice, products, and services to suit your needs as we get into the summer months. The folks at Site One are interested in your personal project and love working with you to figure out your steps forward. Alongside providing excellent service, Site One also sells a lot of materials. If you choose to complete your project on your own (or with the help of family and friends!) Site One is a great place to go and pick up your materials if you can transport them.

Site One has a lot of goods and services, and they are able to help you with the steps you might miss if this is one of your first times working with your landscape. They are also happy to talk you through whether or not your project is a DIY project. There are a lot of fun, outdoor projects to take your curb appeal to the next level! That being said, Toledo landscaping companies are professionals, and there are some projects best left to the pros. It may be that the project would take a long time, require a tremendous amount of physical labor, or require skills and tools that you might not possess. 

Ranker Lawn Care and Landscaping

Hard-working landscaping company dedicated to boosting your curb appeal

PO BOX 13178 | Toledo | lawncaretoledo.com

For 23 years Ranker Lawn has provided excellent service to Toledo and the surrounding areas. They are committed to providing the highest quality service to every customer and ensuring that everyone is satisfied with their work. They make sure that all of their employees are professionals and have customer satisfaction as a high priority in their work. The brothers who founded Ranker Lawn Care are passionate and enthusiastic about their work, and that has propelled their business over these two decades to the place it is today as one of the finest landscaping companies in Toledo, Ohio. 

They are able to provide all kinds of lawn care and landscaping, as well as designing and constructing patios, pathways, and outdoor lighting in your space. Their website outlines their services and projects in a clear and concise manner. You can call and get a quote on your project at 419-270-2545.

Luck Landscaping

Taking landscaping design to the next level

1907 N Reynolds Rd | Toledo | lucklandscaping.com

Luck Landscaping brings their unique vision to the table of excellent Toledo landscaping companies. The team at Luck is all about finding a way to give your house its own style and interest from the curb. They love working with you to find what you are looking for in your home and utilizing their expertise to come up with a project that they can complete. They are very invested in nature and bring a sense of beauty to your landscaping. They are often thought of as a combination of a landscaping company and a design company. They provide custom installations to turn your outdoor area into a sanctuary that looks amazing and does not take a ton of time to maintain. 

Working with the team at Luck Landscaping gives you a chance to turn your home into a unique place that is fun to look at every day when you come home from work. Their attention to detail and expertise in design makes all of their projects turn out exceptionally well. If you are looking for a simple, quick landscaping project this company is not for you! They go above and beyond with their work, but it is a much more involved process than working with other companies on this list. 

Old Style Services LLC

Quality landscaping in Toledo, Ohio

436 Clyde St | Toledo | business.com

Old Style Services LLC has been in business for a long time and they know how to prepare your landscaping to boost your curb appeal this summer. We recommend calling to get a quote for your project as they are very helpful in outlining their services and costs for what you have in mind. Working with Old Style Services is always a pleasant experience as they are always pleasant on the phone and happy to work with you to help you figure out what services you are looking for. 

Outdoor Obsessions

We are obsessed with the work this team can do

A custom patio done by Outdoor Obsessions
Work with Outdoor Obsessions and you could add an immaculate edge to your mulch beds. Image courtesy of Outdoor Obsessions.

1469 W Alexis Rd | Toledo | hardscapetoledo.com

Outdoor Obsessions is dedicated to providing you with your dream landscaping. From installing the one shrub that completes your look or doing a full landscaping renovation, the team at Outdoor Obsessions is ready to create a spectacular new look for your home. This company has a clear and straightforward seven-step process from your first call to the construction of your new project. Before you have to pay anything, you can submit a form outlining your project, meet with them to discuss your project in further detail, and they will come and check out your property and start discussing how they will bring about your project. 

Outdoor Obsessions is similar to Luck Landscaping in that they do landscaping design. They will create digital models of the space, be upfront about the cost of your project, and interact professionally through every step of the process. The teams at Outdoor Obsessions are very skilled in their roles. Interested in what Outdoor Obsessions has to offer? You can check them out here for more detailed information about their services and all they can do as a landscaping company. 

Landscaping Projects To Boost Your Curb Appeal This Summer

A well-lit home at night
Exterior lights add so much to the curb appeal of your home during the night. 

There are so many awesome possibilities for projects this summer it can be difficult to choose which one you want to do! On top of that, if you have not really done any exterior landscaping projects, surfing the web can only get you so far. When looking at the different kinds of projects you can do to get the curb appeal you are looking for, keep in mind the strengths of your property to think about which projects would highlight the strengths. Some projects aren’t going to fit your property, and figuring out which those are allows you to cross them off the list, making it easier to find the right project for you. 

Light Up the Night

Lights are a great way to make your home stand out from the curb. As night falls, a home with no exterior lighting becomes gloomy and eerie regardless of its inhabitants or the other landscaping on it. A few well-placed lights on the ground or string lights across fences, trees, or other parts of your yard can make the space much more inviting even on a moonless night. Adding lights is a perfect project to DIY, as it only takes a few lights in the ground to illuminate the front of your home and take away any eeriness that the darkened front had delivered. 

Lighting is often considered a part of a larger project. For instance, if you are getting a paved walkway from your front door to the sidewalk (a project that is best accomplished by the pros), they might offer to install lighting as a part of the project. Depending on their cost of installation it might be a good time to interject and save the lights for a DIY project after they are done. Sometimes, however, it is a little costly and it makes sense for them to install the lights as well. 

Plants, Plants, Plants

Plants are a key aspect of your landscaping. Bushes and flowers around your home, trees, big plants, little plants, plants in the windows, plants everywhere! There is always an interesting stage in the construction of a new house when the house itself is completed but they haven’t put any landscaping in yet, so it’s just a house sitting on the property. It always looks strange before they put in the preliminary landscaping. 

Landscaping is an integral part of a home’s curb appeal. Alas, it is not so simple as just putting in any plants. There is an art to complimenting your home with the right sorts of plants in your landscaping. Taking on a project to upgrade your home’s landscaping is a tall order, but if you are up for it, it can be a lot of fun and super rewarding! 

There are a lot of ways to get the plants you are looking for when embarking on a project like this, and often in plant nurseries, the staff are more than willing to talk with you about your project and give you advice based on your home and your specifications. On the other hand, a large landscaping overhaul is a perfect time to call in the pros. They are very good at what they do, and they have a lot of knowledge and expertise when it comes to picking the right plants for your house and giving your curb appeal a major boost. 

One-Day Projects

There are many excellent DIY projects that you can complete in a day to give your landscaping a little extra pop. One is to edge your beds with pebbles or rocks to give a visual line between your landscaping and your lawn. It adds so much when there is a little line of stones dividing your landscaping from your lawn. The curb appeal goes up immediately! The one downside to this project is that it is physically intensive between getting the stones to your house and then placing them all in a line, as well as the digging required to get the separation you need. 

A less physically-intensive project is to trim back your landscaping! Having trimmed trees and bushes makes your home look so good. Oftentimes it is only a little bit off of the bushes and the trees, but that uniform look works wonders for your home’s curb appeal. 

Your Landscaping Project is Right Around the Corner

There are so many excellent landscaping companies in Toledo! With so many options, it opens the doors for you to create the property of your dreams. What projects are you planning this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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