10 Best Toledo, OH Pizzerias

Toledo is home to a number of amazing pizzerias — which one will you choose?

A delicious, Toledo Pizza


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Toledo, Ohio is full of amazing pizzerias, from chains to family-owned and operated establishments. That is excellent news! There is a lot of delicious pizza on the horizon as you figure out which is your favorite pizzeria in town. While we have our favorite, it is up to you to figure out which of these Toledo pizzerias will become your go-to in the future. 

Perhaps the first one you choose will knock it out of the park and your journey will conclude there, but if it is not your favorite — don’t fret! Each of these pizzerias has their own specialty, and there is certainly one out there that is perfect for you! Read on for our top 10 Toledo, OH pizzerias. 

Pizza Papalis

Delicious deep dish pizza awaits at this Toledo Pizzeria

The Chicago-style pizza at Pizza Papalis makes it one of the best Toledo pizzerias, and that is only scratching the surface! Image courtesy of Yelp.

519 Monroe St | Toledo | pizzapapalis.com

Pizza Papalis delivers a crunchy crust, flavorful sauce, and fresh cheese combo to create a fantastic experience every time you go. Joe Sheena owns multiple locations, with the first one opening in 1986. Since then, he’s created an amazing environment with a great staff that is always happy to help and a pizza recipe that is off the charts. The Toledo location of Pizza Papalis is no exception. Their pizza is assembled, cooked, and served by pizza pros who work hard to make sure every single experience is a five star experience. 

“Great find. Chicago deep dish stuffed pizza at its best. The service was reasonably fast and very friendly. Ordered 2 large pies, one spinach, and one meat lover.  Had 6 in our party, left carrying out one slice less than a full pie. Can't really tell you which one was better, as both were outstanding. Now, to find a Chicago style hot dog in this town...” -- Yelp Review

Home Slice Pizza

Enjoy a delicious slice of New York-style pizza at Home Slice Pizza

28 S St Clair St | Toledo | homeslice419.com

Home Slice Pizza delivers top-quality New York-style pizza to all of Toledo. Their thin crust is cooked to perfection, with a lovely combo of sauce, cheese, and toppings to round it out. When you go to Home Slice Pizza you can rest assured that you will receive only the finest service and eat only the finest pizza. Alongside that, they pride themselves on a long list of craft beers, imports, and spirits to compliment your meal. You will always leave satisfied when you go to Home Slice Pizza in Toledo!

“Why Home Slice? Sunset balcony views, and delicious pizza. During the Summer, My birthday twin and I spent the evening at Home Slice. I couldn't pass up the beautiful sun setting while I sunk my teeth into delicious, face-size slices of pizza. I promised myself (and my party) I would only eat 4 slices... Six slices later, it was time to box up the last slice. No judgment, please!” -- Yelp Review

Blaze Pizza

Fast, high-quality pizza awaits in Toledo, Ohio

3330 W Central Ave | Toledo | blazepizza.com

Blaze Pizza offers fast, high-quality pizza, the recipe of which was lovingly created by their executive chef Brad Kent. He has created the recipe for the dough, the sauce, and how many toppings to use and it is fantastic. 

Blaze Pizza is a well-kept pizzeria that has a cauliflower crust as well as a gluten-free crust, and they have a wide variety of specialty pizzas that are absolutely delicious, and varied enough to keep the most curious coming back for more! Their Toledo location is every bit as spectacular as their first location, and their continued success through the years speaks to the quality of their service and their pizza.

“It's been some time since I've visited this location. My husband and I came in late afternoon. The workers were sanitizing and making sure everything was clean but even better they made some excellent pizzas and did it with big smiles! Derek made sure they were extra toasty since we like to pile on the toppings. We won't wait as long to visit next time and I hope the workers get recognized for taking pride in their work, especially in times like this. Great job” -- Yelp Review

Original Gino’s Pizza

Pizza on the mind? Stop at Gino’s for a spectacular slice (or 3)!

Their personal pizzas are perfectly sized, letting you try new topping combinations or specialty pizzas to see which one is your favorite. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5306 Monroe St | Toledo | originalginos.com

Gino’s Original Pizza never stops finding ways to improve their recipe and assembly to create the absolute best pizzas in Toledo, Ohio. Their secret — putting the cheese on after the toppings. This simple maneuver makes their pizza uniquely delicious amongst all of the amazing pizza in Toledo, and for this, we absolutely recommend trying them out. Their pizza will not disappoint! It is made with great care, the service is top-notch, and Gino’s delivers amazing pizzeria pizza that will leave you planning your next trip to have another pie! 

“Best pizza around! Try the crispy thin crust :) the service is great and it's always clean. The buffet is always fun and the pizza creations are really astounding. I highly recommend this location.” -- Yelp Review

Jo-Jo’s Original Pizzeria

Excellent pizzeria pizza in Toledo, Ohio

4336 Monroe St | Toledo | jojospizzeria.com

Jo-Jo’s Original Pizzeria is a fantastic Toledo pizzeria that delivers excellent pizzeria pizza every time you dine in or take out! Their pizza is perfect for a night in with your family and friends watching movies, playing games, or just hanging out! It is likewise excellent for birthday parties, as they are comfortable handling larger orders. Jo-Jo’s is a great pizzeria to keep at the top of your list, and, as always, it is important to try all the best takeout pizzerias to find out which one is your favorite! 

“A landmark. Been going here on and off for 35 years. This review is based on carry-out, as we haven't dined in over 20 years. That said, the pizza is good, with a very distinctive sauce. And their half-price pizza specials (Mondays and Wednesdays) are one of the best values out there. The service is always friendly, and it's always good to support local.” -- Yelp Review

ZaZa Wood Fired Pizza

Thin crust wood-fired pizza baked to perfection!

3550 Executive Pkwy | Toledo | zazawoodfiredpizza.com

ZaZa Wood Fired Pizza is an unbeatable pizza experience in Toledo, OH. It is a sit-down restaurant with a fantastic ambiance and an amazing staff that will help you feel comfortable from the moment you step into the restaurant to the moment you leave! They make wood-fired pizza, which has a very thin, crunchy crust with an amazing and flavorful sauce under their cheeses and toppings which work together to make it a delicious pizza in every bite! Their food comes out impressively fast and is piping hot and perfectly cooked every time! 

Alongside their pizza selection, they have other classic Mediterranean dishes. It is a little hard to decide what to get at ZaZas! Well, it is hard to pass up the pizza. Thin crust wood-fired pizza is always a treat at ZaZa Wood Fired Pizza.

“Selection of food is incredible for a pizza place with great Mediterranean selections. You must try the pizza cooked in a woodfired oven it tastes amazing. I love the thinner crust and ample toppings and the staff really steps up! I totally recommend trying it it's off Ceco Road and enterprise Boulevard easy to get to lots of parking atmospheres know you will not regret it. Enjoy your visit.” -- Yelp Review

Erie Market and Jomaa Brothers Pizza

Enjoy family-made pizza at Jomaa Brothers Pizza

626 Chestnut St | Toledo | jomaabrothers.com

Jomaa Brothers Pizza is an excellent destination on your pizza journey through Toledo, Ohio. Their pizzas are hot, fresh, and delicious every time you stop by (and you’ll want to go more than once!). They are a small location, but one you should absolutely try out. 

“I am impressed, Erie Market & Jomaa Brothers Pizza was simply something else. Very good value for the money. Everything I've tried until now is very good. I became very good friends with the staff, who are all great and super friendly. I really love Erie Market & Jomaa Brothers Pizza.” -- Yelp Review

Pizza Cat

Keep pizza weird at Pizza Cat in Toledo, Ohio

4034 Monroe St | Toledo | pizzacat.com

Pizza Cat caters each and every pizza to your taste. A fan of pineapple on pizza? They got it. Doritos and Cheetos on your pizza? No problem! They have a huge range of toppings available for you to try out and, you never know, you might find your new favorite topping at Pizza Cat! Getting pizza here is always a special treat because their employees provide amazing service and are always willing to help you find the exact combination of toppings you are in the mood for. 

Swing by Pizza Cat for an unbeatable pizza experience unlike any other in Toledo!

“Soooo delicious! We ordered 6 of the cute 9 in size I had to try the Dorito and hot Cheetos toppings...I like the Dorito one better! So thrilled this pizza place exists...we just moved to Toledo and I finally feel like I found a pizza place I'm really excited about!!! Thank you.” -- Yelp Review

Big Slice Pizzeria

Grab a big slice at Big Slice Pizzeria in Toledo, Ohio

There is more than just pizza at this Toledo pizzeria. Image courtesy of Yelp.

236 New Towne Square Dr | Toledo | bigslicepizzeria.com

Big Slice Pizzeria is another one to keep your eyes on. Their New York-style pizza is done exceptionally well with their unique blend of sauce and cheese atop a delicious, homemade crust. There are few pizzerias in Toledo that do New York-style as well as Big Slice, so make sure to check them out when you are trying pizzerias in Toledo. 

There’s something special about entering a pizzeria and buying by the slice, and Big Slice lets you do that! They offer, if you can imagine, a big slice for you to enjoy in their restaurant, which is the perfect way to stop in for a quick bite or try out a new topping! 

“Easily one of the better NY-style slices I've had in a while. Perfect proportion of cheese, sauce, and crust. Good undercarriage. Solid NY flop. Great tang in the sauce. Nice buttery crust with a few sprinkles of parmesan to finish. On the One Bite scale, this is a 7.7 all day.” -- Yelp Review

The Stubborn Brother Pizza Bar

Excellent New York-style pizza awaits at the Stubborn Brother

3115 W Bancroft St | Toledo | business.com

This is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and watch the game with friends and family. Their pizza is excellent and they have a fine selection of draft and craft beers to go along with it. The Stubborn Brother is a great location to dine in and enjoy a pizza dinner, which is, in our opinion, an underrated choice! You will never regret coming to eat at the Stubborn Brother Pizza Bar, even when you are with your stubborn brother! 

“Best pizza in Toledo! I've been on the hunt for quality pizza, and have tried dozens of places. Since trying this pizza, I refuse to get subpar pizza from anywhere else. Big slices, New York style, and absolutely delicious!” -- Yelp Review

Which Pizzeria has Caught Your Attention?

There are so many great pizzerias in Toledo, Ohio! Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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