The Top 13 Bars in Toledo, OH

Looking for a fun bar to add to the list for your next bar crawl in Toledo, OH? Here’s a list of 13 bars in Toledo to check out!


Kaitlyn Harris


Jan 21, 2021

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Toledo, OH is a lively city with a lot to offer in terms of art, sports, and entertainment. Whether you’re a local, visitor, or you’re thinking of moving to Toledo, OH, you might at some point find yourself looking for something to do. Maybe you’re looking for a great place to eat, a place to see a movie, an art museum, or maybe you just want a night out. If you’re looking for the last one, you might find yourself searching for a bar to go to.

Whether you’re looking for a chill spot to hangout with friends and grab a few drinks, a place to hear live music, or you’re looking for some place to dance the night away, Toledo has options that fit each one of those requests! With many bars to choose from, Toledo is sure to have a bar everyone will enjoy. If you’re looking for inspiration for a local bar to try, then keep reading to see a list of 13 bars in Toledo, OH to visit! 

1. Rocky’s Bar 

Test out your open mic skills on Tuesdays! 

Rocky’s Bar is a local favorite dive bar! Photo Courtesy of Facebook.

4020 Secor Rd | Toledo, OH || (2) Rockys Bar | Facebook

Rocky’s Bar is a dive bar located in Toledo, OH. They have a wide selection of drinks to choose from and are known for their welcoming environment! On Tuesdays they have open mic night so bring your instrument and sing an original or cover a famous song! Rocky’s Bar also has several screens so you can come and enjoy a drink and some food while you watch the big game. With great bar food and great company, Rocky’s Bar is a must visit! 

“Always look forward to going here! Great drinks, reasonably priced, nice staff and comfortable atmosphere. Can't go wrong with a stop at Rocky's!” – Yelp Review 

2. The Distillery 

Enjoy a wide variety of beer to try at The Distillery.

The Distillery is open all year round! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

4311 Heatherdowns Blvd | Toledo, OH | |

If you’re a beer lover, then The Distillery is a great place to check out. They have a huge selection of beer to choose from to suit everyone’s tastes! Check out their seasonal beers as well if you’re looking for something fun! If you’re not a beer drinker, The Distillery has a full menu of food to try that they run specials on daily! The Distillery also hosts events throughout the year as well, and they’re open seven days a week! 

“I visit the area about once a month and always grab lunch here. Really superb!” – Yelp Review 

3. The Basement: Toledo’s Geekeasy

A hidden speakeasy for geeks!

The Basement has a wide variety of games to get your geek on! Photo courtesy of Facebook

4311 Heatherdowns Blvd | Toledo, OH || (2) The Basement: Toledo's Geekeasy | Facebook

The Basement is located beneath The Distillery in a speakeasy fashion. However, this isn’t just your normal speakeasy; it’s a geekeasy! The Basement describes itself as being a hidden speakeasy for nerds. They have tons of games to choose from, both newer and old fashion styled! If you’re into gaming, comics, or anything nerdy then this is a must see bar! They have drink specials and host events throughout the year as well. 

“Pinball, great beer, non-deafening music overhead, and a laid back nerdy atmosphere.  What could possibly be better?” – Yelp Review 

4. Bar 145

Grab some drinks on Saturday and then come back on Sunday for brunch specials!


Create your own burger at Bar 145! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

5305 Monroe St. | Toledo, OH ||

Bar 145 is a fun bar with live music, great cocktails, and great food! If you’re a burger fan they have a build your own burger menu that is popular with locals. Bar 145 also has a happy hour every night of the week, as well as a special martini menu on Wednesday that has a large list of six-dollar martinis and appetizers to pick from! And if you’re a big fan of going to brunch on Sundays, Bar 145 is the perfect place to check out! They have a large menu of brunch cocktails, food selections, and even kids meals! 

“I really liked the atmosphere in here, it didn't feel like it was in a strip in toledo! I really liked the build your own burger option, they had so many unique options. Our server (I think Breanna?) was really kind and courteous! “ – Yelp Review 

5. Village Idiot 

Live music every night of the year? Yes please!

Village Idiot offers great pizza and live music every night! Photo courtesy of Village Idiot.

309 Conant St. | Maumee, OH ||

20 minutes from Toledo, OH

The Village idiot is a twenty minute drive away, just outside of Toledo, OH. They host live music every night and are pretty well known for their pizza. No joke, people say they travel over an hour just for the pizza. They also have a large selection of craft beer to pair with your pizza, making it a great lunch or dinner spot! If you’re into live music, great pizza, and beer then The Village Idiot is worth the short drive! And yes, they really do have live music every single day!

“Such delicious thin crust pizza!! The crunch of every bite is unreal!! This lively place has such a fun ambiance, we will definitely visit again!!!” – Yelp Review 

6. Frogtown Johnnie’s 

Try your hand at a game of darts at Frogtown Johnnie’s.

Try out Frogtown Johnnie’s many options of bar foods to enjoy while you play a round of pool! Photo courtesy of Facebook

6725 W Central Avenue | Toledo, OH || (2) Frogtown Johnnie's | Facebook

Frogtown Johnnie’s is the ultimate sports bar! They have several TVs to watch whatever game you’re looking for, a great menu featuring tons of bar foods to enjoy while you cheer your team on, and tons of drink options to choose from! Frogtown Johnnie’s also has pool tables, corn hole, and darts to keep you entertained long after the game’s ended! When the weather is nice, they also have a patio area to enjoy the game and some drinks outside!

“Our go to place for drinks and to watch a good game. Great bar food and when a big game is on, they have projectors available. Our #1 bar to go to.” – Yelp Review 

7. Chasers 

Dance the night away at this college bar!

Chasers is a great college bar! Photo courtesy of Yelp

3529 Dorr St. | Toledo, OH || CHASERS | Twitter

Chasers prides themselves on being Toledo’s best college bar. They offer more of a nightclub atmosphere, so if you’re wanting to go out for a night of dancing then Chasers is your place! They offer nightly drink specials that change weekly, and have different DJs and live music nightly! Just because you’re not in college, doesn’t mean you can’t come dance the night away at Chasers! If you’re looking for a cheap drink and a fun place to dance and party with friends, then this is a bar you should check out!

“Great environment, the bartenders are quick and attentive, security is always present in case of issues. The owner is always making rounds and making sure customers are happy. It's a great time for a night out with friends!” – Yelp Review 

8. Whales Tale Tavern 

Enjoy a nautical themed experience at Whales Tale Tavern.

Try out your skills in a game of darts at Whales Tale Tavern! Photo courtesy of Facebook.

5307 N Summit St. | Toledo, OH || (2) Whales Tale | Facebook

Whales Tale Tavern is a nautical themed bar in Toledo. Along with a large selection of drinks, Whales Tale Tavern also has dart boards and pool tables to try your hand at while you enjoy a specialty drink! They also have a juke box that’s available so you can pick the songs you want to hear! Whales Tale Tavern hosts parties of all kinds, so whether you’re looking for a spot to just go out with friends, or you’re wanting to host a bridal party here then Whales Tavern is the place!

“Always great music playing...friendly group of people....great place to unwind!” – Facebook Review 

9. Wheelin’ on the Rocks 

The only Jeep themed bar in Toledo.

Enjoy the company of other Jeep lovers at Wheelin’ on the Rocks! Photo courtesy of Facebook

1515 W. Laskey Rd. | Toledo, OH || (2) Wheelin' On The Rocks | Facebook

Wheelin’ on the Rocks is the first and only Jeep themed bar in Toledo. If you’re a lover of Jeeps, own one, or just want to see what a Jeep themed bar looks like, then Wheelin’ on the Rocks is definitely worth the time to check it out! They have Jeep themed decor throughout the bar, and they host events throughout the year! On Wednesdays you can participate in a name that tune competition, and on the weekend you can enjoy live music! While it’s preferred if you own a Jeep to be a part of this bar, Wheelin’ on the Rocks says it’s not necessary and they accept everyone! 

“Really fun atmosphere! The staff and patrons were very friendly and welcoming! I visited from the Detroit area and felt like I belonged. Would definitely go back!” – Yelp Review 

10. Whiskey & The Wolf

Whiskey lover? CHeck out Whiskey & The Wolf’s wide selection!

Try all kinds of whiskey at Whiskey & The Wolf! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

3515 W. Alexis | Toledo, OH ||

As their name might lead you to believe, Whiskey & The Wolf have a huge selection of whiskey (over 75 choices) and whiskey based cocktails to try! That’s not all though, Whiskey & The Wolf also offers wine and local beers! They have happy hour specials daily, drink and appetizer specials, and they pride themselves as having the best sandwiches in the city. But you can decide that for yourself! So if you’re a fan of whiskey or you just like sandwiches then take a visit to Whiskey & The Wolf!  

“Absolutely amazing! I started with the chicken wings. They were true chicken wings without the nasty breading. Amazing Buffalo sauce. Delicious. Of course I had to try a couple of the whiskeys, and there was quite the selection. Very good whiskeys at a decent price point.” – Yelp Review 

11. Ape Hangers East Side Saloon

One of the only biker bars in town!

Enjoy a drink and a free game of pool at Ape Hangers! Photo courtesy of Facebook

531 Oak St. | Toledo, OH ||

Ape Hangers East Side Saloon is a local biker bar in Toledo, though you don’t have to be a member (or even a biker) to visit. Ape Hangers is known for their laid back atmosphere, great customer service, and nice locals! They have free pool tables to play at, live music, and they host events year round. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or just like to show off your ride, Ape Hangers also hosts bike nights on Wednesdays! Not a biker? No problem, come check them out!

“Friendly atmosphere, good music playing on jukebox, play some pool, darts, bowling or sit on patio & enjoy your beverage.” – Facebook Review 

12.  The Casual Pint

Enjoy a conversation with a friend over a pint of locally crafted beer!

Browse a vast selection of craft beer at The Casual Pint. Photo courtesy of Facebook

3550 Executive Parkway | Toledo, OH ||

If you’re a big beer connoisseur and love trying new flavors and types, then The Casual Pint is a must visit bar in Toledo. The Casual Pint prides themselves on offering as many local craft beers as they can in a comfortable, casual environment. They strive to have a welcoming environment for their customers to sit down, enjoy some beer and food, and catch up with friends. If you’re looking for a spot to catch up with friends over a pint of beer and then take some home with you, then The Casual Pint is where you want to go. 

“A very unsuspecting but cute place!!! We loved the 6 beer flights in Ohio shaped flight boards. The service was very friendly. I highly recommend the lager but everything was good. They even offered for us to try a beer before adding to our flight! They had lots of board games available and we had fun playing fact or crap. Will definitely be back!” – Yelp Review 

13. Wesley's Bar and Grill

Relax and drink while you play games at Wesley’s Bar and Grill!

Enjoy a drink on Wesley’s patio when the weather is nice! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

1201 Adams St. | Toledo, OH || Wesley's Bar | Facebook

Wesley’s Bar and Grill is a local favorite! Wesley’s describes themselves as a fun place to come drink, relax, play some games, and not to take yourself too seriously while you’re there. Wesley’s Bar and Grill has old fashioned arcade games you can play while enjoying a drink with friends. Go back in time to simpler times while you play an old fashioned game of Pac Man. When the weather is nice, Wesley’s opens up their patio seating area for you to enjoy! Relax in the sunshine while you sip a drink and give Wesley’s Bar and Grill a visit!

“Awesome Downtown bar, laid back during the week..then the weekend rolls in with old school Friday!!!” – Yelp Review 

If you ever find yourself in Toledo, OH whether you’re visiting or thinking of moving, Toledo is a great city with a lot of fun nightlife opportunities. With so many great options, if you’re looking for a fun night out with friends then choosing between the many options is the only challenge you’ll have! The bars in Toledo all offer something different, and each has something new and fun they bring to the table! Their fun atmosphere and great service is what sets Toledo’s nightlife scene apart from other places. Whatever bar you try out in Toledo you’re sure to have a great time and a night to remember! 

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