Where is New Albany, Ohio?


Jessie Saalberg


Jan 21, 2021

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Where is New Albany, Ohio?

Let’s go on a Journey to New Albany

New Albany
Image courtesy of newalbanyohio.

Are you looking for a new place to move to or want somewhere new to explore? I have the answer for you—you should consider visiting New Albany, Ohio.. In this article, we’re going to learn more about the neighborhood and schools, streets, famous landmarks, places to visit, and of course, places to eat!

The Beautiful Neighborhoods of New Albany, OH

The place that has homes to suit all

houses in new albany
Long driveways throughout the neighborhoods allow residents both privacy and the ability to host large-scale events without the need to worry about taking up their neighbors’ driveways. Image courtesy of link free site

There is a diverse population of individuals in New Albany in regards to their career fields and the prices of their homes. The average house price in today’s market runs between $350,000 and $600,000. Several luxury estates run over one million dollars. There are also a few smaller homes on the market that cost $300,000 or less.

Neighboring Cities

After learning about the prices of houses throughout New Albany, you must be wondering what cities are located around it. Similar to Westerville, a few of the towns surrounding New Albany include Gahanna, Reynoldsburg, Whitehall, and Bexley, to name a few. Image courtesy of wherig

Perhaps one of the best parts of having so many nearby cities is that if you and your family and friends feel like getting out of town for a bit, it takes only a matter of miles or a couple of hours to do so. Not only can you visit other cities easily, but it also permits you to participate in activities that your hometown may not necessarily offer. 

New Albany Plain Local School District 

Unlike many other cities around Ohio, New Albany has a relatively small school district. With only five schools, it serves a little over 5,000 students from K-12. If you are moving from a bigger city, you will find that gossip travels fast, and everyone more likely knows everyone else's business. 

A benefit of such a small population is that it allows for smaller class sizes. This is great because you will know that your children can get the help they may need if they struggle with a particular subject. On the other hand, some may dislike having the smaller classes because it makes it harder if they don’t know the answer to a question when asked, while others thrive. The smaller classes also permit teachers to help students and give them any time or attention that they may need to succeed.

It’s not said enough, but teachers help mold our minds and influence how we approach different problems throughout our lives. Without getting help from them, students lose knowledge and the potential to use it throughout the rest of their lives.

A Peculiar Famous Landmark in New Albany, Ohio

History tells a story

Globe in Hands Headstone

Like every city throughout the United States, New Albany has many historical landmarks that you should make time to stop and see. One of the landmarks that you should take the time to visit is Maplewood Cemetery. Maplewood holds a couple of interesting tombstones, such as the “Globe in Hands” tombstone picture above, one with an O to represent their love for Ohio, and other monuments such as a chair. These structures allow individuals to walk away with their interpretations of what the meaning of the chosen tombstone is, or what it means to them.

If you stop reading and take a moment to examine the image, you will see that the stone is engraved with “in the beginning, God created heaven and earth.” Just by looking at what is inscribed and the tombstone, you can tell that the individual buried here was a believer in the first testament of the Bible and that the engraving is meant to be a reminder that God is the creator of all. Ultimately, where we end up depends on how we are on earth.

Places to Visit in and Around New Albany, OH

Who doesn’t like a little adventure?

Legoland Discovery Center

Things to do new albany
Do you have kids? Or are you a kid at heart? The Legoland Discovery Center is full of fun activities perfect for entertaining everyone. Image courtesy of connorgroup.

157 Easton Town Center| Columbus, Oh 43219 |legolanddiscoverycenter.com/columbus/

Growing up, we all played with legos at one time or another. Now, why should you visit the Legoland discovery center? Here’s why: you will not only have the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes tour to learn how the legos are made, but you can also admire the different creations displayed no matter what time of year it is. In addition, they go all out to decorate and make their store the theme of whatever holiday is near. Along with celebrating the various seasons, special events are held throughout the year, such as Wonderland Adult Lego nights and lego movie days. The possibilities are endless here, and you are bound to make memories with your family and friends.

Another great thing about the discovery center location is that it is near the New Albany apartments built to accommodate families. Some amenities the apartment complex provides are a swimming pool, sundeck, fitness center, and a nearby walking trail that provides a fantastic lake view.

New Albany Country Club

”Swing Easy.” This is just one of the many comments you will hear golfers say as they pass one another on the golf course. Image courtesy of link free site

800 Walton Parkway, Suite 120 | New Albany, OH 43054 | nacc.com

Are you and your friends serious golfers, and do you enjoy going out and spending a day on the green? If this describes you, you must visit New Albany Country Club. Now you may be thinking it’s just another golf course; why are you mentioning it? This is where your assumptions would be wrong. What makes this golf course unique and a must-do here in New Albany, Ohio, is that instead of only eighteen holes like most courses, this course has twenty-seven. So when preparing for the day, grab water, some snacks to take, and the mindset of spending a long day in the sun.

A Couple Friendly Family Places to Eat in New Albany, OH

Hudson 29 Kitchen + Drink

I don’t know about you, but this picture of a meal served at Hudson 29 Kitchen + Drink makes me hungry. Image courtesy of hudson29.

260 Market St D | New Albany, OH 43054| hudson29.com

Hudson 29 Kitchen + Drink, despite being a little on the pricier side, offers food that will make everyone in your party happy. The restaurant offers everything from cocktails to water and food ranging from sushi to sandwiches, salads, and flatbread. And if you have a picky little one in your family or don’t want to spend a fortune, they also offer a kid's menu with items as simple as a cheeseburger or a crispy chicken sandwich. 

Another great thing about this restaurant is that if you don’t feel like getting all dressed up or trying to direct everyone into the car, you can also order the food as takeout to eat in the comfort of your own home.


An all-American family-friendly restaurant. Image courtesy of roosterswings.

5511 New Albany Rd W |New Albany, OH 43054 | roosterswings.com

Roosters is the perfect place to go and have a casual meal with your family. For affordable prices, you can choose an appetizer, chicken fingers, pizza, soup + salad, sandwiches, or subs, and there is a kids menu with items that your little ones can choose from. The beauty of all the options is that there are items  that should be able to please everyone.

You may not have known this, but along with Roosters being an all-around family-friendly diner, they are best known for their wings. You can order them as is with bones or boneless, along with up to two flavors if you go with the 50 wings order. What's more American and better sounding than that?

Now that you have gotten to know a little about New Albany, Ohio, and where it is when it's time to plan your trip. Perhaps by reading this your mind has begun to come up with ideas for places that you want to see for yourself!

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