New Albany is One of America's Best Suburbs

Learn more about what this Columbus suburb has to offer!


Andrew Hanin


Jan 21, 2021

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One of America’s top suburbs that has been rated in the top 50 multiple times and was ranked #1 in 2015  Located about a 20-minute drive from Columbus, New Albany has a median household income of $179,405, low crime rates, and a school district known for how consistently its schools earn National Blue Ribbons of Excellence by the US Department of Education.


New Albany Plain-Local School District is ranked #19 Safest School District in America. Their 200-acre Learning Community Campus includes K-12 classes, a community wellness center, and an 80-acre nature preserve and wetlands area. The district provides New Albany students with a best-in-class well-being model that aims to prevent mental health issues, with programs on suicide prevention, drug abuse– including alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication education and prevention– bullying, digital citizenship, emotional competencies, cognitive-behavioral competencies, and social competencies. The district includes Marburn Academy, a private school known for its college preparatory education for dyslexia and ADHD students, a private Jewish Day School, and a highly ranked public high school.


A beautiful place to take a stroll or even campout!. Image courtesy of

With over 200 acres of parkland, the New Albany-Plain Local Park District has 38 baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse fields, seven tennis courts, and one basketball court, and it offers sports to both children and adults. The parks also include over 36 miles of nature trails, playgrounds, pavilions, and concession stands. New Albany also has Rocky Fork Metro Park, which includes horse trails, running tails, dog trails, a shelter house, and a playground. Rocky Fork Metro Parks received the Governor's Award for the best parks project in Ohio in 2015.

New Albany is a beautiful place to live. It’s ranked the #1 suburb for its safe, family-friendly environment, its location, and its great schools. New Albany could be the next place you call home. Now let’s see some of what New Albany has to offer you!

Top Attractions in New Albany

Reef System Coral Farms 

614-933-8779 | 8459 Peter Hoover Rd, New Albany, OH |

It’s amazing that you can find living coral in New Albany, Ohio. Image courtesy of

Reef System Coral Farm, Inc is a coral farm where anyone can come by and take a look at their awesome selection of coral. 

Reef System Coral Farm has “five 2000 gallon containers and over 10,000 pieces of coral for sale” which is absolutely bonkers if you couldn’t already tell. 

Now, there are other places who do a similar thing, but Reef System Coral Farm makes sure that their coral isn't just taken from somewhere else, stuck in water and left to die. They take small clippings from larger colonies of coral and help them continue to grow until a customer buys them.

At that point, they give the customer the correct information on how to make sure that the coral is well kept. 

You may be thinking that this doesn’t seem like a good thing for coral, but by selling coral that they raise themselves, they take away customers from other coral sellers who would import and kill wild coral. 

Reef System Coral Farm is an ethically run company that you can have a blast visiting. The coral are beautiful and intriguing to look at and if you end up wanting to buy some, you can rest assured that it was farmed in the best way possible. 

On top of all this, they have a 4.8 out of 5 based on 1760 reviews! 

Our favorite of these reviews comes from Lynn Morris who writes: “Todd was great! I have had a saltwater tank with fish for years but not corals! Todd was very patient with me as a beginner and explained the right steps to get started from the start and avoid sometimes costly mistakes such as lights and other equipment. He said he would be there to answer any questions I might have for the long hall to help me be successful in my adventure in to reef tanks!”

New Albany Farmers Market 

614-685-6344 | 200 Market St, New Albany, OH |

Take a pleasant stroll through the New Albany Farmers Market this summer. Image courtesy of

The New Albany Farmers Market has been going on for over a decade now, so if you haven’t made it out there yet and you live in the area - what’s taking you so long?

Farmers markets are an awesome way to get some of the freshest produce around, and it gives you a chance to support local businesses and farmers. 

The Summer farmers market is available to visit and buy from every Thursday, 4-7pm, from June 24th to September 16th. We highly suggest that you use all three hours to walk around because not only is the produce delicious and affordable, but the walk is pleasant and relaxing. 

New Albany Farmers Market doesn’t only offer your run of the mill fruits and veggies though, they also offer handmade baked goods of all varieties and even different types of coffee. What we’re trying to convey is that New Albany Farmers Market really does have something here for everyone. 

To make even more of an event of going to the New Albany Farmers Market, there are frequently food trucks that pop up around there so you can take a break from shopping or perusing and grab a bite to eat. 

Hudson 29 

614-859-2900 | 260 Market St, Suite D, New Albany, OH |

Just from this photo you should be able to tell that this is a classy yet casual spot for a wonderful dining experience. Image courtesy of

Hudson 29 is a modern American restaurant that can best be described as tastefully fancy. The food is spectacular, the ambiance is on point, and the service is courteous and timely. What more could you want? 

How about a sleek, fully stocked bar with additional seating. This restaurant and bar has everything that you could want for a perfect night out. Whether you’re there with family, or you want to unwind with a few friends, Hudson 29 is perfect if you’re looking for a mellow but upscale vibe. 

If you don’t believe our gushing about this place, Hudson 29 has a staggering 1757 reviews on Opentable and they’ve managed to maintain a 4.7/5 average. That is incredibly impressive.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and we think that Carolyn O’s review sums up the general consensus pretty well “My husband and I took a friend of ours to Hudson 29 to celebrate her birthday. From the greeting at the hostess stand to our walk back out the door, everything was perfect. Our server was friendly, but left us enough space to visit and talk before ordering, the food was outstanding, and the ambiance was lovely. Highly recommended!”

Rust Bucket Restaurant and Tavern 

614-621-1105 | 390 W. Nationwide Boulevard, Columbus, OH |

An open and friendly atmosphere with great food and great drinks. Image courtesy of

Rust Bucket Restaurant and Tavern has all the familiar dishes that you would find at a sports bar type of restaurant with few twists. The food at a spot like this is normally heavy, and not very healthy. 

While you can definitely eat unhealthily here by getting a bucket of wings or chicken fingers, Rust Bucket Restaurant and Tavern also offers a pretty good variety of healthy meals that won’t break the daily calorie bank. 

The Rust Bucket Restaurant and Tavern also has options like the soy glazed salmon and a variety of power bowls that are not only delicious, but also healthy (if you get the right one)!

The Rust Bucket Restaurant and Tavern also has a ton of drink options but they mostly serve all different types of wine and beer. 

On top of all of that, Rust Bucket Restaurant and Tavern has a whole gluten-free friendly menu. Being gluten free can be really difficult when finding a good place to eat, and Rust Bucket Restaurant and Tavern just made it a whole lot easier. 

Hayley Gallery 

614-855-4856 | 260 Market St Suite B, Bet. Hudson 29 & Mellow Mushroom, New Albany, OH |

There is no better place to either peruse art or even pick up some new home décor. Image courtesy of

The Hayley Gallery is an art gallery that has been promoting and supporting Ohio artists since it was first opened in 2007. At the moment, the Hayley Gallery features more than 75 of the most talented, innovative artists in Ohio.

When you first walk in, the space is visually stunning. The walls are plastered with fresh and original paintings, etchings, and any other physical art you can imagine. The jewelry selection is also something to marvel at. 

If you or your partner is tired of getting the same iteration of the same type of jewelry, head over to the Hayley Gallery and get a piece of jewelry that is unique and special. 

Oh, and how many Starry Nights have you seen on a wall in another family’s house or in a place of business whether its a restaurant or otherwise? Probably too many. Not that it’s a bad piece of art, but where are the fresh takes from new artists? 

Instead of getting a print of some painting you’ve seen a thousand times, go to Hayley Gallery and get something singularly beautiful to you. 

Captivating Worlds 

614-245-4058 | 5495 New Albany Rd W New Albany, OH |

This is a once in a lifetime experience. Unless of course you pay to go twice. Image courtesy of

Not sure what to do with the family this weekend? Have some friends coming in from out of town and you don’t want to take them bowling again? We present to you Captivating Worlds!

Captivating Worlds is an escape room facility currently featuring three awesome and unique escape room experiences. 

The three stories that you can follow in the escape rooms are, “Welcome to the Machine,” “The Barnyard Winds,” “The Sins of Doctor Faustus.” Each escape room has different age restrictions based on how spooky, scary or physically demanding that particular escape room is, but The Barnyard Winds is suitable for almost all ages.

You can choose to either go through the escape room with a random group of participants, or you can book your own private escape room experience. In addition, if you have a private party, the more folks you have in your group, the cheaper the rates will be.

Hoover Dam Recreation Park 

7701 S Sunbury Rd Westerville, OH |

A serene location to sit and think or just eat a hot dog. Image courtesy of Marissa C. on Yelp.

The Hoover Dam Recreation Park is a great place to hike, have a picnic, or really do any outdoor activity that you enjoy. 

So, if the weather’s nice, head over to the Hoover Dam Recreation Park and make a whole day of enjoying the beautiful area in whatever way you choose!

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

740-385-9477 | 10714 Jackson St Rockbridge, OH |

Soar through the sky like safely and freely at Hocking HIlls Canopy Tours. Image courtesy of  

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours has been one of the biggest innovators in the world of ziplining for some time now. 

The ziplines at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours are not only extremely safe, but they’re super fun as well. There is a whole host of different zipline tours that you can take, so look through the catalog on their website and pick the one that’s just right for you and your party. 

As you can see, there’s a reason that New Albany, Ohio is ranked so highly in the list of best suburbs in America. If any or all of these categories interest you, head over to New Albany soon!

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