10 Amazing Pizza Shops You Have to Try in New Albany, Ohio

Featuring all of the best slices and pies that this central Ohio town has to offer!

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Sam Fujikawa


Jan 21, 2021

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For a lot of people finding the perfect slice of pizza in an area is a necessity. So whether you have just moved to the central Ohio area, are looking to buy a home, or are just a local trying to find where the best spot is, New Albany has some seriously great options for an unforgettable pie.

It can be overwhelming trying to choose which place to try first, so to help out we have compiled this list of all the tops spots in the area. No matter what your tastes are, this list has something for you. You can find New York-style thin crust, Chicago-style deep dish, as well as some local styles of pizza all in this midwestern town. Restaurants range from local staples for take-out only to full bars and restaurants with all the fixings.

Photo of pepperoni pizza from Donatos
Donatos Is A Family-Owned Pizza Company With More Than 150 Locations In Nine States. Image Courtesy Of Donatos.


A fantastic franchise featuring plenty of options!

5525 New Albany Road East


(614) 855-7060

If you’re new to the New Albany area, then you may be looking for a familiar pizza spot to bring a little bit of comfort. Maybe you can find a sense of this at Donatos, a pizza chain with over 150 locations across nine states. For anyone familiar with the chain, knowing a Donatos is in New Albany offers a great relief of knowing you’re in a place that serves awesome pizza. And even if you haven’t tried a slice of this shop’s excellent pizza, it’s still worth a visit.

Donatos is a great option for anyone who loves a super-thin crust and piled on toppings — it’s also a select choice for diners with food allergies or dietary restrictions. You can find gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and even keto options on the store’s expansive menu. And the best of it all? These modified versions of classic pies all still taste fantastic!

“Absolutely amazing! I ordered a specialty pizza and it was delivered promptly by a courteous young lady, and it was one of the best pizzas I've ever had. And that's a compliment because I have traveled extensively and eaten around the country and world.” -Yelp review
Photo of five pizzas from Mellow Mushroom
This Store Provides Handcrafted Pizza And Entertaining Experience In A Unique, Artistic Environment. Image Courtesy Of Mellow Mushroom.

Mellow Mushroom

Funky decor is matched with some seriously unique pizza pies.

260 Market St, Ste A


(614) 245-4234

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974, Mellow Mushroom offers a truly memorable dining experience for all pizza lovers. Upon walking into this eclectic pizza shop, you are bombarded with an array of color and liveliness, whether that be from their art-covered walls or family-filled tables.

As far as the food goes, the options are practically endless here — the menu features a selection of specialty pies alongside a customizable option with over thirty different toppings to choose from! There are also plenty of customizations for vegan and gluten-free diners, making dietary concerns no problem at Mellow Mushroom. Looking for a fantastic pizza with a flair of funk? You have to check out New Albany’s Mellow Mushroom. (And make sure to try out one of their fantastic desserts while you're at it!)

“We loved this place.  Very modern atmosphere.  Our waitress was excellent.  Lots of vegan options.  Reasonable prices.  We can't wait to stop back and try other things.” -Yelp review
Photo of veggie pizza from Zero's Pizza
This Joint Was Voted #1 Best Tasting Pizza At The Pepsi Pizza Slice Challenge. Image Courtesy Of Zero's Pizza.

Zero’s Pizza

A local shop serving fresh and award-winning pizza slices and pies.

5535 New Albany Rd W


(614) 933-0399

While chains offer the convenience of multiple locations and a larger scope‍, there is nothing quite like a local pizza shop that serves fresh, high-quality pizza, something Zero’s Pizza in New Albany knows a thing or two about.

Zero’s claims to offer some of the healthiest pizzas in New Albany, and one look at their menu will prove that their claims are unfounded. Available toppings include a wide variety of vegetables, whole wheat crusts are available, and only pure olive oil is used in their dough. Gluten-free options are also available, making Zero’s a hit for anyone with a party that includes those with dietary restrictions!

“Zeros pizza is always amazing. The ingredients are fresh and plentiful. The healthy choice with whole wheat crust and chicken is my favorite. The crust is thin and crisp. The black magic is a favorite of the meat lovers in my family.” -Yelp review
Photo of pepperoni pizza from Eagles Pizza
This Restaurant Offers A Great Variety Of Pizza, Subs, Sandwiches, Dinners, Salads, And Desserts In A Friendly Atmosphere. Image Courtesy Of Yelp.

Eagles Pizza

A community staple with some unexpected pizzas.

2 N High St


(614) 855-2231

Located right in the heart of New Albany, Eagles Pizza is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike who appreciate the shop’s excellent food and historic interior. The place screams classic pizza shop, and anyone looking for a standard and tasty pizza will not be disappointed.

For the pizza lover looking for a new twist on the classic, try their taco pizza! Tacos and pizza? It may sound bizarre but customers love it! Eagles may be a classic pizza joint, but their inventive takes on standard recipes make it special and worth a visit!‍

“I must begin by saying Eagles is the perfect old school pizza joint. It's been there forever and I am going to tell you why. It's cool, good food, friendly and fast.” -Yelp review
Photo of pepperoni pizza from Fracasso's Pizza
Though it’s located outside of New Albany, this is a great pizza place to visit if you’re in the area. Image courtesy of Fracasso’s Pizza.

Fracasso’s Pizza

Family pizza parlor focused on “providing the perfect pizza.”

3699 S. State Rt. 605


(740) 965-4711

Although it is not in New Albany, this pizza shop located in Galena is a great one to visit for anyone who is in the greater Columbus area, including New Albany. Diners mention what a cute “mom and pop” sort of venue Fracasso’s is, making it a great choice for anyone looking for that old-timey feel!

“Really good - especially for a small town pizza place! Service has always been friendly and fast. It's definitely a quick easy place to stop if you're coming up 605 to Sunbury/Galena.” -Yelp review
Photo of pepperoni pizza from Flanagan's Pub
You Can Enjoy Our Wide Variety Of Appetizers, Sandwiches, Wings, Pizza, And Subs While Listening To Great Live Music. Photo Courtesy Of Yelp.

Flanagan’s Pub

Small-town pub with pizza that’s in the big leagues.

3001 Reynoldsburg – New Albany Road


(614) 855-7472

Featuring the customer-titled “best Columbus-style pizza,” Flanagan’s is a pub ‍that features crispy, thin-crust pizza. While their pizza menu may be a little less extensive when compared to their entirely pizza-focused counterparts, this little restaurant delivers on taste and flavor.

Flanagan’s is a great choice for any party looking for a wide range of foods alongside their pizza! Check it out the next time you’re in New Albany!

“This place is quite the local find... The pizza that they serve may be amongst the best in the area, and has a great patio for concerts in the summer time. The staff is always willing to go above and beyond.” -Yelp review
Photo of pizza, wings, and salad from Jet's Pizza
This Place Is Known For Its Incredibly Cheesy, Veggielicious And Buttery Square Detroit-Style Pizza With An Out-Of-This-World Flavored Crusts. Photo Courtesy Of Jet's Pizza.

Jet’s Pizza

This place knows that the crust is the foundation of any great pizza.

7356 Fodor Rd


(614) 855-2404

‍Have you ever had poppy seed crust? Sesame seed? Cajun style? If you haven’t, you’ve probably never been to Jet’s, which features some next-level crusts to “flavorize” any pizza to new heights.

The joint also offers a variety of pizza styles, making Jet’s the premier spot to try out any and every type of pizza, from New York to Chicago, Jet’s does it all!

“Great experience as always! They'll make your pizza in 15 minutes and everything tastes great!” -Yelp review
Photo of meatlover's pizza from Massey's Pizza
This Popular Pizza Place Was Voted #1 Pizza Place In Central Ohio By Nine Different Publications. Image Courtesy Of Massey's Pizza.

Massey’s Pizza

This chain is an awesome option for anyone looking for great cauliflower crusts!

261 Lincoln Cir


(614) 416-4444

Originating in central Ohio, Massey’s Pizza soon became a pizza giant. The chain started out as a pizza and quality-focused small shop, but has since expanded to offer a bunch of different options, such as stromboli and pasta!

Customers rave about all of their pizza, but their new cauliflower crust has caught the attention of those looking to watch their carb-intake! Try it out for a different kind of pizza that you can bet will still be as delicious as the original!

“I have to say I was quite skeptical about ordering a cauliflower pizza crust .. well .. I'm not know .. WOW .. it was so good .. I can't believe it ... just recently discovered an intolerance with gluten and this is a godsend .. thank you!!” -Yelp review
Photo of calzone from Borgata Pizza Cafe
This Italian Restaurant Is Known For Its High-Quality New York Style Pizza And Homemade Italian Specialties Made With Only The Freshest And Finest Ingredients. Image Courtesy Of Borgata Pizza Cafe.

Borgata Pizza Cafe

Italian specialties share the stage with this pizza haven.

5701 Parkville St


(614) 891-2345

New York style pizza lovers in the New Albany area have to visit Borgata Pizza Cafe in Columbus and taste their fantastically thin-crust topped with only the highest-quality ingredients!

You can find plenty of other great Italian specialty items at the little cafe, with bruschetta, calzones, and pastas providing balance to this pizza shop’s menu! But their New York style pizza remains at the centerstage, cementing this pizza shop into central Ohio food history as one of the greats!

“You will not find better NY-style pizza in Columbus - or better pizza in general in Columbus. Whatever you do, order extra cheese on your pizza, and passing on the pepperoni would be foolish.” -Yelp review
Photo of pepperoni pizza from Frankie's Pizza
This Local Favorite Is Home To Frankie’s Special Recipe Pizzas Using High-Quality Ingredients. Image Courtesy Of Frankie's Pizza.

Frankie’s Pizza

Thin and sweet crust is the star of this pizza show.

200 Granville St


(614) 476-5555

Open since 2009, Frankie’s‍ is an awesome pizza choice in New Albany’s neighboring Gahanna! Their thin and sweet crust is a favorite of many locals, and you will be able to satisfy any pizza lover with their wide-ranging menu.

“I would have to say this is the best pizza and wings had in years. And every weekend we try a new pizza  or wing restaurant.” -Yelp review

There you have it: our top ten picks for pizza in the New Albany area. Have you tried any of these awesome pizza shops yet? Did your favorite make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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