The Top 9 Places to Eat in Troy, OH You Won't Want to Miss

Hungry? Here’s a list of 9 restaurants in Troy, OH that are sure to be your next favorite!

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11 East Main Street Troy, Ohio 45373
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Jan 21, 2021

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Troy, OH is a historic town in Miami county. Troy, OH was named after the ancient city of Troy, and has a lot of historical architecture that it is known for. Troy is home to some of the most beautiful buildings that are filled with rich history. But, history and architecture is not all Troy, OH has to offer. Whether you’re a resident of Troy, or you’re considering moving to Troy, OH there are a lot of great things about Troy that make it so special. Whether you’re a history buff or you love to try new and exciting things, Troy has something for everyone. 

Troy is not only famous for their strawberry festival and other events held around the year, but they are also known for all of the fun things to do in Troy, OH. From shopping centers, museums, and historic sites to the best bars in town, Troy has a lot to offer anyone whether you’re moving here, or you’re a full time resident of Troy. But what about food? Troy has some of the best restaurants around, with many of them family owned and run. So if you’re looking for your next dinner night spot, here’s a list of the top nine restaurants in Troy, OH you won’t want to miss!

1. La Piazza 

A dining room filled with people eating in an Italian themed room
Enjoy some Italian cuisine at La Piazza. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

2 N Market St. | Troy, OH | La Piazza | Facebook

La Piazza is a family run, Italian style restaurant in Troy, OH that offers a large menu with something for everyone. If you love Italian food and you’re looking for a restaurant with a cozy, family atmosphere then La Piazza is a must visit. La Piazza has a Tuscany style dining area, is known for their amazing and attentive service, and they even offer a beautiful outdoor patio seating that you can enjoy on the next nice day. Sat in a historical architecture building, La Piazza is not only beautiful outside, but is also beautiful inside. La Piazza is the perfect option for your next date night or night out with friends.  

“Excellent Food, great service. The beauty of downtown Troy only adds to the atmosphere. Really nice server and hostesses. Great to have such a nice place locally.” – Zomato Review 

2. Leaf and Vine 

An outdoor seating rea with modern art painted on the building
Enjoy the nice weather outside with Leaf and Vine’s patio seating. Photo courtesy of Yelp.

108 W Main St. | Troy, OH |

If you’re looking for a modern place to go out for a quick bite and some drinks with friends, then Leaf and Vine is the place to check out. With modern decor and art surrounding the walls, Leaf and Vine is not only a great place to grab a drink, but it’s also the perfect place for your next group picture to document your night out. Leaf and Vine has a cigar bar inside that you can buy your choice of cigar, and a stylish outdoor patio to enjoy your cigar on while you sip a drink or order some food. Leaf and Vine has a small selection of bar type food and they offer live music throughout the year. Leaf and Vine is a great place to check out if you’re looking for a trendy spot for your next night out. 

“Absolutely love this place. The staff is always there to make sure that I have an enjoyable experience. Try relaxing with a nice single malt and cigar on the back patio!’ – Yelp Review

3. K’s Hamburger Shop

An old fashioned red and white themed diner
Enjoy all day breakfast at K’s Hamburger Shop. Photo courtesy of Yelp.

117 E Main St. | Troy, OH |

K’s Hamburger Shop is a family run diner that has been around since as early as 1935. Offering five homemade soup recipes, K’s Hamburger Shop is the perfect place if you want a cozy, home cooked meal. K’s Hamburger Shop is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is known for being affordable and for having amazing customer service. K’s Hamburger Shop is known for their fresh and delicious food, and there’s something on the menu for everyone. With an old school decor vibe, K’s Hamburger Shop will take you back in time and make you want to come back for more. If you’re looking for your next family dinner spot, check out K’s Hamburger Shop! 

“I love the ole school vibe that K's still brings to the downtown area today! They are very nice and the food has always been fresh when I eat there.” – Yelp Review 

4. Fricker’s 

Girls in Fricker's black tshirts posing with a bird mascot
Have a beer and watch some sports at Fricker’s. Photo courtesy of Facebook

1187 Experiment Farm Rd. | Troy, OH |

Fricker’s is a sports bar that is perfect for watching the next big game out with friends. Fricker’s has all the food a traditional sports bar has, and they have food and drink specials for every day of the week. With plenty of large TVs to watch the next big game, Fricker’s is a great place to go out with friends to support your favorite sports team’s game. If you’re not big on sports, Fricker’s is known for having some of the best wings in town, and they also have a large game room where you can try your luck at gambling or the slot machines. Or, just come for some good company and some good drinks out with friends!

“We had a wonderful experience at the Fricker's Restaurant in Troy, Ohio. The food tasted good. The server was pleasant and did a good job taking care of business.” – Tripadvisor Review 

5. Lincoln Square Restaurant 

A Lincoln Square sign
Lincoln Square Restaurant is perfect for a family dinner night out. Photo courtesy of Yelp.  

1320 Archer Dr. | Troy, OH |

Lincoln Square Restaurant is a family style restaurant that is known for their good food and good service. While Lincoln Square Restaurant might be smaller than most bigger named restaurants, Lincoln Square Restaurant makes up for their size with the friendly atmosphere and delicious food. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Lincoln Square Restaurant is a great place to take the family for your next dinner night, or for lunch out after spending the day out having fun with the family. 

“One of favorite places,  especially for breakfast! Love the small town feel of it, good food, and wonderful service.” – Yelp Review 

6. Coldwater Cafe

People eating inside at tables in a cottage themed room
Enjoy dinner and a specialty cocktail at Coldwater Cafe. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

19 E main St. | Tipp City, OH |

Time from Troy, OH: 15 minutes 

Coldwater Cafe is a fine dining experience with a European style dining room atmosphere. Coldwater Cafe is known for their exquisite food options and their welcoming dining experience. With multiple dining area options including a private dining room where you can host events, a dining experience at the chef’s table, and even a bank vault dining room, Coldwater Cafe has a dining experience anyone and everyone can enjoy. Coldwater Cafe also has an outdoor seating option where you can eat and enjoy the nice weather. Come here for your next special date night out, or host your next party in their private dining area. Or, bring the family for a family dinner night out and enjoy the cozy and welcoming atmosphere Coldwater Cafe has to offer. 

“We sat outside to be more safe and they have a very quaint area between the buildings with a cover which was great. The service was very good and the food was very tasty.” – Tripadvisor Review 

7. The Caroline 

People eating under a covered patio on a sunny day
Shop and then stop for dinner at The Caroline. Photo courtesy of Yelp

5 S Market St. | Troy, OH |

Located in downtown, The Caroline is the perfect place to grab lunch or dinner after a day out shopping or exploring the downtown area of Troy, OH. Family owned and run, The Caroline has a large selection of food on the menu and a full bar that you can order specialty drinks from. When the weather is nice, enjoy your lunch or dinner out on the covered patio, or relax and have a meal in their lounge area inside. The Caroline is the perfect place to check out with friends after a day out, or for your next date night out. Or, stop at The Caroline first and then head over to downtown at night to see what’s going on for the night!

“Awesome place. Very pretty & inviting inside. Service so friendly & owners so nice. Great place. Definitely will go back.” – Yelp Review 

8. Frisch’s Big Boy 

The big boy statue holding a hamburger
Feel the nostalgia when you eat at Frisch’s Big Boy. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

20 Troy Town Dr. | Troy, OH |

If you’re looking for that old school feeling of the original Big Boy diner, then Frisch’s Big Boy is a definite must visit on the list. With an oldies diner feel and vibe, Frisch’s Big Boy is a fun place to visit for good food, good service, and a trip down memory lane. Bring the family for lunch or dinner, or come here for a chill date night option for when you want something fast and delicious. Frisch’s Big Boy is a fun place to eat for anyone of all ages, and their menu is versatile enough that anyone can find something they like!

“The server micki was great! The managers and Tom were awesome! The food was hot and fresh. The place was clean.” – Tripadvisor Review

9.  Twenty One Barrels Cidery and Winery 

People sitting at picnic tables under strong lights on a farm, drinking wine
Find your new favorite cider or wine at Twenty One Cidery and Winery. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

9717 Horatio Creek Rd. | Bradford, OH | 

If you’re looking for a place that serves food, wine, and cider, then Twenty One Cidery and Winery is the place to go. With a large selection of both wine and cider, Twenty One Cidery and Winery is perfect for the wine and cider lovers, or for anyone looking to try something new. Whether you’re new to wine and cider drinking or you’re an expert, you can find your next favorite cider or wine choice here. Twenty One Cidery and Winery not only offers a large selection of cider and wine, but they also serve food and their dining experience is the perfect place for a night out with friends or your date. With twinkle lights both inside and around their outdoor seating area, Twenty One Cidery and Winery has a cozy and inviting atmosphere that will have you wanting to stay all night long. 

“I LOVE this place!! I sat out on the patio which overlooks a vineyard and a stage for local musicians. The patio is heated and they close it in during cold or rainy weather. The inside is GORGEOUS, too.” – Tripadvisor Review 

Troy, OH is a town known for their history and their beautiful architecture, as well as the many different events they hold throughout the year. However, Troy also has a lot more to offer, like amazing places to eat. Sometimes choosing the right place to eat and figuring out where to go can be hard, especially when there are so many options. Use this list of the top nine places to eat in Troy, OH the next time you find yourself visiting or just wondering where to eat out on your next weekend off to help you pick the place that’s perfect for you. 


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