All You Need to Know About the Troy, Ohio Porchfest 2020

This article discusses the new tradition of Troy, Ohio's Porchfest. Local musicians gather on porches to bring Troy together through music.

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Haley Wisniewski


Jan 21, 2021

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Local Music in a Culture Cloaked in Community Generosity

Image courtesy of MyMiamiCounty.

As the Coronavirus continues to take over the world, many events and celebrations have had to be postponed and rescheduled until a later date. Many are unsure when their favorite places will reopen and when life will finally return to normal. This uncertainty is no stranger to residents and visitors of Troy, Ohio. As social distancing and masks have become the new standard of living, Ohio has bonded over a new hashtag, #InThisTogetherOhio. With society’s mental health wavering due to months of social isolation, this hashtag brings Ohioans together and assists in a healing process. An annual Troy festival known as Porchfest is still in the process of planning even in the face of a pandemic. This outdoor music festival is a celebration for the Troy community and is said to be an important part of healing for the community. 

Porchfest is an important part of the family atmosphere that can be felt in Troy. This festival has the power to bring a community together and give hope for a better and brighter future. This article will discuss:

  • History of the festival and an overview of Porchfest
  • Precautions and changes due to Covid-19
  • Location of Porchfest
  • Bands that have signed up for Porchfest
  • Concluding Thoughts

History Behind Porchfest

Where did this Tradition Start?

The idea of porch music goes back to the days when neighbors and friends would gather on one another’s porches on a Friday or Saturday evening listening together to catchy tunes. These gatherings were turned into an event that is featured in many cities all over the United States and in places including Canada and Australia. Porchfest was originally founded in Ithaca, NY in 2007 by neighbors, Lesley Greene and Gretchen Hildreth. Inspired by the sounds of outdoor ukulele playing, a conversation between these two women was had and the workings for the festival were set in place. They gathered 20 bands and scheduled the first Porchfest for September of 2007. This was a huge success and has since grown and spread to cities all over the continent. 

Porchfest made its way to Troy, Ohio in September of 2019. The festival had a strong turnout with about a thousand visitors to the porches in the Southwest Historic District. This strong turnout encouraged the continuation of the festival. It is predicted that Porchfest will turn into an annual event in Troy with not only music but food trucks as well. 

What is Porchfest?

After reading about the tradition and beginnings of the huge hit known as Porchfest, you may be wondering what it actually is. Porchfest in Troy, Ohio features 20 or more bands in an array of styles and genres that play throughout the Southwest Historic district. These bands perform on porches, in side yards, parking lots, and patios. There are maps made available that give walkable directions to all featured bands. You can tour one band after the other and grab a bite to eat on the way. There will be food trucks as well as the Trojan Tent Village food court available along the Hayner Lawn. 

Trojan Tent Village at the Hayner Lawn introduces amazing food options after listening to some great music. Image courtesy of Troy-Hayner.


Porchfest also relies on everyday people to participate in the volunteer aspect of the festival. The festival is based on community generosity and there is encouragement to generously volunteer to host a musician. It is not necessary to have a porch in order to be a musician’s host. You can host a musician in a side yard or any place that would be considered safe for people to listen to music and enjoy the company of others. Each concert is an hour long with a new concert starting each hour from noon until 5 P.M. The 2020 Porchfest committee will review your application and assign you a band for a certain time slot. The only other step is to make it a great day for everyone and enjoy the music.The committee encourages generosity and graciousness for the musicians. If you are picked as a host, the committee asks you provide:

  • Water for the band
  • Access to bathroom facilities
  • A comfortable resting place for musicians after their set
  • A comfortable and safe place to perform
  • Protection from the sun and other elements

Once you are picked as a host, you will be asked to review a potential band/musician and provide approval. A musician or band will not be invited to your porch without final approval from you. Once approval is finalized, you will be asked to connect with your musician so they know who you are, where you live, how to reach you, and other details. 

Looming Changes on Account of Corona

What Precautions are Being Taken to Stay Safe?

The Troy Porchfest committee released a statement outlining the changes and precautions that are being taken due to the virus. Planning continues as normal and Porchfest is set to begin September 12th at noon and conclude at 5 P.M. The Porchfest committees as well as the participants are still continuing to plan for a safe festival that respects the health of all who attend. The state and federal government mandates are being closely monitored in order to conduct the festival in a safe and overall responsible way. The continuation of planning can be seen as a hopeful act on part of the committee and gives joy to the people of Troy. 

CDC mandated guidelines will be in place at Porchfest. This includes keeping a safe 6 foot space between yourself and neighbors as well as wearing a mask to keep everyone safe. With many states moving into the green-phase of reopening, everybody is keeping very optimistic that Porchfest will indeed occur. The green-phase means an end to social isolation but not an end to keeping each other safe. Continue to wear a mask and keep a safe 6 foot distance.

Responsible nationwide state reopenings continue for Ohio as social distancing rules are still kept in place. Image courtesy of Fox8

Location of Troy’s Porchfest

Where is Porchfest 2020 Located?

As you have read so far in the article, Porchfest is a new kind of music festival that is based around regional music and community generosity. This festival will feature twenty or more bands that will play throughout the Southwest Historic District on local porches, in side yards, parking lots and patios. Food trucks will be available as well as different artisans on the Hayner Lawn as well as Trojan Tent Village. Trojan Tent Village celebrates regional artists and local businesses and is located on Short Street between the Hayner Lawn and the courthouse.

Vendors at Trojan Tent Village

Some of the 2020 vendors featured at Porchfest include:

Barr’s Soapery and Creative Work LLC (Tracy Barr) - Tracy Barr sells homemade soaps, lotions, bath products, and other crafts. Her products are all natural! They are created by utilizing beeswax, honey, dried flowers, salts, and more. You can learn more about Barr’s by visiting their Facebook page.

Bonnie Caruso Art (Bonnie Caruso) - She is a local artist who makes original acrylic paintings on canvas, giclee (high-quality inkjet), coffee mugs, and greeting cards. Her artwork features landscapes and aspen groves. You can learn more about Bonnie’s art on her Instagram page.

The Country Workshop Artists - The Country Workshop Artists is an art association located locally in Troy who help establish artistically talented individuals in all styles of media. They strive to support the artistic growth in its members. Need more information? Contact Paula at 740-677-2396.

Creatively Lexi - Lexi’s artwork features fluid acrylic paintings that are decorative and functional. She brings small furniture, wall clocks, vases, trays, and coasters to life. You can learn more on Lexi’s Instagram page. 

The First Place Food Pantry - They are independently owned and operated in Troy and have more than 45 volunteers. This non-profit organization serves approximately 5,000 families a year. You can visit their website to learn more. 

David Holbrook Creations (David Holbrook) - David makes one of a kind works of art from clay and other everyday objects. You can learn more about David’s work on his Facebook page. 

Jonda Woodworks (Jon Lindsay) - Jon is a wood craftsman who brings to life wooden bowls, goblets and vases. 

These are only a few of the artists that will be featured at Trojan Tent Village. Should Porchfest 2020 be cancelled for this year, all booth fees for vendors will be fully refunded.

Porchfest and Trojan Tent Village allows everyone to enjoy music, food and local art. Image courtesy of Troy Hayner

Featured Bands at Porchfest

What Bands can you Expect to Hear at Porchfest?

The first set of bands are planned to start at noon on September 12th. Other sets follow each hour until 5 P.M. Here is an outline of the bands that are scheduled to perform for Troy Porchfest 2020:

Footprint of Troy,Ohio 2020 Porchfest. Here are a few of the bands that will be performing at 2020 Porchfest: 

  • Adena Brass - They are a brass quintet that will play on porch #4 at 301 S. Plum Street.
  • Chris Aldridge - He is the teacher of Trojan City Music. They are a student group who sing everything from pop to Metallica. They will perform on porch #24 at 421 S. Plum Street.
  • The Barnhart Band - Their genre is Americana and they will be playing on porch #29 at 309 Grant Street.
  • David Bays - His genre is Folk and Rock and he will be playing on porch #23 at 121 S. Short Street. 
  • Greg Beasley - His genre is Bluegrass and he will be performing on porch #37 at Faust, Faulkner & Schlemmer Law Offices on 12 S. Cherry Street.
  • Josh Bledsoe - He plays acoustic guitar and will be performing on porch #35 at 218 Grant Street.
  • Cory Breth - His genre is Folk and he will be performing on porch #26 at 325 Grant Street.
  • Seth Cannan and the Carriers - Their genre is Rock and they will be performing on porch #19 at 522 S. Market Street.
  • Charlie and Amanda - Their genre is Country and they will be performing on porch #43 at 209 S. Oxford Street.
  • Cherry Street Band - Their genre is Country, Bluegrass, and Folk. They will be performing on porch #39 at Troy First United Methodist Church on 110 W. Franklin Street.
  • Tyler Cochran Trio - Their genre is Rock and they will perform on porch #2 at 120 S. Plum Street.
  • Elk Manakin - Their genre is Ambient synthetic jazz and they will be performing on porch #14 at 201 S. Short Street.
  • Jimmy Felts - His genre is Jazz and Blues and he will be performing on porch #25 at 223 S. Oxford Street.
  • TJ George - His genre is Blue-eyed soul and pop. He will be performing on porch #8 at 329 Grant Street.
  • Good Frequency - Their genre is Rock and they will be performing on porch #30 at 126 S. Plum Street.
  • Harmonica Neil - His genre is Rock, reggae, and blues. He will be performing on porch #22 at 338 Grant Street.
  • Martin Koop - His genre is Americana and he will be performing on porch #6 at 310 W. Franklin Street.

This image gives an outline of a map that gives porch numbers for all performers of Porchfest. Image courtesy of Troy Haner.

These are only a few bands that will be featured at this year’s Porchfest. If you need more information or want to check out the other performers, visit the official site of Porchfest for Troy, Ohio.

Concluding Thoughts on Porchfest 2020

This year’s Porchfest, if still occurring, will not be forgotten for years to come. This Porchfest will give everyone a great opportunity to get out of the house and give themselves a break from social isolation and quarantine. There will be plenty of good music, good food, and good company. If you need a break and want to interact with people, in a safe manner of course, Porchfest is a great way to do that. Come check it out!

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