Exploring Treasure Island in Troy

Make the most of your summer with these fun events and activities

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Katherine Bauer


Jan 21, 2021

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While things may be winding down now, summer is here, and there’s still lots to do while the weather is warm!  For those living in the Northeastern US, this means visiting local lakes, parks, baseball fields, outdoor movie nights, and more in the pursuit of that perfect summer day.  In Troy, OH, you can find a perfect little park with all the outdoor events and activities to keep you busy from June til August!  Below is a list of all the exciting things to do and see at Treasure Island, including:

  • Summer Concerts
  • Outdoor Movie Screenings
  • Water Sports and Activities
  • The Boathouse Restaurant

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About Treasure Island Park

arch bridge over a river with trees in the background
‍Source: mapio.net

The park and its marina were opened in 1946 to add a public area for events and leisure to the town.  Located on the Great Miami River, it’s the perfect place for land or water recreation.  The architecture of the original buildings, like the Boathouse, reflect popular 1940s architecture and are lovely reminders of the past.

Summer Concert Series

decorative blue and orange Treasure island park entrance
‍Source: troyohio.gov

At the amphitheater, concerts are held throughout the summer, starting in June and ending in September.  This year the park has hosted and will host:

  • June 1: Velvet Crush
  • July 4: The McCartney Project
  • August 4: Full Moon Fever, Tribute to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (7:30pm)
  • August 12: Troy Civic Band Concert - Animal Parade:  Animals in Music (7:30pm)
  • August 26: Air Force Band of Flight, Lively Patriotic Concert featuring both the Wright Brass & Systems Go groups (7:00pm)
  • September 3: Troy Civic Band Concert - Lights, Camera, Action: Music in Movies & TV (7:00pm)

All of the concerts are free and open to the public, with seating both bleacher-style in the amphitheater itself and additional seating available across the surrounding open green areas.  If seats in the amphitheater fill up, don’t worry!  The concerts can be heard from all over, and the grassy areas are perfect for spreading picnic blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy music and a meal.  However, concerts are rain or shine, so you may need to bring an umbrella (or maybe even a tent!) with you if the forecast warns for rain.  For additional information about the concerts, the full listing of events can be found at the Treasure Island webpage and additional information about the concerts specifically can be found on their FAQ page.

Outdoor Movie Screenings

large decorative gazebo in grass field
‍Source: themccartneyproject.com

In addition to the live concerts, the park provides movie screenings at the amphitheater!  These mostly take place in June, but it’s always possible that more screenings will be added for later in the summer!  Movie nights are family-friendly and free to the public, with screenings beginning at dusk, so make sure to get there a little bit before sundown.  Updated lists of screenings and events can be found on the Treasure Island website.

Water Activities

many people kayaking in river with overlaying Treasure Island River Fest graphic
‍Source: AGM

Are you an outdoor adventurer?  Or maybe you prefer a relaxed day on the water instead?  Either way, you’ll find something to your liking among the activities offered by Adventures on the Great Miami!  From kayaking and canoeing to camping and event-planning, AGM offers it all from two Ohio locations, including one at the Treasure Island Boathouse.

Two separate types of activities are offered: “River Trips” and “Paddle in the Park”.  River Trips are longer and involve being transported upstream on the river to travel downstream back to your starting point, whereas Paddle in the Park leaves you to leisurely explore the immediate vicinity of the starting-park locations via canoe, kayak, stand-up paddle boards, or tubes.  

many people in colorful kayaks in river
‍Source: Dayton Local

In Troy, these activities are available 11am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer, and in the case of River Trips, the last group leaves at 5pm and must be back at their starting point an hour before dark (check your local sunset times for the best idea of when that is).  Reservations are accepted during the week.  Children ten and younger can participate for half price with their families, and reservations for groups are only accepted for those that have 20 or more people.

Each year in June, AGM also hosts and sponsors the Treasure Island River Fest, a large event full of water activities as well as live music, DJs, food trucks, and more!  The biggest attractions are the various river races that take place throughout the day.

Note:  The water of the Miami River is safe for water activities, but for more information, you should read this short report by the Manager for Water Resources and Analysis.

The Boathouse Restaurant

Boathouse Restaurant entrance
Source: Smith’s Boathouse Restaurant

Whether you’ve spent the day outside in the park/on the water or you want to dine with a scenic view after a hard day of work, the Boathouse Restaurant is the perfect place to end the day.  The restaurant specializes in mid-priced steaks, seafood, soups, salad, and sandwiches (basically any food starting with the letter “s”).  Looking for something a bit fancier for an adult night out?  There’s also a large cocktail menu and an extensive wine list with optional suggestions for pairing with the various steak and seafood dishes.

The Smith family has been in the restaurant business since the 1960s, and decided to open The Boathouse Restaurant in the historic Treasure Island Boathouse.  As a large building, parts of it went relatively unused for many years, until the suggestion came to turn it into a restaurant, at which point the Smith family joined the project.  As a result, the Boathouse is now in full use both as a dining and activities destination and is the perfect place to end your day!  

Note:  The hours of operation change depending on the day, and the restaurant is closed on Mondays.  See the Smith’s Boathouse Restaurant website for more information.  Reservations are accepted.

Hopefully this list will give you some inspiration on how to spend the rest of your summer in the Troy area.  If you don’t live in the area, and this sounds interesting to you, why not visit for a weekend?  If you like it enough, you may just want to call a realtor in the Troy area and move right in!

July 25, 2018
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