Moving to Troy, OH? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Troy is a town known for its historic name and historic architecture.

A large fountain in the middle of Troy's downtown roundabout.
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Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Touring Ohio.

Troy, Ohio is a town in Miami County. It is also the county seat, being the largest city in the county. Troy, Ohio is named after the ancient city of Troy. It was voted as one of Ohio’s 5 best cities by Ohio Magazine in 2009. It is a thriving business district that has remained prosperous for decades. The downtown area can be recognized by the large 1807 traffic circle in the middle of town. Troy’s streets are filled with old, Victorian-style buildings. Many of these buildings are in the National Registry of Historic Places, the federal government’s list of structures that should be preserved due to their historical significance. This great location serves as a backdrop for the “Strawberry Festival,” the biggest festival held in the city. 

Here’s what you should know about moving to Troy:

  • History of Troy
  • Facts and figures about Troy
  • Local favorite things to do in Troy
  • And more!
An overhead view of Troy's downtown roundabout.
This city’s town center is reminiscent of a past era. Image courtesy of Dayton Daily News

History of Troy

Before Moving to Troy, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

Troy was founded in 1808. It became Miami County’s seat in the same year of its conception. Troy started off with a population of under 1,000, but has since grown tremendously in number, due in part to its prime location for transport. The town’s location on the Great Miami River is something that made its location so beneficial. It was the location of the Miami and Erie Canal at the time. 

Use of the canal eventually lessened with the establishment of railroads. After 1840, Troy’s population more than doubled in size because of the railroads. In 1846, Troy became a town with six churches, six warehouses, and five sawmills. Many industries grew in Troy during the coming decades. 

By 1890, Troy had a population of almost 5,000. The transport system had made it into a center for agricultural trade. Farmers used the canals and railroads to ship their products to markets in different areas. 

The town of Troy contributed greatly to aviation history. From the 1920s to the 1940s, WACO Aircraft Company built popular plane models in this town. At the time, it was the largest creator of civilian aircrafts in the world. Troy currently has a museum and an airfield that pays tribute to that history. The popular company Kitchen Aid originally had its headquarters there. Goodrich Corporation still produces wheels and braking systems for space shuttles at its Troy location. Troy is now a thriving town that celebrates its roots. Troy holds an annual “Strawberry Festival” each year. It is one of the largest festivals in the Midwest, and over 100,000 people come to town and enjoy it every year. 

Troy by the Numbers

Learn About Troy’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Troy Population

Troy, Ohio has a population of over 25,000 people. With just over 2,000 people per square mile, the town isn’t super densely populated. The median age of a Troy resident is 39 years old. It is just two years older than the country’s median age of 37. On average, there are 2.4 people dwelling in a Troy household. 50% of those households are made up of married couples. 25% are married with children. 20% of homes are made up of single parent households. 

Troy’s Demographics

Troy’s residents are 87% white and 4.3% black. Around 2.6% of those people are Asian, and about 2.3 percent claim Hispanic ethnicity. About 3% identify with two or more races. The median price for a home in Troy is around $200,000. 

Troy’s Schooling

The Troy City School District includes six elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. They also have a school specifically for sixth graders. The school district’s mission is to empower students’ dreams and lead them to success. 

Things to do in Troy

Troy is filled with a lot of green spaces that are great for outdoor activities. There are many local parks and hiking trails available to the public. Troy has a lively downtown district with plenty of local shops to spend time in. It is also home to one of the largest festivals in the Midwest. You can check out Troy’s historic buildings and statues, go camping on the water, and eat at one of the great local parks. 

Get to Know Troy Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Troy

Troy has a lot of activities available to its residents. There are plenty of great restaurants that locals love to frequent. There is also lots of shopping to do right in Troy’s historic downtown district. The open outdoor spaces are abundant. Hiking and camping are popular outdoor activities in Troy. There are public parks and nature preserves that are perfect for picnics and camping trips. The nearby river makes way for residents to do activities on the water, like fishing. This town has gotten better and better throughout the decades, and if you visit, you can learn why locals love it so much!

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

This restaurant packs their food with flavor.
Four bright yellow, red, blue, and pink drinks with pineapple pieces and umbrellas.
These brightly colored drinks would be exciting to receive. Image courtesy of Yelp.

836 W Main St | Troy |

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant has been serving delicious meals since 1992. The first restaurant was founded in Delaware, and the owners eventually expanded into other U.S. locations. They offer authentic Mexican cuisine, art, and culture to eager customers. They offer a lively and casual environment that enhances the meal experience. They take pride in offering freshly made food and great service. 

This restaurant serves tostadas, quesadillas, tacos, and burritos among the other items you’d expect to find at a Mexican restaurant. Everything is also extremely well-priced! You won’t believe what you can get for just a few dollars. Their multi-colored drink creations add a lot to the fun of the atmosphere.

“I have no idea how La Fiesta manages to make Mexican food that tastes light-years better than anyone else, but somehow they do! I don't go often enough, and every time I do, I'm amazed again. I got some takeout mole enchiladas today and I ate half (I was full). Just finished my leftovers. I NEVER eat leftovers. Even the rice. I normally hate the rice at Mexican restaurants. La Fiesta's is DELICIOUS.” -- Yelp Review

The Caroline

This Troy favorite serves up satisfying American fare.
A burger topped with crisp onions and bacon with a knife through the middle.
This burger will make such a satisfying crunch when you bite into it. Image courtesy of Yelp

5 S Market St | Troy |

The Caroline serves up classic American food in a casual setting. It is named after the owners’ daughter, Caroline, and has been a popular Troy attraction for years. They use certified angus beef to make a number of entrees like filet mignon, strip steak, and burgers. They offer all kinds of meat entrees like chicken, halibut, and pork chops. They even have vegetarian options. 

The Caroline holds banquets in their restaurant. They have a private room that holds up to 70 people, and they use it to host wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, and bridal showers. They have a video screen available for your guests and will provide you with the utmost attention. They will even prepare special foods for you if you don’t want something that’s on the menu. 

“Awesome place. Very pretty & inviting inside. All appetizers are awesome. Steaks & burgers are good. Stewed tomatoes & soups are wonderful. Service is so friendly & owners are so nice. Great place. Definitely will go back.” -- Yelp Review

Fulton Farms

This farm has fresh produce and fun activities on-site. 
A shop with concrete floors and wooden stairs and banisters with food in barrels.
This farm has fresher food than you’d find at the average grocery store. Image courtesy of Yelp.

2393 S State Route | Troy |

Fulton Farms was founded back in 1954. It started out as just a small 40 acre farm, but today stretches up to over 2,000 acres. This land is used to grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables. The founder, William D. Fulton, was the largest strawberry grower east of the Mississippi river, and currently sits in the Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame. Fulton and his wife, Joyce are also celebrated by locals for being two major founders of the annual Strawberry Festival. Fulton Farms is now run by their grandchildren. 

You can shop in person and even order items in bulk online. They even host plenty of fun events like pumpkin patch hayrides and events centered around fruit picking. They even have Christmas tree events from November through December. 

“We have had nothing but positive experiences at Fulton Farms. The strawberries are delicious, as is the corn. My kids loved picking their own strawberries, and are looking forward to pumpkins in the fall, as well. We do have a bit of a drive to get there, but the drive is worth it!” -- Yelp Review

Brukner Nature Center

This nature preserve is a great place to spend time outdoors with your friends or family. 
A small body of water next to a wooden walkway.
One of many beautiful scenes in Troy, OH. Image courtesy of Tripadvisor.

5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd | Troy |

Brukner Nature Center is a nature preserve that makes space for people to enjoy their time in nature. They use their facilities to rehabilitate nature and also help people understand and appreciate wildlife. Brukner Nature Center has six miles of nature trails for people to explore. You can choose to walk through woodlands, wetlands, and prairies. If you pay attention, you can spot many cool animals along your hike. 

There are many fun things to do there for kids and adults. They offer kids programs like field trips and summer camps, and provide rental rooms where people can host events. They host anniversaries, birthday parties, and even family reunions! They offer low prices for rentals, but they are completely free for any regular visit. 

“Seeing a Fox was the highlight of my trip here. It was too cute. Also loved the owls and the coyote. This place was very friendly and clean (has bathrooms). They only take cash, but if you don't have any you can mail them the $ later and still visit which was nice. The animals seemed to have good living conditions and the trails were fun.” -- Yelp Review

Waco Air Museum

This is where the aircrafts from Troy’s airplane manufacturing past can be seen. 
A small, shiny red plane with white wings next to a green one and a blue one.
These colorful planes are great to see in person!  Image courtesy of Home Grown Great

105 S Market St | Troy |

This museum is dedicated to the WACO Air Company, which was the largest aircraft manufacturer in the U.S. during the 20s and 30s. This museum was founded back in 1997 with the help of the WACO Historical Society. The site is over 77 acres and features a 2200 foot runway that remains usable. The site holds many planes that are no longer in use, and everything is maintained by volunteers. 

They have an aviation learning center that strives to teach WACO’s history to visitors. They use a hands-on teaching approach to speak their knowledge. They share these lessons with pre-schools, Scout Troops, and homeschool families. You can even take rides on some of the planes! During certain days a pilot will be there to take two people per flight on a ride around the field. 

“This small museum chronicles the history of the Waco aircraft from the inception to the end. It is a story of American inventiveness and perseverance in early aviation. Especially interesting are the WW2 gliders and the manufacturing process in the first hangar. The aircraft are in the second hangar along with info on Hartzell propellers. Definitely worth a visit for aviation buffs and local industrial history.” -- Yelp Review

An above view of a grassy field between town and a river.
It looks like it would feel great to walk along this river. Image courtesy of Dayton Daily News

Troy, Ohio is a small town with a lot of great places that make it an enjoyable place. You get to enjoy a mostly quiet town that has a loud, fun side!

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