Our 10 Favorite Medina, OH Pizzerias

Medina is full of delicious pizzerias, with many more just outside its borders.

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Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Pizza University

A fair number of pizzerias — both chains and family-owned businesses — have found their way to Medina. And that’s excellent news! There is a lot of delicious pizza on the horizon as you figure out which is your favorite pizzeria in town. These 10 Medina pizzerias all bring something unique to the table. One might have a special sauce, another an unmatched cheese blend. It is up to you to decide which you like the best. Read on for our 10 favorite pizza places in Medina and a bit about what makes them so good.

Ohio Pie Co.

Try your first bite of Ohio Style pizza, right outside of Medina!

1315 ½ Pearl Road | Brunswick | ohiopieco.com

Located about 20 minutes from Medina, Ohio Pie Company does not mess around with their pizza making. Founded by Nick Robinson, a native Ohioan with a passion to make Ohio-style pizza a recognizable style, he has worked tirelessly for many years to create mouth-watering, flavorful pizza with a sturdy crust and packed with cheeses and toppings that will blow your mind. This is Ohio’s pizza, and we recommend Ohio Pie Company as the best pizzeria in and around Medina, Ohio. 

“I moved out of NE Ohio over 20 years ago but my family is still there and this is a go-to stop every time I come back to visit. Sure, Ohio-style pizza might not be as established as some other large cities, but this place is looking to change that.” -- Yelp Review

East of Chicago Pizza

Exquisite pizzeria-style pizza awaits at this Medina pizzeria

307 S Court Street | Medina | eastofchicago.com

East of Chicago Pizza is a staple pizzeria in Medina, Ohio. They have a variety of locations, but their place in Medina is one of the best. When you get pizza from East of Chicago, you can be confident that it will always turn out delicious, with their thin crust and a house blend of sauce and cheese. They provide excellent service whether you call in your order or order from their restaurant. East of Chicago Pizza has the potential to become your go-to place for pizzeria pizza in Medina, Ohio.

“I ordered pizza yesterday from East of Chicago in Medina, which is locally owned, and it was absolutely delicious! The crust was a little crunchy and not too thick. It smelled so good when I was driving home that I couldn't wait to eat it! There's also a variety of appetizers at East of Chicago like garlic bread and subs which are also very good. You should give it a try. Great food!” -- Yelp Review

Romeo’s Pizza

The Secret is in the Sauce at Romeo’s Pizza

1100 North Court Street | Medina | romeospizza.com

Romeo’s Pizza is a solid choice for pizza Fridays, pizza Saturdays, or, in fact, any other day of the week! They have great service, with their employees working hard to ensure that your order is made on time for your pickup or delivery with the same excellent combination of sauce and toppings that make their pizza so good. Romeo’s pizza sets itself apart with its sauce. 

Living in Medina, if you are a consistent consumer of pizza (which we recommend!) it is imperative that you find the pizza that you like the most, and Romeo’s homemade sauce might cement this pizzeria as your absolute favorite Medina pizzeria. 

“This is one of the best pizzas in this region -- maybe even THE best. It has a tasty sweet sauce and high quality toppings, and their subs are great as well. They're always consistent. I've never gotten a bad meal from there. I've had pizza all around the country, and I'm consistently impressed with Romeo's.”  -- Yelp Review

Marco’s Pizza

Late-night pizza craving? Marco’s is the place to go! 

244 North Court Street | Medina | marcos.com

Marco’s Pizza is a great chain pizzeria in Medina, Ohio. Their pizza is consistent and delicious, and their service always goes above and beyond. The staff is friendly and conversational and will endeavor to make your experience excellent every time you are there. Marco’s has an easy, well-designed online portal to order pizzas, and when you order online, you can track your order to see when it is done. Alongside that, they are open later than most pizzerias in Medina, making Marco’s the perfect place for a late-night pie!

“I had forgotten how much I like this pizza. The crust tastes like freshly baked bread, the sauce and toppings are delicious. Ordered for pickup and it was ready in 15 minutes. Friendly staff, all wearing masks. Will definitely be back.” -- Yelp Review

Master Pizza

Stop by Master Pizza for an unforgettable slice!

2736 Medina Road | Medina | masterpizza.com/medina

Master Pizza originated in Cleveland and has since gone on to open more locations and serve more customers in the greater Cleveland area, including Medina! Their dedication to the craft is second to none, and they have gone on to win awards for some of the most delicious Cleveland pizza in the years since they first opened their doors in 1955. The staff at Master Pizza is confident in their craft and able to consistently deliver out-of-this-world pizza pies when you order.

While it is common to grab a pie (or pies) at these pizzerias, you can also go in for a slice or two. Master Pizza has always boasted quick service, so stopping in for a quick meal lets you try out new topping combinations and flavors and you never know, one might become your new go-to in Media, Ohio!

“One of the best pizza places around.  Personally, I think the sauce is what makes it.  Soooooo good.  Also tried their meatballs which were just as tasty.  Also went through a gluten-free phase and was excited that they had the cauliflower crust.  Highly recommend it!” -- Yelp Review

Ohio Valley Pizza

A new twist on classic pizzeria pizza

The pepperoni and cheese is added after this pizza is cooked. It is a surprisingly delicious combination that you have to taste to believe! Image courtesy of Yelp.

426 South Court Street | Medina | ohiovalleypizza.com

Ohio Valley Pizza is a company run by a family of pizza enthusiasts who grew up with delicious, square pizza from a place called DiCarlo’s. Unfortunately, in Medina, the nearest DiCarlo was over two hours away. Dave and Amy, certified pizza enthusiasts, contacted the owner of DiCarlo’s and asked for advice on opening their own pizza place and selling those famous square pizzas that they grew up on. Mike DiCarlo was more than happy to help the young couple with their Square Pizza dreams, and a few years ago the Ohio Valley Pizza Company held its grand opening! 

Their pizza is absolutely delicious, and their square pizza style brings a unique joy to eating at their restaurant. We recommend checking it out! 

“Love this pizza and so glad the hometown pizza that I grew up with is here in tropical Medina. Crunchy crust, delicious sauce, and creamy wonderful cheese. Love it!!” -- Yelp Review

Contessa’s on the Lake

Farm to table ingredients are waiting at Contessa’s

A peek behind the curtain at Contessa’s on the Lake. Image courtesy of Yelp.

7364 Lake Road | Medina | contessasonthelake.com

This family-owned and family run pizzeria brings a special something to the pizza game in Medina. Everyone there is a class act, greeting you with a smile and helping ensure your order is amazing. They use the freshest ingredients they can find and it shows! Their dough, sauce, and cheese come out fantastically with every pizza. 

“Family owned and operated!  Friendly and hospitable!  This pizza smells and looks and tastes amazing!  There's a difference than with the chains .... it just opened yesterday and I'm so very thankful for this new yummy local pizza and chicken stop!  Please come see for yourself!” -- Yelp Review

Dominic's Italian Restaurant

This family-owned and operated restaurant in Medina never falters in its delivery of excellent Italian cuisine

With pizza like this, what else is there to ask for? Dominic’s Italian Restaurant delivers on all accounts in their pizza making. Image courtesy of Yelp

211 South Jefferson Street | Medina | dominicspizzamedina.com

Dominic’s Italian Restaurant is a pizzeria with a story. Dominic opened his restaurant in 1987 and has never stopped working to create the best atmosphere, pizza, and service he possibly can. Dominic’s is a great place to pick up pizza and to stop for a meal. Their menu is full of classic Italian dishes done right. We recommend the lasagna!

Whether you need pizza for a night in or want to enjoy quality Italian cuisine in a casual, fun environment, Dominic’s Italian Restaurant is a great place to go. 

“The place has a homely Italian feel to it. Well decorated for the holidays. Nora our server was was excellent. Lasagna was probably some of the best I've had from a restaurant in a long time. The bread was great. Kids loved the pizza and grilled cheese. The fish dinner that my wife got was excellent. Definitely worth another visit if ever in Medina again.” -- Yelp Review

Santo Suossos' Pizza Pasta Vino

Enjoy a night of luxury at this family-owned Italian restaurant

Their bruschetta is among the best we’ve ever had — and we’ve had a lot of bruschettas! Image courtesy of Yelp

3725 Medina Road Route 18 | Medina | santosuossos.com

Santo Suossos is the perfect high-end Italian restaurant to go to and enjoy masterfully crafted authentic Italian cuisine in a beautifully decorated room. The atmosphere and decor are perfect at Santo Suossos. This is a family-owned restaurant, and the owners are dedicated to making sure your experience is flawless from the moment you enter their building to the moment you step outside. 

We absolutely recommend this luxurious Italian restaurant when you are looking to dress up your pizza night with friends and family. Dining at Santo Suossos’ is a — dress-up and choose wines from a multi-page list to pair with your pizza — kind of night. 

“I'm baffled how this spot isn't in the top 5! We LOVE Santosuossos. The food is amazing and the restaurant feels elegant and cozy. Excellent value and better customer service. We feel so welcomed every time we dine in at Santosuossos!” -- Yelp Review

Citizen Pie

Swing by for a first-class Neapolitan pie

Chef Vytauras Sasnaukas is hard at work in the kitchen. He never rests in his quest for the greatest Neapolitan pizza — for the people! Image courtesy of Citizen Pie.

15710 Waterloo Road | Cleveland | citizenpie.com

While Cleveland is a bit of a drive, it is worth it to dine at Citizen Pie! Citizen Pie is all about creating top-notch pizza for the people of Cleveland (and beyond). Cooking for only ninety seconds in the oven, this pizza emerges triumphant and perfectly cooked with a crispy crust and melted cheese. The chef, Vytauras Sasnaukas, has worked for decades learning how to make the best pizzas he possibly can. And let us just say — he’s succeeded. He provides an unforgettable pizza experience from the moment you walk in the door to the final bite you take. This is a pizza place you absolutely must try out!

Neapolitan pizzas are a style of pizza made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. This delectable combination opens up the pie for plenty of delicious toppings, resulting in a flavor combination that is second-to-none. 

“I love their pizza! The crust is amazing and they have a lot of really fun toppings all for a reasonable price (especially compared to other Neapolitan pizza places in the area). Would highly recommend it!” -- Yelp Review

Which Medina Pizzeria has Caught Your Eye?

Medina is full of amazing pizzerias. Where are you heading next time you have a pizza craving? Let us know in the comments!

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