10 Best Restaurants in Medina, Ohio

Fine dining, cafes, ethnic food, and pubs are all represented in Medina, Ohio. These restaurants are a must if you want to explore the dining scene in Medina!

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Jan 21, 2021

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Medina, Ohio is full of excellent restaurants that you may not have stumbled across just yet. Worry not! This article details some of the very best that Medina has to offer all over the culinary spectrum. It is easy to find your favorite restaurant and stick there, but we recommend branching out! You never know which of these might turn out to be your new favorite among the restaurants in Medina. Read on for the 10 best restaurants in Medina, Ohio!

Timber Lodge

Dine at Medina’s Historic Restaurant
Timber Lodge in Medina, Ohio
The seating in the Timber Lodge creates an old-style environment as if you’ve stepped back into the 20th century. Image courtesy of Yelp

2809 Pearl Road | Medina | timberlodgemedina.com

Timber Lodge is a lovingly maintained building rich in Medina’s history. First constructed in 1844, the lodge has changed hands, been remodeled, and rebuilt many times over the 180 years following that. Its most recent owner, a passionate restaurateur by the name of Ron Levitt, has owned the place for 20 years, and it's been thriving under his guidance. 

Swing by this restaurant for some reasonably priced fine dining, fine wines, and an amazing atmosphere. The decor inside and out evokes the building’s history, calling back to its previous owners and the long time it was called the Pine Tree Tavern. For nights where you want to celebrate, Timber Lodge is the place to go. 

“Timber Lodge is my absolute favorite "high end" restaurant. I think the food is just as good if not better than some of the more expensive options in the area. My husband and I always come here for special occasions and though we are a young couple I have never felt talked down to! Always a great experience!” -- Yelp Review

Thyme Restaurant

Enjoy the best of both worlds at one of Medina’s finest restaurants
Fine dining at Thyme, Medina
Sit back, relax, and enjoy an excellent meal at Thyme. No matter whether you are sitting in the pub or seated at their fine tables — the food will be delicious! Image courtesy of Yelp

113 West Smith Road | Medina | thymetherestaurant.com

Boasting great pub fare and a fine dining menu, Thyme does it all. At Thyme, Chef Kolar delivers excellent, creative food for the fine dining menu, while an experienced cadre of chefs fill the pub with fine takes on classic meals. Alongside their food list is a great selection of wine, beer, and classic cocktails. Thyme is a must for out-of-town guests and residents alike, as its great food will leave you wanting to come back for more! 

“Recommended for out-of-town guests. The menu is excellent whether fine dining, downstairs in the pub, or on the heated patio.  Right off the historic Medina square.  Can't miss with this experience.” -- Yelp Review

Emi’s Taqueria

Authentic street tacos are waiting on the corner of Emi’s Taqueria
Delicious street tacos at Emi's Taqueria
These are some delicious, authentic street tacos. They could be yours! Image courtesy of Yelp

249 Lafayette Road| Medina | facebook.com/EmisTaqueria

Looking for a quick stop for authentic Mexican tacos? Look no further than Emi’s Taqueria. No town is complete without a taqueria, and Emi’s is delivering on all counts. They are a small establishment, and their owner, Emi, and staff are kind and happy to serve you Medina’s best street tacos. This place is a must for residents and visitors alike, and Emi’s Taqueria is the perfect place to become a regular. 

“My family LOVED Emi's!!! We all downed our meal as if we hadn't eaten in a month, including a

chicken quesadilla, chicken fajita quesadilla, pineapple salad, beef enchilada, and a couple of other items. They even gorges on the rice & beans.” -- Yelp Review

Tres Potrillos

Swing by for the best authentic Mexican food Medina has to offer

3175 Medina Road | Medina | trespotrillosmexicanrestaurant.com

Tres Potrillos is a reasonably priced restaurant in Medina that delivers mouth-watering Mexican food with every trip. Their extensive menu is full of fantastic dishes, perfect for the regular who likes to try something new every time they go! 

Tres Potrillos and Emi’s Taqueria are an excellent pairing of Hispanic restaurants in Medina, Ohio. You can swing by Emi’s at any time of the day for a quick bite of fantastic street food and when you are looking for a sit-down meal, Tres Potrillos is the perfect place. Next time you are there, we recommend trying either the Veggie Yucatan or the Melting Chimichanga (or both, if you are feeling especially brave!). They are both amazing meals, and Tres Potrillos has a surprising amount of vegetarian options, which is awesome. 

“Very good Mexican restaurant in Medina. Always good service and the margaritas are excellent. I have a lot of favorite dishes here and have eaten here many times. Well worth the visit!” -- Yelp Review

Corkscrew Saloon

Break out your finest apparel to dine at this beautiful Medina restaurant
Diners enjoying the fine food at the Corkscrew Saloon
Dine at beautiful, cozy tables at the Corkscrew Saloon. The decor is a perfect homage to the history of Ohio. Image courtesy of Yelp.

811 West Liberty Street | Medina | thecorkscrewsaloon.com

The Corkscrew Saloon is the spot in Medina for foodies. Their excellent staff of chefs has crafted an exquisite and creative menu that will leave you breathless. Located in a historic building, renovated to the beauty it is today, Corkscrew Saloon is the perfect example of Medina’s finest dining. They serve new American seafood and steak dishes while keeping their roots in this historic building. 

They ask for business casual dress in this restaurant, a testament to how fine of a place it is. Dining here is a unique experience in the fine town of Medina, Ohio. Have a special occasion coming up? Consider spending it in your Sunday best at Corkscrew Saloon! The food and drinks will not disappoint. 

“Visiting a couple that lives in Medina, OH. They took us to their favorite restaurant. This restaurant is a very special place. The history is fascinating and the meal was awesome. Our waiter, Tom, was very attentive and gracious.  His personality made our meal memorable. When traveling through Medina, this is a must-stop. The house is very old looking, but, the inside is fantastic.” --Yelp Review  

Dominic's Italian Restaurant

This family-owned and operated restaurant in Medina never falters in its delivery of excellent Italian cuisine
Excuisite pizzas from Dominic's at Medina, Ohio
With pizza like this, what else is there to ask for? Dominic’s Italian Restaurant delivers on all accounts in their pizza making. Image courtesy of Yelp

211 South Jefferson Street | Medina | dominicspizzamedina.com

Dominic’s Italian Restaurant is a pizzeria with a story. Dominic opened his restaurant in 1987 and has never stopped working to create the best atmosphere, pizza, and service he possibly can. Dominic’s is a great place to pick up pizza and to stop for a meal. Their menu is full of classic Italian dishes done right. We recommend the lasagna!

Whether you need pizza for a night in or want to enjoy quality Italian cuisine in a casual, fun environment, Dominic’s Italian Restaurant is a great place to go. 

“The place has a homely Italian feel to it. Well decorated for the holidays. Nora our server was was excellent. Lasagna was probably some of the best I've had from a restaurant in a long time. The bread was great. Kids loved the pizza and grilled cheese. The fish dinner that my wife got was excellent. Definitely worth another visit if ever in Medina again.” -- Yelp Review

Santosuossos' Pizza Pasta Vino

Enjoy a night of luxury at this family-owned Italian restaurant
Bruschetta at Santosuossos
Their bruschetta is among the best we’ve ever had — and we’ve had a lot of bruschettas! Image courtesy of Yelp

3725 Medina Road Route 18 | Medina | santosuossos.com

Santo Suossos is the perfect high-end Italian restaurant to go to and enjoy masterfully crafted authentic Italian cuisine in a beautifully decorated room. The atmosphere and decor are perfect at Santo Suossos. This is a family-owned restaurant, and the owners are dedicated to making sure your experience is flawless from the moment you enter their building to the moment you step outside. 

We absolutely recommend this luxurious Italian restaurant when you are looking to celebrate with a fine meal! This restaurant pairs well with Dominic’s, as among these two you can decide how you want to spend your evening. Is it a take-out, styrofoam containers on the couch kind of night, or a dress-up and choose wines from a multi-page list night? Both will result in delicious Italian food! The rest is up to you.

“I'm baffled how this spot isn't in the top 5! We LOVE Santosuossos. The food is amazing and the restaurant feels elegant and cozy. Excellent value and better customer service. We feel so welcomed every time we dine in at Santosuossos!” -- Yelp Review

Cool Beans Cafe

Sip and relax in this modern and cozy coffee shop
A lovely cafe in Medina
Have a bit of remote work to do? Grab a table and set up for the perfect cafe experience. Image courtesy for Yelp.

103 West Liberty Street | Medina | coolbeansmedina.com

Swing by Cool Beans Cafe for a great coffee drink and a glimpse into an excellent small-town coffee shop. Cool Beans has catered to the fine public of Medina for many years, their staff honing their skills as baristas and always working to provide the best experience to patrons, from their pleasantness to their skills in making exactly what you are looking for. 

Cool Beans is a great place to meet with friends, relaxing over a cup of coffee. They have an extensive tea menu as well, and hot chocolate — for those who don’t have a taste for coffee. 

“This is the place locals and tourists come. Good food. Good coffee. Wonderful environment. Helpful and friendly staff. The real small town coffee shop.” -- Yelp Review

Grande Cafe Roastery

Food and Drinks are served with a mission at Grande Cafe Roastery
A bustling coffeeshop in Medina
This cafe is a great place to sit and relax, perhaps with a good book or some pleasant company. Image courtesy of Yelp.

4080 Creative Living Way | Medina | creativelivingcoffee.com

Grande Cafe Roastery is a coffee house run almost exclusively by people with disabilities. These amazing people run an amazing coffee house, serving fantastic drinks and roasting their beans on-site. Next time you are in Medina, be sure to check out Grande Cafe Roastery! There is a fine cup of coffee waiting for you at this cafe.

“Amazing cafe with a purpose so much bigger than coffee. I stopped here for a quick bite and had a delicious green smoothie made with vegetables from their greenhouse. The food is fresh and the people are so friendly. Will be sure to come back next time I'm in town!” -- Yelp Review

PJ Marley’s 

Medina’s classic pub awaits, a staple of Medina’s dining scene

119 Public Square | Medina | pjmarleys.com

Rounding out this list is PJ Marley’s Restaurant and Pub. No list of the best restaurants in Medina is complete without PJ Marley’s! They provide classic dishes done extremely well, with only the finest fresh ingredients and excellent cooks crafting each and every meal served here. 

PJ Marley’s is the spot for locals hungering for a good burger and fries, paired with a full draft selection of beers to seal the deal. 

“Their burgers were cooked to perfection. Nice and juicy and flavorful. I got the cracked safe which was Soooo good. The mac and cheese could have used some seasoning because it tastes like it is pre-packaged frozen mac and cheese... But the garlic aioli...OMG. Game changer. So flavorful! French fries were great when fresh and I left full and satisfied.” -- Yelp Review

Which Restaurant Has Struck Your Fancy?

There are a plethora of hot spots in Medina’s dining scene. The culinary scene here is one of the many reasons to live in Medina. Which restaurant do you plan on checking out (or returning to) next? Let us know in the comments!

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