10 Things to Do in Medina, OH with the Whole Family

Use this list of 10 things for the whole family to do in Medina, OH for your next family outing.

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Kaitlyn Harris


Jan 21, 2021

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Medina, OH is a beautiful suburb in Ohio that offers its residents the feel of a small town, while still having the big city luxury of having so many things to do. Medina, OH might seem like just a small neighborhood, but Medina offers so much more than a welcoming community. Along with the notably friendly residents that live here, Medina is also a great place to raise a family as there are so many fun things to do in Medina that families can see and enjoy together.

Whether you’re a resident of Medina or you’re just visiting, you might at one point find yourself wondering what there is to do here. From the many shopping areas, some of the best restaurants, and community events happening regularly, there is always something happening in Medina for you to check out. If nothing interests you in Medina, this suburb is also conveniently located between Cleveland and Akron, so the options of things to do are doubled. But if you ever find yourself in Medina, use this list of 10 things for families to do in Medina to help plan your next weekend getaway!  

1. Castle Noel

A sculpture of a Christmas princess next to a blue cake
Get the Christmas experience all year long at Castle Noel! Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

260 S Court St. | Medina, OH | CastleNoel.com

If you’re looking for a unique and fun family day out, then Castle Noel is the place to check out! Castle Noel is a year-round Christmas themed experience that is fun for anyone of any age. There are a bunch of cool attractions within Castle Noel that both younger and older kids will love. Castle Noel also has several attractions and props from famous Christmas movies for you to see and take photos with! Castle Noel is a fun experience to get into the Christmas spirit, even when it’s warm out! With so many attractions and cool things to look at, you can easily spend the day out at Castle Noel. 

“I took 26 members of my family ranging in age from 86 to 2, and every single one of us had the best time ever. It was so fun and magical. I can't say enough about the special family day we had all thanks to Castle Noel!!” – Tripadvisor Review 

2. Tres Potrillos 

People eating Mexican food in a restaurant
Enjoy great food at Tres Potrillos for family dinner night out. Photo courtesy of Facebook

3175 Medina Road | Medina, OH | trespotrillosmexicanrestaurant.com

Take family dinner night someplace special and go out for dinner at Tres Potrillos. Tres Potrillos is known for their friendly and prompt service, delicious food, and fun atmosphere. There is also outdoor seating available so you can enjoy the warmer nights during the summer outside while you eat some delicious food and enjoy the company of family. Tres Potrillos is also a fun place to celebrate birthdays, graduations, or any event you like because of the fun atmosphere! So take your next family dinner out and enjoy some great food and great company. 

“This place is amazing!! Absolutely wonderful food and the service is out of this world! José is wonderful!! I HIGHLY recommend this place!” – Facebook Review 

3. Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

People lined up on a sidewalk for ice cream
Handel’s has a wide selection of homemade ice cream flavors to pick from. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

1050 S Court St. | Medina, OH | handelsicecream.com

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream is one of Medina's hidden treasures. There’s no indoor seating at Handel’s and the service is all outside walkup, making it the perfect destination for a sweet treat after a hot day playing outside. With so many different flavors of homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other tasty treats, Handel’s has something everyone will like! Handel’s is the perfect place to enjoy the nice weather and a tasty treat. Handel’s is also known for their generous scoops, so it’s well worth the wait in line!

“There are so many ice cream flavors here it is almost difficult to make a decision. Then you add all the toppings and it is like Christmas in July. It seems there is always a line!” – Tripadvisor Review 

4. Akron Zoo 

500 Edgewood Ave. | Akron, OH |  akronzoo.org

Time from Medina, OH: Approximately 30 minutes 

Just a short thirty minute drive from Medina, Akron Zoo is well worth the drive! With a bunch of different animals to see, plenty of picnic and lunch options around the zoo, and lots of activities for children, the Akron Zoo is a great place to spend the day out with family. Whether you go in the warmer months and enjoy a nice day walking around or you come during the winter months to see the spectacular lights they have stationed around the zoo, the Akron Zoo promises to be a fun and unforgettable experience. 

“Lots of different types of animals and many ways to view them, that's what I want in a zoo. The zoo isn't too big and is good for smaller kids (but anyone will love it). A good place to spent 2-4 hours or so and see some animals.” – Tripadvisor Review 

5. Medina Lanes 

People bowling
Medina Lanes is a great place for a family bowling night. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

201 Harding St. | Medina, OH | amf.com

Medina Lanes is not only a great place to go for a fun family night out bowling, but they also have an arcade and a billiards area that you can play at as well. On top of normal bowling hours, Medina Lanes also offers glow in the dark bowling at night which is a fun alternative to traditional bowling! Have a family night out bowling and then replenish with some tasty food from the snack bar! So put your competitiveness to the test and have a fun night bowling at Medina Lanes. 

“We went when they were having the glow in the dark bowling, with projector screens showing music videos and baseball games. The bowling was fun! I have to admit that this is one of the cleanest bowling alleys I have ever visited.” – Tripadvisor Review 

6. Escape Medina 

1662 Medina Rd | Medina, OH | EscapeMedina.com

Escape Medina is an escape room attraction that tests your puzzling and riddle solving skills. Escape Medina is a fun family experience that offers something different to do together! Escape Medina has four different escape room choices to choose from, each with their own theme and differing levels of difficulty so there’s an escape room experience for all ages. If you’re looking for something fun and different to do with the family, Escape Medina is a must see place to check out.

“Our family just did the Houdini room, and we had such a fantastic time! This place is quality, we can't wait to come back and check out their other rooms!” – Facebook Review 

7. Regal Medina Stadium 16 Theater  

 movie theater concession stand with purple neon lights around it
Have a fun family movie night out at the Regal Medina Stadium 16 Theater in Medina, OH. Photo courtesy of Yelp

200 West Reagan Parkway | Medina, OH | regmovies.com

If you’re looking for  something to do with the family that’s a classic and is always sure to be a great time, then heading to the movie theater might be top of your list. Regal Medina Stadium 16 Theater has a cool retro theme and is always showing a variety of movies to choose from. Regal Medina is also popular for their tasty popcorn, great customer service, and an overall nice movie viewing experience. So if you’re looking to make family movie night special then Regal Medina is the place to go!

“I like this Cinema overall. This one gets a lot of high marks. Concessions are good, especially the over buttered Butter Popcorn and generous "Small" drinks. The folks working here are extremely nice. And customer service is a great priority.” – Yelp Review

8. Alien Vacation Mini Golf 

260 S Court St. | Medina, OH | AlienVacationMiniGolf.com

Alien Vacation Mini Golf is a mini golf experience that differs from any other you’ve had before. At Alien Vacation Mini Golf, the course is alien themed with interactive features, black lights that give a freaky atmosphere, and large alien structures to golf around. This is a fun place to go if you’re a family who loves themed activities or you just want a different mini golfing experience. The Alien theme offers an experience like no other and will be one you won’t soon forget! 

“Such a fun and unique experience! Highly recommend. The art and the mini golf are equally impressive and fun. My sons are 10 and 8 and they enjoyed it very much.” – Tripadvisor Review

9.  Akron Children’s Museum 

kids playing in a science center
Have fun while learning new things at Akron’s Children’s Museum. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

216 S Main St. at Lock 3 Park | Akron, OH | akronkids.org

Time from Medina, OH: Approximately 30 minutes 

A short thirty minute drive from Medina, the Akron Children’s Museum is a fun way to spend the day. Kids of all ages will love the interactive activities offered at the Children’s Museum while learning at the same time. There are tons of different activities for kids of all ages at Akron’s Children Museum. While you’re in Akron to visit the Children’s Museum, check out some of the other things to do in Akron and make a day out of it! Or, spend the day at the Children’s Museum and go for lunch after!

“My great nieces absolutely love this place. They are never ready to leave. So inexpensive too. Great way to spend the afternoon.” – Tripadvisor Review

10.  Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park 

People jumping at a trampoline park
Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park have so many cool attractions to check out. Photo courtesy of Yelp

160 Rothrock Loop | Akron, OH | urbanair.com

Time from Medina, OH: Approximately 30 minutes 

If you’re wanting a family outing that is fun and has a lot to do, then Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure park in Akron, OH is well worth the short drive. Urban air Trampoline and Adventure Park has so many attractions to choose from including a dodgeball area, climbing walls, a zipline, bumper cars, a jumping stunt area, a ropes course, a basketball trampoline area, wipeout games, and even a trapeze area just to name a few. There’s also a seven and under area perfect for younger kids. With so many attractions, you can easily spend the whole day here. Fuel up after a day of jumping at their cafe as well!

“Our kids went to a Birthday party here and all 3 of them loved it. The staff was really nice and enjoyed helping  kids. Plenty to do and entertain them for hours. We'll be back!” – Yelp Review 

Whatever kind of family outing you’re looking for, Medina, OH has so much to offer. There’s so many things to do in Medina, especially for families, that the hardest part of planning your family day out is just choosing where you want to go! Whether you’re looking for a chill day grabbing lunch at a local Mexican restaurant or you’re wanting to spend the day at the zoo, Medina is a great location that offers both and everything in between. Use this list of 10 things for families to do in Medina, OH to help get you started planning your next weekend out!

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