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Jan 21, 2021

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Located in Medina County, Ohio, just 33 miles south of Cleveland and 23 miles west of Akron is Medina. While Medina is only a short drive to the other nearby cities, it is a pretty large city itself. Media has a population of 25,990.

Aside from the many people residing in Medina, it is also home to much more. Medina holds plenty of history about the city, including that it was founded in 1818 as part of the Connecticut Western Reserve.

Since we don’t want to explain too much background information about Medina, we’ll get right into our reasons why it’s a great place to move to. In fact, we’ll give you 25 reasons so you don’t need to do much research for yourself.

Let’s hope that the only research you’ll be doing after reading these 25 reasons is some house hunting. To make it a little easier, we’ll add the link for homes for sale in Medina, Ohio.

Beautiful four bedroom home in Medina with a landscaped front yard. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

1. One of the Best Places to Live in Medina County

According to Niche's Best Places to Live, Medina was voted in as second for Medina County. Medina has good ratings all around but has superior ratings for its public schools, job growth, and family life. These superior ratings make it a great place for people of all ages.

Medina is a nice family built town. The community is close and tightly intertwined. The members of the community are supportive, caring and most of all engaged. - Niche Review
When living in a city like Medina, it’s easy to keep track of your savings. Image courtesy of Pexels.

2. Cost of Living

Despite all the great things Medina has to offer, the cost of living is surprisingly very affordable. Medina’s cost of living is 3.5% lower than the United State average. Many factors go into the calculation of the cost of living, but one of the biggest factors is the price of housing. Find out more about the cost of living in Medina.

Outside of Medina’s Performing Arts Center. Image courtesy of Cleveland.com.

3. Great Schools

Medina is home to 24 different schools. The majority of the schools are public, a few of them are private, and one is a vocational school. All of the schools in Medina have great ratings. As for the public schools, there is an average of 22 pupils per teacher. Find out more about the schools in Medina.

Medina is a great place for families that are just starting out or families with older children. Image courtesy of Pexels.

4. Great Place for Families

Since Medina has great schools, it only makes sense that it would also be a great place for families. The median age in Medina is 37.4, which is a popular parenting age. When moving to Medina you’ll be surrounded by great schools, affordable living options, and plenty of families.

Medina is an excellent place to find your dream job. Image courtesy of Pexels.

5. Excellent Job Market

Medina has an excellent job market due to the city rapidly growing and plenty of businesses that are already established. Individuals can easily find a job in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, or finance. In addition to that, Medina County provides plenty of help when residents are looking to find a job. To find out more about work available visit Ohio Means Jobs.

Take a Sunday stroll past all of the local family owned businesses. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

6. Stay Local

A great thing about being a community-oriented city with a large population is that everything you need is nearby. Main Street Medina is a website that highlights all the local events going on around town. It also has a ton of suggestions about local places to shop, eat, or hang out.  

Medina’s Community hospital is a perfect place for taking care of emergencies. Image courtesy of Cleveland Clinic Newsroom.

7. Medina Provides the Best Care to Their Residents

Medina is home to a great hospital. Have you heard of the amazing Cleveland Clinic which provides care to people from all around the world? In Medina, there is no need to drive the extra miles to Cleveland when you have a branch hospital in Medina. To find out more about their amazing services and doctors visit Medina Hospital.

Medina is just a short drive from Cleveland. Image courtesy of Britannica.

8. Not Far From the Big Cities

As previously mentioned, Medina is only 33 miles from Cleveland and 23 miles from Akron. Although Medina has plenty of sights and places of interest in its own town, you are far from the other big cities. The average commute time in Medina is 27.5 minutes. That’s not too bad from being over 20 miles away from the big cities nearby.  

Medina’s Chippewa Lake Baptist Church. Image courtesy of www.clbcmedina.com.

9. Medina Has Various Churches

People who are involved with their faith tend to like being close to their place of worship. For people in Medina, they have many churches nearby. Whether you are Baptist, Jewish, Roman Catholic, or Presbyterian - you’ll be able to find a church nearby. To find your place of worship visit the Church Finder in Medina.  

Castle park at Medina Memorial Park. Image courtesy of Northeast Ohio Family Fun.

10. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you are someone who loves to hike, ride bikes, or just being outdoors in general, Medina is a great place for you! Medina has 14 parks that cover around 800 acres of developed and undeveloped land. To see a list of all the parks in Medina visit medinaoh.org.

Delicious Bianca Pizza only served at Dominic’s Italian Restaurant. Image courtesy of Yelp.

11. Plenty of Restaurants

In Medina, you’ll never have to worry about going hungry. The area has so many restaurants including, The Farmer's Table, Dominic's Italian Restaurant, 17 Public Square, and plenty more. Whether you’re looking for a place to take the family, a few friends from work, or a date night out on the town - you’ll be able to find the perfect place.    

The room where the magic happens at Larger Heads Brewery. Image courtesy of lagerheads.us.

12. Great Places to Get a Drink

In addition to the many great restaurants, there are also some great pubs to go to. Medina is home to Larger Heads Brewery which has a tap room and restaurant inside. There is also Sully's Irish Pub and Jojo's Sports Bar & Grille nearby. Cheers to never being thirsty in Medina!  

Visiting the Toy and Train Museum is fun for all ages. Image courtesy of Cleveland.com.

13. You Have a Love for Old Toys and Trains  

For anyone living or visiting Medina, their Toy and Train Museum is a must-see attraction. You can walk through to see model cars, retro toys, and plenty of antiques. This place isn’t just a place for hobbyists, it's a great attraction to stop by no matter what your hobby might be.

Watch out for the Grinch when visiting Castle Noel! Image courtesy of castlenoel.com.

14. You Have a Love for Christmas

While on the topic of attractions, we might as well mention Castle Noel. Castle Noel is America’s largest indoor year-round Christmas entertainment attraction. Castle Noel has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, PBS, Profiles in History, and several more channels. To experience the year-round Christmas joy book your visit now.

Explore the Local Shops in the Square. Image courtesy of MyOhioFun.

15. You Love to Shop

If you love to shop, move to Medina! Whether you are into antiquing, jewelry, clothing, or handmade items - you can certainly find a store that fits your interests in Medina. Medina has several strip shopping malls and plenty of stores in their public square. To see a list of the shops and boutiques in Medina click here!

Medina is a place where all can have fun while being safe too. Image courtesy of iStock.

16. It’s a Safe Area

The nice thing about living in Medina is that it is a very safe area. You are close enough to benefit from the big cities, but you are a lot safer than living in Cleveland or Akron. According to Area Vibes, the crime rates in Medina are 53% lower than the Ohio average.

John Smart House Museum where you can find all the history out about Medina. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

17. Never Have to Wonder About the History of Medina

When moving to a new town you’re not familiar with, it’s always interesting to learn some history about the town. When moving to Medina, you can find all the history of this town through the Medina County Historical Society. To find out about the city’s heritage visit the John Smart House Museum.

The gazebo in the public square marks the heart of the city. Image courtesy of Flickr.

18. Spend Your Days at the Public Square

What gives Medina a small-town feel is its public square. The Public Square is a grassy field in the middle of town which is surrounded by all the highlights this city has to offer. It’s a great place to have a picnic or just people watch on a Sunday afternoon. To see a map of the Public Square click here.

Turn Cool Beans Cafe into your new hangout place. Image courtesy of USA Restaurants.

19. Home to the Cutest Coffee Shops

If you're a hipster that loves to visit coffee shops and take some Instagram pictures then you’ll love Medina. Even if that’s not your vibe, you’ll still love the coffee shops in Medina. All of their coffee shops offer drinks and bakery items for everyone. Visit Yelp to find out which coffee shop you’ll try next.  

Stop by Circles on the Square to get a dozen to take to your new home. Image courtesy of Facebook.

20. They Have the Best Donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts? Medina has the cutest and best little donut shop around. The best thing about it, other than its donuts, is the location. Circles on the Square is located right next to the Public Square. This makes it convenient to pick up some donuts then eat them while people watching.  

Image of one of the beautiful painted rain barrels. Image courtesy of Facebook.  

21. Utilize the Community Garden and Education Center

Medina's Community Garden and Education Center is conveniently located right near the Public Square as well. The Garden and Education Center always has fun events going on for both adults and children. To find out more you can visit their Facebook page or SustainedOhio.org.  

Outside the Medina County University Center. Image courtesy of The University of Akron.

22. Get Educated

If you didn’t get straight A’s in school or didn’t go to college, it’s never too late to change your mind. Although Medina isn’t home to an award-winning college, they do have some good resources available nearby. There’s the Medina County University Center, which serves as Medina’s community college, and the technical school, Medina County Career Center.

Crystal Clear Water in the Medina Memorial Park Pool. Image courtesy of Twitter.

23. You’ll Always Have a Place to Swim

Another benefit of living in Medina is access to the Memorial Park Pool. The pool is open every day of the week, weather permitting. Along with the basic pool amenities, there is also a double slide, mushroom water feature, zero-depth entry, and shaded cabana areas. Move to Medina and you’ll never be bored during the summer!

Find a personal trainer that’ll help push yourself to the best version of you. Image courtesy of Pexels.

24. You’ll Find a Great Place to Get into Shape

Medina is a health-conscious city. In addition to all of the park trails and their walker-friendly city, they also have plenty of gyms. If working out outside isn’t your forte or you're trying to meet some like-minded people, maybe you'll find your niche at one of the gyms. To find out more about the gyms located in Medina visit Yelp.  

Find the perfect home to raise your family in. Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS®.

25. Turn a House For Sale into a Home

Last but not least, there are so many beautiful houses for sale in Medina. Bring your family or significant other to Medina and continue living your life in this adorable and friendly town. You’ll find that this town has absolutely everything you need. Check out the houses for sale in Medina by HER, REALTORS®.

Hopefully, these 25 reasons were enough to convenience you that moving to Medina is the right move for you. If not, feel free to do your own research about what this city has to offer.

Despite its large population, the residents feel as though it has a small-town feel and a community-oriented way of life. In case you’ve changed your mind, we’ll give you the link to houses for sale one more time.

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