25 Fun Things to Do in Medina, OH

Ever wondered what fun activities you can do in Medina, Ohio? Here’s a list of twenty-five fun ideas to get you started!

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Kaitlyn Harris


Jan 21, 2021

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Medina, Ohio is a suburb located between Akron and Cleveland. While Medina may seem like a small community with its inviting and welcoming atmosphere, there are plenty of things to do here! Whether you’re just visiting or looking to move to Medina, there are so many great things to explore while you’re here! 

Medina has a little something for everyone, whether you’re planning a girls night out, a company outing with coworkers, date night, or a day filled with family fun. With so many options of fun things to do here that it can be hard to know where to start. Here is a list of twenty-five ideas of things to do in Medina, OH to help you begin your new adventure here!

1. Escape Medina 

People posing around a fake hospital escape room
Escape Medina has many different and fun themed escape rooms! Photo courtesy of Facebook

1662 Medina Rd | Medina, OH | EscapeMedina.com 

Escape Medina offers four different escape room experiences. Pick between their rooms: Flat Line, Pharaoh's Curse, Houdini’s Book of Secrets, and Pirate’s Quest. Whether you’re an escape room expert or you couldn’t find your way out of a paper bag, Escape Medina has a room for every experience level. Each room offers a different theme and experience for you, but with the same question. Can you escape? 

2. Rinky Dink Family Fun Center 

Two kids playing mini golf
Rinky Dink Family Fun Center has two mini golf courses to choose from. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor. 

2390 Medina Road | Medina, OH || rinkydinkminigolf.com

Rinky Dink Family Fun Center has many different activities to choose from for kids of all ages! With two separate mini golf courses, go karts, bumper boats, and an arcade as just a few of their attractions, you and your family are guaranteed a day filled with fun and laughs! Rinky Dink also offers an inflatable attraction and a climbing playground. 

3. All Fired Up! 

Ready to paint ceramics on a shelf
All Fired Up! Is a paint it yourself pottery place! Photo courtesy of Facebook. 

233 S Court St. | Medina, OH || allfiredupmedina.com

All Fired Up! is a pottery studio in Medina, OH. They have various options of pre-made ceramics to paint, as well as a wide selection of paints to choose from so you can find the perfect color for your piece. Not into painting or are looking for a gift for someone? They also offer custom pieces for order and purchase. 

4. Castle Noel

An exhibit of flower fairies at Castle Noel
One of the many attractions at Castle Noel. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

260 S Court St. | Medina, OH || CastleNoel.com

At Castle Noel you can experience an indoor, year-round Christmas themed attraction. Castle Noel has several attractions that are fun for all ages, including a Santa’s Sleigh simulator that gives you the feeling of what it would be like to fly in Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. They also have a wide variety of movie props from many famous Christmas movies that you can explore and look at.

5. Sully’s Irish Pub

A photo of the outside of Sully's Irish Pub
Sully’s is a local bar with great food and Irish beer and liquor! Photo courtesy of Sully’s.

117 W Liberty St. | Medina, OH || sullysmedina.com

If you’re looking for a fun night of authentic Irish food, beer, and liquor, Sully’s has that and more. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of Irish beers out with friends or coworkers. Sully’s also hosts live, Irish entertainment weekly! 

6. Board and Brush Creative Studio 

Women holding wooden signs they painted
Put your own personal touch on whatever wood art piece you make! Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

3725 Medina Rd. | Medina OH || boardandbrush.com

At Board and Brush they offer many options of different workshops that all center around wood sign painting. They offer kids and teens workshops, paint and sip parties, and a variety of other workshops for girls night out, date night, or a day with the family. Whatever your art skill level is, this is a fun, must visit place! 

7. Medina Town Hall and Engine House Museum

A photo of the Medina Town Hall and Engine House Museum sign
The Medina Engine House Museum shows the history of Medina! Photo courtesy of Facebook. 

50 Public Sq. | Medina, OH | Medina Town Hall & Engine House Museum | Facebook

This museum is in the center of Public Square and showcases the history of Medina. The Medina Town Hall and Engine House Museum offers many new exhibits that appeal to both history buffs and just curious residents. The Medina Town Hall and Engine House Museum is a fun way to get a look back on the history and rise of Medina through time. 

8. Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage Park 

Mugrage Park sign
Mugrage Park is a great place to take the family! Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor.

4985 Windfall Rd. | Medina, OH | medinacountyparks.com

Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage Park has a spacious dog park you can bring your furbaby, several walking trails, and a playground you can take the kids to. This park is a great place to go to relax and read a book, get some exercise, or just enjoy the sun. 

9. Alien Vacation Mini Golf Attraction 

An alien themed mini golf exhibit
A fun alien attraction for everyone! Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor.

260 S Court St. | Medina, OH | AlienVacationMiniGolf.com

Alien Vacation Mini Golf Attraction is a mini golf experience like no other. The main attraction is a mini golf course with an interactive alien theme and a black lit course. The 9th hole has a Mars themed bar, and the upstairs houses a party room that can be used for corporate events, birthday parties, bridal parties, or any party you like! 

10. High and Low Winery

A photo of a table with cow print chairs
High and Low Winery offer a tasting experience like no other! Photo courtesy of Facebook.

88 Medina Rd. | Medina, OH || high-low-winery.myshopify.com 

High and Low Winery has over five different tasting rooms to fit whatever atmosphere you’re in the mood for, as well as a wide selection of wines and a full bistro menu. They offer many places to host private or public parties such as bridal showers, corporate events, birthday parties, or wedding parties. High and Low Winery also have a large list of wines for purchase. 

11. Thirsty Cowboy

A man singing at a bar wearing a cowboy hat
Thirsty Cowboy is a western themed bar in Medina! Photo Courtesy of Facebook.

2743 Medina Rd. | Medina, OH | thirstycowboys.com

Thirsty Cowboys is a country bar in Medina where you can go for food, drinks, and a fun night out. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away to some country music, eat some great bar food, or play some pool, Thirsty Cowboys is a great place to check out!  If you’re feeling brave you can even take your chances on the mechanical bull! Thirsty Cowboys also hosts bands and live entertainment weekly!

12. Medina Memorial Park

A tree with fall colored leaves in a park
Relax in the sun at Medina Memorial Park. Photo Courtesy of the City of Medina.

410 E Homestead St. | Medina, OH || Memorial Park | The City of Medina Ohio

The Medina Memorial Park is a great place to go with family! The park has a large wooden playground that is built like a castle for hours of play for kids, a frisbee golf course, and a public swimming pool. This park is a great option for when you want to be outside and enjoy the weather!

13. Medina Community Recreation Center

The outside of the Medina Community center
The rec center in Medina is a great place to get involved in community events. Photo courtesy of the City of Medina. 

855 Weymouth Rd. | Medina, OH | Medina Recreation Center | The City of Medina Ohio

The Medina Community Rec Center is a recreation facility with a public pool, fitness centers, walking tracks, and plenty of kids activities. The rec center is always offering different events and activities, including Tiki themed swim nights, sports nights, and more! It is a great place to go to get active and to get involved in events in the community. 

14. Camping at Willow Lake Park

A nice sunset over a lake
Willow Lake Park in Medina, OH has great views to enjoy while camping! Photo courtesy of Facebook. 

2400 Substation Rd. | Medina, OH || Willowlakepark.net

Medina is a great area for anyone who loves the outdoors and loves to go camping. Medina has many state parks and campsites that the options are unlimited. One great spot is Willow Lake Park! This park offers great views while camping and a wide selection of camping grounds. 

15. Sam Wanna Salon and Day Spa 

A spa with two chairs and fresh towels
Relax with a facial or massage at Sam Wanna! Photo courtesy of Sam Wanna.

580 Medina Rd. | Medina, OH | samwanna.com

The Sam Wanna Salon and Day Spa is a premium salon and spa that has many services to choose from. From facials, massages, waxing, to multiple body treatments, Sam Wanna is the perfect spot for a girls day out or a little self-care! Sam Wanna also offers makeup application services and different nail tech options to pick from. 

16. Medina Lanes

People bowling
Medina Lanes offers a wide range of fun, including bowling and a connecting arcade! Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor. 

201 Harding St. | Medina, OH | amf.com

If bowling is your thing, then Medina Lanes is a great place to go! They feature different deals for each day of the week, and you can reserve lanes for parties. Along with a bowling alley, Medina Lanes also has an arcade and a billiards area to play pool. This is a great place to go with the family for a fun weekend out!

17. Timber Lodge

Timber Lodge restaurant sign
Whether you’re a steak lover or a seafood lover, Timber Lodge has something for you! Photo courtesy of Facebook. 

2809 Pearl Rd. | Medina, OH | timberlodgemedina.com

Timber Lodge is an American Restaurant that is famous for their award winning rotisserie roasted Prime Rib. They also offer an array of seafood options on their menu, as well as vegetarian, and gluten free dishes. There’s something for everyone here, and it is a local favorite! 

18. Lookaway Farm

Kids in tie dye shirts making crafts on a farm
Lookaway Farm offers horseback riding summer camps for all ages! Photo courtesy of Facebook. 

6980 Boneta Rd. | Medina, OH | lookawayfarm.com

If you or your child is interested in horseback riding, Lookaway Farm offers private lessons for all ages and all skill sets. They have experienced staff members and they focus on a family centered, caring learning environment. Lookaway Farm also hosts summer camps for all ages!  

19. High Voltage Indoor Karting

A boy racing in a go kart
High Voltage is a great go karting experience for people of all skill levels. Photo courtesy of Facebook. 

333 Foundry St. | Medina, OH | highvoltagekarting.com

High Voltage Indoor Karting offers fun go karting for the whole family. You can host parties, corporate events, or come as a date night to put your racing skills to the test! The indoor track allows High Voltage to operate year round, allowing you to race anytime of the year. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, High Voltage can accommodate everyone of any skill set!  

20. Corkscrew Saloon

A photo of the outside of the Corkscrew Saloon in the snow
Corkscrew Saloon offers a friendly and welcoming eating environment. Picture courtesy of Tripadvisor

811 West Liberty St. | Medina, OH | TheCorkscrewSaloon.com

Corkscrew Saloon is an American bar, accommodating Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten free. Along with a wide range of dishes, Corkscrew Saloon also has handcrafted cocktails and are famous for their friendly atmosphere. During the Summer, they have a large outdoor eating area that can accommodate a large crowd. There’s something for everyone and is a great place to get lunch with family or friends. 

21. It’s Your Winery

A photo of tables and wine racks
Enjoy a glass of wine at It’s Your Winery. Photo courtesy of Ohio Wine Producers Association.

1484 Medina Rd. (Rte 18), Suite 113 | Medina, OH | itsyourwinery.com

It’s Your Winery is a winery located in Medina. Not only do they have plenty of wine selections to pick from, but they also offer unique experiences on site. It’s Your Winery offers you the chance to make your own wine at their winery. You can make a small batch of wine to take home, led by an experienced member of their staff and using their equipment. 

22. Chill Artisan Ice Cream 

Three people and their different ice cream ones
Chill Artisan Ice Cream has a wide selection of ice cream flavors to choose from! Photo courtesy of Facebook

11 Public Sq. | Medina, OH | chill-icecream.com

Chill Artisan Ice Cream makes small, seasonal flavors fresh everyday. Located in the plaza in Medina, they’re a great spot to end a night out to dinner with family. While they have a few set flavors they keep year round, there is always something new and exciting to try each time you go! 

23. Austin Badger Park

Austin Badger Park trail sign
Whatever your skill set is, Austin Badger Park has a bike trail for all experience levels. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor. 

5741 River Styx Rd. | Medina, OH | Austin Badger Park | Tripadvisor

A bicyclist's favorite spot, Austin Badger Park has many different trails for all levels of experience. If you’re interested in taking the family for a day at the park, Austin Badger Park is a great choice to take your bikes and enjoy the weather when it’s nice. With some of the trails leading up into the woods for the more advanced riders, the park has a trail meant to challenge any bike rider that’s game.   

24. Medina Antique Mall

A photo of the outside of the Medina Antique Mall
Medina Antique Mall is a great place to visit for antique lovers! Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

2797 Medina Rd. | Medina, OH | medinaantiquemall.com

If you’re into antiquing, Medina’s Antique Mall is an interesting shop to visit. Over 52,000 square feet, Medina Antique Mall has plenty of antiques to look at and purchase. Whether you’re looking to purchase antique furniture or just get a glimpse at some historical pieces, the booths here have something for everyone. 

25. Half Moon Yoga

Three girls doing yoga
Half Moon Yoga is a yoga studio that offers a wide range of classes. Photo courtesy of Half Moon Yoga.

253-B S Court St. | Medina, OH | hmyoga.org

If you’re into yoga and want a girls day out, Half Moon Yoga has a class for all experience levels. With experienced instructors, you can take a class ranging from beginner level to hot yoga. Half Moon Yoga also offers events frequently with themed classes and workshops!

While Medina, OH might be a small suburb, it has a lot to offer its residents. With so many shops and places to eat just in town and all the fun activities to try, residents here can get the big city feel with the hometown atmosphere. If you’re looking for something fun to do with family, friends, coworkers, or even for date night then Medina has you covered. 

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