Isst im Deutschen Dorf (Eats in the German Village)

Great Restaurants to Enjoy in German Village, Columbus, Ohio

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German Village
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Chenoa Baker


Jan 21, 2021

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Hero image courtesy of City Beat.

German Village is a portion of Columbus, Ohio known for its commitment to its German origins and its delicious eateries. The main way this community showcases its history is through architecture and cuisine. The former German ethnic enclave and business district becomes a bustling place for all types of visitors. This attraction is just south of downtown Columbus (it's just a 4 minute car drive away). Its brick buildings, accessibility to downtown, rich history, and German food staples successfully puts this destination on the map. Consider this your ultimate guide.

In this article, you will learn about these things out of the many things that make this place special:

  • The Historic Beginnings of German Village in Columbus
  • The Great Places to Eat
  • The Famous Places to Eat in German Village
  • Learn More about Navigating German Village
Archival image of German Village where current day Schmidt's is. Back then, it was a storefront business.
Archival images show the many businesses that made this neighborhood unique. On this same foundation current businesses, such as the famed restaurant Schmidt’s.  Image courtesy of Schmidt’s.

History of German Village

Origins of German Village Culture

Previously, this area once was government appropriated lands to colonists during the American Revolution. In the hundreds of years to come, this became a German Village--the foundation of the cultural epicenter it is today. German Village refers to the group of settlers that filled this area. Settlers felt a sense of comfort by the whole neighborhood representing German heritage, language, and culture. By 1865, a third of Columbus was German. The height of this area occurred during the late 1800s. During that time, it had multiple thriving German businesses that entertained and were safe havens for working-class German immigrants.

After work, people of different trades used this same area with restaurants as a place to relax. In the Der Westbote, a local South End newspaper, it said, “The people who live in these small houses work very hard. You will not find silver on the doors, but you will find many little gardens which produce vegetables for the city’s market. You will not find silk or other very expensive things; but the houses are very clean, the people work hard, and are very healthy, and they are very happy.” This indicates the down-home and comforting feel of  the German Village neighborhood for all to enjoy. Here you may have seen talked about the news-- pleasant jeering, and a close-knit community--these are all the German behaviors of local pubs and breweries where people could congregate. In the same way as back then, this is the place to pause and indulge in traditional German food (seriously, this is where OSU students chill after a week of hard studying to grab a pretzel or a beer).

In the midst of World War II the attitude towards this area changed drastically. The anti-German fervor in the country and decline of the economy during the Great Depression hastened the decline of this neighborhood. However, in the 1960s the community decided to revitalize the neighborhood to honor its historic origins as an incubator for German life and culture. This is how the area got its namesake--from South End to German Village.

Today, this neighborhood is a bustling area just as it was in the past. It houses many residents, as well as serves the public through the many businesses and restaurants. The streets to check out to grab a bite to eat are Third Street, Mohawk Street and Whittier Avenue. Be a part of the history and present by bringing this remarkable location to life.

Lecker (Yummy!) Destinations

Restaurants and Eateries in German Village

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

Schmidt’s is a cornerstone in German Village. It brings the palate of Dutcheland to the Ohio table. Some of the famous dishes here are the Bavarian Cabbage Rolls, Pretzel Nuggets, Roasted Bavarian Pork Shank, Wiener Schnitzel, and Jumbo Cream Puff. These hearty and filling traditional foods appeal to all types of eaters looking for comfort food away from home and show why this establishment is a staple in Columbus. This establishment has even appeared on the television show on Food Network: Man v. Food. In its country-wide fame and local praise, this restaurant serves the public foods that are worth every penny. 

Barcelona Restaurant 

While this restaurant does not reflect German comfort food, this restaurant diversifies the area by providing a tapas bar. Tapas, for those of you who are not familiar, is a Spanish-style serving of small portions. This is a great way to try many smaller dishes and have variety during a meal or if you are on a date and it seems that you want what your date is having, as well. These plates are definitely sharable. While in German Village, take a culinary trip to Spain

Every week the menu offers something new and for the food adventurers.. Not only does the menu fluctuate so that it never gets boring, the Barcelona restaurant offers award-winning wine selections. Those features make this restaurant on the Top 10 List in Columbus as well as a recipient of The Best Patio Award in 2013.

Skillet. Rustic. Urban. Food.

By the name of this restaurant you can tell its commitment to rustic authenticity. One may think of the special pan that is oiled and cast iron, that makes all the American favorites. This association is no mistake. Skillet serves farm-to-table classic American dishes and prioritizes the gusto over anything else. This ingredient-centered approach, appeals to the tastebuds and environmentally-conscious mindset. Local Ohio farmers and craftsmen provide the ingredients that are prepared in the restaurant. Some of the favorites are their burgers and brunch ensembles. They also provide homemade sauces, syrups, and jellies to buy available on their website.

The Kitchen 

Another notable eatery is The Kitchen. The Kitchen is a great place to host parties, go on a date, or experiment with ingredients. That’s right, if you guessed by the wording, at this restaurant, you are the chef. In the words of the immortal cartoon chef from Ratatouille, “Anyone can cook.” This choose your own adventure cooking is a place where you learn how to cook your meal yourself. This provides a personal reward in the work that you put into the meal. So, bon appetit! Enjoy Taco Tuesday by rolling up your sleeves and putting on your apron or buy one of the at-home cooking kits to make yourself.

G. Michael’s Bistro 

In the heart of German Village, enjoy gustatory delight. Never will you experience experiential ennui. G. Michel’s Bistro offers a fine dining environment for an evening dinner. Primarily, Low-Country cuisine appears on the menu as well as “modern twists on local and seasonal local ingredients.” Large parties are entranced by the specially curated menu that Chef David Tetzloff creates and refreshes every season, as well as the wine list. Each menu item has an opulent take on favorites. For instance, for starters you may have the broiled asparagus with pistachios, for the entree you may have cheese tortellini with duck in a parmesan broth, and for dessert you may have a lemon gingersnap tart with berries, whip cream, and passionfruit sauce. Each dish is a well conducted ensemble that orchestrates a delightful flavor on the plate.

Brown Bag Delicatessen

This grab-and-go lunch spot or place to sit and take a pause on the patio, provides many tasty deli sandwiches to curb those cravings any day of the week. Its convenient location next to Schiller park makes it the perfect place to have the proper fixings for a picnic in the park. Brown Bag Deli appeals to all--the tired out traveler, the OSU student wanting to grab a bite for lunch, and an in-between work meal-goer. It has a variety of over 16 types of deli meat.

Harvest Pizzeria 

At Harvest Pizzeria, is another establishment that utilizes local Ohio dairy and produce. These pizzas will help you satisfy your guilty pleasure craving (there are also vegetarian and gluten-free pizzas, so enjoy the "gluteny"!). The story of this restaurant is that it was well-known in German Village, then moved to another location, and today, it resides in its place of origin. This German Village favorite, of locals, reflects and is the essence of this vibrant community. Harvest Pizzeria appeals to all with a classic cheese pizza option to a multi-topping extravaganza. They also offer yummy burgers and sandwiches, as well.

Village Corney

At the Village Corney, you can find meals right for any budget. This family-owned establishment serves American comfort food. On Mondays, their Corney Dogs go for less than two dollars. Village Corney, a delicious food and a wallet-friendly dining spot, has homemade ham and bean soups, Pittsburgh salads, chili, juicy burgers, cinnamon rolls baked to perfection and spaghetti. These food items are a perfect pairing for a baseball game, cheat day, or just any day to satisfy your tastebuds.

Lindey’s Restaurant and Bar 

And to round up the many options that we provided throughout this blog, is a very special place which is Lindey’s. There is no place like Lindey’s. They are affectionately known for a fun atmosphere and tasty food. Also, this establishment is super accommodating by providing a gluten-free menu for all times of the day, kids menus, and has a valet specifically tasked to meet your comfortable dining needs. Lindey’s is the type of place that wins over the crowd by “marrying chic urban style with a relaxed come-as-you-are attitude.” 

The food is a mixed array of sophisticated and down-home, as well. For instance, the brunch menu (one of the many menus that they have) features many gourmet brunch items, such as eggs benedict, burgers, sandwiches, risotto de jour, linguine, and crab cake. Some of their dinner specialties include: duroc pork, lamb, and rotisserie chicken. This place will have you saying that it's “mmm mmm good!” These foods go great with their lauded wine list.

Learn More About Things to Do in German Village

How Have You Navigated the Food Scene in German Village?

Remember when you are in the Columbus area to visit German Village and bring your appetite. You will not be disappointed. When enjoying time with family or just honoring the experience of trying a new bite, we want to hear about it. Let us know what your favorite restaurants in German Village are and make sure to take instagramable pictures of the amazing food that this location has to offer. If you are looking for more restaurants and fun things to do make sure to visit.

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February 16, 2021
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