7 Bakeries in German Village, Ohio You Need to Try

Looking for a sweet treat or freshly-baked confection around the area of German Village? Try out any of these stellar bakeries for flavors your taste buds will love!

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Jan 21, 2021

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Bakeries are the perfect culmination of sweet treats, aromatic smells, and freshly-baked goods. Whether you are stopping in for a quick bite to eat on the way to work or are bringing home bread for the whole family, a bakery is the perfect one-stop shop. Many times bakeries even become a staple part of someone’s morning routine, especially if they sell freshly brewed coffee. 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable bakery experience near German Village, Ohio, you have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best bakeries in the area. It includes:

  • Pistacia Vera
  • Kittie's Cakes
  • Fox In The Snow Café
  • Kolache Republic
  • Bake Me Happy
  • L&M Bakery

Pistacia Vera

For deliciously fresh baked goods that look as good as they taste, try out Pistacia Vera! Image courtesy of facebook.com

541 South 3rd St | Columbus | pistaciavera.com

If you are in search of an artisanal bakery that creates delectable treats stunning to both the eye and the taste buds, look no further than Pistacia Vera. Located right in the heart of Historic German Village, Pistacia Vera creates beautiful treats that are freshly baked every day. For those who like to photograph their food to express whatever sweet treat you may be enjoying, they also create beautiful coffees with detailed designs perfect for sharing on social media. Whether you need a quick snack on your way to work or want a delicious sit-down experience, Pistacia Vera is the place to go!

Featured Products

  • Signature Pastry Bundle - The perfect bundle of all that Pistacia Vera has to offer. It includes a classic croissant, rye croissant, pain au chocolate, ham and cheese croissant, almond croissant, and an orange brioche!
  • Chocolate Fudgie Cookie - For those looking for a sweet treat, try out this cookie! It is a Valrhona chocolate cookie with large chunks of gooey chocolate perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth. 
  • Chocolate Bombe - If you’re in search of a larger dessert for the whole family, this product features thin layers of cocoa buttermilk cake, marsala chocolate mousse, and a semi-sweet chocolate ganache. Yum!

“This has been my absolute favorite bakery for almost a decade. Other bakeries just simply do not compare. Any time I have a visitor from out of town, I take them here. They make the best macarons, and their lemon tart is the best dessert I've ever had! ” - Google Review

Kittie's Cakes

An image of a freshly baked good made at Kittie's Cakes.
For scrumptious treats baked fresh every single day, try out Kittie’s Cakes! Image courtesy of kittiescakes.com

495 South 3rd St | Columbus | kittiescakes.com

Kittie’s Cakes is a classic example of a quality bakery. They bake their products fresh every day, a staple quality of a great bakery. On top of that, they use fresh ingredients that are full of flavor to ensure their products taste amazing!

Kittie’s Cakes is also a great place to go if you are in search of a bakery that can provide for an event such as a wedding. They can create delicious cakes or entire dessert tables that will be sure to wow each and every one of your guests! All the more reason to try out Kittie’s Cakes located in the Northern part of German Village.

Featured Products

  • Cinnamon Roll - It’s not often that a bakery can boast having a cinnamon roll that is voted the best in their city, but Kittie’s Cakes can! It’s a classic cinnamon roll with a sweet white cream on top, just like grandma used to make!
  • Sweet Potato Maple Biscuit - A delicious breakfast biscuit including egg, sausage, maple syrup, and cheddar cheese. Perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat in the morning!
  • Scone - Another classic bakery staple featuring a combination of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Try one of their delicious scones for a flavor you’ll never forget!

“The place feels modern and fresh with fresh baked treats all on display at the counter. The breakfast sandwiches on fresh baked biscuits are delicious! The scones were so tempting I had to take some home as well.” - Google Review

Fox In The Snow Cafe

An image of some of the delicious baked goods served at Fox In The Snow Cafe.
For a warm, rustic vibe at a local German Village bakery, try out Fox In The Snow Café! Image courtesy of facebook.com

210 Thurman Ave  | Columbus | foxinthesnow.com

Another staple bakery in the German Village area is Fox In The Snow Café. As with many of the other bakeries featured on this list, Fox In The Snow Café bakes their products fresh every single day. Even better, many of their products are made right in the front of the shop so you get to experience the whole process!

If just watching was not enough for you, don’t fret! Fox In The Snow Café is courteous enough to feature some of their famous recipes right on their website. Their blueberry hand pies, chocolate chip cookies, and buttermilk biscuit recipes are all on their website giving you the opportunity to try and make them at home! We’ll also feature them in the featured products section to give you a little more information about these recipes.

Featured Products

  • Blueberry Hand Pies - This product is essentially a blueberry pop tart but made way better! It has a warm layer of mashed blueberries surrounded by flakey dough, topped off with kosher salt to tie all of the flavors together!
  • Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie - Not much can be said about a classic chocolate chip cookie except yum! This recipe creates delicious cookies that are chewy on the inside with that satisfying crunch on the outside every great cookie has to have. 
  • Buttermilk Biscuits With Salted Honey Butter - This is a flakey biscuit comparable to your usual bakery biscuit. The salted honey butter takes it to the next level by removing the dryness of a typical biscuit and replacing it with a delicious honey taste!

“It's hard for me to put into words how amazing this cafe is. It truly is the best coffee shop ever! Everything is delicious. The sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, egg sandwiches, galettes... literally everything is good! ” - Google Review

Kolache Republic

An image of the kolaches made at Kolache Republic.
For a Czech inspired bakery experience, try out Kolache republic! Image courtesy of facebook.com

702 South High St | Columbus | kolacherepublic.com

Have you ever heard of or tried a Czech inspired bakery? If not, Kolache Republic is the perfect place for you to go to try out something new! A kolache is a Czech pastry made of sweet dough baked with a variety of fruits, nuts, cheeses, and meats. If you’ve never had one, this is the place to go to try it!

Since 2013, Kolache Republic has been perfecting their craft of creating amazing kolache pastries for anyone in the area of German Village. Since kolaches come in a wide variety of options, there is bound to be a flavor perfect for you. 

Featured Products

  • Breakfast Kolache - There are a variety of breakfast themed kolaches including chorizo and jalapeno, kielbasa, and their most popular breakfast option the sausage, egg, and cheese!
  • Sweet Kolache - For those looking to add a little sweetness to their life, try out any of their sweet-filled kolaches. Available in a variety of flavors including sweet cheese, pumpkin, apple, strawberry, and many more!
  • Specialty Kolache - Kolache Republic also has many specialty options for more specific diets. This includes a spinach artichoke kolache and a cheesy pesto kolache, both of which are completely vegetarian! 

“Fantastic place to grab good fresh baked items, both sweet and savory!  I adore the Kolache with cheese and kielbasa and it can be finished off with a blueberry cream cheese danish/kolache item that's to die for.  ” - Google Review

Bake Me Happy

An image of the gluten-free products made at Bake Me Happy.
If you love baked goods but are unable to eat gluten products, Bake Me Happy was practically made for you! Image courtesy of facebook.com

106 East Moler St | Columbus | bakemehappygf.com

Many folks who grew up with a gluten problem have never got to experience what a classic bakery has to offer. Bake Me Happy combats this problem by ensuring all of their products are completely gluten-free! Many times, gluten-free products tend to fall short of expectations and not taste like the real deal. 

Bake Me Happy’s many positive reviews ensure that just because you have an intolerance to gluten, does not mean you have to miss out experiencing freshly baked goods! They create this wonderful experience by not utilizing one standard ‘gluten-free flour’ like many other competitors do. Instead, they create unique recipes for each pastry to ensure there is a distinctive flavor that fits each product!

Featured Products

  • Oatmeal Crème Cloud - A unique take on the classic oatmeal crème pie. Featuring Bake Me Happy’s signature cookie filled with creamy marshmallow fluff to create a flavor profile you will not forget!
  • Cream Cheese Cutout - This product consists of a lemon based cream cheese cookie topped with a yummy cream cheese frosting. Even better, the cutout is currently shaped as the state of Ohio but that can change as per discretion of Bake Me Happy!
  • Take And Bake French Bread Pizza - This product is entirely assembled in store and then given to you to take home and bake! It consists of a French bread with pepperoni, cheese, and a white sauce.

“Bake Me Happy is an incredible community bakery. I am not gluten-free and I think their baked goods are incredible. Definitely get the oatmeal crème clouds if they haven’t sold out by the time you get there! What a spot of sunshine in Marion Village - check them out!” - Google Review

L&M Bakery

For gooey chocolate chip cookies like the one pictured above, check out L&M Bakery! Image courtesy of lmbakerycbus.com

932 South Pearl St | Columbus | lmbakerycbus.com

Last but certainly not least comes L&M Bakery. This bakery is a solid choice for those looking to score some sweet treats or freshly baked bread. They make their products fresh, in-house, and on a daily basis. If you happen to be living or staying in the area, they even deliver!

What makes a company even better than their product is their motives and ethics. L&M Bakery donates one dollar to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank for every product sold. That adds up pretty quick to a sizable chunk of change! With L&M Bakery, you can enjoy a sweet treat while also benefiting those who may be in need of food!

Featured Products

  • Classic French Bread - You can’t beat the classics. This is a classic loaf of french bread that is crusty on the outside, while staying soft and chewy in the center. They also have this loaf in white, wheat, or mixed blends depending on your preference! 
  • Double Chocolate Brownies - For the chocolate lovers out there, this batch of brownies double down on the flavor everyone seems to love! You get a full batch of dense, fudgy goodness with that homemade sense of love you can only get in a bakery.
  • Vegan Chocolate Truffles - For those following a vegan diet, try out the vegan chocolate truffles. They have a soft and creamy inside with a hard chocolate shell. Just because you follow a vegan diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to indulge in sweet treats!

“We got the chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip pumpkin bread - they were DELICIOUS! Definitely going back again to get more!” - Google Review

An image of delicious bakery products.
A bad bakery experience can ruin bakeries for you forever. Ensure this doesn’t happen by visiting any of the bakeries on this list!

A good bakery can be hard to find, especially if you do not know the area. If you happen to find yourself in German Village, Ohio, try out any of these amazing bakeries for an experience you will not forget! Not only will you get to indulge in a delicious treat, but you’ll also get to experience the wonderful sense of community that can only be found in German Village!

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