The Increasing Attraction of Living in Ohio

With an environment for every taste, Ohio is the perfect state to call home.

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Jade Marzolf


Jan 21, 2021

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There’s no doubt, Ohio is becoming one of the most attractive states to live in. There are a nice mix of rural towns and bustling cities, like Columbus.

With an environment for every taste, it’s the perfect state to call home - whether you’re looking to receive a quality education, searching for tons of job opportunities, or just a wholesome place to start a family.

In March 2018, central Ohio experienced an increase in housing inventory. There were approximately 3,485 homes and condos for sale, a 3.2 percent rise from February. Although inventory is still down about 17 percent compared to last year, Ohio still has a 1.3 month supply of inventory left at the current sales pace.

This means there’s a huge variety of real estate options just waiting for you to discover them, so check out the largest and most accurate selection of real estate in Ohio by HER, REALTORS®!

2018 Columbus REALTORS® President Sara Walsh said, “It’s encouraging to see inventory starting to increase in central Ohio. Sellers are realizing how hot the market is and are enjoying that advantage. Hopefully more sellers will follow suit, as we still have more buyers looking for homes than homes available to sell.”

There were 3,391 homes and condos listed during March, a 42.9 percent increase in listings compared to February, but 0.1 percent decrease from March of 2017.

The industry also experienced a significant increase in the number of closed sales for March (2,381) - 41.6 percent greater than February, yet still 8.6 percent below the same month a year ago.

“Central Ohio buyers were thrilled to see this influx in inventory and they wasted no time in committing to a new home,” Walsh said.

The average selling price of a home in central Ohio during March was $219,939 - 8.8 percent more than March of 2017. The median sales price was $185,000, up 9.5 percent from a year ago.

The median is the midpoint in the range of sale prices, so half the homes are selling for more than the median while the other half sell for less. The average sales price is the total volume divided by the number of homes sold.

“Home prices are continuing to climb and are a true reflection of how strong our market is in the greater Columbus region,” Walsh said. “This trend will likely continue as more homes are added to the market.”

Homes spent an average of 39 days on the market in March before being swooped up, 5 days fewer than February.

According to the latest Housing Market Confidence Index by the Ohio Association of REALTORS®, 93 percent of central Ohio REALTORS® say the current housing market in their area is operating on a moderate to strong level. 100 percent say their expectations for the upcoming 6 months are high.

The levels of sale activity are on the rise from February, and they’re expected to continue to grow.

If you’re interested in checking out why Ohio is so appealing, plan a trip to give yourself (and your family) some time to explore.

Want to experience one of the great cities? Visit one of these!


Columbus, Ohio skyline behind the Scioto River

Columbus might just be the most popular city in Ohio right now. According to Yelp, it’s now the hipster capital of America, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s trendy and full of opportunities. Here’s a guide to Columbus to help you figure out which destination to visit first.


Key Tower and Terminal Tower in Cleveland, Ohio

This city has a rich history and a fun environment that is kid-friendly with plenty of parks, zoos, and museums. And did you know it’s been a shooting location for some of your favorite movies, like The Avengers? We have a list of the top 5 places you should visit in Cleveland!


Cincinnati skyline behind the Ohio River

Cincinnati has many nicknames, and one of them is “the queen city” because it’s reigning supreme as a city. Their food scene is amazing and there are so many places to visit. Here are 25 reasons why Cincinnati is awesome to inspire a road trip in you.

Maybe a rural setting is more your speed? No problem!


street view of buildings in Millersburg, OHio

If you value nature and taking the time to enjoy life at a slower pace, Millersburg is for you. It’s considered an Amish Country town, but it still has a thriving community and business environment. Check out some of the must see stops in Millersburg, Ohio!


street view of buildings in Worthington, Ohio

Worthington is one of those small, charming towns you can’t help but fall in love with and want to stay in forever. It has character and a variety of things to do for every type of person. View these top 5 things to do in Worthington and get ready to have an adventure!


Dayton, Ohio skyline

Affordable and full of obscure places to explore, Dayton is a town everyone should visit at least once. It’s a treasure in Ohio. Here are 25 reasons why you should move to Dayton, or at the very least, vacation there over the weekend.

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May 23, 2018
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