The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants to Try in Delaware, Ohio

Delaware has so many delicious Mexican food options for any occasion - here are our favorites!

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Andrew Hanin


Jan 21, 2021

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If you’re looking for the perfect Mexican-style meal in Delaware, Ohio,  look no further than this list! We have compiled the best Mexican food that the city of Delaware has to offer. Peruse the list and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect spot for your next Mexican-style meal. 

Victor’s Taco Shop Ohio

186 S Sandusky St, Delaware, OH | | (740) 362-8200

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Grab a fork and spoon and get ready to dig into all deliciousness! Photo Courtesy of

Some of the pictures of the food at this restaurant may look a little messy, but that’s okay with us because taste is king! If you’re looking for some affordable, consistently delicious mexican food, Victor’s Taco Shop is the right place to be.

Although taste is king, portion size is important too and Victor’s Taco Shop definitely doesn’t skimp out on giving you a bang for your buck. 

Big portions, tasty food, and won’t break the bank - what else could you possibly want? 

Patrick G’s Yelp Review: “I think this place is one of Delaware's little secrets. When I stopped by this time, I ordered the beef taco and burrito combination. The beef taco is served in a fried flour tortilla, the beef is shredded tender and tastes great. The burrito is the same shredded beef, with green chilies, very flavorful. The sides are Mexican rice and refried beans. Great food at a decent price.”

Mi Cerrito

19 E. Winter St. Delaware, OH | | (740) 363-1587 

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Tacos, salsa, chips, limes, beer
What’s not to like in this picture? Tacos, salsa, chips, limes, beer. Yep, that checks every item on my list of a perfect mexican style dinner! Image courtesy of 

From their ensemble of street style tacos to their carne asada, there isn’t a single thing on this menu that we’d need a box for after we pay the check. Clean plates and satisfied customers is the norm at Mi Cerrito and for good reason. 

A wide variety of pseudo-authentic Mexican dishes make this spot a must visit if you’re looking for a moderately priced and delicious Mexican style meal. 

Emily E’s Yelp Review: “Best customer service with the friendliest staff!! Good is good for a smaller Mexican restaurant. Always get a jumbo margarita!” - 5 stars 

Las Miches Marisqueras 

77 Lake St, Delaware, OH | | (740) 417-9372

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Authentic tacos double wrapped in a hot corn tortilla with a fresh mole sauce for dipping? Sounds pretty damn good to us. Image courtesy of

Have you tried their Birria Tacos? Yes? Then you know why we’re asking. No? Then I know what your next meal at Las Miches Marisquerias needs to be. Even if you’re not into the birria tacos, this restaurant has plenty more to offer you. 

This place has any and everything you could want including some vegetarian and pescetarian options. With the veggie and pescetarian options at Las Miches Marisqueras, you won’t be sacrificing flavor or portions. 

If you’re only looking for a snack, grab any individual taco for less than three bucks! It’s affordable, authentic, amazing mexican food. 

Laura B.’s Yelp Review: We were in the mood to try a new place and were thrilled to find a new favorite!  Everything was fresh and delicious. Portions were generous and we enjoyed the leftovers too!  Great service and clean facilities.  They post regularly on social media so we always know what the specials are. Can't wait to visit again! - 5 stars

El Vaquero 

33 Wootring St, Delaware, OH | | (740) 362-0919

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Fajita chicken and vegetables
Ripping hot fajita chicken and vegetables is hard to beat, especially at El Vaquero! Image courtesy of

El Vaquero isn’t just a street-corner taqueria. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being a street-corner taqueria, but El Vaquero inhabits a different space in the world of Mexican style dining. 

El Vaquero is a more expensive option for when you want to go out to a fancier restaurant, but don’t want to abandon the robust mouthwatering flavors that come along with Mexican cuisine. 

So yes, it’s more expensive, but it’s also worth it. If you plan on coming to this restaurant to splurge a little bit, definitely don’t miss out on their queso fundido con chorizo, it is perfect. 

This is also a great spot for any vegetarians as there are special signs next to all vegetarian items just to make it that much easier for you to choose. 

Heather R.’s Yelp Review: “This was our first time here and it didn't disappoint… We found our place! I had the fajita quesadilla, which was delicious! It was enough for two people. Everything was cooked just right and the rice and beans were also perfect. During happy hour, which they have everyday, their tall beers are 3.25. Overall price is reasonable for the amount of food you get. Can't wait to go back!” - 5 stars

Iguanas Mexican Restaurant and Bar

76 Powell Rd, Lewis Center, OH | | (614)987-7351

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Iguanas Restaurant foods
Everything topped with fresh pico de gallo! Image courtesy of

Simple, tasty mexican food. If you want a classic mexican style meal with an americanized twist, Iguanas Mexican Restaurant and Bar is a perfect place to eat your next meal. 

Iguanas Mexican Restaurant and Bar is a bit pricey but it is something to think about before going to visit. Take a look at the restaurant’s menu before you head over there just to make sure you aren’t surprised by the prices when you get there. But, just because it’s pricey doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. 

It's an accessible, everything you would want in a Mexican restaurant, type of joint, and importantly - everything looks SO fresh! From the fajitas to the enchiladas, it’s clear that Iguanas Mexican Restaurant and Bar uses quality ingredients and even more so, knows what they're doing once they get a hold of those ingredients.

Amber S.’s Yelp Review: “Authentic Mexican food at a great price. The drive through is my FAVORITE!!! I live right down the road and to be able to go through the drive through, order my food, and a nice margarita at the end of the day could not be any better. They are polite and attentive, the food is great, couldn't be happier with Iguanas.” - 5 stars

Senor Antonio’s 

Northpointe Plaza, 8617 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, Ohio | | (740) 548-6996

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Mexican staples
A marg next to some classic Mexican staples is a one-way ticket to a memorable night. Image courtesy of

Senor Antonio’s is a textbook example of what bang for your buck looks like in a Mexican restaurant. Not only are the main meals more than enough to stop you from eating that midnight snack later that night, most meals come with additional sides like mexican rice, guacamole, refried beans, etc. 

Senor Antonio’s does have a specific selection of items for vegetarians but unfortunately it’s rather small. If you’re a vegetarian, heading over to another one of our vegetarian friendly restaurants may be a good idea. 

Even though Senor Antonio’s isn’t the cheapest option on the list, you’re getting what you pay for and more. And,if you’re looking to throw back a couple drinks with your meal, definitely give their sangria a try. It’s cold, fruity, and… well it’s alcoholic. Do you need your sangria any other way? Didn’t think so. 

After your main meal, don’t forget to try an authentic sopapilla to round off your experience. 

Mackenzie J.’s Yelp Review: “I've been here with my family many times, and we've always had a positive experience!! My whole family is vegan, and we've been able to find some awesome options here! We've had everything from burritos, fajitas, to tacos that all have been customized to be vegan. The staff is super nice, and they have been happy to help us find food that is vegan. My personal favorite will always be veggie fajitas!” - 5 stars 

Mi sombrero

488 W Cherry St, Sunbury, OH | | (740) 965-1313

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steak and chicken fajita
That steak and chicken fajita looks juicy! Image courtesy of

Moderately priced, awesomely flavorful Mexican cuisine with more options than you can imagine. 

This is a pretty classic Mexican spot, no frills or over the top complications of already delicious meals. Well, maybe a couple frills - half price margaritas on Thursdays and $1.25 tacos on Tuesdays… If that doesn’t get you excited about Mi Sombrero, we don’t know what will.

Oh, on top of those two incredible deals, Mi Sombrero has an extra special deal for you parents with younger kids - kids 10 years old and under eat FREE on Wednesdays. Free? Yes. No charge? Yes. Sorry, we just had to confirm that that wasn’t a typo. 

If their glistening, juicy fajitas don’t pique your interest (they should) at least give this place a try for one of its three amazing deals.

Jessica H.’s Yelp Review: “Our favorite Mexican food by a landslide! Best salsa! Best guacamole! Best fajitas! We recently moved to FL and have been counting the days down to visit this place again! Mi Sombrero has our loyalty!” - 5 stars

Tula Taqueria 

525 Lazelle Rd, Westerville, OH | | (614) 601-6313

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Carne asada torta, tostadas, chicken queso fries, chimichanga platter, carne asada burrito, carne asada sope.
Carne asada torta, tostadas, chicken queso fries, chimichanga platter, carne asada burrito, carne asada sope. Pick just one. We bet you can’t even pick just three! Image courtesy of

Where do we even begin with Tula Taqueria? Let’s start with authenticity. Sope, mulita, taco campechano - we could continue but if we did, we wouldn’t have room to tell you about everything else we love about this restaurant. 

Tula Taqueria doesn’t just have classic, authentic mexican cuisine, they also have Tex-Mex style meals like the quesarito and queso fries. This restaurant doesn’t have as many options as some of the others on this list, but you can be assured that whatever they do, they’re doing it right. 

Something else that really sets Tula Taqueria apart from the rest is their breakfast menu. As far as we can tell, breakfast isn’t the most common option for other Mexican restaurants in the area. They offer breakfast torta, breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos, etc. Pretty much everything they sell has an equally delicious breakfast counterpart.

To all the vegetarians out there - this could be your new go-to spot. Almost every type of meal you can get at Tula Taqueria has a vegetarian alternative!

Jen K’s Yelp Review: “Excellent!  My first time trying a torta and it was delicious!  I love trying authentic restaurants, and this fit the bill.  No frills, but lots of flavor.  My husband ordered the breakfast quesadilla and it was stuffed with lots of egg, cheese, black beans and chorizo.  My torta was huge!  I chose the barbacoa...YUM!” - 5 stars

Chipotle Mexican Grill

1710 Columbus Pike Ste 220, Delaware, OH | | (740)369-6360 

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Chipotle Mexican Grill
Every bite is absolutely packed with flavor! Image courtesy of

Did you think we’d forget about Chipotle? This isn’t exactly your local taqueria like some of these other restaurants may be. And it may not be the most authentic Mexican food either. But hey, it still tastes pretty darn good, and the portions are unreal. 

For the amount of food that Chipotle employees pack into a burrito or a burrito bowl, customers should have to pay twice as much as they do. Well, not twice as much, but you know what we mean. They give you a ton of food.

Chipotle is also known as being a great spot for vegetarians with their options to add sofritas or fajita veggies to any meal. 

If you plan on getting some food from Chipotle, we have some advice that we’ve gathered on the internet: 

If you want a burrito, you can order a burrito bowl which has more food in it than a burrito would; ask for a tortilla on the side and voila, you can make your own burrito and have the leftover bowl to finish up as well! Another great tip is that if you insist on buying a burrito, get it double wrapped. The tortillas are hot and delicate and tend to tear which may turn your burrito into a total mess.


2285 w. Dublin Granville rd. suite 123, Worthington, OH | | (614) 987-7999

View homes for sale in 43085>

The sign says it all. Real, Fresh, Mexican dining. Image courtesy of

Tomatillos restaurant has fresh and authentic written all over it. If you’re hungry for real, hearty Mexican food, you can’t go wrong with Tomatillos. Not only does this place give you the option to go totally traditional with your meal selection, but it also gives you the option to choose food with some modern, comfort food twists. One of those comfort food twists are the avocado fries that are positively sublime. 

Tomatillos has plenty of vegetarian and even vegan options for you herbivores out there. There are a few options for vegan and vegetarian options that look good even if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian. 

As far as drinks go, Tomatillos offers the regular sweep of soft drinks along with an assortment of flavors of Jarritos. On the alcoholic drinks side, Tomatillos offers plenty of cocktails, margaritas, and of course, a fresh and tasty sangria.   

Jenna C’s Yelp Review: “Found our new favorite place!! The menu is authentic but has a unique twist and isn't like every other Mexican restaurant. The chips & salsa were great, I really enjoyed the secondary salsa they served, it was a sweet version. Their Paloma was fantastic, I think it's my new favorite mixed drink! I got the California burrito which has refried beans, avocado, steak, and French fries in it! It was unique and delicious! I can't wait to come back and try some other items from the menu.” - 5 stars

At least one of these (probably more) spots in this assortment of tasty Mexican restaurants is sure to be perfect for whatever meal you want, whether it’s a quick bite to eat, or a celebration meal with your family! 

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