Get a Fresh Cut At These Top 9 Hair Salons in Delaware, Ohio

Do you want to switch up your look, but not sure where to go? Why not check out these nine amazing hair salons in Delaware, Ohio today!

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Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

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Main image courtesy of The Arizona Republic. 

There is no better feeling than getting your haircut, colored, or styled in a unique way. Having the same hairstyle for years can get boring for anyone, so why not do something drastically awesome! Nowadays there are so many different ways to customize your hair, with so many different cuts, if you want bangs or not, coloring it, or even getting it chemically curled or straightened. 

If you live in Delaware, Ohio, or just recently moved to the area, it can be difficult to find the best place to go to to get your hair done. Looking for the best hair salon, or even barber shop can sound like a chore, but it’s important to find one that not only goes above and beyond what you want from them, but also does exactly what you want. What you need to do ASAP is check out these top nine hair salons in Delaware, Ohio today and pick the best one for you!

1820 Collective

With exceptional service since 2005, this hair salon can do almost anything you ask

1820 Collective
If you’re looking for a great salon to go to, then you should try out 1820 Collective today! Image courtesy of Main Street Delaware. 

18 W William Street | Delaware |

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There’s nothing better than going to a place that can do almost anything that you ask them to do. We think that the perfect fit for you is 1820 Collective located in Delaware, Ohio today! 1820 Collective does many different styled cuts, colors, and can even do appointments for weddings to get your hair styled for your big day. There is nothing more exciting than going to a place with lots of experience to help you look and feel your best, so why not contact 1820 Collective today!

“I love this place! I've had a few girls work on my hair there, they all do an awesome job. I use Carlee now when I can, and I absolutely love how she does the balayage on my hair!” - Yelp Review

Green Door Salon

Learn what the best color is for your hair once you step in this hair salon!

Green Door Salon
Step through the green door at Green Door Salon and walk into a new way of feeling confident through your hair! Image courtesy of MapQuest. 

Green Door Salon
Step through the green door at Green Door Salon and walk into a new way of feeling confident through your hair! Image courtesy of MapQuest

4 N Sandusky Street | Delaware |

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Are you looking for a hair salon that takes pride in giving their clients the best hair color around Delaware, Ohio? If that’s the case, then you need to stop by and try out Green Door Salon today! Green Door Salon has an iconic (as you guessed it) green door inviting you into the building and getting a good pampering. You can get your haircut, colored, Brazilian blowouts, manicures, pedicures, and so much more. Call and make an appointment today!

“Love! Love! Love! Krista will forever be my favorite hairdresser. She's super sweet and is always ready to go when you get there. The atmosphere of the shop is super friendly and definitely willing to help you get through your hectic day!” - Yelp Review


Looking for a quick, easy place to get a haircut? Then why not stop here!

Looking for a quick, easy haircut? Stop by Supercuts in Delaware, Ohio today for a speedy service! Image courtesy of MarketWatch

840 Sunbury Road | Glenwood Commons in Delaware |

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We understand that life is busy and sometimes it can be difficult to set an appointment for a haircut when you’re not sure if you’ll ever have the time. If you’re looking for a hair salon that gives quality haircuts no matter what your schedule looks like, then you need to try out Supercuts in Delaware, Ohio! Supercuts is a franchise, providing walk-in appointments for yourself, your spouse, and your children. You can even reserve a time slot online if you are trying to squeeze in an appointment too! Supercuts provides haircuts to men, women, and children of all ages to make it a quick experience where you’re in and out in no time. Check them out today!

“They will do exactly what you ask and not suggest that you cut more off or anything. I have longer hair and only get a few inches cut off every time and they do exactly what I ask and I'm on my way.” - Yelp Review 

Great Clips

Another franchise that delivers quality service? Nothing wrong with that!

Great Clips
Come to Great Clips, a franchise that can fit you in at any time giving you and your family quality haircuts! Image courtesy of Great Clips Franchise. 

817 N Houk Road | Delaware |

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If you’re looking for another place that can provide you with quality haircuts for you and your family, then you should definitely check out Great Clips! Great Clips is another great place that can provide you with a quick easy haircut for you and your family no matter what time of the day. You can easily set up an appointment online to get started and you just show up at your designated time. This is another place that is great for people who are always in a time crunch and just need a quick haircut whenever it’s convenient, so make sure to check out Great Clips today!

“Hidden Gem. The manager and her team here are amazing. Everyone has a great attitude and they take care of their repeat customers. Some of us have followed our stylists from other locations. Give them a try.   Sign up online for fast easy service. Thanks ladies.” - Yelp Review 

Spritz Ends

Come by this great hair salon for any service that you need done!

Spritz Ends
Stop by Spritz Ends today for a beautiful new look to your hair that you will love as soon as you walk out! Image courtesy of Beautiful Nail Hair Salons. 

325 E Sandusky Street | Delaware |

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There is nothing more exciting than getting your haircut and fully colored, or highlighted for something different. If you want to experience a salon that will provide the best service possible to keep you happy and confident, then you need to stop by and try out Spritz Ends today! Spritz Ends is a fun little salon that does everything that provides hair services, like cut and color, and they also do manicures and pedicures, and they even do waxing's as well. With all of these great services to offer you, why not check out Spritz Ends today!

“My nail tech is amazing. She gave me this fun Halloween look today.  My stylist is fantastic and everyone else is so friendly. It really is a great salon.” - Google Review 

Franco Alexander’s Salon

Take your hair to the professionals at this establishment where they always put you first!

Franco Alexander's Salon
Check out Franco Alexander’s Salon for some amazing cuts, color, facials, and more! Image courtesy of Main Street Delaware. 

122 W William Street | Delaware |

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If you want to go somewhere where your hair is top priority, then you need to check out Franco Alexander’s Salon today! This salon is located right in Delaware, Ohio where they care about the quality and style of your hair. They always put the customer first with top products such as Aveda to keep your hair happy and healthy. Not only do they provide many different hair services, such as cut and color, but they also feature their top notch facials that are super relaxing. Why not check out Franco Alexander’s Salon today!

“Nice salon! Got an Aveda cut and style on sale for 20 bucks, regular price 35. They took me and my daughter without an appointment, great service. Nice music, nice couch for the waiting area, a few cookies on a service tray for the kids, plenty of current magazines.” - Yelp Review

Hair Beautique

Go to a salon that offers over sixty years of experience to give you quality service!

Hair Beautique
If you want to walk out with beautiful hair after pampering at the salon, then you need to try out Hair Beautique today! Image courtesy of Facebook.

11 ½ W Winter Street | Delaware |

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Stop looking for a new hair salon to go to because it’s right in Delaware, Ohio! Go to Hair Beautique where they offer more than hair services, but they also offer some amazing customer service that you will greatly appreciate. With  over sixty years combined of hair experience, you know that you are getting quality services done, so why not go to the best? Come to Hair Beautique today for some amazing cuts, color, and more today!

“Diana is great. I have known her for years. Fun atmosphere, reasonable prices. Can’t ask for a better salon. Great job to all the ladies who are a part of Hair Beautique!” - Google Review 

Salon 325

Stop by a popular hair salon in Delaware that will help you to boost your confidence!

If you want a unique cut and color from a reputable hair salon, then you should definitely try out Salon 325 today! Image courtesy of MapQuest

325 S Sandusky Street | Delaware |

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Are you looking for a popular salon in Delaware, Ohio to get a beautiful new hairdo? Do you want highlights, or a full color, or do you want to make a drastic cut to your hair to create a new you? Why not come to Salon 325 for just this simple thing! Salon 325 can offer you some of their finest services, such as cuts, color, and so much more. This salon is also very notable for being consistent and clean as well! Stop by Salon 325 today!

“If you are looking for a friendly, easy, no nonsense salon, this is your place! The owner, Rochelle, is experienced and truly listens to your needs. This adorable beauty boutique is clean, consistent and conveniently located in the heart of Delaware. I promise you will leave feeling fabulous!” - Yelp Review 

Uptown Hair Design

Enjoy going to a family hair salon that provides quality service and customer service satisfaction!

Uptown Hair Design
You should come to Uptown Hair Design for some family-friendly service, quality hair cuts and more! Image courtesy of Vagaro

12 E College Avenue | Delaware |

View homes for sale in 43015>

Do you want to find the perfect spot that is kid-friendly and provides beautiful haircuts to whomever walks through the door? Then you need to check out Uptown Hair Design! Uptown Hair Design also caters to people who wish to get color and highlights as well, being known for their exceptional service and they take the time out to do a good job. Waxing's are also done at this hair salon, so not only can you get a cut and color, but you can add a free eyebrow or lip waxing to feel on top of the world. Why not check out Uptown Hair Design today and treat yourself to a haircut of a lifetime!

“Woody, Stephanie, and Amanda are amazing hair styles! I always leave loving my fresh new hair! Herb is an extra bonus of love and joy! I love going there and I always leave with a huge smile on my face from the great hair and laugh I had with everyone! Can't recommend them enough!” - Yelp Review

There really is nothing more fun than getting your hair done. From choosing the cut, style, bangs or no bangs, color, highlights, balayage, and so much more, you are able to customize it to make it look the way you want. There’s nothing better than feeling confident in your own skin and your hair is one of the easiest ways to be able to do that. 

If you’re around Delaware, Ohio and want to feel like a brand new person, then you need to check out these nine top-notch, exceptional, and creative hair salons. They can all make you feel confident in yourself, so why not treat yourself today!

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