10 Things You Can’t Miss This Year at the Ohio State Fair

The Largest State Fair in the U.S. is approaching fast with plenty of events, activities, food vendors, and concerts. See why people travel all over the state for the Ohio State Fair!

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Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

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Are you looking for something to do between July 26th and August 6th this summer? The Ohio State Fair promises to deliver yet another season of excitement. From competitions, traditions, rides, education, live music, shopping, and more, they’ve got it all. Enjoy a day at the fair with your family, friends or even chose the fair as a perfect first date. While you’re at it, check out some cool houses in Ohio!

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1. Velvet Ice Cream Flavor

This year’s official ice cream flavor picked by a diverse group of 40 people is (drumroll please) Cereal and Milk! Before making the final decision, the choices were Cereal and Milk, Dutch Apple Pie and Scotcheroo (aka butterscotch flavor). Velvet created the product with a sweet milk flavored ice cream and honey-graham cereal swirl inspired by Kari Childs of Delaware. Try it at the fair and even buy the flavor in local grocery stores after the fair. You won’t want to miss this new flavor as it arrives just in time for National Ice Cream Month!

velvet ice cream flavors

2. Columbus’ very own, Rascal Flatts

That’s right, Rascal Flatts will be performing August 3rd along with other amazing artists such as Cole Swindell, Pentatonix, Alabama, and so many more. Check out the full lineup and buy your tickets here.

rascal flatts

3. Horticulture & Floriculture Competition Inspired by Disney Park  

Though you’ve already missed the deadline to enter on July 1st, exploring these beautiful masterpieces is something you and your family have to see. Look how amazing the miniature design inspired by It’s a Small World turned out! A few of the many other designs are inspired by the Magic Carpet ride from Aladdin, “just keep swimming” from Finding Nemo, “dead man’s chest” from Pirates of the Caribbean, and so many more!

Horticulture & Floriculture Inspired by Disney Park

4. Hometown Sounds & Craft Beer Fest

Hometown sounds features McGuffey Lane with Erica Blinn, Colin Gawel and The League Bowlers. Enjoy the free music and sip on craft beer from all around Ohio on July 26th at 7:00 pm.

craft beer

5. KIDZ BOP Kids: Best Time Ever

The concert begins at 6:30 but tickets purchased in advance include Fair Admission so make a day of it! Enjoy all the fair festivities before the concert begins! If you wait until the day of then tickets will be $15 a person and any child aged 2 and under is free when sitting on an adult’s lap.

kidz bop best time ever
Your kids will love this!

6. Gabriel Iglesias FluffyMania: Comedy Tour

Gabriel Iglesias’ tour kicks off at the fair Sunday, July 30th from 7:30-10:30 pm. This air conditioned, indoor event is perfect if you’ve spent all day enjoying the fair and are looking for some “me” time to kick back and laugh the night away. (Note: I would recommend leaving the children behind for this one.) Tickets are on sale now for $25-$35 at Ticketmaster.

Gabriel Iglesias FluffyMania: Comedy Tour

7. Award Winning Recipes

The first place recipes for this years fair has already been announced! Recipes include pickled peppers, dill pickles, grilled flammkuchen (German pizza), mixed berry pie, and many more delicious foods you either have to try or steal the recipe. View all the recipes on their website and add them to your cookbook!

‍ ‍The grilled flammkuchen, because I know you were wondering what it looked like.

8. Butters D. Cow

Who doesn’t love a good mascot? Butters D. Cow is out and about every single day of the fair with plenty of friendly waves, photos or just to provide you with endless entertainment. You can catch him at almost any event as he often participates or just wandering around looking to meet new friends.

Butters D. Cow

9. Invention Competition for Adults & High School Students

Looking to put your creative skills to work this summer? For this competition, there will be a cash prize for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners! Inventions are to be delivered July 14th and July 15th and present them once more in from of judges July 29th from 3:00-5:00 pm. All inventions must fall under the Creative Arts Division and must be original inventions. For more information regarding requirements and eligibility, visit the Facebook event page.

Invention Competition for Adults & High School Students

10. Midway Ride-All-Day Wristband Voucher

This year the fair is offering a way to ‘get tickets’ to purchase a wristband voucher online that allows you to ride all day. You can print them at home, use mobile delivery on your smartphone or even have the vouchers mailed to your home. The vouchers are new this year so take advantage and get yours for $20.50 before July 25th!

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