Moving to Delaware, OH? Here's What You Need to Know!

Established in the 1800’s, this city has a bright future

an aerial view of the town of delaware ohio on a sunny day


Jean Linder


Jan 21, 2021

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Hero image courtesy of the City of Delaware.

Delaware, OH may sound like the GPS got an address mixed up, but it made Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live in 2017” short list!  We’re happy to show you why.  Whether you’re on your way to moving there or have lived there for years, let’s take a look at why Delaware, Ohio makes a great place to live.

Often, families will decide to undertake a long-distance move to become a citizen of Delaware, one of the greatest cities in Ohio. When undertaking such a journey there are many blunders that can occur, especially for those unfamiliar with the process of cross country moving. To help your family avoid these pitfalls, we have a few tips and tricks that will make your move hassle-free. 

Find A Reputable Realtor

The first step to ensuring that your move goes smoothly is to work with a reputable real estate professional. Many people will choose the first name that pops up on their search engine; however, if you are looking for the right home, in the right neighborhood, you want to be sure that you do a more thorough search. 

Make sure that you work with a Realty company with reviews showing that they not only deliver on their promises but care about their customers. You should also check to see if local magazines and websites have reviewed them as being the best in the business. By fully vetting your real estate agency you’ll make sure you find a house you can call home.

Work With A Moving Company

Once you have found your new family home and your moving date is rapidly approaching, it is time to start packing and begin to move your belongings. You could always go with a DIY approach and spend all day and night trying to make sure that everything is ready for your moving day. Alternatively, you could work with a professional moving company. 

By choosing to utilize the services of a moving company you not only save yourself the headache of having to pack all your belongings yourself but you no longer have to strain your back trying to lift your furniture into an undersized truck on the day of your move. They’ll do everything for you while you sit back and relax and tend to everything else that’s required to plan a successful move.

Consider Shipping Your Cars

Most families in the United States have two or more cars. If your family has multiple cars, you have two options when it comes to making a long-distance move. The first option has you driving for hours (if not days) on end to your new home. The second option allows you to put your car or cars into the hands of one of the many reputable car shipping companies out there so that they can safely and securely transport your car to its destination freeing you of the burden of driving. Choosing to ship your car is a headache-free option. 

Ohio police with bicycle
Delaware, Ohio police patrol in a variety of ways, keeping everyone safe.  Image courtesy of Delaware County.  

Delaware, OH City Services

Delaware, OH operates under the city council form of government.  The city council is comprised of seven members-- three elected by the city and four elected by each ward of the city individually-- and serve terms of four years. The exceptions to this rule are the Mayor and Vice Mayor, who serve two year terms instead.  All council members are part-time civil servants, and as such, they do not maintain offices at City Hall.  Instead, a more personal approach is utilized with individual contact.  City Council meetings are head the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7pm at City Hall.  You can view profiles of each City Council member on their webpage and City Council meeting agendas (past and present) here.

Two Officers with cop dog

The Delaware, OH police are highly respected and involved in their community.  They offer many services, such as security assessments for homes and vacation checks when you’re away on holiday.  Their annual basketball camp is popular, providing children with a chance to positively interact with police officers outside of their normal uniform and role while promoting an active lifestyle free of drugs.  The camp is open to a maximum of 50 children on a first-come, first-served basis.  

The local Fire Department offers more than just services in times of emergency.  They also offer car seat checks, home inspections for adoption or fostering, and CPR classes.  You can also schedule a tour, which the kids love!  

The City of Delaware, OH has a city income tax and corresponding department.  The city income tax is 1.85% in accordance with Chapter 192 of Delaware’s codified ordinance.  This tax is on income earned by residents, resident businesses, non-resident individuals and non-resident businesses earning income in the City of Delaware, OH.  The FAQ on the city’s website provides more information, and you can file online or in person.  

The City of Delaware website has loads of other useful information.  There you can find the information above, as well as information on Water & Sewage, Licenses & Permits, Waste Disposal, and the Airport.  The webpage also has updates and notifications about meetings, office closures, and the local radio show.  Other information on the website includes Economic Development, Careers, Vendors, and the Municipal Court.  The Visitor’s section is packed with ideas and information about local events, museums, and attractions.  

Kids Writing
The schools in Delaware, Ohio consistently score much higher than the national average, making moving here one smart move!  Image courtesy of Pexels.  

Delaware's Residential Info & Schools  

There are homes available for sale and rent in Delaware, OH.  According to, the median rent is $896/month and the median home value is $166,700.  The majority of people here own their homes and have either a bachelor’s degree or some form of higher education.  Many also have their master’s degree.  Children under 10 years of age make up about 15% of the population, teenagers about 10% and 12% are young adults (17 years or older).  

The job market is rich, with a median household income at $62,154. In fact, the unemployment rate is only 2%, which is 63% lower than the national average!  

Politically, most folks in Delaware are conservative.  

Delaware is also a member of Nextdoor, a neighborhood networking app.  According to, it’s also highly ranked among Ohio cities.  It’s 7% less expensive than other cities in the United States, and overall crime is down 27%.  All of Delaware’s crime statistics are much lower than the national averages-- approximately 30% less than the national average overall.  

Three boys with basket ball

Delaware, OH is also home to a number of excellent schools.  There are 17 public schools with excellent reviews, a few highly-rated private schools, and three colleges.  Graduation rates are 90%, school scores are 79%, both of which are higher than the national average as well.  These high scores are no doubt almost a direct result of the lower-than-national-average ratio of 13 students to 1 teacher.  With fewer students to teachers, there’s more room for personalized attention and individualized approaches to learning.  There’s also more structure, because Teachers have more control over classrooms, and a higher chance to build a positive report with each other.  

The city’s public transportation is courtesy of DCT-- Delaware County Transit system-- which offers both fixed routes and on-demand routes.  Both have different pricing.  The fixed routes cost .50 to $1, depending on your age.  All DCT busses are handicapped accessible.  However, for special cases where specific users are unable to utilize regular busses, DCT also offers Paratransit.  Paratransit is a shared-ride service that costs just $2, providing an affordable option for those with disabilities that prevent them from using regular buses (even with adaptations in place).  You can find more information about DCT service on their FAQ page.  

Ohio’s business is business!  The people of Ohio have a reputation for being hardworking, and paychecks in Delaware, Ohio are keeping up.  Image courtesy of Patch.

Business in Delaware

Located in the Columbus region of Ohio, Delaware is part of a massively diverse metropolitan area with loads of business opportunities and the land to build them on.  And as you’ve read already, it’s also a fabulous place for families looking to relocate with the business the area brings.  

Whether you’re looking to start your own company or already have an existing company you’re looking to stabilize or expand, Delaware County has the economic development you’re looking for.  Delaware County Economic Development has resources for employment, property, financing, marketing, communications, even advice on how to navigate the local government and utilities.  

The City of Delaware, Ohio Economic Development & Entrepreneur Center is another fantastic business resource.  They offer two Business Concierges and a staff of volunteers who will personally meet with you to discuss your business needs or even simply walk you through a simple permit request at any time.  They also offer financing assistance, help finding facilities and property, and even offer business incentives such as the Community Reinvestment Area Property Tax Abatement and special clean energy financing.  If you wish to start a business, they can match you with a mentor and help you with every stage, from planning to opening to staying open.  They have tons of resources for other business-related things, from building permits to all of the city’s economic plans, studies, and reports.  

Downtown Delaware, Ohio
Downtown Delaware, Ohio offers both day and nocturnal activities and fun!  Image courtesy of WOSU Radio.  

Shopping, Food & Entertainment

Historic downtown Delaware was established in 1808, and has an amazing assortment of retail, food & drink, and entertainment venues plus loads of fun events.  

Shopping in Delaware, OH

Downtown bustles with booming small businesses.  The Greater Gouda is a fine foods and cheese shop located on Sandusky Street.  Described as a “country store with a gourmet touch,” The Great Gouda offers a great selection of jams, pastas, wine, bread, candy, and-- of course-- cheese!  And so much more!  Owners Terri and Mark have filled this little store to the brim with wonderful tastes for every palette, and even offer catering and recipes.  Their passion for food also translates to the community through charity work with United Way and the Delaware County Hunger Alliance, as well as other charities in the area.  

Smiling woman

Also on Sandusky Street is Gameplay Unlimited, where you can buy, sell or trade any kind of game from old Atari to new Xbox.  With a constantly revolving collection, the gamers in your family will want to check back here often.  If they like comics and graphic novels, have them slide over to Secret Identity Comics on North Franklin.  

On West Winter Street, you’ll find Pure-N-Simple Natural Foods.  They offer clean foods and household products, handmade soaps, essential oils, and anything else you’ll need for a clean life.  

You can find all of the retail listings in downtown Delaware here-- there’s something for everyone to do!  

Delaware's Food Scene

Old Dog Alehouse & Brewery offers a menu featuring farm-to-table options that change with the seasons.  But the real star of the show is their independant beer selection from across the nation as well as selections from their own nano-brewery.  They offer wine as well, and catering for events.  A newer restaurant-- it only opened in 2018-- you can also order your food online and have it ready (or almost ready) when you arrive!  

Tikka Masala Flatbeard

If you’re in the historic district, look for Mohio Pizza, famous for their dough.  At Mohio’s, it’s not just a pizza-- it’s a homemade pizza pie.  Cocktails, beer, and wine flesh out a dinner of some of the freshest pizza you’ll ever have.  Located on Sandusky Street, they’re not open as late as other pizzarias-- so make sure to grab a slice while you’re there!  

If its sweets you’re craving, be sure to stop at independently-owned Ollie’s Ice Cream.  They have the classics like Vanilla, but signature flavors include Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Coffee Cookies & Cream.  Yum-o, we say!  Especially since they do catering-- wouldn’t you just love an ice-cream cake from these guys as a sweet treat on your big day?  

Main Street Delaware & Other Cool Stuff

Main Street Delaware is an organization entirely run by and with volunteers.  They specifically advocate for downtown businesses.  They provide one-on-one assistance with anything a business could need, lightening local government's burden and increasing networking and partnerships between businesses.  They also do tons of research and planning for local community needs, and run a bunch of cool events.  

Main Street Galleria

First Fridays are a favorite event, featuring a selection of vendors and local entertainment.  Each event is themed, and new vendors are always being added to the roster!  And from May through October, you can visit the Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday.  The Farmer’s Market features produce, baked goods, plants, and crafts all from locals.  

They also run signature programs, such as Brickscape and Christmas in Downtown.  Main Street Delaware is also responsible for the beautification of downtown.  

While you’re exploring downtown, check out CoHatch.  It’s located in the old Gazette building, and now features a multitude of offices, meeting rooms, a coworking space, theatre, and socializing spaces including a patio with a gas grill.    

Delaware Parks & Recreation  

The parks in Delaware, OH are large and gorgeous nature preserves featuring a variety of activities.  All of the parks are part of Delaware County’s Preservation Parks system, which maintains and promotes the parks.  Amenities vary from park to park-- so check out the directory to learn more about the specific park you’re going to visit-- but typical amenities include multi-use trails, picnic areas, wildlife preservation areas, kayaking, and natural play areas for children.  

Dog at restaurant

The parks aren’t just for warm-weather entertainment, either.  Marathons run all year round, and there are winter activities including bird walks, full moon hikes, crochet lessons, animal and nature education, and homeschool visits.  


One of the more unique entertainment offerings from Delaware is the Delaware Digest Radio Show.  The station runs several programs, including Hockey Talk, Bible Matters, and the music-focused Remedy Radio.  They also run podcasts.  Everything about 92.2 FM is local and proud of it.  

One of the oldest movie theatres in the United States, The Strand Theatre on E. Winter Street in downtown is non-profit with great prices.  It’s historical, so don’t expect the modern seating.  However, they offer a great selection of movies and affordable concession prices, as well as free kid’s shows in the summer.  

Perkins Observatory offers a unique night out under the stars-- because of the stars, too!   Founded in 1923, the observatory conducts hundreds of programs all year long.  There are both regular and specialty programs, so check out the website!  Purchase tickets online in advance with debit or credit cards, and be sure to use the directions listed on their website-- apparently there’s an issue with other online directions.  If you love your experience, consider becoming one of their volunteers!  

Man drink a glass of coffee
See yourself as part of the Delaware, Ohio community.  Image courtesy of Pexels.

 There is so much more to Delaware, Ohio than we can possibly fit into one article!  We’ve tried to give you a taste of things that it has to offer, but we think the best possible thing that any town or city could offer is its residents.  

People make or break a place.  And the people of Delaware, Ohio are definitely making it!  We know we’ve missed some things-- probably a lot of things-- but if you have lived in Delaware, Ohio (or live there now), please drop some suggestions for future articles in the comments below!  And if you’re moving there soon, drop us some questions, too!  

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