Local Columbus Businesses Doing Their Part for the Community

Columbus is coming together to help out the community during the COVID-19 quarantine

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Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Cities across the country are learning to deal with the restrictions to social engagement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Columbus is no different. This vibrant city has bustling business and entertainment scenes, and both have been drastically affected by the closures. However, just because they’re forced to operate differently to keep everyone safer doesn’t mean they aren’t still trying to help out their community! There’s no way to diminish the friendly, and welcoming spirit of many local businesses in Columbus, and each day they’re doing their part to ensure that Columbus can still function as “normally” as possible.

This community is also looking out for vulnerable citizens, and those in healthcare who are on the front lines of the fight. By really embodying the spirit of community, Columbus will emerge from this all the stronger. We wanted to take the time to highlight some of the industries that are doing their part to help out in these uncertain times.

Local Columbus Restaurants, Cafes, and Breweries Helping the Community

In times of need, these local places have kept their businesses open

Although businesses must remain closed to in-person encounters, that doesn’t mean that everything has closed up for good! Many businesses that provide food and drinks to the public are continuing to do so by offering curbside pickup or delivery either through their website, or third party apps such as GrubHub, Postmates, and DoorDash. It’s important that these businesses stay open to not only help locals stay fed, but to give employees a chance to come into work.


There are a lot of restaurants in Columbus who have decided to stay open for deliveries and pickup. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, you can pick up or get delivery for a delicious meal from The Top Steakhouse, and while you’re ordering, make sure to include a bottle of wine from their list as well. Maybe you’re feeling more like wings or a pulled pork sandwich, in that case, call up Over the Counter for carryout Monday through Saturday. You can also include beer or wine in your order at state minimum prices. If you need to take some time out of your day to relax, why not treat yourself to a delivery from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams? Check out their website for local delivery. Because sometimes you just need to treat yourself to some delicious ice cream.

Let’s not forget that although Columbus restaurants are keeping the community fed and their employees working, they’re also doing their part to support the many healthcare workers and first responders who are helping to take care of those suffering with the COVID-19 virus. Donations to Columbus hospitals have come from many restaurants to help feed the staff who are working each day to combat this pandemic. Many aren’t even advertising it, but quietly doing what they can to help keep morale up, and hungry healthcare workers fed.


In addition to Columbus restaurants offering delivery, Columbus’ many breweries are also keeping their doors open for beer deliveries and curbside pickups. Breweries are offering both their beer and food menu items available for customers to order, which helps keep the community safe and their employees earning a wage. Check out the websites of Nocterra, Land Grant Brewing, Platform Brewing, Pretentious Barrel House, or BrewDog to see what they have available to order.


The people of Columbus are definitely missing the many local cafes and coffee shops that provide them with so much more than a cup of coffee and a small bite to eat. They miss the enjoyment of relaxing with friends and have good discussions, the friendly baristas that serve them, and they might even miss getting some work done from a location other than the office or home! Cafes in Columbus are staying open to keep mornings feeling somewhat normal, including Community Grounds, which is keeping their regular hours for pickup and delivery. You can even use the Cloosiv app ahead of time to place an order! If you’d prefer whole beans to brew at home, they’re also offering delivery within five miles of the shop.

The Crimson Cup is also offering pickup and drive-through services (Clintonville location) as well as delivery of menu items and whole bean coffee through their website and includes free delivery!

Grocery stores are doing their part to stay open and keep both employees and members of the Columbus community safe. Image courtesy of Kroger.

Grocery Stores in Columbus Offer Delivery

This essential service is keeping people safe at home

Although many local businesses have had to close their doors to the public, grocery stores are an essential service to the community and have stayed open. The tireless work of employees to keep shelves stocked, gather items for pickup and delivery, and provide a speedy checkout are keeping those in Columbus safe.


Local Kroger stores are trying to keep as many people as they can at home, all while staying open to ensure Columbus has the food and essential personal items they need to get by. They are employing social-distancing practices to ensure the health of both patrons and employees, and offer other options to get groceries. In addition to in-store shopping, customers can order items online for curbside pickup or, they can opt to have their items delivered by the store for a small fee of $9.95. You can also choose to have pantry items shipped to your home as well, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to pick up staples each week when you shop. These acts of caring are echoed by Kroger customers as well-- in recent weeks, stories have also emerged about Kroger shoppers all over the country paying it forward to help care for their communities during these difficult times.


If you need delivery from places in addition to groceries, then consider checking out the stores that are available on Instacart for Columbus. This online delivery service allows shoppers to peruse through a couple of local stores to find exactly what they need, all from the safety of their home. Choose from grocery stores such as Meijer, Costco, or Sam’s Club or specialty stores such as Target, PetCo, and CVS for any additional needs. Simply choose the day and time you’d like to have your items delivered, and on the day of, you’ll be assigned a personal shopper to gather your items for delivery. There’s no need for contact at delivery either, keeping both you and the Instacart employee safe. One of the best features of this service is that it allows you to add additional items to your card in the days before your scheduled delivery, ensuring you won’t forget anything.


Walmart in Columbus is also working hard to keep Columbus safe, and offers delivery and curbside pickup for groceries, in addition to other items in their store. Simply add the items you need to your cart, schedule a time for delivery, and a Walmart employee will make sure your items are delivered. In case the item you choose is out of stock--which is common at this time--you can either choose a replacement item, or the amount of that item will be refunded.

Local Meals on Wheels in Columbus hasn’t stopped delivering meals and checking in on the most vulnerable in the community. Image courtesy of Meals on Wheels.

Columbus Citizens Taking Care of Each Other

The Columbus community has always made it a point to look out for one another, and now more than ever, this practice has been put into play. Organizations are looking out for vulnerable members of the community and doing their part to ensure that supplies are getting to who needs them most, no matter what!

Meals on Wheels

There are over 5,000 meals delivered each day by the Meals on Wheels Columbus chapter, and the volunteers of this organization have showed no signs of letting the COVID-19 virus slow them down. Each day they’re bringing a hot meal to an elderly person or someone who cannot leave the house due to a compromised respiratory or immune system. Not only does this long-running community asset provide meals to members, but they also check on people during this uncertain time, and can offer a smiling face. This is a vital Columbus organization that is ensuring no one gets forgotten in this lonely time of social distancing and self-isolation.

With many people finding themselves at home more these days, there has been an increase in applications as volunteers with Meals on Wheels, either as drivers or food preparers. Just another sign that Columbus is doing its part to take care of everyone in the community!

Feed the Kids

With school out, children are now at home for the entire day. Many families counted on the breakfast and lunches provided by the schools to help their children get through the day. Now that schools are closed, parents can no longer rely on the school food programs, which is exactly why community organization Feed the Kids Columbus has started to collect items for food delivery to needy families. Volunteers have been spreading out to neighborhoods and placing bags on household doors with a list of items needed and where the drop off location is. You can fill a bag and either have a volunteer pick it up or drop it off at a designated location. Their presence on Facebook has allowed them to gather even more support than they had anticipated, and has helped many children in the Columbus area dealing with food insecurity to have a healthy meal each day.

Dublin City Schools

Everyone is trying to do their part to help those in the healthcare field in any way that they can. This includes the Dublin City Schools, who were able to donate 3,360 N95 masks to OhioHealth to ease the fears that masks may be hard to get in the future. The school district stated that the masks were in storage, and when they heard that this type was particularly in demand, went ahead and donated them all. Talk about a great way to help out the Columbus healthcare community!

Many Columbus attractions have put their collections online to help locals stay connected at home. Image courtesy of the Columbus Museum of Art.

Many Columbus Attractions Putting Their Collections Online

Online services that can now be safely viewed from home

Due to the shelter in place order affecting all of Ohio, many attractions, museums, and community locations have had to close their doors. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t open for business online though! Now Columbus residents can stay at home, but never feel like they’ve lost touch with their favorite places to visit!

Columbus Center of Science and Industry

If you loved to view the exhibits at this popular attraction while it was open, not to worry, now you can online as well! If you have kids, you should definitely be taking advantage of COSI’s daily online videos aimed at students staying home. Their social sites will let you know what the next activity of the day is so you can tune in live, or watch a little later in the day.

If you’re missing your favorite dinosaur exhibits at the Museum of Natural History, make sure you view their 360 Dinosaur Gallery and say hi--and learn something new-- to some familiar exhibits.

Columbus Museum of Art

Another iconic museum in Columbus that has had to close its doors is the Columbus Museum of Art. Don’t worry though, this organization knows how important art is to the local community, and has placed many of their permanent collections--as well as exhibitions that would be going on now--online. If you feel bored after work or on the weekends, take some self-care time and get lost in the beautiful world of art, that feels more important now than ever!

Columbus gyms are helping people stay healthy by offering many classes online! Image courtesy of StudioTorch.

Columbus Fitness Has Gone Virtual

Thanks to online streaming, Columbus can keep healthy

In addition to keeping mentally fit and limiting your time spent reading the news, you also need to ensure that your body is healthy. While you can always go for a walk or run outside or on your treadmill or elliptical at home, why not change it up and try a class online? In response to the pandemic, local gyms have stepped up their online classes so the community can keep their immune systems in top shape! Many are offering discounted packages or memberships, so see what classes interest you at Studio Torch, Fit4Mom, REFIT Revolution, or The Fitness Loft!

Although Columbus is dealing with unprecedented events, it doesn’t put a damper on the community spirit of ensuring that day to day life can go on amid these circumstances. These businesses are working hard to ensure that people in the community are taken care of, and that everyone is staying healthy, both mentally and physically. Do you know a certain business who is doing their part in the Columbus community? Let us know in the comments!

April 17, 2020
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