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Marissa Somers


Jan 21, 2021

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Just like with any kind of relationship communication is essential to maintaining a happy and healthy bond. This is true for friendships, romantic partners, family members, and especially your professional relationships. Think about how you nurture your personal relationships outside of the office. I can guarantee you one thing that popped into your head was proper and frequent communication. Consistent communication is something you should be practicing within your business. We all know communication is important but we rarely think about its frequency when doing business. 

Many argue that consistent communication is an underrated tool in creating long lasting relationships with customers. This is true for any kind of business. Small, large, business to business, or business to customer facing, regardless of the size, shape, and structure of your company you should always consider the benefits of intentional communication with your professional contacts.

Communication is often taken for granted. Like most things we take for granted, we never know how good things are until we no longer have them. The same concept applies to business relationships. Your customers will notice when things are bad first rather than noticing the good. If your communication is spotty or slacks off the customer will notice. If you are not on top of the little things, even though arguably communication is a big thing, you will see your business relationships suffer as a result. This is the last possible thing you would want to happen. 

This is why it is important to establish a meaningful relationship that is professional in its conduct. Both the parties should leverage communication in order to ensure that there is complete transparency whenever financial transactions are involved. This means that whether it is about purchasing a piece of property or if you have to buy bitcoin on Paybis, you should be aware of the information and education about the financial asset.

As a result of inconsistent communication you run the risk of your customers losing faith in you. Worst case scenario is you may lose clientele. This is because customers want to work with companies they can trust. If your team is inconsistent in communication it can appear as if your company is not organized. Your customer also may start to assume that you and your team do not communicate well together. And if your team is not working together properly, how can they have faith in you to do a good job? If intentions, goals, and progress reports are not communicated clearly after initial meetings, you can end up losing customers and earning a poor reputation within your industry. Remember that trust and loyalty go a long way in keeping up strong and thriving relationships!

Another aspect of why consistent communication with customers matters is because customers like to see progress. No matter what industry you are conducting business in, your customers will want progress updates regarding the goals you have established with them at the start of your partnership together. You need to show your customers that you value them by fulfilling their wishes and showing progress towards reaching their goals. Do not leave your customers in the dark. Everyone loves a behind the scenes look into how things are going. This also helps ease anxieties. Communication leaves both parties feeling satisfied. 

Something else to note is how you communicate. Communicating often is great, but you have to remember how you communicate. Reiterating an earlier sentiment, think about how you communicate with friends and family outside of work. Tone plays a huge role in how your communication affects the other person. Tone can also affect the relationship as a whole. Depending on the tone used this could positively or negatively affect the overall relationship over time. Make sure you establish how your team is communicating with each other and the customers. You need to establish a language to use when communicating with your customers. This will also assist in keeping communication across different departments consistent with one another. This shows the customer that you and your team are on the same page. 

Words are powerful. They can either help or hinder your relationships. You will help yourself and your business with consistent and detailed communication. Detailed progress reports will help reassure your clients that you can be trusted with fulfilling your given tasks. You may want to consider syncing your data from Google Bigquery to Hubspot. Your business to customer business model can benefit from providing your clients with detailed lifestyle and performance marketing reports. There is a step by step guide that allows you to select the data you need from Google Bigquery. All you have to do is choose Hubspot from their catalog! You can manage mappings and set up a schedule to begin syncing data. This will aid your consistent communication with your customers and expand your relationships to new heights.

The difference between a well respected business and a disorganized one is how well one communicates with their customers. Remember that consistent communication helps establish customer trust and loyalty. At the end of the day good relationships are revenue building. You sustain your revenue stream through your successful relationships. Remember to take the extra time to nurture your business relationships. These seemingly little things can make all the difference in building your business!

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August 2, 2022
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