House Remodeling Projects with the Best Return on Investment

House Remodeling Projects with the Best Return on Investment

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Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

Before you do a home renovation, find out whether you will get your money back when you sell. There is no easy answer to this because buyers’ preferences differ but it’s important to know what your home improvements are worth. Here are some house remodeling projects that have reliably high ROIs:

Wood Deck

Installing a wood deck is pricier than most renovations but the project has great returns. Although every prospective homeowner wants one, they aren’t usable throughout the year in most areas. Weather plays a role in the value of wood decks. As a result, decks that can be used more often are more valuable.  You can recoup up to 80.5 percent of the installation cost upon selling your home.  

Kitchen Update

The kitchen, for most homeowners, is the most important room in the house. Adding some gray cabinets, beautiful backsplash or new appliances will significantly raise the value of your home. The average ROI for a kitchen upgrade is 79.3 percent and the update costs roughly $20,000. Looking at these numbers, you can recoup a significant amount upon resale. 

Are you looking for a neutral color for your kitchen that offers warmth? A white kitchen can sometimes risk feeling too cold, and it’s difficult to clean too. But with light grey kitchen cabinets, you can keep things light but still add a warm feeling to your kitchen

New Windows

Window replacements have high ROIs and have been estimated to return up to 77.5 of the initial investment during resale. Installing new windows would be an efficient use of your remodeling budget with three-fold returns: increased value, efficiency, and curb appeal. You won’t find another renovation project that achieves as much. 

The increase in value and curb appeal are obvious, but new windows also reduce the carbon footprint of your home by lowering the cost of healing and cooling. 

Front Door Refinishing

In the recent past, front door replacement has had great returns on investment. Actually, steel doors return roughly 101.8 percent of the investment at resale.  Meaning that you will get back more than you spent on the project. However, homeowners hesitate to renovate their front doors due to the initial cost.

Front door refinishing has the added advantage of boosting curb appeal. A new door makes your house more attractive from a buyer’s viewpoint. Old exterior doors are a source of energy loss in the home. So this project enhances the look of your home whilst increasing energy efficiency. 

Garage Door Replacement

Not only does a garage door replacement improve curb appeal exponentially but it also increases your home’s value. When the time to sell comes, it will sell faster and at a much higher price. The cost of replacing your garage door varies considerably. A mid-range replacement could cost approximately $1,600 while an upscale replacement could cost about twice as much. 

However, the ROI of a mid-range garage door replacement is higher than that of an upscale replacement at 88.4 and 88.2 percent, respectively. 

Interior Paint Job

A new paint job changes the entire look of a home. Updating your wall colors can help it to sell faster. The most popular colors are beige and gray or anything that falls in between. Some people add at least one accent wall in each room to create a focal point.

Whatever color you choose should not darken the room. Use interior design apps to simulate what the paint job will look like when complete. To save money, you can even do the paint job yourself. 

Basement Remodel

Not all homes have a basement but those that do could use an upgrade to increase the livable space. Rather than having a dark and dingy basement, make your basement a selling point. 


Not all renovation projects are the same; some have a higher ROI than others. Whether you choose to replace your front door, garage door, or upgrade the kitchen, your home’s value will definitely go up. 

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May 19, 2022
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