Incredible Wineries In Amish Country Ohio That You Have To Try

Visiting any one of these wineries we have listed below is sure to knock your socks off!

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Andrew Hanin


Jan 21, 2021

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It’s not so often that in today’s world we get a real good break from working or parenting or whatever it is that you do that takes up your time. 

But when you do get some time off, maybe a weekend, or maybe just a few hours after dinner, gathering your family or friends together at a winery is one of the most relaxing and fun experiences you can have. We might even say that heading over to a winery is the best way to take a load off after a stressful week, month, or even year. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list for you of some great wineries in Amish Country in Ohio to give a try. 

Guggisberg’s Doughty Glen Winery 

Guggisberg’s Doughty Glen Winery 
There’s nothing like a row of beautiful wine bottles and pristinely kept wine glasses that can entice you to give this winery a go. Image courtesy of

5025 State Route 557 | Millersburg, OH |

Doughty Glen Winery specializes in pairing cheese with it’s perfect wine counterpart. Pairing cheese with wine can be an arduous and finicky process, but the story of this winery begins with a family of master cheesemakers so in terms of the cheese pairings, you’re in good hands. 

If you’re interested in or purchasing any of their wines, head over to the Guggisberg Swiss Inn anytime from noon until 9pm, Monday through Saturday and you won’t be disappointed. Give their more classic Pinot Noir a taste, or get a little adventurous and try one of their fruit-forward strawberry or raspberry wines. No matter what you choose, be assured that you’ll be trying some real quality wine in a beautiful area.

While you sip your wine, you’re welcome to explore the Guggisberg Swiss Inn’s property. If you’re interested in trying or buying any of their cheese or chocolate as well, head over to the Guggisberg Swiss Inn and they’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the best cheese or chocolate pairing with whatever wine you’re interested in. 

In addition to the winery and the chocolate and cheese options, Guggisberg Winery is a part of the aforementioned Guggisberg Swiss Inn. So if you want your trip to the winery to include an overnight stay or even a whole weekend away, the Guggisberg Swiss Inn might just be the way to go. 

Although you may want to, there is plenty more to do at the inn that isn’t sampling or or even gulping down some wines. Part of the Guggisberg Swiss Inn is the surrounding area, not just the building you’d stay in. 

The area has a duck pond, open areas to stroll about, and horse stables with the option of horseback riding. The Inn also usually lets horses walk around the property freely. 

We just can’t think of a more perfect getaway than a wine tasting while you watch horses roam about or take to the duck pond watch the ducks and little ducklings do their own thing. 

Michelle S. had a great time during her stay, so much so that she gave the winery five stars! 

“Wonderful atmosphere! Loved the ducks and horses and donkey in the background . The wine and sangria were delicious . The Amish were there with fire roasted pizza and pulled pork - both were so good ! Will stay at the inn next time.” - Yelp review

Breitenbach Wine Cellars

Breitenbach Wine Cellars
From the looks of this photo, if you visit Breitenbach Wine Cellars in the Fall, you might accidentally find yourself in a fairytale. This place is flat-out gorgeous. Image courtesy of 

5934 Old Route 39 Northwest | Dover, OH |

Have you ever heard of Dandelion wine? We hadn’t either until we checked up on Breitenbach Wine Cellars who, along with grape, fruit, and berry wine, offer dandelion wine as well. 

If you’re curious about how dandelion wine is made, (we definitely are) the first Saturday of May, Breitenbach Wine has a dandelion May-Fest which includes a tour of the whole winery as well, not just the part that makes the dandelion wine. 

Breiteenbach has many different events that it holds on its property but the most popular and unique is undoubtedly May-Fest. May-Fest isn’t just fun for the adults either - the Dandelion Festival will have “live music, a dandelion picking contest for the kids, and the Great Dandelion Cook-off”.

Apart from the dandelion wine, there are 40 varieties of wines that Breitenbach offers. If you feel like sampling a few of those varieties, take a trip over to their cafe. Give a few of their wines a taste and then pair it with a fresh salad and one of their wood-fired pizzas made in an authentic brick oven. 

You can also taste some wines at their gift shop, but we really recommend going on the full wine tour if you can get the chance. From the picture of the Breitenbach Wine property above though, we can see why you’d want to spend some time out on the patio relaxing and eating some fresh, delicious food. 

"They have one of the most amazing flavor wines out there. If you have never tasted or heard of dandelion wine now is the time to go and get it they have a dandelion Festival that I really want to go to and plan on going to next year." - Yelp Review

French Ridge Vineyards

Image result for french ridge vineyards
Can you imagine how fresh the air out here at French Ridge Farms would smell? Only way to find out if your imagination is accurate is to go visit! Image courtesy of

2586 Township Road 34 | Killbuck, OH | 

French Ridge Vineyards is a homegrown, authentic vineyard that’s perfect if you’re looking for a quiet, more subdued getaway. All of the wine that French Ridge Vineyards sells is made from the grapes that they grow. From those grapes, French Ridge Vineyards sells 14 different wines, each with a distinct flavor profile that are sure to impress. 

When visiting French Ridge Vineyards, you will have the option to go on a vineyard tour. On the tour, your guide will take you through the rows of their grapes, explain some of the types of grapes, their characteristics, and what they do with each type of grape. 

During the right months, they’ll even encourage you to take some of the grapes directly from the vine and give them a try. This really isn’t something that you see very often at a normal wine tour. It’s an awesome opportunity to understand exactly what goes into certain wines and why they taste the way that they do.

Going on a specialized vineyard tour like this can deepen your understanding of wine and might even lead you to trying a new type of wine that you’ll fall in love with! 

If your plan is to not only sample some wines and take a vineyard tour, but also to stay overnight or over a few nights, French Ridge Vineyards offers a rustic cabin that you and one other person can stay in. 

The cabins have a private deck that overlooks the vineyard, and the cabin booking comes with a free wine tasting session. 

Baltic Mill Winery

Baltic Mill Winery
Spacious, homey, comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon here? Image courtesy of

111 East Main St | Baltic, OH |

Baltic Mill Winery’s main floor is positively stunning. It’s a perfect atmosphere for a casual wine tasting, which is exactly what you could be doing there. While the main floor is amazing, just downstairs in the cellar is actually where Baltic Mill Winery makes all of their wine.

So while you’re upstairs trying to calculate how many wine samples add up to one drink, the owner, Dan Garver, and his son, Matt, are down in the cellar crafting the delicious wine that you’ll be tasting. 

Once you get to the Baltic Mill Winery (after scheduling a wine tasting, of course) and have a seat in the main floor with the impeccable ambiance, you can start with that wine tasting you’ve been waiting for. 

Although all their wines are tasty and unique in their own way, their sweet wines are what they’re really known for. From their “Just Peachy” wine to the very popular Blackberry wine, Baltic Mill Winery knows what they’re doing, especially when it comes to the sweet stuff.

At Baltic Mill Winery, the centerpiece of your time there is 100% the wine, even to the point that the only food they offer are meat and cheese plates and a hummus and vegetable plate. Those might be some appropriate accoutrements to a wine tasting, the people at Baltic Mill Winery understand that you may want something more than just meat and cheese. 

That’s why they allow any customer to bring their own food into the main area. They may even try to help you pair whatever food you bring with a specific wine!

If your plan is to get a larger group together for a wine tasting there is an option to rent a separate room that can hold either up to 40 people or up to 80 people. If you think you need more space than that - give the winery call and we’re sure they’ll help you to the best of their ability. 

If for whatever reason you can’t make it out to the Baltic Mill Winery, there are a few locations where you can pick up one of their bottles, or you can buy some online

If you’re a big fan of sweet wine, you won’t want to miss out on visiting the Baltic Mill Winery. 

Baltic Mill Winery is sitting pretty at a five-star average on Yelp, and we think Kristen G sums up the general sentiment of everyone who wrote a review as she says that this winery is an,

“Absolutely amazing little gem just off the main drag in Baltic!  The building, the wines, and the staff are all incredible.  What this family has done with this former flour mill is unique and eclectic.  Well worth your time and money!” - Yelp Review

Sunny Slope Winery

Sunny Slope Winery
We don’t know whose arm that is, but they’re holding some delicious Sunny Slopes wine and that’s all that matters. Image courtesy of

12251 OH-39 | Big Prairie, OH |

Sunny Slopes Winery has a little bit of a different atmosphere as compared to the other wineries on this list. If you’re into a more upbeat, rambunctious sort of night, Sunny Slopes Winery might be the best winery in Amish country for you. 

The ambiance is light, bubbly, and all around just fun. Nothing too serious, just some good times with some great wine. Speaking of their wine, it’s all made in small batches but they still manage to have an awesome variety

Sunny Slopes Winery has all the basics that you’ve had before, but they’ve also got some seasonal twists that’ll knock your socks off. Pretty much any fruit that you think would make an interesting and robust wine is on their list depending on the season. 

Something else that sets this spot apart from a lot of wineries, is that it’s also a deli. We know, sounds strange but… why not, right? They’ve got soups, cold and warm sandwiches, and some small snacks like vegetables and hummus. SO, for all you folks out there who go to a winery, taste the wine and think, “this is good, but where’s my reuben sandwich?” this is the place for you. 

To be clear, we’re not recommending that you pair one of Sunny Slopes Winery’s inventive wines with a reuben sandwich, we’re just saying that it’s an option. When in Rome right?

"Great spot in the country!  Fantastic hosts & delicious wine.  Grab a deli sammich and kick back to enjoy an afternoon or evening.  Top notch entertainment always sure to please on Fri & Sat.  So much FUN!" - Yelp review

There are so many great wineries in Amish country in Ohio but these five are the ones that stuck out the most to us. Each one has the potential to help you and whoever you bring make some awesome memories and have some good, wine-filled fun!

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