10 Things to Do While You’re in Amish Country, Ohio

Amish Country has a lot to offer for a variety of groups. Check out these 10 things you have to do while visiting Amish Country.

an amish man rides a bicycle next to a street in amish country ohio


Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

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Ohio’s Amish Country is known for it’s beauty in its vast landscapes but there’s so much more than that. Amish Country plans events for family outings, a romantic getaway, girls trips or even individual adventures. Be sure to check out real estate in Ohio!

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Homes for Sale in Amish Country

1. Amish Heartland Tours

The Amish Heartland Tours offer bus tours and guided backroad tours through scenic routes. On these tours you will take several stops at Amish businesses such as the buggy maker, candle maker and basket maker. All products are for sale and may be purchased with cash only. The bus tour may even be customized to choose the stops you and your group wish to see. Check out more information here.

Amish Horse and Carriage
Book your private tour, bus tour or backroad tour today!

2. Schrock’s Heritage Village

Schrock’s Village is a family run business located in the heart of the Amish community. The village immerses you in the Amish culture through buggy rides, ability to tour Amish homes and craft mall filled with antiques. Experience a world removed from the hubbub of city life.

Schrock's Heritage Village
Experience the Amish traditions.

3. Sugarcreek

Deemed “The Little Switzerland of Ohio,” this charming village is a must see. The three and a half square mile village is a popular tourist destination to experience the Swiss and German heritage. Aside from shopping, dining, and lodging, you can attend some of the many events.

4. The Inn at Honey Run

After a long day of exploring Amish Country, The Inn at Honey Run is an enchanting getaway with deluxe dining options and endless relaxation, perfect for couples.

The Inn at Honey Run
Look at those stars!

5. The Barn Inn

If the Inn at Honey Run is all booked up, the Barn Inn is another charming bed and breakfast for you and your loved ones to enjoy. The friendly inn-keepers will also give you insight on the Amish culture if you ask them!

The Barn Inn
You're truly experiencing barn life.

6. Walnut Creek Cheese

Walnut Creek Cheese is an enormous market you can’t miss on your way into Amish Country. If you’re a meat and cheese lover, you must stop to check out their fresh produce.

7. End of the Commons General Store

This is the oldest general store in Ohio and a staple to Amish Country. The historical store has been up and running since the 1840’s with shelves of old fashioned products that locals love. You have to try their #1 selling beef jerky and old fashioned candy!

End of Commons
End of the Commons General Store

8. The Farm at Walnut Creek

This farm features more than 500 animals that you can interact with, including deer and beautiful giraffes. The Farm would be a perfect day trip for animal loving kiddos!

9. The Amish Country Theater

This theater provides comedic and family-friendly shows that guarantees to keep you laughing all evening. The award winning live theater holds 325 audience members and features modern sound and video equipment.

Amish Country Theater
Amish Theater performers doing their thing.

10. Warther Museum & Gardens

Visit the home of the World’s Master Carver, Ernest Warther‘s carving collection and take a walk through the beautiful Swiss Gardens. The museum showcases 64 of Warther’s masterpieces and his wife, Frieda’s 73,000 piece button collection and 5,500 piece Native American arrowhead collection.

Warther Museum and Gardens
One of the many intriguing displays.

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June 25, 2017
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