25 Things To Do in Amish Country, Ohio

Amish Country has a lot to offer people of any lifestyle. Check out these 25 things you have to do while visiting Amish Country!

Amish people and "English" people walking across a boardwalk.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Ohio’s Amish Country is known for it’s beauty in its vast landscapes but there’s so much more than that. Amish Country plans events for family outings, a romantic getaway, girls trips or even individual adventures. Be sure to check out real estate in Ohio.

1. Amish Heartland Tours

The Amish Heartland Tours offer bus tours and guided backroad tours through scenic routes. On these tours you will take several stops at Amish businesses such as the buggy maker, candle maker and basket maker. All products are for sale and may be purchased with cash only. The bus tour may even be customized to choose the stops you and your group wish to see. Check out more information here.

Amish Horse and Carriage.
Book your private tour, bus tour or backroad tour today!

2. Schrock’s Heritage Village

Schrock’s Village is a family run business located in the heart of the Amish community. The village immerses you in the Amish culture through buggy rides, the ability to tour Amish homes, and a craft mall filled with antiques. Experience a world removed from the hubbub of city life.

Schrock's Heritage Village sign.
Experience the Amish traditions.

3. Sugarcreek

Deemed “The Little Switzerland of Ohio,” this charming village is a must see. The three and a half square mile village is a popular tourist destination to experience the Swiss and German heritage. Aside from shopping, dining, and lodging, you can attend some of the many events.

4. The Inn at Honey Run

After a long day of exploring Amish Country, The Inn at Honey Run is an enchanting getaway with deluxe dining options and endless relaxation, perfect for couples.

The Inn at Honey Run lit up at night.
Look at those stars!

5. The Barn Inn

If the Inn at Honey Run is all booked up, the Barn Inn is another charming bed and breakfast for you and your loved ones to enjoy. The friendly inn-keepers will also give you insight on the Amish culture if you ask them!

The Barn Inn, a building shaped like a large, red barn.
You're truly experiencing barn life.

6. Walnut Creek Cheese

Walnut Creek Cheese is an enormous market you can’t miss on your way into Amish Country. If you’re a meat and cheese lover, you must stop to check out their fresh produce.

7. End of the Commons General Store

This is the oldest general store in Ohio and a staple to Amish Country. The historical store has been up and running since the 1840’s with shelves of old fashioned products that locals love. You have to try their #1 selling beef jerky and old fashioned candy!

End of Commons building with flags hanging off the balcony.
The End of the Commons General Store.

8. The Farm at Walnut Creek

This farm features more than 500 animals that you can interact with, including deer and beautiful giraffes. The Farm would be a perfect day trip for animal loving kiddos!

9. The Amish Country Theater

This theater provides comedic and family-friendly shows that guarantees to keep you laughing all evening. The award winning live theater holds 325 audience members and features modern sound and video equipment.

Two Amish Country Theater actors.
Amish Theater performers doing their thing.

10. Warther Museum & Gardens

Visit the home of the World’s Master Carver, Ernest Warther‘s carving collection and take a walk through the beautiful Swiss Gardens. The museum showcases 64 of Warther’s masterpieces and his wife, Frieda’s 73,000 piece button collection and 5,500 piece Native American arrowhead collection.

Warther Museum and Gardens wall art.
One of the many intriguing displays.

11. Sol’s in Berlin

Sol’s is an arts and crafts extravaganza that is right in the heart of Amish country. They have three different stores that you can visit. There is Sol’s Palace, Sol’s Exchange, and Sol’s Kit and Kaboodle. They all sell different assortments of arts and crafts. They have candles, homemade dolls, ceramics, wood crafts, and so much more. There is something there for everyone!

The outside of Sol's Palace with items on sale.
These items would likely be useful to buy. Image courtesy of Ohio’s Amish Country

12. Coblentz Chocolate Company

Coblentz Chocolate Company was founded in 1987. They offer many signature, Swiss style chocolate truffles. They create hand-dipped chocolates of over 114 varieties. They even have a viewing gallery where visitors can watch them craft the truffles they sell. Any type of chocolate you like most, you can probably find there!

A wide variety of chocolate truffles behind glass.
These are the perfect treats to enjoy after a meal. Image courtesy of Ohio Amish Country

13. Yoder’s Amish Home

Yoder’s Amish Home lets people see the daily lives of Amish people firsthand. You get to tour two different Amish homes and an Amish barn. There will be a tour guide right there to answer any questions that you may have about anything you see. They also offer field trips, buggy rides, and an on site bakery full of Amish goods. This experience will immerse you into a whole different life for the whole duration. 

Yoder's white home surrounded by grass and a neighbor.
This home looks comfortable on the outside. Image courtesy of Amish Country Insider

14. Victorian House Museum

The Victorian House Museum is right inside of Ohio’s largest Amish settlement. It is a 28 room Queen Anne style mansion that holds a collection of Holmes County history. The home was built back in 1901 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is a grand home that many people enjoy walking through. It is a great place to take your friends or family. 

A large, blue Victorian house.
This home looks even more grand on the inside. Image courtesy of Holmes History

15. Millersburg Glass Museum

The Millersburg Glass Museum is the largest display of crystal glass that was produced between 1909 and 1912. There are over 200 unique pieces that sit under state of the art LED lighting. You can make an appointment to join a guided tour or schedule a group tour. You will learn a lot about the history of glasswork from your tour guide. You can ask them any question that comes to mind, and they will be happy to answer it for you. 

Glass art pieces behind glass.
These glass pieces are fun to look at. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

16. World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1977. It sits right in the center of Swiss Village inside of Sugar Creek. It stands over 23 feet tall and is over 24 feet wide. A cuckoo bird pops out every half hour and plays Swiss polka music. A band and a dancing couple also emerge from the clock once the cuckoo bird does. 

A giant, colorful cuckoo clock.
This is unlike any other clock in the world. Image courtesy of Visit Sugar Creek

17. Alpine Hills Museum

Alpine Hills Historical Museum is located in Downtown Sugar Creek. Inside the museum, the first thing you will see is a short video that explains Amish culture and the impact that Swiss immigrants had on this town in the past. You’ll get to experience multiple audio visual displays that take you through an 1890 Swiss cheese house, an 1895 fire house, and a 1900s Amish kitchen. This museum also shows off an early wood shop and an early newspaper print shop along with many other displays. 

A vibrant, pale blue building with bubble letters on front.
This building looks like an exciting place to enter. Image courtesy of Ohio’s Amish Country

18. Tis The Season Christmas Shoppe

Tis The Season Christmas Shoppe is Ohio’s largest year round Christmas shop. It is three stories and 20,000 square feet of Christmas joy. The store is designed to make you feel as if you are walking through a Christmas Village. The building’s round shape makes it even more visually interesting. You can do your Christmas shopping at any time of the year at this store. They have thousands of different ornaments and tree toppers. They also have more than 100 varieties of lights. 

A shop loaded with Christmas decorations.
This store looks like a Christmas wonderland! Image courtesy of Tis the Season Christmas

19. Amish Country Riding Stables

Amish Country Riding Stables take you on a guided ride through Ohio’s Amish Countryside. They accept both experienced and inexperienced riders. Their horses are well-trained and taught to handle any kind of rider. They prefer to book small tours of about two to five people for a personalized touch. Experiencing the beauty of the countryside on horseback is an experience you won’t likely forget!

A field of multiple horses.
These horses are ready to give out rides. Image courtesy of Amish Country Riding Stables

20. Guggisberg Cheese Factory

This cheese factory has a variety of cheeses derived from all natural ingredients. The surroundings will make you feel as if you have gone back in time. You will be surrounded by lush green pastures and old styled designs. These pastures are where they produce the sweet milk that gives their Swiss cheese its creamy flavor. They are most known for their brand of “baby Swiss cheese.” Visitors get to observe how these cheeses are made and also get to sample over 60 different cheeses!

A colorfully designed cheese factory.
This unique building is filled with many kinds of cheese. Image courtesy of Ohio’s Amish Country

21. Troyer Country Market

This store is over 52,000 square feet, and provides the area with lots of fresh and local foods. They sell all natural foods like cheese, meat, and baked goods among others. You can buy Amish items in bulk. They have homemade ice cream and handmade soaps. This store also features a deli, a café, and a sample station. You get to sample several of their fresh goodies. You will love going through their many shelves stocked with amazing foods. 

Shelves in a store stocked with canned goods.
Many of these items will be great to have in your kitchen. Image courtesy of Troyer Market

22. Amish Door Restaurant 

The Amish Door Restaurant has been running for over 40 years. It has grown from a single restaurant to a whole village with different shops and an Inn. They serve many fresh foods that locals love. They serve broasted chicken, one of the most popular menu items, along with roast beef platter and stuffed french toast. Everything is made fresh with high quality ingredients. You will love trying out this freshly made and delicious Amish made food!

Different pastries behind a glass counter.
These treats are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Image courtesy of Ohio Amish Country

23. Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center

The Amish and Mennonite heritage center houses a 10 foot by 265 foot mural called “Behalt.” Behalt means to “keep, hold, and remember.” It is a mural that depicts the struggles and transitions of the Amish and the Mennonites since the 1500s. It showcases their history from Europe to North America as they sought to freely practice their own religions. You will gain a deeper understanding of their culture and way of life. You will also find video displays, a one room schoolhouse, and a gift shop. 

A long, brightly colored mural.
This colorful mural depicts a lot of brutal history. Image courtesy of Visit Amish Country

24. Amish Country Byway 

The Amish Country Byway is 160 miles of road that takes you on the most scenic route through Ohio’s Amish Country. On the route, you will drive past different homes and small resorts. You can stop in one of the Amish restaurants along the road or even pick up fresh produce like meats and cheeses from one of the roadside stands. You’ll get to experience a quiet country lifestyle among people who live the simple life. 

Two horses holding two carriages.
This is a sight we don’t often see in our neighborhoods. Image courtesy of Get Archives

25. German Culture Museum

The German Culture Museum has a collection of Amish, Swiss, and German memorabilia that they put on display. It shows how life was in the 19th and 20th centuries. If you visit, you’ll get to see kitchen and bedroom displays, school rooms, churches, barns, and vehicles. They even house old tools, glassware, and newspapers. 

A replica of an old German kitchen.
This kitchen shows off how Germans in the area used to live. Image courtesy of Walnut Creek

Amish Country is a place filled with activities that visitors can do. A lot of it will open your eyes to how people used to live in past times, and how some still do today. Amish Country will introduce you to new foods, gadgets, and lifestyles. Make sure to experience these unique parts of Ohio whenever you get the chance!

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November 18, 2021
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