Come Pick a Pumpkin or Visit a Farm in Cincinnati, OH This Fall

Fall will soon become your favorite season after visiting one of these farms or pumpkin patches.

pumpkin patch at sunset


Brandie Lorenzen


Jan 21, 2021

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Ah… The sweet aroma of leaves being raked, and the harvest that helps bring on the end to a successful growing season. With regards to moving, Fall seems to be the best season to consider settling down somewhere that is not only peaceful, but also has the right amount of entertainment for the entire family. When you think of moving somewhere new, the one thing you should be considering when moving in the Fall season, is where the best farms and pumpkin patches are. Also, which pumpkin patch serves the best apple cider and pumpkin spiced items. If you’re considering moving anywhere, or visiting for that matter, check out Cincinnati, the capital of cornhole.

McGlasson Farms

Come pick some apples with us!

Fresh Apples in Barrels
Apples are the stars of Fall, next to changing leaves. At McGlasson’s, consider picking fresh apples from these crates from their roadside stand. Image courtesy of McGlasson Farms.

5832 River Road (route 8) | Hebron, KY |

Although they are located in Kentucky, they do have their own farmers market in Cincinnati, OH. Beginning in the 1860’s, this family of farmers moved west from Virginia and settled in the Ohio River Valley. After settling, Henry McGlasson and his family began to develop their family farm, where they grow the freshest fruits and vegetables.

While browsing their market, you will be able to taste the love that was put into the raising of these fresh crops. The family farm has one market that is dedicated to serving their customers the best service possible by providing the ripest fruits and vegetables they have to offer. This is just one of many other local markets to consider visiting while in the Cincinnati area. Their market is only open until November, so get there soon!

Take a nice ride along the river on a beautiful day to this adorable family farm. I usually make my pilgrimages in the fall but they have great stuff spring/summer too! It's all grown by them. - Yelp Review.

Turner Farm

Whether it's a farmers market or a pumpkin patch, Turner's Farm is the place to be.

Turner Farm Farmer's Market Stand
Let’s face it, it isn’t Fall without a Farmer’s Market. Image courtesy of Turner Farm Yelp Review Page.

7400 Given Road | Cincinnati |

At Turner Farm, you will get the best variety of products than anywhere else. From fresh produce to freshest flowers that bloom under the sunset. You can pick your own flowers for just ten-dollars, and the best part of their flower field, it makes a great location for mini-photoshoots while you create your bouquet. After picking flowers, be sure to order ahead in their kitchen for take-out, and enjoy their insanely delicious options.

What a hidden treasure of Cincinnati! It's a must to come here for food and classes. Amazing food! I had always heard of the farm to table idea from TV, but never knew one was right here in Ohio. It was a really neat place--beautiful scenery, delicious food. - Yelp Review.

Shaw Farms

Before you go to the store to buy a pumpkin, try stopping here and spend time with your family.

Garden Filled with Fall Mums
Looking at this barn is making us excited to go pumpkin picking this Fall! Image courtesy of Shaw Farms Yelp Review Page.

1737 State Route 131 | Milford |

Excited for Fall? So are we. Do you enjoy festivals? Of course, so do we! Come join Shaw Farms in celebrating the season with fun activities that occur throughout the season, which begins the third weekend in September. From hayrides, to kart races, pumpkin patches, and a corn maze, there is so much to offer for everyone in the family. The few things we recommend here is the corn maze. No, it’s not just any ordinary maze, it’s a maze made out of a cornfield. Expanding out twelve-acres, find your way through this tricky maze to find hidden destinations to win a pumpkin. The little ones will sure get a kick out of this, especially when there is a pumpkin involved.

For the kids, we recommend the interactive playground. Whether you are a kid at heart, or have some of your own, the playground will allow your children to be able to act like a kid, with handmade play areas that allow them to run, climb, jump, and so much more.

The best part of the farm is the pumpkin patch. No matter your age, everyone gets in on the fun of picking and eventually carving their own pumpkin. Ranging in size and style, we guarantee you will find the pumpkin that suits you the best. Hint: there is a coupon you can use to get a free spooky pumpkin.

It was really cool getting to explore the farm, My favorite things were getting to see the creek and the cornfields. I enjoyed the farm and hope you do too. - Yelp Review.

Urban Earth Farms

City farms are still a fun experience, especially if you don't live near a pumpkin patch.

Ecofriendly Farm in City
If it is difficult to get to farms while you’re in the city, check out Urban Earth Farms. Image courtesy of Urban Earth Farms Yelp Review Page.

Cincinnati |

If you are unable to leave the city, maybe check out this eco farm in Price Hill, a suburb of Cincinnati, and plant your own fresh produce and flowers. The foundation behind this project, Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage, aims to provide lessons in thinking green by bringing community together and practicing wellness. With so many projects going on, such as urban farming and selling plants, the nonprofit foundation continues to provide constant service to the people of Cincinnati.

If Fall is meant for leaves and pumpkins, then turning your city space into a small planting ground might be the answer to bringing the authentic Fall experience of picking pumpkins and buying fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets.

Local farm. Great fresh organic food. Beautiful spot and great place to buy organic seedlings in the spring. They have some strange varieties and Cincinnati Permaculture Institute's nursery is in the back. It's a really unique special place in the harsh cityscape. -- Yelp Review.

Brown’s Family Farm

A farmer's market is the true meaning of Fall.

Farmers Market
Farmer’s Markets are the epitome of Fall. Image courtesy of Brown’s Family Farm.

11620 Hamilton-Cleves Road | Hamilton |

Throughout the year, the Brown’s Family Farm transitions into phases that shift their focus from fresh Spring flowers, to Summer fruits, and then a rainbow of decadence that stretches colorful mums, and pumpkins of all sorts of shapes and sizes, you will not want to leave. Brown’s Family Farm’s market serves the freshest food, and they also sell Amish made and canned goods as well. Aside from the market, there are other things going on as well as a picnic area that is on a first come, first serve basis. After shopping, be sure to visit their small petting zoo and enjoy a late lunch in their picnic area.

In Fall, they have a pumpkin patch and all the autumn festivities you can imagine. The prices here are very reasonable, you support a local family run business, and you can't get fresher or tastier produce. -- Yelp Review.

Gaiser Bee Company

Like other fun Fall activities, honey making is another to try out.

Honey Bee Keepers Holding Up Honey Comb
Considering something new to do this Fall? Maybe try learning how to make your own honey. Image courtesy of Gaiser Bee Company Yelp Review Page.

3402 Kleeman Road | Cincinnati | :

We can’t help but admit that honey is our newest obsession for new things to try this year, and Fall seems like the perfect season to try it. No matter what day or time of year it is, it always seems like beekeeping is the most favored, but feared activity to try. Don’t worry, it might look slightly frightening, but it is quite fun to do once you finish a class. Honey is the new fun thing to do this Fall.

Yummy honey and really cool natural products! They participated in a pop-up shop at my job and I loved the samples and bought a small glass jar. Intern Claire was very friendly and knowledgeable! Would purchase from this company again. -- Google Review.

Burwinkel Farms

Farms are the fun part of Fall, especially with their gorgeous flowers that bloom and the pumpkin flavored stuff.

Fresh Tomatoes at a Farmers Market
Pumpkins are the best start to a successful Fall. Image courtesy of Burwinkel Farms.

931 Devils Backbone Road | Cincinnati |

With quite a few farm stand locations, there is no end to any of the varieties that Burwinkel Farms has. Whether you are interested in fresh produce or the Fall Festival that happens every October, there is tons of fun that is to be had at Burwinkels. For well over one-hundred year, Burwinkel has been looking forward to celebrating each passing year with you and your community. The farm has the most aesthetic and appealing events for Fall.

Burwinkel Farms is a fun family experience for the fall. A ticket to the farm gets a person access to three mazes, a pumpkin, a hay ride, and a sunflower. Everyone goes home with fall goodies and a fun experience. There are plenty of photo opportunities including an expansive sunflower field of yellow and maroon sunflowers. Highly recommended! -- Google Review.

McMonigle Farms

A Fall festival is always a fun idea to get out of the house.

Pumpin Patch at McMonigle Farms
Fall Festivals, especially when they involve pumpkins, are the most anticipated events for us! Image courtesy of McMonigle Farms.

5490 South Dixie Highway | Franklin |

If you are a young family, McMonigle Farms Pumpkin Fest might be your solution to make your Fall a little better. For most of the festival, a lot of the attractions are directed at young children, and so, the one attraction we would like to recommend to you and your children, is the cow train. On this attraction, your child will sit in a row of cows that are pulled by an ATV. Trust us, your kids will really enjoy this ride! If you are a teacher that is just moving to the area, this festival is perfect for field trips.

First time going and it’s great! The plums, peaches, and the kettle corn are delicious... Definitely going back. -- Google Review.

Kleathers Pumpkin Patch

Fall is not the same without pumpkins and a pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Season Lovers, You are Wrong
If you hate pumpkin season, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Image courtesy of Kleathers Pumpkin Patch Facebook Page.

80 West Central Avenue | Spingboro |

Are you excited for The Great Pumpkin to make another appearance this year? So are we! If a pumpkin patch that is obsessed with pumpkins as much as you are is appealing to you, you better make your way this Fall. If not, you truly are missing out on a spectacular time. The first part of your adventure on the farm is pulling a red wagon around and picking out that perfect pumpkin. Be sure to bring your camera, there is a ton that are worthy of your pictures!

This is truly a neat little find! We went here ( my son and I) since we are in town. They are so caring and went above and beyond for my little guy. We have had a horrible week with my mom and the hospital and they cheered him up! It’s so worth it for a family outing! -- Google Review.

No matter where you are this year, whether it is visiting or considering moving, be sure to give HER Realty a look. Trust us, if Fall is your favorite season, you will want to be around Cincinnati for all of the fun and action. Now, if Fall is your favorite season, Cincinnati might be the next place to move.

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