Living in Cincinnati: 29 Reasons in 2022

Cincinnati is a city worth moving to if you want to experience an increased quality of life.

Downtown Cincinnati under an evening sky.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Downtown Cincinnati

Cincinnati is the largest metropolitan area in Ohio. With over 300,000 residents, it is a thriving city that offers plenty of opportunity. It is well-known for its sports teams. There are three major league teams and several minor league ones. These teams are very important to the city as they have been an important part of Ohio’s culture since its foundation. Cincinnati is one of the best cities you can live in. Check out some of the reasons why living in Cincinnati is so great!!

  • Livability of Cincinnati is top-notch
  • Sports
  • Awesome Food Culture
  • Amazing Attractions
  • Great Views
  • Local Beer
  • Parks
  • Successful Business 
  • Education


1. Cincinnati is affordable

Cincinnati is one of the most affordable cities in the country. You can buy a home for a low price. The median price for a home in Cincinnati is $195,387. It’s easy to live off a low income in this city because healthcare, transportation, and food is also low in cost. You get to enjoy living in a city without the large price tag. 

2. There is a diverse population

Cincinnati’s population is diverse. It is made up of mostly African American and Caucasian residents, but has a sprinkling of other ethnicities as well. A large number of residents are of German, Italian, Irish, and English ancestry. It makes for a unique mix of cultures. 

3. One of the best cities to live

Cincinnati was ranked the number one best city to live in Ohio. The combination of low housing cost, quality of education, healthcare, and overall life makes this city a coveted location. One thing that draws families to Cincinnati is the existence of great private and public schools. The number of prosperous fortune 500 companies keeps professionals moving into the city for work. 

Sports Culture

A large crowd wearing red sitting around a football field.
This huge crowd is filled with people enjoying their weekend. Image courtesy of Cincinnati Enquirer

4. Birthplace of professional baseball

Professional baseball was first founded in Cincinnati. It had the first professional baseball team in the country. The Cincinnati Reds are a celebrated staple of the city. If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll appreciate what this sport means to this city. You can easily book Red’s tickets and even host an event at their ballpark! They even have a hall of fame right at the edge of the ballpark. 

5. Location of several sports teams

This is a great city for sports lovers! Cincinnati is home to seven major sports venues along with three three major league teams, twelve minor league teams, and five college sports teams. You’ll frequently have a home team to support. Joining the city in celebrating its sports teams is an experience that is beyond fun. You get to enjoy games in person, in bars, and at home with friends and family. And you’d rather not miss out on this city’s famous tailgates!

Food Culture

6. Cincinnati-style chili 

Chili is a popular food in Cincinnati. It has its own special version of chili that is not often seen elsewhere. It was originally introduced by Greek immigrants who set up shops in the city. They chop their ground beef into a super fine consistency and don’t include beans or onions unless specifically requested. This chili is often poured on top of spaghetti, hot dogs, and burgers and then topped with mountains of cheese. The most popular restaurant for chili is Skyline Chili, which has several locations all over the city. 

7. Tons of Restaurants

Cincinnati is filled with lots of restaurants for residents and visitors to enjoy. You’ll find over 100 restaurants of many kinds. There are American, Italian, Asian, Greek, and even Argentinian restaurants among others. There is a place that suits everyone’s preference. There are coffee shops, pizza places, along with upscale, and casual restaurants. Some of these places are popular and well loved. You will have a great experience trying out Cincinnati’s restaurant. 

8. Food Events

Food events and festivals are frequently held in Cincinnati, especially during the summer. Cincinnati always celebrates its diverse food culture. One of the biggest food festivals there is the International Food Festival. It’s an indoor and outdoor food festival that serves Asian, Jamaican, Mediterranean, Mexican and so many more foods. There is also the Asian Food Fest, Great Inland Seafood Festival, and the Tacos and Tequila Crawl as well as several others. 

Unique Sights

9. Mushroom House

The Mushroom House is a unique house in the Hyde Park neighborhood that resembles a giant mushroom. The rest of the homes that share the block are average homes, which makes the Mushroom House stand out intensely among them. It is a beloved neighborhood landmark that is an interesting sight to see. 

10. American Sign Museum 

The American Sign Museum is devoted to showcasing the art and history of sign making. It is the largest museum dedicated to signs in the country. This museum takes up over 20,000 square feet and covers over 100 years of American sign history. You get to learn a lot about our country’s history with signs while getting to see so many cool ones that were made throughout the past hundred years.

Great Views

People sitting on a restaurant patio with a view.
These amazing views will make a nice meal even better. Image courtesy of The Cincinnati Region.

11. Bellview Hill Park

Bellview Hill Park sits where the Cincinnati incline used to be. It offers a great view of the Downtown Cincinnati basin. The park’s pavilion was originally designed in the 1950s as an outdoor dancing venue. It includes three pergolas that form a concrete canopy and concrete cupolas. The park also has a picnic area, a playground, and a shelter. 

12. Newport on the Levee

Newport on the Levee is an open air park that offers several amenities to its visitors. It is a place located across from downtown Cincinnati where people can enjoy good drinks and food while staring out at great views. When visiting this park, you’ll find baked goods, Asian street food, and a tikki themed bar. There are theaters, restaurants, and lodging. They even hold events like movie nights, new years specials, and corn hole leagues. 

13. Carew Tower Observation Deck

On the 49th floor of the highest building in the city, you’ll find the Carew Observation Deck. There you can see great panoramic views of the city from a high altitude. Aside from the views it shares, the tower is also home to 25 shops, restaurants, and amenities. You also get to grab a souvenir from the gift shop when your visit is over. You can also leave with an amazing photograph of you and the view!

Beer Culture

14. Dozens of Breweries 

Cincinnati has become a center of craft beer in recent years. And it’s not just a trend, it has been a tradition in the city for over 200 years. The only thing that once dampened Cincinnati’s beer culture was Prohibition. Ever since that ended, Cincinnati’s breweries continue to thrive and grow in numbers. There are currently over 34 taprooms and breweries where people can go and grab a drink. There are so many different beer options, you might have a tough time choosing where to go!

15. Beer Festivals

This city is one that celebrates beer. On top of all the breweries in town, there are several annual festivals set up to celebrate beer in the city. These festivals showcase beers from several breweries. People get to come from all over to try out Cincinnati beers in a fun environment filled with people and entertainment. 


16. Smale Riverfront Park

Smale Riverfront Park is a place meant to connect the downtown area to the river. It offers amazing river views and great space for people to relax and even celebrate. The park is divided into two levels. There is an upper level with a green roof and a parking garage, and a lower level with access to the water’s edge. 

17. Washington Park

Washington Park is a large park that often holds fun events for the public. They have everything from live music to exercise classes, to adult kickball leagues and kid friendly activities. They host live music weekly in a restored gazebo, have a fenced in dog park, and host festivals throughout the year. 

18. Sawyer Point Park

Sawyer Point Park offers something for everyone. It overlooks the Ohio River and features beautiful landscapes. The mile long park is home to award winning playgrounds, public art displays, along with tennis and volleyball courts. This is also where the city holds several major events like walks and music festivals. 

Business Opportunities

People and mascots at a job fair.
These students are getting a head start on the job market. Image courtesy of CEAS Tribunal.

19. High Quality Jobs 

Cincinnati is home to 9 different companies that are on the fortune 500 list. There are many great jobs available for people that fit many different skill sets. Because of the high number of companies in the area there are tens of thousands of job openings at any given time. 

20. The City Supports Entrepreneurs

Cincinnati is one of the best places where you can start a business. This city’s residents know that helping individual citizens help stimulate the overall economy. There is an organization called StartupCincy that helps new businesses grow. They help new business owners learn how to navigate the process of starting a business. They offer many resources to help you advance. 

21. Low Rent

There is no need to spend too much when you start a business there Cincinnati’s median rent is just over $600 per month. That is much cheaper than it is in many other large cities. It is much easier to get a business off the ground when the rent is extremely cheap. 


22. College Town

Cincinnati is a city that houses several colleges and universities. If you decide to continue your education for any reason, you’ll have several great schools to choose from nearby. Some local options include the Art Academy of Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati, and Miami University. The city is full of energy from all the students and young professionals that populate it. 

23. Public and Private School Options

Cincinnati is home to several public and private schools. With over 36 private schools, they have among the highest private school attendance rates in the U.S. They have schools for accelerated students as well as schools for students with learning disabilities. It is also home to over 16 high schools and several vocational schools. 


A man and a boy watching a hippo swim through glass.
This is such an amazing sight to see up close! Image courtesy of The Cincinnati Region

24. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is the second oldest zoo in the country. It is on a mission to create adventure, share knowledge, and conserve nature. If you visit, you’ll get to see all kinds of animals in various habitats. They even hold festivals there as well as private events. 

25. Cincinnati Museum Center

The Cincinnati Museum Center is all about inspiring people of all ages to learn about the world through science, history, and meaningful experiences. It is housed in Union Terminal, a historic Art Deco train station and National Historic Landmark. It is the largest cultural center in all of Cincinnati, with a total of 1.4 million visitors per year. It holds more than 1.8 million art works, artifacts, and archives. 

26. Cincinnati Observatory

The Cincinnati Observatory is a 19th century observatory that is open to the public. It promotes the study of astronomy and science. They are able to do this while still preserving its heritage. In this observatory you will find one of the oldest working telescopes in the western hemisphere. 

Amusement Parks

27. Coney Island

Coney Island is a really fun Cincinnati water park. It has been part of the city for over 130 years, and is home to the largest recirculating swimming pool in the world. It has over an acre of shallow water for the kids. Some of this park’s attractions include water slides, the typhoon tower, and cannonball cove. 

28. Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park is a trampoline park that packs a really good time. It’s the ultimate indoor playground for a family. It has one several awards throughout the years, including an award for BEST trampoline parks. 

29. Carol Ann’s Carousel

Carol Ann’s Carousel is a large carousel that is open for public use. The carousel was built by the world’s largest manufacturer of hand-carved carousels in the world. It is housed in a glass building and kept open all year round. 

Cincinnati is a large city with plenty of perks for its residents. It is filled with fun, opportunities, and unique sights. Anyone who moves there will certainly gain a lot from it!

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