Moving to Cincinnati, OH? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Cincinnati is a large city that is well-known for its sports teams, its arts culture, and its chili!


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of The Trust for Public Land.

Cincinnati is the largest metropolitan area in Ohio. It is a city of over 300,000 residents. It is well-known for its three sports teams. These teams are very important to the city. It is where the nation’s first baseball team was founded. It has been an important part of Ohio’s culture since its foundation. It is considered to be the cultural center of southwestern Ohio as well as northern Kentucky and southern Indiana. This cultural hub came from modest beginnings. It experienced a slow growth, but has been moving at a steady pace for decades. Experiencing the culture of Cincinnati is something you shouldn’t miss the chance to do. You will have an amazing time in this city, whether you are there for a permanent move, or a visit! 

Here’s what you should know about moving to Cincinnati:

  • History of Cincinnati 
  • Facts and figures about Cincinnati 
  • Local favorite things to do in Cincinnati 
  • Movers in Cincinnati
  • And more!
Cincinnati skyline.
This bridge is meant for walking across. Image courtesy of Library of Congress

History of Cincinnati

Before Moving to Cincinnati, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

Cincinnati, Ohio was first known as Losantiville when it started as a small settlement. In 1790, the settlement’s name was changed to Cincinnati to honor The Society of the Cincinnati, our nation’s oldest patriotic organization. Cincinnati became an important center for politics, literature, industry, and education by 1890. And it wasn’t just a center for those pursuits in Ohio, but in the rest of the U.S. as well. Cincinnati has long contributed a large number of politicians to the state of Ohio. It became known as the “Queen City of the West” because of its influence on the frontier. Frontiersmen lived alongside Native American tribes in this city’s early days, before it turned into what it is today. 

In 1880, the city constructed the Cincinnati Southern Railway, which runs to Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is the only interstate railway in the U.S. that is owned by a municipality. Cincinnati exists on seventy-seven square miles of land and has experienced booming population growth since the 1800s. The earliest residents were mostly German. Another group that moved into this area in large numbers was the Irish. Many African-Americans moved into Cincinnati to escape slavery, which was legal in nearby Kentucky. The city became a mix of cultures that clashed frequently at the time. In 1920, Cincinnati fared better than most American cities during the Great Depression due to its size and a resurgence of river trade. Cincinnati was an optimal location for this given its place across the Licking River. It is also known as “the city of seven hills” for the seven hills that form a crescent shape around the city. 

Cincinnati has multiple nicknames, including “Cincy,” “Blue Chip City,” and “the ‘Nati.” The Queen City moniker was popularized in 1819. It was solidified a few decades later when a poem published in a newspaper referred to the city as such. The poem went:

And this Song of the Vine,

This greeting of mine,

The winds and the birds shall deliver,

To the Queen of the West,

In her garlands dressed,

On the banks of the Beautiful River.

As a cultural center, Cincinnati is home to many corporations' regional and national headquarters. These corporations include Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, and more. This makes it a prosperous city whose residents do not often have to struggle to find work. One single company closing down will not greatly affect the city because residents are employed by many different companies. More than one million people who live outside of the Cincinnati city limits go into the city to work. This city’s economy remains consistently strong. It is a great place to find work and comfortable housing. When you’re in Cincinnati, you’re right in the middle of all the action. 

A park with huge letters that say, "Sing the queen city."
This city has a big legacy. Image Courtesy of Instagram

Cincinnati by the Numbers

Learn About Cincinnati’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Cincinnati Population

Cincinnati has a population of over 300,000. There are many young residents there. The median age of the average Cincinnati resident is 32. They have an average of 2.2 people per household. 30% of households belong to married couples, and 34% are single parent households. Cincinnati has a large single population. About 18% of the population is married with children. 

Cincinnati’s Demographics

Cincinnati is a more diverse city than many places in Ohio. About 50% of Cincinnati’s residents are white. About 42% of the population is African American. Around 2% of the population is Asian, and 3% is of mixed race. More than 3% of the population also identifies as Hispanic. The median price for a home in Cincinnati is under $200,000. The median household income for a household in Cincinnati is about $46,000. The median gross rent in the city is $775.00. 

Cincinnati’s Schooling

Cincinnati Public Schools is Ohio’s third largest school district. It operates 62 schools, which include fourteen high schools and forty four  elementary schools. It is a progressive and diverse school district that aims to foster achievements in its students. The district even provides state of the art sporting facilities. The city also operates about 40 regional library locations. 

Things to do in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a large city that is filled with fun activities. You will not be bored when you’re in Cincinnati! This city is so lively, you will feel the strong energy whenever you’re out and about. There are lots of restaurants, places to shop, and parks. When you’re in the city, be sure to try the famous Cincinnati chili!

A lake surrounded by trees.
This spot will make for a nice, relaxing stroll. Image courtesy of Instagram

Get to Know Cincinnati Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has lots of opportunities available for fun. It is huge, lively, and densely populated. This city is perfect for people who want to enjoy city life in a small state. There are tons of restaurants. You can have just about anything you’d want. There is a lot of great family fun. Some activities are unique ones that you can’t find in smaller cities. You can visit an escape room, a trampoline park, and campgrounds. You won’t be bored here as long as you’re looking for something to do. There are a few places you should certainly visit when you go to Cincinnati. Here are a few of the favorite local and tourist spots! 

Taft Museum of Art 

This place is extremely visually appealing.
The entrance of a small museum.
Be ready to see some amazing art. Image courtesy of Yelp.

316 Pike St | Cincinnati |

This great museum has been around for over 200 years. It is considered to be a living landmark. It is a small, but prolific place filled with all kinds of art. You can look at paintings, sculptures, and even vintage furniture sets. You’ll find tons of historical gems throughout this place both inside and outside of the museum. It shows a lot of historical art pieces. Many pieces were made by iconic American and European artists. 

There are special exhibitions available to this museum’s guests, and a historical garden on the grounds to walk through. While there, you can enjoy their museum shop where you can buy many kinds of cool treats. There is even a family café on site so you can stop anytime for a bite to eat with some beverages!

“Came here for their open house event which boasted live music, food and drink from local vendors and of course fine art. Thoroughly enjoyed the Ansel Adams exhibit featuring many photographs of western wilderness such as Yosemite (for which I am biased and hold a special place in my heart for). -- Yelp Review

Skyline Chili

This place serves the amazing chili that Cincinnati is known for. 
A large bowl of spaghetti topped with a heap of chili and cheese.
This unique combo is a must try! Image courtesy of Yelp

290 Ludlow Ave | Cincinnati |

The view from this restaurant is what got it the name Skyline Chili. It was founded by a Greek immigrant who had always dreamed of sharing his food from a great restaurant. Skyline was founded over 70 years ago as a single entity. Today it has several locations in a few different U.S. states. The food they serve is simple. You can have potatoes, pasta, or bread covered in their delicious chili and piles of shredded cheese. And they certainly pile up on the cheese!

The drinks you’ll find here are regular fountain drinks. The focal point of this place is the chili, and it is the most exciting thing on the menu. Everything is also extremely cheap. You can pile up on the chili without thinking about your wallet. This is the place to go for a good casual time enjoying good Cincinnati made food!

“We'd heard all about Cincinnati chili from a friend and had to check it out. Definitely an experience everyone should have. Who thought to put chili on pasta with a mound of cheddar cheese? It's a great combo and super cheap meal. The place was pretty empty and we were in and out in 40 minutes. Good place for a quick bite.” -- Yelp Review

The Eagle

This restaurant offers comforting southern food. 
Creamy mac and cheese topped with toasted breadcrumbs.
This mac and cheese is beyond creamy! Image courtesy of Yelp.

1342 Vine St | Cincinnati |

This restaurant makes delicious southern food that’s extremely popular with the locals. They are said to have the most amazing fried chicken in town. People from all over are enticed enough to try it. This place has some popular chicken-centered meals, but also offers some other great southern staples. You can get a blackened shrimp po boy, 5-cheese mac and cheese, and white cheddar grits. You can even get a southern chopped salad or homemade biscuits with blackberry jam and honey butter. There are also a few drink and cocktails options so you can sip with your meal.

The cocktail options are fun and creative. You can get a maple bacon old-fashioned drink, a blackberry lemonade, or a bourbon punch among others! You can get an individual glass or a large pitcher for your table! They also offer the southern favorite sweet tea. Make sure to stop at The Eagle when you get hungry! 

“This place is amazing!...We will definitely be back!!!! The service was excellent, we didn't wait long to be seated. Our food didn't take long to come out & our server was on point.” -- Yelp Review

Findlay Market

This is more than just a farmer’s market. 

Entrance of Findlay Market.
This is a must see shopping destination! Image courtesy of Yelp

6608 Longshore St | Cincinnati |

Findlay is a very diverse marketplace that aims to connect producers, sellers, and customers. It is a premier destination for local food and artisan products. It is a lot more fun than the average grocery store. They sell locally grown foods and always make sure their offerings are as fresh as they can be. This market’s food is high quality and offered at great prices. There is a large selection of vendors that offer different exciting products. You can find a chocolate vendor, seafood vendors, and gourmet spice vendors! Findlay offers many of the items that a regular grocery store has and so much more!

This market has live music playing on the weekends during the summertime. Where else can you see a live band while you do your grocery shopping? There are indoor and outdoor areas at this market. You can take a seat anytime to enjoy the surprising treats you’ll find. 

“I really enjoy wandering Findlay Market and finding something to eat. Multiple ethnicities and cuisines. At the end of the market there is usually live music playing and it is a great location to sit and relax. On busy days, extra vendors fill the side streets with stalls.

If you are so lucky as to live close, walking in and getting fresh meat, seafood, and produce will make this a daily go to location.” -- Yelp Review

This city is glowing at night time. Image courtesy of Step Stone Hospitality

Cincinnati, Ohio is an amazing city that will keep you satisfied with fun pursuits to take on while you’re there. If city life is what you want, you’ll be sure to have a blast in Cincinnati! You don’t have to slow down on the fun at all if you don’t want to.

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