Romantic Winter Date Spots in Cincinnati, Ohio

Treat your partner to an unforgettable date at one of these hot locations in Cincinnati, Ohio

Bright Lit Bridge at Cincinnati Ohio


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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Image Courtesy of 365 Cincinnati.

In Cincinnati, there are many spots perfect for spending a romantic date with your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together. In this great city, you’ll never run out of new spots to check out, and before long you’ll find some of your favorites that you’ll be going back to over and over again. 

Cincinnati is a big city with loads of personality, and that shows in their date spots. There are many districts to explore, each with their own flavor of adventure and places to explore. Read on for some inspiration on where to bring your significant other for a romantic date this winter!

Escape the Cold at these All-Indoor Date Spots

A cute cafe opening at Cincinnati Ohio
Cincinnati is home to a stellar group of Cafes, perfect for a spur-the-moment occasion. Image courtesy of Wander Cincinnati.

With the clouds rolling in and the temperature dropping, wintertime in Cincinnati is the perfect time to check out all this wonderful city has to offer. It is home to a multitude of excellent places to go on a date with your partner, and plenty of them are, besides the walk from the parking lot to the entrance, entirely indoors. 

Relax at one of Cincinnati’s Many Cafes 

Cincinnati is a hub of excellent coffee shops. Boasting almost 50 unique locations, you can settle down at your favorite place or continually explore new cafes and sample all this city has to offer! The Cafe date is classic, perfect for a first date, a hundredth date, and anything in between, Cafes offer up a cozy and relaxing environment where you and your significant other can talk over a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. 

Many of Cincinnati’s cafes bring magnificent pastries to the table, perfect for a wintertime treat. As the biting cold of the winter sets in, cafes are the perfect place to settle down in a cozy sweater and a steaming cup of coffee!

Stroll Through a Museum (Or two!)

A trip to the local museum is a beautiful way to spend a day with your partner. Cincinnati is home to an excellent museum complex — the Cincinnati Museum Center. Home to four different museums, a $17 ticket to the museum center is a bargain for all the exploration you can do. They have a strong set of permanent exhibits and a rotation of exciting temporary ones so there will always be something new for you to discover when you visit. 

Museums lend themselves to excellent date spots. It is most likely something out of the ordinary and is a great change from the classic dinner or coffee date. Plus the Cincinnati Museum Center is all indoors, making it a nice reprieve from the cold this winter season. 

Enjoy a Romantic Meal Together at one of Cincinnati’s Finest Restaurants

The classic dinner date. No matter what you are celebrating, taking your significant other out to dinner is always a great way to spend an evening together. Cincinnati is home to a wide variety of excellent restaurants serving all manner of interesting and delicious foods. 

Walking into a warm, inviting restaurant bundled up in your big coat with cheeks rosy from the cold is a wonderful start to the night. Pick out a glass of beer, wine, or a cocktail from a cultivated list and sip it while you relax and catch up with your partner, waiting for your meals. That is what a dinner date in Cincinnati can offer! Cincinnati is home to many romantic restaurants prepared to deliver an exquisite dining experience. They cater to a wide variety of tastes — enough to create the perfect combination of food, drink, and ambiance on your night out. 

Stay In!

There is a long list of great date ideas indoors and out. Cincinnati is a treasure trove of places to go and things to see. That being said, there is nothing wrong with spending a date night in the comfort of your own apartment, cozying up with your partner, enjoying a glass of wine in your pajamas. Staying in opens up options of its own. You can cook a fancy meal, heat up leftovers, or order takeout. 

Feeling fancy? You can switch out those pajamas and dress up for a candlelit dinner! Or, you can skip that and head straight to the couch to binge some of your and your partner’s favorite shows. Staying in is a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful week.

Outdoor Dates

A hiking trail just outside of Cincinnati Ohio
There is always a new trail to discover around Cincinnati. Discover a new trail and walk over a comfy carpet of leaves this winter. Image Courtesy of Consistently Curious.

Planning a fun, outdoors date is a bit more challenging as winter, and the cold, move into Cincinnati. After trading out your tank tops and sunglasses for jeans, sweaters, and coats, your options are limited when it comes to planning to spend a lot of time outside. Do you and your partner love planning shopping trips together, or exploring local trails and going on hikes? Don’t let the cold weather stop you! Take advantage of the warmer days and keep doing the things you enjoy in this big city. 

As we enter the winter season, it is natural to spend more time indoors. It is less pleasant to spend time outdoors than the pleasant and cool fall weather. But that does not mean you can’t spend some time outside! One of the best reasons to brave the outdoors for a romantic date is knowing that you’ll warm up afterward. You get to enjoy your date, be it taking a walk, ice skating, or skiing and then after you can take a warm shower, put on pajamas and make some hot cocoa. Cozied up in your biggest blanket, cocoa in hand, after feeling the cold, the warm interior will be even better. 

Explore Over-The-Rhine

This historic, culture-filled district of Cincinnati is a great date spot if the weather cooperates! OTR is Cincinnati’s premier entertainment district, with many places to explore. The architecture dates back to the 19th century, and those buildings are full of boutique shops, restaurants, book stores, cafes, and much more! 

Over the Rhine is very pretty in the winter, but there will be a lot of walking outside. If you are willing to bundle up and face the cold this is a great place to spend a few hours bouncing from shop to shop, stopping for food and coffee along the way. 

Rent Some Shoes for Ice Skating Fun

Is Winter ever complete without stepping foot into an ice-skating rink? For many, yes, it is, but that does not detract from the fact that going ice skating is an amazing seasonal date. Going Ice Skating lays a lot of cards on the table. You get to bundle up to ward off the cold, drink hot cocoa afterward, and either bumble around the rink, slipping and sliding, or show off your surprisingly well-kept skating skills.

No matter the weather, spending an hour or two on the rink with your significant other is a great way to spend a free night, and bonus points if you can head back home and defrost together too!

Bundle Up and Explore Parks Around the City

There are some incredibly beautiful parks in and around Cincinnati. Ohio, in general, is home to a multitude of parks perfect for short or long walks through nature. Going on a walk is a nice way to relax and unwind in the late morning or early afternoon of a weekend. As I’m sure you know, the Cincinnati winters are pretty cold, but a big coat with a scarf, hat, and gloves paired with a brisk walk is an effective way to stave it off! For a short time, at least. 

As the winter months continue, going on a walk in the middle of the day can be rejuvenating and a pleasant change from many nights spent indoors. 

Our Favorite Cincinnati Date Spots

A perfect date night in Cincinnati Ohio
Cincinnati is home to many unique date spots. Their different districts, indoor, and outdoor settings are perfect for any couple looking to spend a romantic day together. Image courtesy of Trip 101.

Cincinnati is home to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor dates for you and your partner this winter season. Above, we gave some of our best date ideas, but below are some of our favorite places to bring a significant other during the wintertime. Although the sky is grey and the weather is cold, winter is its own season and certain spots shine in the winter. Indoor dates become all the more attractive when the alternative is bundling up and braving the outdoors, and those outdoor dates hold a certain special something when you know it's going to be just a few degrees below freezing. Read on for three of our favorite winter date spots in Cincinnati!

1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab

A barista crafting a coffee drink in Cincinnati Ohio
Quality over Quantity is the motto at 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab. They are always tweaking drinks and recipes to deliver the best coffee in all of Cincinnati. Image courtesy of Cincinnati USA.

This boutique cafe in Cincinnati is home to a powerful combination of wine and coffee. Sounds pretty nice, right? No matter what time of the day you stop by, the staff at 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab are ready to provide you with the perfect drink and food pairing. In the morning, they are ready with many excellent coffee drinks for you to choose from. For lunch, they’ve crafted a menu of great sandwiches, and for dinner they have a set of wine flights and platters of meats and cheeses to go with them. Each platter is designed to be the perfect pairing to your wine flight, of course. 

This cafe is one of our favorite date spots in Cincinnati. It's a casual establishment where you and your partner can enjoy high quality food and drinks together. Cafes are especially grand in the wintertime, where you can get a reprieve from the cold and enjoy a hot coffee drink during the day, or a warming flight of wine at night. 

California Woods Nature Preserve

Just outside Cincinnati lies the lush and beautiful forests of the California Woods Nature Preserve. This park boasts a 2.5 mile trail through lush, nature-filled woods that looks beautiful as leaves carpet the cold ground. Going on dates at this park give you plenty of options to take a walk exactly as long as you wish. 

This park keeps its beauty year round, and during the wintertime the leafless trees and bushes serve as an excellent escape from the city day-to-day inside of Cincinnati, and it's a great place for you and your partner to unplug for an hour or so and enjoy what nature has to offer. 

Union Terminal

Recently restored, Union Terminal is a unique spot in the Cincinnati Museum Center and a must-see if you stop in. Union Terminal is one of the final American train stations, beautifully constructed and restored in art deco style, and it now encompasses the theatre, History Library, and Archive sections of the museum center. It is a sight to behold, and if your partner has an interest in history this is the perfect place to take them! 

Not only does Union Terminal boast the largest half-dome in the western hemisphere, it is full of expressive mosaics and a unique look on how Cincinnati developed in the early 20th century. 

Where do You Want to Go?

We hope we’ve inspired you to plan and schedule an amazing date with your partner! Cincinnati holds its own charm in the winter and there are plenty of date spots to go to with your significant other this winter. Which spot are you planning on bringing a date? Is there anything we missed on this list that is a personal favorite of yours? Let us know in the comments!

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