20 of the Best Lakeview Restaurants You Will Enjoy

Enjoying a day at the beach? Be sure to stop by one of these coastal beauties for more than just the view.

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Jan 21, 2021

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If this is paradise, then we never want to leave. Nestled inside of Indian Lake, and only an hour and twelve minute drive from Columbus, sits the pristine quiet lake town of Lakeview, Ohio. Located along the coast, are some of the best choices in entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences. For now, we are focusing on dining options. This small town is perfect for the family that wants to set up a quiet life along the water, and if that is you, you have found your dream home. Aside from your dream home, we have figured out what restaurants could be your new favorite go-to when company is in town, or if you want to dine out alone.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, we have laid out the best choices for dining in Lakeview, OH:

Playa Azul Mexican and American Grill

Mexican food, with just a hint of American cuisine, is the food we want to see.

Mexican food
This gorgeous dish is waiting for you to drop in. Image courtesy of Playa Azul Facebook Page.

Address: 305 East Harrison Street, Lakeview, OH 43331

Phone: (937) 633-0401

Website: facebook.com

From deliciously mouthwatering cheese curds to tasty and served to perfect burritos, there is no end to how fantastic Playa Azul’s food is. If you come from a city that is known for their Mexican food, but are looking for a fresh start come the time when you move to Lakeview, Playa Azul is a definite must go.

Right across the street from Indian Lake, you will be welcomed into an atmosphere from authentic Mexican food with some American food thrown in. If you are brave enough, we recommend trying the stuffed jalapenos as a starter for your meal.

With everything going on it was great service, food came out nice and hot, drink was amazing, the servers were extremely nice and communicated amazingly. Definitely would go back again! - Yelp Review.

Padrone’s Pizza at Lakeview

Pizza down by the lakefront sounds like a perfect time to us.

Pizza down
Mmm… Imagine biting your teeth through this gorgeous pepperoni pizza. Image courtesy of Padrone’s Pizza at Lakeview Facebook Page.

Address: 250 East Lake Street, Lakeview, OH 43331

Phone: (937) 843-5678

Website: padronespizzalakeview.com

No small lake town would be complete without local pizza places. We don’t mean the chains, we mean the small businesses that still serve pizzas with love and care. If you are feeling Italian tonight, or just want a nice slice or even a sub sandwich, or a salad, try Padrone’s Pizza at Lakeview. Their pizza selection is massive, and they are all excellent choices. If we had to pick a favorite, it would either with the “Meatzza” that comes with pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, and beef. 

Or, since we are near a lake, the Hawaiian is a perfect choice. With ham, delicious pineapple, bacon, and of course, extra cheese. If we can’t bring the ocean to us, we can still feel like we are in the tropics with the Hawaiian pizza.

Delicious! Phoned in my order at 5:40 and pizza was ready for pick-up at 6pm. Crust is soft, chewy and crunchy all at the same time. Great sauce, lots of toppings - truly a great pizza. - Google Review.

Tilton Hilton

Don't forget to eat up at this local Lakeview restaurant!

Burger season is upon us, and we know the greatest place to get one! Image courtesy of The Pickled Pig.

Address: 10861 Township Road 293, Lakeview, OH 43331

Phone: (419) 860-5354

Website: thetiltonhilton.com

If you are interested in burgers, even when it is all-year round, you need to check out Tilton Hilton. This family owned, and family friendly, restaurant hosts the best burgers you will taste in your life. They’re so much better, they put fast food chains to shame with how delicious and juicy their burgers are. Ranging from fresh tenderloin to their delicious swiss cheese and bacon burger, you won’t be looking for any other place to find a good burger again. In fact, you might even be driving home with seconds after dining at Tilton Hilton.

The restaurant is also family friendly, but the kids menu, although excellent choices, is limited. The restaurant also serves excellent seasonal items, such as seasonal wines and bottled beers. The burger we recommend trying is the Tilton Burger -- served with lettuce, cheese, onion, pickle, and a secret ingredient: miracle whip! You will not be disappointed!

Had lunch here today.  Great patio on the water, great service and good food.  Had fishtail sandwich, pizza burger and pork tenderloin. Either fries or onion chips on the side. All hot and tasty. Has docks for boat parking. It was busy midweek, so that says a lot. - Google Review.

Bobber’s Drive Thru and Restaurant

Homemade deep fried food, especially after a day in the sun, makes our mouths water.

Homemade deep fried food
Don’t ever turn down local favorites! Image courtesy of Bobber’s Drive Thru and Restaurant Facebook Page.

Address: 15641 OH-235 at Belle Center, OH 43310

Phone: (937) 633-0696

Website: facebook.com

Bobber’s has got to have the best subs we have had in awhile. The best part about them is that they are made fresh, and you will want to come back again. At Bobber’s they treat you like family, not just some ordinary customer that comes every now and then. After eating here, you will leave with a sense of love and compassion for the community. Upon moving to Lakeview, be sure to stop by for their delicious subs, or one of their pizzas. We recommend the reuben pizza, it’s different and contains plenty of flavor.

My family and I love Bobbers. Their staff is so friendly and the food is awesome. We usually go every weekend for dinner. I highly recommend the Chipotle Chicken Wrap. - Google Review.

Dad’s Drive In

Trust us, you won't want to leave after trying their homemade ice cream.

ice cream
Not only did the 1950’s call to recommend this design, but they also recommended their delicious shakes! Image courtesy of Dad’s Drive In Facebook Page.

Address: 401 South Main Street, New Hampshire, OH 45870

Phone: (419) 568-2239

Website: facebook.com

If you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied often, you might want to stop at Dad’s Drive In. Their homemade ice cream, with a variety of flavors, and other types of ice cream, such as sundaes and banana splits, their choices help satisfy every sweet tooth that comes by. If you strongly consider moving to Lakeview, OH, and enjoy homemade ice cream, you should definitely make the move! Lakeview wouldn’t be the same without fresh made ice cream coming from Dad’s Drive In.

Great food and excellent milkshake. You can actually drink the milkshake with a straw and not have to use a spoon. Perfect. - Google Review.

Indian Head Roadhouse

Along the lakefront, overlooking Indian Head beach, you will wonder why this restaurant is a must!

Indian Head Roadhouse
 Image soaking up the rays, lakeside, enjoying a panini and a Bloody Mary. Image courtesy of Indian Head Roadhouse.

Address: 509 West Main Street, Russells Point, OH 43348

Phone: (937) 843-5253

Website: indian-head-roadhouse

If you happen to be passing through, or truly enjoy soaking up the local eateries while out and about looking at homes or enjoying the beach, you will want to hit up Indian Head Roadhouse. Being directly on Indian Lake, you are able to fall in love with more than just its breathtaking views. With an expansive menu, you might find yourself having trouble choosing between the best food and drink. Trust us, everything at Indian Head Roadhouse is worth trying, especially their ultimate grilled cheese, with its aged cheddar, havarti, and a garlic cheese spread. Can this grilled cheese get any cheesier? We think not!

Try this place if you have not already. Makes a mean Bloody Mary! The food is really good. Have had their burgers, chicken gyro, and the grilled cheese with bacon and chutney. Everything was delicious. The service was amazing the last time we went. Very friendly waitresses. - Google Review.

The Heidout Restaurant and Bar

A family friendly restaurant that warrants the best food in town.

The Heidout Restaurant and Bar
At The Heidout, you won’t feel just like a customer, you are treated like a long lost friend. Image courtesy of The Heidout Restaurant and Bar Yelp Review Page.

Address: 432 West Pike Street, Jackson Center, OH 45334

Phone: (937) 596-6311

Website: places.singleplatform.com

If you’re new to the area, and want to get away to a local place that is not as crowded, consider The Heidout. A small town bar that provides the right amount of entertainment and life for each person in your family. Located a few miles outside of Lakeview, this small town bar and restaurant has the right amount of snack foods to help satisfy every taste bud. If you are craving something sweet, we recommend a slice of their homemade pie. You might be leaving with seconds, so don’t be shy! We will not judge, because we take seconds all the time!

While having service work performed at the Airstream Factory, we have occasion to eat at the Hideout three times on our last trip.  The customer service is exceptional as well as the food.  We had very nice breakfasts there two times and an enjoyable lunch. - Yelp Review,

Woody’s Diner

When we're sitting at Indian Head beach, a salad is the number one food we enjoy eating.

Woody’s Diner
With warm weather slowly going away, let’s forget it for a moment and enjoy a nice, cold, beautifully made, salad. Image courtesy of Woody’s Diner Yelp Review Page.

Address: 7838 OH-366 at Russells Point, PH 43348

Phone: (937) 843-9991

Website: facebook.com

At this cozy diner, you won’t have to travel far for a night out with the boys, or an evening with your girls. Woody’s Diner serves the best in diner foods, from their a la carte to their omelets, there is no way you’ll be able to turn down their food, especially on game day! In our opinion, we recommend the starter lineup. A breakfast plate that’s served with two eggs and hash browns, with a side of toast, bacon, ham, or sausage. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Amazing bar and diner food. Friendly service st bar. Cool atmosphere! Sweet spot between the middle of nowhere and Indian Lake. - Yelp Review.

Landing Tavern

Before driving back home, make a pit stop at the Landing Tavern.

Landing Tavern
These are some chicken tenders you’ll want to be swimming for. Image courtesy of Giftly.

Address: 235 East Main Street, Russells Point, OH 43348

Phone: (937) 843-3253

Website: facebook.com

Now, this is the kind of food you could be swimming for if you moved to Lakeview, OH, in the next few moments or months. In this expansive menu, Landing Tavern serves some of the best fried foods around, and the best sandwiches. You will feel right at home in this local tavern, with friends, family, and even strangers. If you happen to be stopping by after looking at homes, we recommend trying the Pulled Pork Sandwich. Landing Tavern is also reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about paying a lot for food. Another great thing about the Landing Tavern is all of the food is made fresh. The only thing we should warn about as this is a popular restaurant, there might be long waiting times. This should not deter you from dining here at all, since the food is most definitely worth the wait!

They have great fish dinners. It was busy that day and only one waitress; she did a wonderful job of serving everyone, so just be sure to bring your patience with you and have a fun time. We sure did. - Google Review.

No matter where you do decide to live, make sure it is near a lake. A lake that is not only gorgeous, and has tons of options for resorts, but also adds enough entertainment and restaurants for the off-season, when not many people are around. If you happen to stop at any of these eateries while house hunting, consider HER Realty. They’ll connect you with the best homes in the area, especially in the price range you are seeking! Not only will they connect you, but they know a thing or two about each restaurant that we have listed and they might even join you for dinner, or lunch. Whether it is in Lakeview, or the surrounding area, be sure to consider HER Realty for all of your house hunting needs.

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