Where to Find the Best Pizza in Pickerington, OH

You love pizza--we know where to look for the best kind. Check out this list of the 7 best pizza places in Pickerington, OH to add to your foodie bucket list!

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Jan 21, 2021

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Pickerington, OH is a small city in Ohio with a suburban feel to it. But don’t let the small town atmosphere fool you into thinking there isn’t anything to do here. Pickerington is full of fun things to do, and is home to some of the most friendly residents. Just a short drive away from Columbus, OH, Pickerington is the perfect place to be if you crave that small town feel but you still want the many different activities living in a larger city offers. Whether you’re a full time resident or you’re planning to move to Pickerington, there is something for everyone here! With so many shops, events happening all year, and plenty of restaurant options to enjoy, Pickerington guarantees a great time for anyone! With all the things Pickerignton has to offer, Pickerignton is a great place to live or visit!

If you’re looking for things to do with the family in Pickerington there are plenty of options to choose from! But if you’re a family who considers themselves pizza connoisseurs, then Pickerignton has you covered! Not only is Pickerington, OH a great place to live and visit, but Pickerignton is also known for having some of the best pizza options around! So if you love pizza, then Pickerignton is the place to go! With so many pizza options around the city, it might seem overwhelming to choose which ones to visit and try. There are so many options to choose from that you’ll b e craving pizza for weeks! But if you can’t decide where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the 7 best pizza places in Pickering, OH to help you choose. Can’t decide? Use this list as a checklist and try them all one by one!

1. MOD Pizza 

Pizza on a wood table and a wooden MOD sign on the wall
Create your own pizza creation at MOD Pizza. Photo courtesy of Yelp

1310 Hill Rd. N | Pickerington, OH | modpizza.com 

MOD Pizza is a unique pizza experience. At MOD Pizza you get to pick and completely customize your own individual pizza, all for a set price no matter what (or how many) toppings you choose. If you’re a family who all have different pizza preferences that you enjoy (or hate), then MOD Pizza is the perfect place to go for when your family wants pizza but can’t decide on what kind to get! MOD Pizza also offers you the ability to get creative and completely customize your order. Not that big a fan of pizza or you’re trying to eat a little healthier? MOD Pizza offers customizable salads, as well as cauliflower crust options for those watching what they eat! MOD Pizza also has some vegan pizza options available, as well as local cider and beer options if you want to grab a drink while you enjoy your pizza! 

“Unique place. Lots of toppings choices. All of the pizzas we tried were great. They have a small selection of bottles of beer and cider and two beers on tap (both local IPAs). We would go back.” – Yelp Review 

2. Romeo’s Pizza 

Romeo's pizza boxes stacked on a table
Have a pizza night in and order Romeo’s Pizza! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

90 W Church St. | Pickerington, OH | romeospizza.com

Romeo’s Pizza is not only known for their great customer service and friendly atmosphere, but they’re also known for their amazing pizza. Romeo’s Pizza is also known for their sweet sauce and delicious cheesy bread! If you like crispy crust, then Romeo’s Pizza is a must add to your pizza bucket list for your next meal out! If you’re not in the mood for pizza, Romeo’s Pizza also has sub options to choose from as well as salad options! If you’re a lover of cheese, Romeo’s Pizza is known to load up their pizza with it! Eat in or take Romeo’s Pizza to go and enjoy family pizza night at home! Romeo’s Pizza also offers deals so if you’re ordering for a large crowd, you can get the most bang for your buck! 

“The sauce is sweeter than most sauces, but nothing that bothers me. They made it saucy which I love! The crust was super crunchy with the cheese melting off of it. Seriously I LOVED the crunch of the crust with the softness of the middle. It was a simple, but delicious pizza :)” – Yelp Review 

3. Mackenzie River Pizza, Grill, and Pub

A woman holding out two flatbread pizzas
Mackenzie River Pizza not only has good pizza, but they also have yummy cocktails. Photo courtesy of Facebook

1281 Hill Rd. N | Pickerington, OH | mackenzieriverpizza.com

Known for being environmentally conscious as well as a great place to work, Mackenzie River Pizza is not only a place to go for a friendly atmosphere and staff, but it is also a great place to get some pizza! You can either eat your pizza on location, take it to go, or you can try their take and bake option that includes a frozen pizza with all the toppings that you can assemble and bake at home. Mackenzie River Pizza also has delicious cocktails to enjoy with your meal, as well as dessert that people rave about! Mackenzie River Pizza is a must-visit place if you love good pizza and a friendly environment to eat it in! 

“Our server was amazing! She took care of us like she knew us. The food was great! I like the emblem burnt into the bun on the burger. Also the fries were good and the fried pickles were the best I’ve had! Recommend trying this out!” – Facebook Review 

4. Pizza Cottage 

A woman putting cheese on an uncooked pizza
Pizza Cottage has so many topping options to choose from. Photo courtesy of Facebook

1000 Old Diley Rd. | Pickerington, OH | pizzacottagepickerington.com

What was once a family run pizza shop has turned into a well-known pizza franchise that offers delicious pizza and great customer service! At the Pickerington location, guests can choose to either dine in and enjoy pizza in Pizza Cottage’s restaurant area or take their pizza to go and enjoy it at home! Pizza Cottage also has an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy your pizza and the nice weather in the warmer months. With so many toppings to choose from to add to your pizza, Pizza Cottage is a great place to come with the family to enjoy some good pizza and some family company! Or take your pizza home and have a pizza party while you watch a movie! 

“My experience today at the Pizza Cottage was tremendous like always. My waitress was very attentive and upbeat and I appreciated all of the service and that I got as well as great food definitely a recommended place to gather with family and friends or just to stop by and watch the game and have great pizza.” – Facebook Review

5.  Donatos Pizza

A group of people eating pizza at a restaurant
Donatos Pizza is the perfect place to enjoy good pizza and great company! Photo courtesy of Facebook

1214 Hill Rd. N | Pickerington, OH | donatos.com

Donatos Pizza is a family-owned pizza company that was originally founded in Columbus. Donatos Pizza is most known for their pizza that features toppings that go all the way to the edges (not much empty crust space here) and their delicious thin and crispy pizza crust. Donatos Pizza is perfect for anyone who loves toppings and thin crust, and thinks the best thing about the pizza is what you put on it. With a bunch of topping options, you can customize your pizza selections to fit your specific taste. Donatos Pizza is a pizza place you must check out at least once during your visit to Pickerington! 

“The staff here are incredible. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Every time we order the food is perfect and customer service is outstanding. Thank you all for being awesome!!” – Facebook Review

6.  Pizzeria New York 

Two slices of pizza on a table outside
Eat pizza the New York way at Pizzeria New York! Photo courtesy of Yelp

833 Hill Rd. N | Pickerington, OH | pizzerianewyork.com

If you’re originally from the New York area and miss the pizza from home or you’re simply a big fan of New York style pizza, then Pizzeria New York should be first on your list of pizza places to visit in Pickerington, OH. Pizzeria New York was brought to Ohio by a man who was originally from Queens and wanted to bring New York style pizza to the Ohio area. If you want authentic New York pizza, then Pizzeria New York is the place to go. Known for having large slices, amazing crust, and plenty of toppings to choose from, Pizzeria New York is worth checking out at least once while visiting Pickerington, OH! 

“We got a large cheese pizza and cheese garlic sticks and they were all the slam! Read these reviews before ordering and am glad I did, pizza crust was perfection and amount of cheese exact! Thank you! Oh and the sauce for the cheese sticks was warm and had good spice/flavor!” – Yelp Review 

7. Jet’s Pizza

The outside of Jet's Pizza
Jet’s Pizza offers quick service and delicious pizza! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

201 Clint Dr. | Pickerington, OH | jetspizza.com

Jet’s Pizza is known for their Detroit styled, crispy square sliced pizza and fresh toppings. If you’re a big fan of cheesy pizza, then Jet’s Pizza has you covered! Each piece of pizza is loaded with fresh cheese and toppings that taste as good as they smell and look! You can choose between different crust styles like deep dish, hand tossed, and several others to build the pizza of your dreams. Jet’s Pizza offers quick and pleasant service that will have you ordering from them more than once! You can order delivery or come and pick it up yourself so that you can enjoy fresh pizza at home. Or, dine-in at Jet’s Pizza if you want to have dinner out!

“This was my first time having Jets delivered. I ordered online and was quoted a 1 hour arrival time. Within 25 minutes my pizza was delivered to my door piping HOT. I was truly impressed with my Jets pizza today.” – Yelp Review

If you live in Pickerington, you’re visiting from out of town, or you’re just passing through, Pickerington is a great place to stop and check out everything they have to offer. From friendly residents to plenty of things to do (both in Pickerington and in their neighboring city Columbus), Pickerington is a must stop on anyone’s road trip list. Pickerington always has events and activities for you to check out, but if you’re looking for a great place to grab a bite to eat then Pickerignton has you covered. There are plenty of options to choose from, so we’ve narrowed it down to the best pizza options!

If you and your family love pizza, then Pickerignton, OH has some of the best pizza in Ohio! With so many options to choose from, the only difficult decision when finding a pizza place in Pickerington is just trying to decide which pens you want to try first! Whether you’re a fan of deep dish, thin crust, pineapple on your pizza, or any other topping and crust requests you can think of, there is a pizza place in Pickerington that can deliver your requests! So if you’re looking for where to find the best pizza in Pickerington, OH, use this list of the 7 best pizza places to help give you an idea of where to start! Use this list and you’ll be on your way to enjoying some of the best pizza Pickerignton has to offer in no time!

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