Moving to Pickerington, OH? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Pickerington is a small city with a suburban feel that loves its celebrations.

Pickerington skyline in front of a pink and blue sky reflecting into the river.
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Jan 21, 2021

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Pickerington, Ohio is a city in Franklin and Fairfield counties. It is a suburb of Columbus. The city is committed to ensuring that their residents maintain a high quality of life. Pickerington strongly supports the presence of businesses as well as its residents. This city is affordable and provides lots of opportunities for professional growth! There are many businesses right in the city that have support from the city’s leadership. They are strongly into the pursuit of economic development, making this a prosperous city. Pickerington has over 150 acres of parkland. There are plenty of opportunities to have a good, quiet time by yourself or with friends and family. Pickerington holds multiple festivals throughout the years and is overall a fun place to be. You’ll enjoy this city for as long as you’re there! 

Here’s what you should know about moving to Pickerington:

  • History of Pickerington
  • Facts and figures about Pickerington
  • Local favorite things to do in Pickerington
  • And more!
Pickerington skyline at night.
This is a great view to come home to. Image courtesy of Worldwide Elevation Map Finder

History of Pickerington

Before Moving to Pickerington, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

Pickerington was founded in 1815 by Abraham Pickering. It was first named Jacksonville after Andrew Jackson. Pickering had donated some farm land for a new schoolhouse to be built to replace the aging log cabin where the children from local farms were being educated. Pickering had bought the land from his father-in-law, James Looker, after finding out that Ohio’s capital would be established nearby. 

After the war with Great Britain ended, Pickering decided to name the town after Andrew Jackson, a General in the war. The town retained that name for a few years before it was changed. In 1827, the people of the town petitioned the state legislature to change the name to Pickerington. They wanted to name the town after Abraham Pickering in order to honor him. 

Pickerington became an agricultural and dairy town for many years without much change. As immigration into the city of Columbus became more widespread, Pickerington amassed a larger population along with it over time. Pickerington was close enough to Columbus to be made a part of it, but Ohio decided to keep it separate. 

The Ohio Secretary of State declared Pickerington to be a city in 1991. It became known as the “Violet Capital of the City” in 1996 by the Ohio State Legislature. The population quickly went up to over 20,000 as the years went on. Pickerington is home to multiple different local festivals. The city is big into celebration. There are also a few museums that capture the city’s history. There is the Motorcycle Hall of Fame and the Pickering Museum. They also have the Motts Military Museum and the Slate Run Living Historical Farm. Residents and visitors frequent these places to get a good glimpse of Pickerington’s past. 

Pickerington by the Numbers

Learn About Pickerington’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Pickerington Population

Pickerington has a population of over 20,000. There are over 2,000 people per square mile in this large suburb. The median age of a Pickerington resident is 35, just two years younger than the country’s median age. There is  an average of 2.9 people per household. 62% of those households are made up of married couples, and 49% of those married households also have children present. About 15% of homes in Pickerington are made up of single parent households. 

Pickerington’s Demographics

Pickerington has a population that is quite diverse. Its residents are 70% white and 20% African American. Around 4% of the population is Asian. Around 3% of the population claim Hispanic ethnicity, and about 2.3% of the population identifies as two or more races. The median price for a home in Pickerington is about $200,000, and the median income for a family is over $100,000. It is quite affordable for many residents. 

Pickerington’s Schooling

The Pickerington Local School District is made up of 15 school buildings. It operates two high schools and one alternative high school, along three middle schools, two junior high schools, and seven elementary schools. They also have one small private school in the city. 

Things to do in Pickerington 

Pickerington is a city that does not lack in fun activities for its residents. There are several museums in the area to visit. You can visit the Pickerington Museum, Motts Military Museum, and the Mid-Ohio Doll and Toy Museum. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is nearby, as well as a golf course. You can visit a Japanese garden filled with beautiful bonsai trees, and various public parks that provide recreational spots for the locals to enjoy. There are also plenty of restaurants and shopping locales around. 

Get to Know Pickerington Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Pickerington 

Pickerington is a city made up of suburban neighborhoods. There are plenty of museums around for visitors to enjoy, more museums than you’ll find in the average city. This city operates its own public pool for anyone who wants to take a dip during the summer. There is even a Six Flags nearby for if you want to have a really exciting time! The acres of public park land will provide lots of outdoor space for you to let loose. They even have a few playgrounds for the kids to enjoy. For fans of large celebrations, there are many festivals held in this city. They have a large 4th of July celebration every year, and also have a large Halloween attraction called the Haunted Village. This city is all about providing a good time, so when you get there, you can have just as much fun as the locals! 

BrewDog DogTap

This restaurant has fun with their drink offerings.

10705 W Pleasant Valley Rd | Pickerington |

BrewDog DogTap is a restaurant and brewery that serves up great beer of all kinds. BrewDog was founded 10 years ago with the aim of revolutionizing the beer industry. They take pride in being a small company that is not controlled by multi-national conglomerates. It was originally founded in the UK, but now has two different brewery locations. They want people to be as passionate about craft beer as they are, and they are doing a great job with accomplishing that. Their drinks are made with a level of passion and craftsmanship that makes customers eager to consume their drinks again and again. They offer over 300 beer recipes! If you’re not already a beer lover, this place just might turn you into one. 

Aside from selling different beers in store, they also freely offer up all their recipes to home brewers willing to try them out. They don’t keep any secrets because they believe in radical transparency. They even share all the details of their profits and future plans. This place wants to have everyone involved with its goals!

“Mondays are vegetarian, buy one get one days. Pizzas and sandwiches that are veggie are included. The veggie cauliflower sandwich is a sandwich of dreams. Seriously. It's something that I've been thinking of since I had it a few Mondays back. If you are in the area on a Monday go here. You will not be disappointed.” -- Yelp Review

Marcus Pickerington Theater

This theater will fulfill your movie-watching needs. 

5270 Pearl Rd | Pickerington |

Marcus Theater is a laid-back cinema that showcases a variety of movies. You can catch all the latest movies here on premium, large format screens. They make it a comfortable experience for patrons with their heated Dream Lounger reclining seats. You get to completely relax in these seats while you enjoy Marcus Theater’s snacks, which you will order through their app online. You can get the kind of snacks you’ll find at any movie theater, like popcorn, hot dogs, and nachos. You can even order cotton candy!

Marcus Theaters has many locations throughout the country. They have several different promotions that offer perks to their customers. They have $5 Tuesdays and $6 Student Thursdays for people who would like a discount. There is even an option to book a private theater that you can share with a large group of your family or your friends!

“I love this Cinema. It airs all of the movies you can think of. Don't worry most of these movies here don't go away until like 2 months. The popcorn is delicious. You can ask the people how much butter you want and how you want it, and it doesn't cost extra. They have the best seats. Most of the seats in Marcus are recliners which is kind of perfect if you want to lay back and relax eating buttery popcorn, while watching a new movie.” -- Yelp Review

Combustion Brewery & Taproom

This place makes its own beer and has food trucks on site!

80 W Church St | Pickerington |

Combustion Brewing is a brewery that makes visiting fun. You will regularly find live shows there that will give you great entertainment while you hang out. They have a variety of food trucks that visit so that patrons can enjoy meals with their drinks. Some of the food trucks include Moe’s Original Bar B Que, Tabouli Café, and Mai Chu Kitchen. Mai Chu Kitchen sells Vietnamese inspired food while Tabouli Café sells Mediterranean inspired food. They even have a breakfast café that comes by where you can order waffle sandwiches and breakfast burritos. There are so many more food truck options. You can check to see what food will be there before you plan to visit on their website!

Combustion Brewing has trivia nights and other activities alongside the food trucks. They have public events that everyone can attend, and also host private events. They host weddings, receptions, business meetings, social gatherings and more. Whatever event you may decide to hold, this place will be ready for it!

“This place is ~20-30 minutes away from Columbus. I think they have a great set up, with both indoor and outdoor seating availability. They have a wide indoor area so the lines haven't been bad at all. I just had a flight, with my favorite drink being the Antidote because of its coffee flavor. I would come back again!” -- Yelp Review

Rule 3

Bring your whole family here for some great fun!

650 Windmiller Dr | Pickerington |

Rule 3 is a place that is all about serving up a good time. There are different fun activities there for you to get into. You can go bowling, play volleyball, or do an escape room. You can even participate  in “mini-bowling” rather than regular bowling. It is just like bowling, but with a much smaller lane and smaller bowling balls. Rule 3 has a menu full of foods that are great for a party. You can order buffalo wings, loaded nachos, and pizza. They even offer catering and food delivery.

You can schedule events at Rule 3 when you want to have a fun time with a group. They host birthday parties, corporate events, and even field trips! They even support neighborhood held and charity events.  

“First time here and boy was I surprised! The atmosphere is great! private dining rooms, large arcade, and nice bowling lanes. They have a very nice bar area and they serve food. I did not try the food on this occasion, however many around me did. It looked and smelled delicious! I will be back and try the food. Will update the review then.” -- Yelp Review

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

This is where you get to see lots of awesome motorcycles. 

13515 Yarmouth Dr | Pickerington |

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame welcomes visitors daily. It features two exciting floors for visitors to enjoy. The first floor exhibits motorcycles while the second floor honors cyclists who found their way into the motorcycle hall of fame. They host individuals and groups.   

The AMA chooses the people who get honored and hold induction ceremonies to honor them. You can send in recommendations if you know of anyone who should be honored. They are also welcoming to motorcycle groups who want to start rides to and from the Hall of Fame. 

“A must-see for any motorcycle enthusiast! On this self-guided tour you get to see some great motorcycles, past and present. There are also famous racing bikes, and movie stunt bikes such as the police cruiser from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." There is a nice little gift shop and the end, and the opportunity to sit on a classic Harley with a sidecar. Bring your camera! You don't want to miss this museum.” -- Yelp Review

Pickerington, Ohio is a suburb with some big city amenities. You get to enjoy the relaxed feeling of a small town while not being far away from fun activities you may not find in smaller cities. Have some intense fun or spend time winding down, you can do plenty of both in this city!

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