3 Phenomenal Outdoor Attractions in Pickerington Ohio

‍There’s never a dull moment in this Columbus suburb

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Michael Calhoun


Jan 21, 2021

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Central Ohio is full of wonderful places and locations, and Pickerington is no exception. While we’d just be satisfied with the stellar schools, beautiful homes, and proximity to Columbus, the added bonus of amazing parks with abundant nature is the icing on the cake. We’ll share with you our picks for the most interesting and noteworthy spots in Pickerington so we can all celebrate the joy of this wonderful city in the heartland of America.

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The Places

  • Victory Park
  • Pickerington Ponds
  • Sycamore Creek Park

Every Day At Victory Park Is A Win

This park is sublime in every way

city of pickerington victory park sign
Courtesy of New Home Source

There’s little more anyone needs for happiness in life than a beautiful sky, a cool breeze, and plenty of room for friends. Victory Park has this in abundance, and you’ll be smitten with this cozy locale from the second you set eyes on it. Expect nothing less than a massive outdoor seating area with an overhang, so that all of your friends and family can join you in the festivities comfortably, rain or shine. The park also comes equipped with a set of basketball courts, in case you start feeling like a quick pickup game between you and your neighborhood rivals. The park is close to Ridgeview Junior High, one of Pickerington’s stellar STEM educational facilities, so it’s a popular spot for children and their parents to frequent as well. With a playground complete with swings, slides, and exciting playground equipment, the space is perfect for your younger ones as well, promising a lovely day in the outdoors no matter what age your children are. The facility has also been praised for its cleanliness, so you can rest assured that you and your family won’t need to keep an eye out for any trash or litter in your relaxation time, an often-overlooked point in our society today. The large open area promises endless opportunities for a summer day, whether it’s a picnic, a game of frisbee, or some time spent reading in the sun.

Step Into Another World

Pickerington Ponds is a journey into the natural kingdom

misty red sunrise over a large pond
Courtesy of Metro Parks

In the United States, we’re unspeakably lucky to have such close proximity to the great outdoors and expansive territories of untainted nature. Pickerington Ponds is one of the best examples of that unspoiled, untamed beauty that is only possible in the wild. If you have an interest in the natural life that calls this place home, there are 260 different species of bird that have been sighted there for you to birdwatch to your heart’s content, and with foxes, beavers, and deer also galavanting across this 1600 acre park, there’s no end to the wildlife you’ll find in your travels here. For the active souls out there, there’s a 16-mile biking trail that runs through three of the different Ohio Metro parks. If you’re more inclined to sit and stay, Pickerington Ponds boasts a 418-acre wildlife preserve that has swamps, marshes, and ponds, complete with observation decks on the water for you to absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of this peaceful retreat. But why experience this beauty alone, when you can bring your own pets into the mix? Cats and dogs are permitted in the picnic areas, the biking trail, and the roadways, as long as they’re attached to a leash, and they’re the perfect companions to bring along with you to connect with your inner animal. The park is also equipped with two picnic areas complete with grills and tables, for the days when everyone wants to get out of the house and get acquainted with the natural world. It’s spaces like Pickerington Pond that make life much more bearable in the ups and downs of our lives, and we hope you get as much satisfaction out of the pure and uncontaminated space as we do.

The Park That Has It All

It’s not just a park, it’s a cornerstone of the community

sycamore creek park pond
Courtesy of City of Pickerington

Every city or town has the place where, for whatever reason, everything seems to happen. All the town ceremonies, the festivals, and the days of fun and leisure seem to concentrate in one place, and for Pickerington that’s Sycamore Creek Park. Once you explore this outdoor extravaganza, you’ll quickly see why: it has everything! An amphitheatre, a golf course, an arboretum, a skate park, a sledding hill, a soccer field, a tennis court, and of course, everyone’s favorite: a vending machine. This park is truly packed to the gills with amenities, and it pays off for residents big time. It’s time to surrender to the fact that you’ll never be bored again with the huge potential that Sycamore Creek holds for you and your loved ones. Your kids can join soccer teams and lacrosse tournaments to engage their bodies and minds, while you can take a day putting on the green or fishing for bass and catfish in the 2.3 acre pond. On Fridays you can head to the amphitheater to watch a movie in the park with the whole community, or catch some sweet tunes in the summer with their summer concert series. And like every park worth its salt, it’s filled with wide, open space, perfect for anything your heart desires, ready to fill your heart and soul with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Pickerington is a lively place, and you’ll find something to do around every corner in this industrious suburb. If you’re inclined to appreciate the outdoors (and who isn’t?) then you’ll find a home in Pickerington, no matter if you’re drawn to the all-natural Pickerington Ponds or the community-oriented Sycamore Creek Park. Which park were you drawn to the most? Have any spectacular plans for a day in the great outdoors? Let us know what you’re thinking about these great parks in the comments section! And have a spectacular day!

View homes for sale in Pickerington, OH

December 27, 2018
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