Where is Johnstown, Ohio Located?

Everything to Know About What’s in and Around This Central Ohio Town

elevated view of the city of Johnstown, Ohio. Image courtesy of Explore Licking County.
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Jan 21, 2021

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Johnstown is a quaint, central Ohio city located in Licking County with a population of 5,182 as of 2020. This historically rich location was laid out in 1813, about 7 years after the first pioneers had arrived. The city is most known as the hometown of two U.S. Congressmen during the twentieth century: William A. Ashbrook (who served 1907-1921 and 1935-1940), and his son, John M. Ashbrook (who served 1961-1982).

Johnstown is home to:

Licking County is located in central Ohio, bordered by Franklin, Delaware, Knox, Coshocton, Muskingum, Perry, and Fairfield counties. It was formed in 1808, primarily from pieces of Fairfield County, and received its name due to the numerous salt licks in the area. The county covers 687 square miles and has an overall population of 178,519 as of 2020. In addition to Johnstown, Licking County is comprised of 10 other cities and towns:

Newark, Ohio

Population: 49,951

From Johnstown: 23 minutes

Newark, Ohio is the county seat of Licking County, founded in 1802. The community claims to be “rooted in rural traditions and a strong work ethic,” and proudly nods to their abundant and significant history. The city not only boasts an array of activities, but also a collection of beautiful and highly recognized architecture.

Newark is home to:

Pataskala, Ohio

Population: 15,751

From Johnstown: 17 minutes

Pataskala, a dynamic central Ohio city and suburb of Columbus, was laid out in 1851 and officially incorporated in 1891. It received its name from the native Delaware tribe, who had called the river that flows through the county “the Pataskala,” which translates to “clear water.” Today the city is recognized as a family-friendly suburb due to its low crime rate and low cost of living.

Pataskala is home to:

Heath, Ohio

Population: 10,847

From Johnstown: 25 minutes

Heath is a charming, safe, and affordable suburb in central Ohio. It was not an incorporated village until 1952, but the area was known to be inhabited by the Hopewell Indians through the first century CE. The city today is admired as a unique, historically interesting, and peaceful destination.

Heath is home to:

Granville, Ohio

Population: 5,829

From Johnstown: 18 minutes

Granville is a rural village nestled among the rolling hills of central Ohio. While the village was founded in 1805, the history behind its location dates back even further. It is located on territory known as the “Military Lands,” which the U.S. government had forcibly seized during the Northwest Indian War in the 1790s. Today, however, it is notably one of the best places to live in Ohio.

Granville is home to:

Hebron, Ohio

Population: 2,370

From Johnstown: 27 minutes

Hebron is a small, friendly, and family-driven community in central Ohio. The village was platted in 1827 and resides as a quiet and personal location current day.

Hebron is home to:

Hanover, Ohio

Population: 1,100

From Johnstown: 33 minutes

Hanover, a keenly growing town in central Ohio, was laid out in 1849 and officially founded in 1852, though it was already home to a couple settlers by 1804. Today it embodies a small-town feel and facilitates a communal experience, whether you’re there as a resident or a visitor.

Hanover is home to:

Alexandria, Ohio

Population: 575

From Johnstown: 10 minutes

Alexandria is a charming village that was laid out in 1830. Though it is small in size, Alexandria remains quite active, while still holding onto their significant Ohio history and milestones. It is also one of few Ohio towns to be designated as a POW-MIA Community, as of 2019.

Alexandria is home to:

Kirkersville, Ohio

Population: 553

From Johnstown: 25 minutes

Kirkersville is a quaint village settled along the South Fork of the Licking River. The town was platted in 1832 by Dr. William C. Kirker, and was then named in his honor. Immersed in rural central Ohio, you are sure to experience an intimate, small-town feel when you visit.

Kirkersville is home to:

Hartford, Ohio

Population: 462

From Johnstown: 8 minutes

Hartford is a central Ohio village that was platted in 1824 and officially incorporated in 1866. Referred to as a “country escape just a jaunt away from the city,” Ohio’s list of small towns gets a little longer with Hartford.

Hartford is home to:

Saint Louisville, Ohio

Population: 413

From Johnstown: 22 minutes

Saint Louisville is a pleasant village settled along the North Fork of the Licking River. The town was platted in 1839, and despite its small size, Saint Louisville is a rural hub for activity, community, and charm.

Saint Louisville is home to:

Honorable Mentions Outside of Licking County

New Albany, Ohio

Population: 11,085

From Johnstown: 12 minutes

Located: Franklin County (though a portion resides in Licking County)

New Albany is a lively central Ohio city and suburb of Columbus. First founded in 1837 as a small farming village, the city has significantly grown in both size and urban nature. New Albany has also been deemed one of the best places to live in Ohio, and was crowned as the #1 suburb in America in 2015, courtesy of Business Insider.

New Albany is home to:

Westerville, Ohio

Population: 40,443

From Johnstown: 23 minutes

Located: Franklin and Delaware counties

Westerville, Ohio, is a vibrant and historical northeastern suburb of Columbus, founded in 1858. The community’s long-time core values of equality, diversity, education, and the arts have been perpetuated into the current-day Westerville, and is evident through its many operations and recognitions.

Westerville is home to:

Columbus, Ohio

Population: 889,079

From Johnstown: 31 minutes

Located: Franklin county

Columbus, founded in 1812 and Ohio’s largest city and state capital, is the 14th largest city in America and is visited by tens of millions of people from all over the world each year. Abundant with diversity, activities and attractions, beautiful sites, and more, this beloved central Ohio city is truly a must-visit location when in the Buckeye State.

Columbus is home to:

Central Ohio is quite the hub for fun and unique activities! Whether it be a big city like Columbus, or a modest village like Saint Louisville, you can be sure to find something worthwhile. For even more potential endeavors in neighboring central Ohio cities, check out one of our previous blogs, Things to Do Between Canal Winchester, Ohio & Columbus, Ohio!

Happy reading and even happier travels!

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