Trendy Must-See Spots in Clintonville Ohio

Clintonville is a wonderful Columbus suburb. There is always so much to do, so come and check it out!

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Amber Kanoza


Jan 21, 2021

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Clintonville is a wonderful place to live. It isn’t far from Columbus (which is already super awesome) and isn’t far from the nightlife of Ohio State. There is so much going on all the time. Clintonville also has a cool history. For example, it served as a stop for the underground railroad. It also was the home of Columbus’s first zoo before it got moved to the inner city.

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What we are going to learn about Clintonville:

  • Lavash Cafe
  • Easton Town Center
  • Signature Wines
  • Dough Mama

Lavash Cafe

Courtesy of Columbus Foodie

Lavash cafe has a wide variety of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. They have specials every day and even have merch available to buy if you want to take your experience to heart. This cafe is right on the edge of Clintonville. The residents rave about the fresh Mediterranean food and, if you don’t have a lot of time to eat in, you can always call ahead for some carryout! They also offer catering for any event. Just so you know, I definitely recommend the hummus (the regular and black bean) and the gyro.

Easton Town Center

Courtesy of Columbus Underground

This is one of the go-to places to be to spend an afternoon. Not only are there countless stores to explore, but there is also constant entertainment and hotels surrounding the complex. You even have an option on whether to shop inside or out. If there isn’t an event that you want to go to, there is a movie theatre on-site! There is also a comedy club and bar inside as well. If you’re not super into any of that, there is a wonderful fountain and lights to see when the sun goes down.

Signature Wines

Courtesy of Find Your Winery

This is the ultimate adult getaway. Signature Wines offers tours, events and even personalized labels for all of your needs. They offer space for any kind of event. Signature Wines carries a wide selection of flavors to choose from and enjoy.

Dough Mama

Courtesy of Dough Mama

Dough Mama is the heart of happiness in Clintonville. This shop makes beautiful pies and pastries. They serve gluten-free versions of pies and baked goods so that everyone is included in the fun. Don’t be fooled, Dough Mama has more than just tasty goods. There is also a lunch and breakfast menu. They also cater to any event!

What really puts the cherry on top for this bakery, is that they get a lot of ingredients locally sourced and support local artisans. Dough Mama features art and different creations from local artists and makers.

Clintonville is an interesting place to live and explore. I don’t think you can get enough of all the trendy food places in this city, it’ll definitely spice up your Instagram feed. I highly recommend taking a few days to see all of it. Contact a HER agent today!

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