The Tastiest Pizza Places to Try in Clintonville, Ohio

Since pizza is one of the most popular foods consumed, we figured we'd give you a list of the best pizza places to choose from in Clintonville, Ohio!

A delicious photo of pizza with berries.
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4041 N. High Street, Suite 302 Columbus, Ohio 43214
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Jan 21, 2021

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In the U.S., 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second, and about 40% of Americans have pizza once a week. This comes as no surprise to us because the combination of ingredients put into pizzas are more than desirable. It is a portion-controlled kind of dish that can be easily transported and reheated if needed. With all of this said you clearly want to find some good pizza if you clicked on this so that is what we will provide! Here is a list of the best pizza places to choose from in Clintonville.

Harvest Bar + Kitchen - Clintonville

Outside of Harvest Bar + Kitchen.
The outside of Harvest Bar + Kitchen located in Clintonville, be sure to give it a try! Image courtesy of bizjournals.

2885 N High St. | Columbus |

For the first option on your pizza journey, be sure to check out the Harvest Bar and Kitchen! This restaurant has a history of working with local farmers to create their food. It is always promising to hear when a business coordinates with those around its community.

Though this place is known for its pizza, there are other options of food you can choose from like salads, “small plates,” and burgers and sandwiches. 

To get to the pizza options though, you have many to choose from. Margherita, Mushroom, Vegetable, and more. 

Most notably that we saw that sounded appetizing is their Meatball pizza. This pizza consists of their house tomato sauce, with black peppercorn ricotta, fresh mozzarella, house beef, and pork meatballs, roasted red peppers, pepperoncini, oregano, basil, and Parmigiano Reggiano. 

“Pizza was awesome and the buffalo cauliflower is off the charts delicious! Curbside service was perfect! Called when I arrived and the food was brought right out to my car! Everything was hot and as ordered! We just love Harvest!” -Yelp review.

Ange’s Pizza

A pizza served on a dish plate.
A pizza that can be found at Ange’s Pizza in Clintonville! Image courtesy of postmates.

5767 Karl Rd. | Columbus |

Let’s say you just want to grab some food to go. This is an option for you! Ange’s Pizza is a takeout-only establishment that has been around Ohio since 1953. 

If you’re craving some pizza along with a sub, wings, or even spaghetti dinners they got you covered! 

Consider getting their Mexican-style pizza which is topped with salsa, pizza cheese, taco meat, cheddar cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, and Jalapeño Pepper. Pick an appetizer as well like garlic bread, loaded potato skins, or buffalo chip basket.

“One of my favorite childhood pizza places! Anges has been the most consistent pepperoni pizza I have had for almost 2.5 decades across locations and that still remains true. The pizza is always fresh, reasonably priced, and available in a timely manner. I've been a longtime customer and don't forsee that changing anytime soon!” -Yelp review.

Fibonacci’s Pizzeria 

Pizza on a wooden server.
Some perfectly toasted pepperoni pizza you can find at Fibonacci’s Pizzeria. Image courtesy of studio35.

3055 Indianola Ave. | Columbus |

Enjoy pizza and a movie at Studio 35 which specializes in their pizzeria that you also have the option of carryout. Each are 12” Neapolitan style that you can either customize or pick one optioned on the menu. 

The “Camorra” which is ezzo brand pepperoni, sausage, bacon, cremini mushroom, onion, green pepper, house tomato sauce base, and house cheese. 

Or the “Hot Swarm” which is cup & char pepperoni, house cheese, ricotta, pepper flake, and house-made hot honey which is purchased locally. Each of these are $16 or below.

So consider taking a pie to go and relax while staying in Clintonville.

“Anyway, we love this pizza.  It's easy to order and easy to pick up making Friday pizza night even better.  The flavors are great!  We have had the fig, pesto ... hot honey one and our kiddo enjoys the plain cheese.  Handmade dough, sauce is delicious and how it's cooked in the fire is my favorite.  Reasonable prices and size.  These pizzas look amazing (instagramable) and are just delicious.  Hands down, our families favorite in the area.” -Yelp review

Hounddog’s Pizza

A mouthwatering photo of pepperoni pizza with mushrooms. Image courtesy of postmates.

2657 N. High St. | Columbus |

Called “Pizza for the people,” Hounddogs pizza is another great shop where you can get takeout or dine-in for some great food. 

The difference between this place and others is that you have the option of controlling the level of spice you want in your sauce on your pizza; ranging from “Pesto” to “Howlin’ Hot.” 

Pick out a tasty appetizer like lasagna bites, queso fries or buffalo chicken balls. All sounds great to us. As far as specialty pizzas to choose from, maybe the “Supreme Dog” sounds appetising; it is provolone and mozzarella cheese topped with pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, mushroom, onion, and banana pepper. 

You also have your choice of beer, cocktails, and wine. Cocktails like a “You okay Jose? Margarita,” hornitos tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, and splash of OJ and sour. Sounds refreshing don’t you think?

“Super covid safe, and great atmosphere! The food was really good, but even better was the service! I wish I got the waitresses name. She went out of her way to make us feel welcome, and accepted. She was amazing. She was wearing a rainbow mask, and I can't say enough good things about her. A great experience!” -Yelp review.

Massey’s Pizza Sports Bar & Wings

Inside of Masseys Pizza sports bar.
Inside of Massey’s Pizza Sports Bar and Wings, a great laid back area to dine in. Image courtesy of usarestaraunts.

152 Graceland Blvd Graceland Shopping Center | Columbus |

A sports lover or know one? Well this is the spot for you! 

Start off your meal with one of their appetizers like their “award winning” Chili which is their famous beef and bean gourmet chili, fresh ground beef, tomatoes, onions, celery, green peppers, jalapeños peppers, and a blend of herbs and spices. 

Now let’s look into some main courses, they have a world famous pizza which is covered in pepperonis. If you ordered a 14” pizza, there would be 155 pepperoni slices on it. 

Maybe try “The Godfather” a silician deep dish pan pizza. Sicilian bread dough topped with old world tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and lots of provolone cheese. Choose two toppings to add to it and it will be baked in a deep dish pan for $18.74. 

“First time at Massey's. This place is pretty big, clean, good for big group, a lot of people and staff was really nice!

We ordered pizza, meat balls and mini corn dog. All the food was okay. So far we like the corn dog the most. Meat balls were like all the meat balls we had and the pizza we think it's like Donatos. But we'll come back for support our neighbor and get cheap wings on Monday night!” -Yelp review

Donatos Pizza

Pizza on a dish pan.
Pizza topped with chicken, tomatoes, spinach and cheese on a thin crust. Image courtesy of zomato.

3489 N. High St. | Columbus |

Another pizza shop that prides themselves on the fresh ingredients placed on their food. Pick between their pizza, subs, or salads. 

You have the option of choosing between a signature or “conscious choice” (cauliflower crust) pizzas. The signature pizzas look absolutely amazing, specifically the Mariachi. Sliced chicken breast, freshly cut Roma tomatoes, and jalapeño peppers, with mariachi spice and a side of sour cream.

Cool down with a beverage like soda, and finish with one of their desserts. The salty caramel apple pie looks especially delicious. “Tender crust filled with sweetened cinnamon spread, fresh, crisp apples, and oat streusel topping. Oven-baked and drizzled with salty caramel, and cut into 8 pieces.”

“If you're an Ohioan you know about this beloved food chain. This specific location has great service and is open for indoor dining currently. Every Thursday they have mug night with amazing deals on select beers and seltzer's that are on tap ($5 for your first mug and drink, then $2 refills). I recommend the hot chicken pizza, which has pickles, jalapeños, spicy popcorn chicken, and  ranch drizzled on top.” -Yelp review

The Pizza House

A pepperoni and mushroom pizza.
Another delicious photo of some pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. Image courtesy of flickr.

747 E Lincoln Ave. | Columbus |

Homemade pizza is what this place is known for. Pizza house has been open since 1961. They have two different menus, carryout and dining room. Catering is also offered! 

Start off your meal with a greek salad (fresh garden lettuce mix topped with tomatoes, hot banana peppers, eggs, black olives, and chopped ham and cheese.) Then build your own pizza or take a look at some of their specialties. 

Perhaps the “All the Way,” which is a pizza piled with provolone cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushroom, onion, and green pepper. 

Sounds delicious to us. Pick out a beer or wine to combine with your meal as well.

“Pizza House!! What a great pizza place that has been in buisness since 1961. This is why I love Yelp, my co-pilot found this place using Yelp and said we must go here because it is your kind of pizza. With lovely cupped pepperoni and they make there own Italian sausage.  Yes I did get the pep/IS pizza. Very oldschool and was just a plain basic style pizza that was amazing. Was even better the next day for leftovers.” -Yelp review.

Villa Nova

A large pizza on a pan.
Pizza that can be found at Villa Nova in Columbus, Ohio. Image courtesy of tripadvisor.

5545 N High St. | Columbus |

After two years of this restaurant being a previous bar, they then re-established it as a restaurant now known as the Villa Nova. 

Throughout the place customers will see teapots and pressure gauges because first owner, Frank Colleli appreciated antiques and the gauges were because he had spent time with merchant marines.

Take a look at their “A bit of Italy” section on their menu. Some gnocchi or Tortellini maybe, both are great options. 

Choose from cheese, veggie, taco, and white pizza. Topping costs range from $.50 to $1.50 depending on the size of your pizza. 

“Ordered a few different things for delivery meals for my partner and I to try. Their Italian dressing was great and one of my favorite parts. Their sauce was so flavorful and made all of the pasta dishes delicious. The mozzarella sticks were fried to perfection. My veggie lasagna was super duper cheesy! (Thank you for having vegetarian options!) Very filling and we were able to each get a meal out of this and I had it for lunch again the next day!” -Yelp review

Portia’s Diner 

A photo of Portia with her restaurants food.
A list of different foods found at Portia’s Diner. Image courtesy of dispatch.

3269 N High St. | Columbus |

There are many different types of food to choose from here. Breakfast options, sandwiches, salads, and soups along with pizza of course. 

A preview of one of the tasty pizza options that is worth a try is the southwestern breakfast grande. Tofu scramble, roasted corn, red peppers, onions, tomatoes/salsa, southwestern black beans, potatoes, fresh jalapenos, pickled banana peppers, coconut bacon, Daiya cheese, spinach and garlic sauce. 

“Had brunch here a few months ago and they have a great menu, even for four non-vegans. All the food was delicious and enormous potions! The atmosphere was great, with nice big windows to watch all the Clintonvillians walk past. I recommend trying the BLT.

Ordered the veggie pizza for take out one Thursday night and everything about it was awesome! Delicious crust and cooked perfect! Thanks Portia!!”- Yelp review.

Take your pick

Now that you have a good list to choose from, it's time for the big decision, which one could you even choose! Be sure to take a look at their menus listed here and you should be led in the right direction. We hope this helps! Enjoy Clintonville and the food it has to offer!

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