25 Reasons You Should Move to Clintonville Right Now

From Striking Landmarks to Gourmet Cuisine -- See Why Clintonville is the Place to be

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Jan 21, 2021

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Ohio is filled with so many amazing neighborhoods that it can be difficult to familiarize yourself with all of them. If you’re in the market for a new home, this can be overwhelming -- we’ll help by unpacking why Clintonville could be the right choice for you!

Whether you’re looking for a home to raise your family or an area to build your career, Clintonville has it all. Ranked as one of the best neighborhoods in Columbus, Clintonville will never leave you searching for a weekend activity. Clintonville combines community with entertainment, nature, and dining to create a culture all of its own.

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1. Clintonville is a Community like No Other

The town of Clintonville on a fall day featuring brick buildings and trees.
A charming view of Indianola Avenue, Clintonville in the fall. Image courtesy of Premier Dental of Ohio.

When you move to Clintonville, you become a part of something bigger -- a community. There are quite a few ways to get involved and meet new people in the neighborhood.

The Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resource Center is dedicated to delivering responsive services, partnerships, and promoting opportunities to foster a healthier community. They offer services and activities such as:

  • CRC’s Kid’s Club
  • CRC Choice Food Pantry
  • Senior Supportive Services
  • Kinship Care

2. It Contains Unique Architecture

A victorian-style red brick house.
One of the first houses built on North Broadway Street, Clintonville. Image Courtesy of Columbus Business First.

Clintonville is known for its architectural wonders-- you won’t find cookie-cutter houses in this neighborhood. Clintonville contains Lustron homes, Sears and Roebuck kit homes, four-squares, bungalows, Dutch Colonials, and much more.

One of the wildest styles is Lustron. These houses are primarily metal and almost entirely coated in porcelain. After WWII, Lustron homes were built as a quick fix for the lack of housing. Four of these houses stand in Clintonville today.

3. High Street Vintage Shopping

Eight colorful watches sit on a store shelf.
Vintage watches are displayed at the shop, Boomerang Room. Image courtesy of Columbus Underground.

If Vintage is your thing, High Street has some shops that you’ll love. From antique lamps to Rock N’ Roll records, Clintonville is known as a hub for thrifting.

Columbus Underground says that these High Street shops are the best for Vintage buyers:

  • Boomerang Room
  • Down Memory Lane
  • Bundle on High

4. Clintonville is a Great Place for Business

A gold shop with manikins in the window.
A local second-hand shop, Marigold, opened recently. Image courtesy of Columbus Underground.

If you want to start or grow your business, Clintonville has the resources you’ll need. Join the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce and gain access to resources, recognition, support, and community exposure.

Clintonville is already home to a plethora of local businesses and shops, add yours to the list!

5. ... and a Great Place for Education

A tan brick school with a blue swing set on the playground.
The Clinton Elementary playground. Image courtesy of Schooley Caldwell.

If you are bringing kids into the area, education becomes one of the most important factors in choosing a neighborhood. No fear, Clintonville offers top-rated public and private schools which will allow your children to flourish academically.

Clintonville Schools:

  • Clinton Elementary
  • Colerain Elementary
  • Indianola Informal Elementary
  • Indian Springs Elementary
  • Dominion Middle School
  • Whetstone High School

6. It's Full of Musical Talent

A man wearing a red vest plays the trumpet in his local band.
The Clintonville Community Band was founded in 1984.

Clintonville has its own community band and community choir.

Playing anything from Sousa to Bernstein, the Clintonville Community Band is made up of teachers, bankers, doctors, insurance agents, and anyone else who loves to perform. They play at multiple Columbus venues and have even performed at the Ohio State Fair.

The Clintonville Community Choir performs two concerts a year and recently, they sang at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The choir welcomes anyone in the community with a passion for singing.

7. Clintonville is for Nature Lovers

A sunny day with green grass and a tall tree.
A sunny day in Clintonville. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Are you bringing pets into the area? Walk your dog while exploring the neighborhood settings.

Enjoy a grassy landscape with parks such as Clintonville Park. Open from sunrise to sunset, the park offers shady areas to enjoy picnics as well as spots for relaxation.

8. What Other Neighborhood has Ravines?

A tunnel painted with red, blue, and yellow birds.
The Glen Echo trail includes a tunnel covered in vibrant bird paintings. Image courtesy of Columbus, OH Life.

Some unusual and breathtaking features of Clintonville are its ravines. Created by the Wisconsin glacier 50,000 years ago, these ravines now serve as scenic nature trails to residents.

Clintonville’s ravines include Glen Echo, Walhalla, and Overbrook (Adena Brook). Two other ravines have been since covered.

9. The Columbus Park of Roses

Red roses with tourists of the Columbus Park of Roses.
The Columbus Park of Roses is open to the public. Image courtesy of Ohio Stock Photography.

Located in the Clintonville neighborhood, the Columbus Park of Roses is a public rose garden that contains over 12,000 specimens of roses. This 13-acre park is an aesthetic wonder that will make for some pretty great Instagram posts.

10. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Colo the gorilla at the Columbus Zoo.
Colo, of the Columbus Zoo, was the first gorilla born in captivity. Image courtesy of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Looking for a weekend trip? Take a slight step out of the neighborhood and find yourself at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium first opened in 1927 and since then, it has accumulated over 130 species of animals. The zoo donates four million dollars annually to conservation efforts around the world.

11. Clintonville is Family Friendly

A mom and dad hold their toddler in the forest.
Many families are proud to call Clintonville their home.

It is important to feel safe where you live, especially when raising a family. In 2018, Clintonville was reported as having a 38% lower crime rate than the national average.

12. The Food is Delicious

A ham and cheese breakfast sandwich with a side of strawberries and melon.
Mozart’s mouth-watering breakfast sandwich. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Clintonville is home to dozens of local restaurants that share their own spin on dishes. According to the Columbus Navigator, the ten best restaurants in Clintonville are:

  • Wild Flower Cafe
  • Pat and Gracie’s
  • Harvest Bar and Kitchen
  • Lavash Cafe
  • Nancy’s Home Cooking
  • 6-1-Pho
  • Acre
  • Mozart’s
  • Acropolis Gyro Restaurant
  • The Crest

“A carrot cake like no other. A wonderful pop up shop. Humble talented ownership. Local small business with ties in the local community.” -- Mozart’s Yelp Review

13. The Desserts are Even Better

A chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cone.
In the summer, ice cream from Colonial Candy Shoppe definitely hits the spot. Image courtesy of Our City Online.

If you’re interested in sweets (who isn’t?), Clintonville offers a wide variety of tasty treats. Stop in at Sassafras Bakery for a slice of pie or the Colonial Candy Shoppe for some ice cream -- the options are pretty sweet.

14. Clintonville Appreciates Diversity

An elderly couple enjoys a scenic bike ride.

Clintonville is home to people of various ages, ethnicities, and occupations. As far as ethnic and economic diversity, Niche rates Clintonville as above average.

15. ... and is Filled with Accepting Residents

A rainbow pride flag waves high at a protest.
A Pride Flag flies high in Ohio. Image courtesy of Ohio Capital Journey.

For some time now, Columbus has been known for their supportiveness towards the LGTBQ+ community. Clintonville shares these views and offers specialized counseling and support for LGTBQ+ residents in need at Clintonville Counseling and Wellness.

“We utilize an affirmative approach to counseling to assist each client with working toward authenticity.  Our counselors will meet you where you are in your life without judgment.” -- Clintonville Counseling and Wellness.

16. It's Accessible to Columbus

A man wearing a silver watch drives his car at dusk.
Jump in your car and be downtown in the blink of an eye.

Clintonville is a quick 13-minute drive away from downtown Columbus, making it an easy commute if you work in the city.

17. But Also Located Near Ohio State University

The red brick Ohio State building, surrounded by red and orange trees.
The Ohio State Fisher College of Business. Image courtesy of LinkedIn

Just eight minutes away from Clintonville lies the entire campus of Ohio State University -- where there’s always something going on.

Listed as a To-Do on Ohio State University’s website, you’re bound to get a taste of student life in Clintonville. Let’s just say if you're not a Buckeye fan now, we know you’ll change your mind.

18. There are Countless Employment Opportunities

A woman in a bright blue blazer smiles to her coworker.
Start your career in Clintonville to ensure success.

Many Ohio State University alumni stay in Clintonville after receiving their degrees because of the job opportunities. According to Areavibes.com, the median household income in Clintonville is in the mid $70,000 range. As a booming place for business, you can be sure to find a career you enjoy.

19. It's A Beer Lover’s Paradise

Two young women laugh on a bench while enjoying a drink of beer.
Enjoy some adult-time fun with friends or family.

The night scene in Clintonville is not boring, we can assure this. With breweries like Lineage Brewing, Random Precision, and Somewhere in Particular Brewing nearby, you will be sure to find some fun that suits your tastes.

“What a great find! This place is beautiful, clean, well thought out and tasty!

Great food that pairs with their beer, friendly server with plenty of beer knowledge, and lots of growth potential! Can't wait to visit again!” -- Somewhere in Particular Brewing Yelp Review

20. It’s a Place for Healthy Living

A picture of a half green hand holding a green plant.
By implementing a sustainability program, Clintonville is contributing to the green movement.

Clintonville takes sustainability seriously -- they believe in going green. In 2007, Clintonville implemented a sustainability program which is also aided by several local businesses such as Go Sustainable Energy.

“Go Sustainable Energy’s team of expert engineers assists companies by helping them identify energy, sustainable material, and cost-savings opportunities.” -- Capstone Dental

21. And a Place for Healthy Eating

The white and turquoise square building of "Pattycake Bakery."
Pattycake Bakery is a vegan dessert spot in Columbus. Image courtesy of The 614orty-Niner.

If you have a restricted diet or you’re just looking to start a new lifestyle, the neighborhood is very accommodating. Clintonville has several gluten-free, vegan, and other dietary restricted restaurants and bakeries. Pattycake Bakery, BLunch Columbus, and Corelife Eatery are just a few of many.

“You would never know that this bakery is made from 100% plant-based ingredients. I don't even understand it. But they're killing it over here. The whoopie pie is my personal fave & the staff is always very friendly.” -- Pattycake Bakery Yelp Review

22. There’s even a Farmers Market

A picture of green produce and people browsing the farmers market.
The Clintonville Farmers Market is widely known across Ohio. Image courtesy of Experience Columbus.

Featuring 60 plus producers, the Clintonville Farmers Market runs from April 25 - November 21, 2020. Producers travel anywhere from one to 90 miles in order to bring fresh produce to the market each day.

“The mission of our non-profit, community-based market is to support excellent growers and producers while nurturing community appreciation of wholesome local foods in a lively neighborhood setting. We are a producer-only market, which means that everything you see at market is grown or produced by the stall farmer or cottage food producer.” -- Clintonville Farmers Market

23. Clintonville is Rich in History

The wooden and white "Welcome to Clintonville" sign.
Clintonville welcomes visitors and residents alike. Image courtesy of The Clintonville Queen.

Clintonville was originally the territory of the Wyandotte Native American tribe. Upon Westward expansion, it fell into the hands of the U.S. government. Soon after, the land was purchased by Thomas Bull -- but he and his family could not maintain the land alone. Thomas’ son built what is now known as High Street in an attempt to bring people into the area -- offering anyone who worked space.

25. ...and Art

A woman views a painting of another woman in front of a yellow and orange background.
Bring some color into your life by visiting one of Clintonville’s art galleries.

Clintonville is home to several art galleries such as Wild Goose Creative and Studio 35 which are open year-round, bringing culture to everyday life.

25. You Need to Visit Clintonville!

“Growing up in Clintonville, Columbus, Ohio has been wonderful! All the neighbors are like a tight-knit family and the surrounding area has restaurants with amazing food and shops with very unique and beautiful trinkets. Plus, OSU's campus and Downtown Columbus are just 10 to 15 minutes from Clintonville, giving even more access to theaters, shops, cinemas, restaurants, etc.” -- Niche Review

Near the city yet in its own little oasis, Clintonville has become a happy home to many residents -- come and see why!

For more information on Clintonville homes for sale, contact your HER, REALTORS®.

Have anything to add? Comment below on why you think Clintonville is a great place to live!

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