Looking to Avoid Boredom? Here Are Some Fun Activities to do in Clintonville, Ohio

This blog is going to give some ideas of places to visit and activities to do when visiting Clintonville, Ohio! Great for families or a night out exploring, enjoy.

A gorgeous neighborhood in Clintonville, Ohio.
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4041 N. High Street, Suite 302 Columbus, Ohio 43214
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Jan 21, 2021

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Neighborhood in Clintonville, Ohio.

Just because some areas may be smaller than others certainly does not discredit what each has to offer. Clintonville, Ohio is no exception to that. Whether you are visiting and trying to come up with ideas to pass the time or if you are a native and looking for a fun place to take friends or family--here we have provided for you some options to choose from.

Clintonville Famer’s Market

A group of vegetables and fruits at a farmers market.
A perfect option if you are trying to eat healthy and fresh foods. You won’t feel guilty after eating organic food like those they have optioned.  Image courtesy of Unsplash

800 E 17th Ave. | Columbus | clintonvillefarmersmarket.org

They always say that the food you cook yourself tastes better. So why not buy some fresh food that you can cook for yourself in that process? Bring out your inner chef without the worry of crazy calories and fats. 

Take a stroll on a nice day through the Clintonville farmers market which was started eighteen years ago. Around 60+ producers travel miles to provide their fresh products. It is a producer-only market which ensures the quality of the food.

If you’re a local looking who loves farmers markets you can also become a seasonal market manager

Sunny days and good food sounds great don’t you think?

“I've been to this farmers market once before last summer. It's my favorite one in the city even though there aren't as many vendors.

It's cool to see all the hipsters here and walk into the fun, unique shops around here.

Parking is super easy to find as well.

Can't wait to come back!” -Yelp review

Columbus Park of Roses

A glance at the Columbus Park of Roses.

An absolutely stunning image captured of the Park of Roses. A perfect attraction for those who appreciate the world around them. Image courtesy of experiencecolumbus.

3901 N, High St. | Columbus | parkofroses.org

Calling all lovers of nature! Please tell us that this photo did not just stop your hearts and transport you to a beautiful fantasy. Well if you’re visiting you’re in luck! Stop by and take some breathtaking photos.

After opening in 1953, the Columbus garden of roses became a popular spot for nature lovers, families, and even wedding parties to take photos at. 

Who can blame them? Flowers are gorgeous; especially roses. You have the option of visiting a plethora of beautiful sceneries, such as the formal rose garden, the heritage rose garden, the herb garden, etc. We loved looking at the “Backyard Garden” which you can see on their website.

They are open from 7 A.M. to dusk and there is no admission fee. Relieve some stress by taking a stroll and smelling the natural scent of beautiful flowers. We can’t even imagine what sunsets must look like when visiting.

“Had great times at this park over the years. It's a well maintained park. Kids loved the trail behind Gazebo towards river. Water was serene at some places and setup for waterfall at some places, overall it was amazing how tranquil the trail was in middle of a busy place.” -Google review

Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse

Outside of Studio 35.
An outside perspective of the movie theater in Columbus. Who doesn’t love pizza and a movie! Image courtesy of rutheh.

3055 Indianola Ave. | Columbus | studio35.com

Need an escape? Go to the movies! Specifically, this cinema though of course. A typical theater would probably not be serving the beer that you could get at this one!

Studio 35 offers “two movie screens, a full bar with 40 draft beers” and an “in-house pizza kitchen.” Along with other foods such as subs, salads, and shareables.

The pizza can be brought into the theater or you can take it to go! They also have specialty cocktails and sodas if beer isn’t your thing. This sounds like a perfect idea if you were seeking a relaxed night of enjoyment. 

They reinvested in new seating two years ago, so you know they keep it modern! 

“Back to my favorite hangout when in Columbus Ohio. And now to find it's improved and bigger than ever! Always a great show going on. Exceptional local brews on tap and now with the addition of upstairs dinning it's the place to be.” -Yelp review

Lost Weekend Records

A number of vinyl's you can find at a record store.
A beautiful vintage image of records at a store. All of those who say they were born in the wrong generation will love it here. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

2960 N High St. | Columbus | lostweekendrecords.com

Are you an old soul who can appreciate the sound of a good record player? Or are you wanting to start a collection of your own? Well, this is the store to go to for all of your vinyl needs. 

Lost Weekend Records is an independent business that is proud to represent their “high fidelity” of knowledge when it comes to music. 

Not only do they sell the good artists we all love to listen to, but they also feature local bands, musicians, and even authors!

Not to mention they have very cool rustic theme merchandise you can purchase if you are looking to bring home a souvenir. Support a smaller business that will no doubt make you feel at home considering their high support in the community.

“Great record shop! Carries many classic records, some new and some used. The employees made sure there were not too many people in the store, due to COVID-19. Great to see businesses enforcing policy. Purchased a record, which came with a cute, free sticker.” -Yelp review

Tree of Life Play & Cafe

Inside of the Tree of Life Play & Cafe.
Inside the Tree and Life Play & Cafe where your kids can roam while you sip some coffee! A place for you to take a break while some energy is burned off. Image courtesy of usarestaurants.

3708 Fishinger Blvd. | Hilliard | treeoflifeplaycafe.com

Now, this is for all of the parents or siblings with younger sisters or brothers; this is a place where you can sit and relax while your little one runs around burning all of their energy. 

This is a Christian-owned business that teams up with organizations and communities to support families. 

They have an indoor play area that consists of tunnels, a slide, a ball pit, a trampoline, and a crawlers area. They also have two interactive floor games for the entertainment of the kids. This is definitely the place to take your kids if you need to tucker them out for the day; maybe they’ll go right to sleep when you take them back to the house!

The fee for admission is $9.99 per child and $8.99 for siblings. Parents and “crawlers” have free admission. The child must be under 46” or up to five years of age. 

As for their café, it is closed on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday through Sunday you can enjoy locally roasted coffee while your child can play or pick from the kid’s menu!

“This place is really great! My 3-year-old son loves the trampoline park but loves this place even more. It's hard to get him to leave sometimes. And thankfully they have really good food!! Especially the pizza  

Very clean and friendly staff.

Highly recommend!” -Yelp review

Cosi (Center of Science and Industry) 

Outside of Cosi, a science museum in Ohio.
The remarkable architecture of Cosi, in Columbus, Ohio. All science lovers and creative minds will have a great time adventuring here. Image courtesy of 10tv.

333 W Broad St. | Columbus | cosi.org

After opening in 1964, Cosi became a tourist destination for all lovers of science. This is a perfect place to visit if you enjoy learning. 

There are multiple interesting exhibits to choose from while visiting such as The planetarium, the dinosaur gallery, the animation academy, and even a section dedicated to Cuba!

Cosi has “Classic exhibits” which consist of things like “Cosi Lab spaces,” this is where safe experiments are done to entertain your kids, or even yourself! 

Who doesn’t love a good museum, and to integrate that with science to expand young minds or introduce information to us who are older, it is a perfect place to get away. Learn something new and visit!

“There are so many wonderful exhibits here, it's hard to talk about just one. But I was particularly fond of the temporary Jim Henson exhibit, because it featured costumes and memorabilia from the movie Labyrinth! Seeing Labyrinth stuff on display warmed my old, born-in-the-early-80s heart.

My kids especially loved the exhibits that allowed them to touch and interact with things, of which there are hundreds.” -Yelp review

Dreamscape at AMC

An entrance of Dreamscape in Ohio.
An entrance to every video gamer's dream. Step into another reality at Dreamscape! Image courtesy of amctheaters.

275 Easton Town Center Level Two inside. | Columbus | amctheaters.com

Looking for another type of movie to watch? How about we throw in a surprise of it being a virtual reality? 

Look no further, Dreamscape at AMC is your place to visit. Those who come get to “step into a story and watch it unfold around them as they explore cinematic worlds, characters and creatures never before thought possible.”

This is an experience you can do with those who you came with to make it all the more fun. It is not common to see places like this so take advantage of it!

Depending on the location you visit, it will tell you what movies are available to experience. You are given a headset, sensors, and a backpack when you start your journey. 

We know that this would be a great experience for not only adults but children, that lets them live a reality they won’t always be able to have. 

“Very nice and clean venue! Was super excited to try this out. I purchased all 6 spots for my family. Hours are great and prices seem about right. I wish the experience was longer! Thanks! :) I am glad that this location is one of 4 throughout. Can't wait to see what adventure comes next. Hope to try them all!” -Yelp review.

To Wrap it up

We hope that this has given you some ideas to pick from when in Clintonville! With it being so close to a bigger city it comes as no surprise that there would be a number of options to choose from!

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June 11, 2021
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