Top Places in Columbus to Get Gluten-Free Dessert

If you’re looking for some spots to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out the gluten-free options at these spots

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Jan 21, 2021

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View homes for sale in Columbus, OH

Finding gluten-free food options, let alone gluten-free desserts, can be a huge challenger. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to find gluten-free options on menus in Columbus-- and not just for entrees, pizza, and bread! Desserts are quickly becoming a gluten-free favorite, either because of an allergy or as a part of a diet. All places listed below offer delicious gluten-free desserts, so feel free to indulge!


Cap City

Cap city Diner Exterior
Photo Courtesy Of

101 Stoneridge Dr. Columbus, OH 43230 | Gahanna |

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This diner-- with a couple of locations across Columbus-- offers patrons their own gluten-free menu. This way, there’s no question what you’re ordering will meet your needs. Not only do they have delicious options for brunch, lunch, and dinner, but they also have offer a daily baker’s choice for dessert.

This featured dessert could be a cookie, cake, or even something more gourmet! This place is a great option if you’re looking to stop in for a full meal with friends or family. Their gluten-free menu is full of all your favorites you’d expect from a diner.

“This place is perfect for every occasion. One of the most consistent Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. This gives an upscale diner atmosphere with big portions! Huge variety and the desserts are some of the best in Columbus! GET THE MEATLOAF!!!” -- Yelp Review

Milestone 229

Tuna tartare salad and a pizza
Close to all the fun spots in Columbus, make sure you check out the gluten-free options available here. Image courtesy of Milestone 229.

229 S. Civic Center Drive. Columbus, OH 43215 | Downtown |

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Milestone 229 is located close to the bustling center of downtown Columbus. It offers great views of the city and is walking distance to all the things tourists-- and locals-- want to experience. They offer a couple of different menus-- including gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options-- because they know that the people of Columbus don’t all eat the same way.

They do, however, all appreciate delicious food made from scratch and with the freshest ingredients. The gluten-free menu at Milestone is full of great meat selections, salads, and appetizers, but the customers really love the dessert options.

This place offers fresh strawberries and creme, along with exquisite creme brulee as daily dessert options. Make sure to top it all off with a gluten-free beer or cider as well!

“What a great location overlooking the park! We had lovely drinks and one of the best hummus apps ever - the pita was fresh and warm and heavenly. It was a great quick date spot, and I want to go back” -- Yelp Review


Filipino food spread chicken slaw and banana leaves
Their menu offers a lot of gluten-free dining options, including their fantastic desserts! Image courtesy of Bonifacio.

1577 King Ave. Columbus, OH 43212 | Columbus |

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If you’re looking for a little something different, think about trying out Bonifacio, which is where Columbus goes to when they want Filipino food. Full of delicious flavors that are the cornerstone of Filipino cooking, this spot offers a lot of options for gluten-free dining.

After enjoying some crispy Pata Kare Kare or Ginataang Langka, make sure you check out their gluten-free desserts!

The Leche Flan is the traditional Filipino favorite, but they also are known for Carioca-- rice flour donut balls drizzled in a coconut caramel sauce-- or Halo Halo-- shaved ice with preserves topped with ube ice cream.

Either one you decided to try, they’ll definitely be your new favorite!

“Went with a large-ish group of 8 and had a great time! The food came out quickly and tasted amazing. The staff was super friendly. I will definitely return and try some more dishes. The Bonifacio was a great starter plate (it's so much food)! Everyone loved it.” -- Yelp Review


Delicious piece of chocolate and vanilla cake
Try the delicious Italian desserts here, all gluten-free. The gelato is particularly popular! Image courtesy of Marcella’s.

1319 Polaris Parkway Columbus, OH 43240 | Short North |

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If you’re looking for some down-home Italian cooking-- but with gluten-free options-- check out Marcella’s. This local favorite has a full gluten-free menu, complete with some delicious dessert options.

You can’t go wrong with gelato, and Marcella’s offers this treat in three flavors-- honey vanilla, pistachio, or chocolate. Hand-made according to their traditional recipe as well!

If you’d rather try something else, they also offer gluten-free vanilla panna cotta-- topped with warm apricot marmalade. After you finish your meal here, you think you just arrived back from Italy!

“Went there after the big reopening. I love their melted cheese appetizer - yum! I'm also a fan of the meatball and will always choose spaghetti and meatball as my entree purely to get it. Marcella's never leaves me disappointed.” -- Yelp Review


Strawberry shortcake
This is where Columbus goes for all vegan and all gluten-free fare. You won’t believe how they can make all your favorites, minus the wheat. Image courtesy of Portia’s

4428 Indianola Ave. Columbus, OH 43214 | Clintonville |

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Portia’s is all about creating good food for people with different diets. Whether that diet is due to an allergy-- or due to a choice-- they want to fill in the gaps that other restaurants might leave behind.

They not only choose to create all the items on their menu to be vegan-- they also make the choice to make them all naturally gluten-free as well. That’s fantastic news to the people of Columbus who would like their soups, salads, wraps, quesadillas, and desserts to all be gluten-free and vegan.

Speaking of desserts, Portia’s Cheezcake is known throughout Columbus, and many people still wonder how they make it taste just like the traditional one! If you’d rather try another option, other popular choices include chocolate mousse, citrus parfait, and cookies.

"The best vegan restaurant I've ever tried. The majority of the group were not vegan and were able to find a meal they really enjoyed. The spinach artichoke dip is amazing! Definitely recommend.” -- Yelp Review

Bake Me Happy

Smore brownies yum!
Gluten-free desserts at their finest! Be sure to check out their retro treats as well! Image courtesy of Bake Me Happy.

106 Moler St. Columbus, OH 43207 | Merion Village |

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Bake Me Happy proudly creates all their baked goods on location in their gluten-free kitchen. That’s why when you’re looking for a completely gluten-free dessert experience, the people of Columbus know to stop by this fun bakery!

Stop in and watch the bakers painstakingly create these delicious desserts through their 2,800 foot open kitchen. It’s quite fascinating and you may find yourself losing track of time in the process.

Bake Me Happy also understands the power that nostalgia can have on people-- who doesn’t want to eat the sweets they used to as a kid? Here it’s no problem, and they create all your childhood favorites daily. Zebra cakes, ding dongs, and pop tarts are always available to take home, and always gluten-free.

“It's hard to find tasty gluten-free treats. We got one of everything. The cinnamon sugar puff pastry and red velvet coconut filled cake were among favorites as was the frosted sugar cookie. It's a good thing that I don't live nearby because I'd be there way too often.” -- Yelp Review


Rose chocolate cupcakes
The treats made in this kitchen are all allergy free, you might not even know the difference! Image courtesy of Soodles.

14 Dillmont Dr. Columbus, OH 43235 | Columbus |

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Soodles is known throughout Columbus as the allergy-free place to pick up tasty desserts. They believe that everyone deserves a treat now and then, including those with allergies to common items in baked goods.

That’s why they strive to keep their kitchen not only gluten-free, but also free of dairy, soy, peanuts, eggs, shellfish, and tree nuts. Their happy customers keep coming back, and really appreciate that Columbus has a place they can pick up any type of dessert or baked good, allergy free.

Soodles offers specialty cakes for all occasions, cupcakes, pies, and pie crusts all allergy free and ready for you to take home and enjoy. Soodles can also make corn-free and coconut-free cakes as well, just ask!

“Can't recommend this place strongly enough. Their gluten-free cupcakes were honestly better than any gluten-full ones I've ever had. I was chatting with one of the owners and could tell how seriously she takes her work but how much she loves it at the same time. And you can taste it!” -- Yelp Review

Food for Good Thought Bakery

chocolate peanut butter cupcake
The desserts in this bakery help support the mission of this organization, which is to help those in Columbus with autism find employment opportunities. Image courtesy of Food for Good Thought.

4185 N. Highland St. Columbus, OH 43214 |  Clintonville |

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The mission of Food for Good Thought is find employment opportunities for individuals in the Columbus area with autism. Their gluten-free bakery was started in 2009 and employees with autism can be found working there daily.

They work with job coaches and hopefully will want to transition to other employment opportunities in the area. This is a fantastic way to pick up some sweet treats and help a great cause. Each purchase goes towards their cause, and it gives those with autism a means to learn employment skills.

The bakery is entirely gluten-free and offers cakes, cupcakes, pecan pies, brownies, and lemon bars. If you’re looking for gluten-free desserts in Columbus, consider supporting the Food for Good Thought in their mission!

“The owner is incredibly nice and the staff is all very helpful. The selection is a little limited at first glance, but they will custom prepare you a variety of things. The prices are all extraordinarily reasonable given that this is a specialty gluten-free shop. Delicious, too. I'm eager to return.” -- Yelp Review

Cherbourg Bakery

Golden scones with strawberry icing.
Cherbourg Bakery offers both sweet and savory dessert items. Image courtesy of Cherbourg Bakery.

541 S Drexel Ave Bexley, OH 43209 | Bexley |

View homes for sale in 43209>

Inspired by the safe-haven that is Cherbourg, France, the Cherbourg Bakery is dedicated to being entirely gluten and nut-free. No wheat, nut, or gluten products have ever seen the inside of their kitchen.

The bakery uses minimally processed ingredients such as farm butter (only from grass-grazing cows), local eggs, and only two flours (which do not contain any traces of gums, fillers, starches or nuts).

All baked goods are made daily in small batches following traditional recipes in order to bring out texture and flavor within every bake.

“The happiness this place brings my diet restricted wife is life-changing. Cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins and lemon bars were absurdly good, gluten-free or not.” -- Yelp Review

Pattycake Bakery

Chocolate gobs on a white plate.
Pattycake Bakery is known for its range of whoopie pie flavors. Image courtesy of Pattycake Bakery.

3009 N High St. Columbus, OH 43202 | Clintonville |

View homes for sale in 43202>

Founded in 2003, Pattycake Bakery  Pattycake Bakery is known for its hand-crafted sweets -- made entirely from vegan, organic, and natural ingredients. Pattycake regards the earth and community in the same manner as their desserts and customers, which is spectacular.

Pattycake purchases fresh produce from local farmers, uses recycled and biodegradable packaging, and even chooses bike delivery over car.

Stop in and try their gluten-free ginger spice, gluten-free cranberry almond, gluten-free chocolate chip, gluten-free fudge brownie cookies. Other gluten-free options are available on the menu, just ask.

“You would never know that this bakery is made from 100% plant-based ingredients. I don't even understand it. But they're killing it over here. The whoopie pie is my personal fave & the staff is always very friendly.” -- Yelp Review

Mrs.Turbo’s Cookies

A red and white diner bar table
The retro theme is what makes Mrs. Turbo’s unique. Image courtesy of Mrs.Turbo’s Cookies.

150 Beecher Crossing N ste G Gahanna, OH 43230 | Gahanna |

View homes for sale in 43230>

Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies unites hand-crafted gourmet cookies and 50’s ambiance. They are a one of a kind, 100% female-owned and operated business -- you can only find them in Columbus.

This nostalgic bakery uses all-natural ingredients with no trans-fat, additives, or preservatives while offering great gluten-free options as well. Made with brown rice flour, their gluten-free treats include Mrs. Turbo’s famous cookies, brownies, cakes, and whoopie pies.

Mrs. Turbo’s Cookies has been awarded “Best of Weddings” by The Knot three years in a row. Fresh batches of cookies are made every day, and they are also open to catering any type of celebration.

“What a cute bakery with delicious cookies! They serve Crimson cup coffee and have a great selection of classic cookie flavors and other baked goods. A 50's diner-style interior with lots of seating gives this place a super fun vibe! All of the staff are very friendly and helpful.” -- Yelp Review

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

A carton of ice cream in front of a field of tulips.
Jeni’s was founded in 2002 in an attempt to spread happiness through dessert. Image courtesy of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

714 N High St Columbus, OH 43215 | Short North, Italian Village  |

View homes for sale in 43215>

If you’re looking for a cool treat, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is the place to go. Offering gluten-free flavors anywhere from cookies and cream to pistachio and honey, Jeni’s has a variety for those with diet restrictions.

As a Certified B Corporation, Jeni’s is recognized as meeting the rigorous standard of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. They use Direct Trade and Fair Trade ingredients, celebrate diversity, and work with minority-owned businesses.

Jeni’s is devoted to bringing people together -- they believe that service is an art that can grow a business into a community.

“DELICIOUS, AMAZING, ORIGINAL, all of the adjectives! Every flavor I had was delicious so just go, be a kid and try all the flavors and smile!” -- Yelp Review

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse

Coffee with a cream leaf
The Roosevelt Coffeehouse proudly serves Roosevelt Coffee Roasters. Image courtesy of The Roosevelt Coffeehouse.

462 W Broad St Gravity Columbus, OH 43215 | Franklinton |      

View homes for sale in 43215> 

What’s a good dessert without a chill atmosphere to enjoy it in? The Roosevelt Coffeehouse offers just that. Satisfy both your sweet tooth and your aesthetic while sipping on some coffee and eating a gluten-free baked good in this quaint coffee shop.

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse is dedicated to great service, but also saving lives. Their mission statement is to support organizations fighting the injustices of hunger, unclean water, and human trafficking, both locally and around the world. Over 30,000 lives have been impacted by their nonprofit partners.

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse offers a gluten-free menu with sweet treats such as cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and other dessert items.

“This shop is one of the best atmospheres in all the city and the coffee is high quality as well plus they donate to some great causes! This is my go-to shop in Columbus now!” -- Yelp Review
View homes for sale in Columbus, OH

There are many options available in Columbus for gluten-free dining-- and desserts! Almost all of your favorites can be made gluten-free because everyone-- regardless of a food allergy-- should be able to enjoy some sweets once in a while.

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