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Madeline Elston


Jan 21, 2021

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It’s official: we are living in a great renaissance of the Columbus beer industry. A quick Google search for ‘Columbus breweries’ gives you more results than you could likely visit in a month, let alone in a single night. It can be tricky to rely on online reviews and word-of-mouth to pick out the ideal spot for a night in a taproom. We’re here to bring you the ultimate guide to Columbus breweries.

In this guide, we’ve laid out all the need-to-know info to make choosing a brewery for the night quick and easy so that you can spend less time choosing and more time having fun. Below each description of a local brewery, you’ll find some ‘fast facts’ about the taproom, including the average price for a pint, the dining options available on-site, and the address with a link to the Google maps listing. You can also find links to beers on draft and dining menus in the ‘fast facts’ sections.


Land-Grant Brewing Company five-year anniversary logo
Land-Grant Brewing Company celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. Image Courtesy of Land-Grant Brewing.

Not far from downtown, just on the west side of the Scioto River is the Land-Grant Brewing Company. The taproom experience at Land-Grant takes place in an industrial-looking, wooden indoor taproom that opens onto a huge outdoor beer garden. L-G beer is brewed right on this property just through a private door from the taproom. The Land-Grant brews and serves ales, IPA’s, lagers, pilsners, porters, and more. They also offer a rotating selection of visiting drinks on tap.

Land-Grant Brewing Company main facade, bar, interior, bee garden
The Land-Grant Brewing taproom opens onto an outdoor beer garden perfect for sitting and chatting on a temperate evening. Image courtesy of Land-Grant Brewing.

Fast Facts

Average Cost of a Pint = $6

Food = Host food trucks on a rotating schedule, including Ray Ray’s Barbecue.

Location = 424 West Town Street, Columbus

Wolf’s Ridge

Wolf's Ridge taproom bar with branded wooden tap handles
The Wolf’s Ridge taproom brings a wide selection of house-made beers to the late-night bar experience. Image courtesy of Columbus Navigator.

Nestled right between the Arena District and downtown is Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. Their spacious, exposed-brick taproom is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that let in tons of natural light, making Wolf’s Ridge one of the most stunningly beautiful taprooms in town. Their brewery occupies the same building as the taproom, making a visit or tour an easy stop before a night in the taproom. Wolf’s Ridge brews and serves house-made ales, IPA’s, lagers, stouts, ciders, and more. 

Wolf's Ridge Brewing taproom after patrons have left
The Wolf’s Ridge taproom has the exposed-brick and wood aesthetic of an old Western saloon. Image courtesy of Drink Up Columbus.

Fast Facts

Average Cost of a Pint = $5.50 

Food = In-house cooks serve entrees that average around $20, as well as shareable appetizers

Location = 215 North 4th Street, Columbus

North High

North High Brewing Company branded wooden tap handles
North High Brewing Company uses a custom-branded wooden paddle for tap handles. Image courtesy of Just Beer.

Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t a Columbus district high school. North High Brewing takes its name from its location on North High Street, on the north side of the Italian Village. North High’s taproom has an industrial aesthetic with real brewing equipment on display and serves their house-made ales, pilsners, shandies, IPA’s, porters and more.

Fast Facts

Average Cost of a Pint = $6

Food = Sourced from Brenz Pizza Company and Brezel Pretzels

Location = 1288 North High Street, Columbus

Platform Beer

Platform Beer Company logo
The Platform Beer Company is an Ohio company through-and-through with locations in Cleveland and Columbus. Image courtesy of Brewbound.

In its amazing downtown location, the Platform Beer Company has a stunning, colorful indoor taproom with tons of seating at the bar and tables. Platform brews and serves its own ales, IPA’s, stouts, lagers, ciders, and more.

Three young adults sit at bar in Platform Beer taproom as bartender takes orders
The Platform Beer Company’s Columbus taproom has splashes of color that brings the space to life. Image courtesy of Beerista Barista.

Fast Facts

Average Cost of a Pint = $5.50

Food = Serve starters and entrees with lots of vegan-friendly options

Location = 408 North 6th Street, Columbus

Columbus Brewing Company

Columbus Brewing Company logo
The Columbus Brewing Company was established in 1988, and now offers branded merchandise like this tin sign for fans of the company. Image courtesy of Columbus Brewing.

A good drive away from the city center, west of town just off I-70, is the Columbus Brewing Company’s brewery and taproom. The taproom features a unique, wood-heavy interior with full-wall murals and a ton of indoor seating. CBC brews and serves ales, IPA’s, pilsners, lagers, stouts, and more.

Front of Columbus Brewing main building
The Columbus Brewing Company recently opened a taproom in the outskirts of its namesake city. Image courtesy of Columbus Brewing.

Fast Facts

Average Cost of a Pint* = $6 

*0.4 liters equals about 0.85 pints—value per ounce equates to about $7 per pint

Food = Host food trucks on a rotating schedule

Location = 2555 Harrison Road, Columbus


Brick wall emblazoned with Lineage Brewing logo
The Lineage Brewing brand is themed after a hot air balloon with the tagline, “new heights, deep roots.” Image courtesy of Lineage Brewing.

Probably the most aesthetically unique taproom in the city sits on the far north side of the city, just north of the Ohio State University campus. Lineage Brewing has a bright, cute taproom with a ton of indoor seating and natural light. Lineage brews and serves ales, IPA’s, lagers, stouts, and more. The other striking quality of Lineage’s taproom is their diverse, trendy menu of starters and entrees cooked in-house. From pork nachos to white wine brussels sprouts, to oven-toasted chicken sandwiches to goat cheese pies, the Lineage dining menu combines the gourmet with the guilty-pleasures. Check out heir full menu here.

Spacious well-lit taproom
The Lineage Brewing taproom has a light, fresh interior design with natural light pouring in from floor-to-ceiling windows. Image courtesy of Lineage Brewing.

Fast Facts

Average Cost of a Pint = $6

Food = Serve starters and meals that balance a refined brunch vibe with a midnight snack vibe 

Location = 2971 North High Street, Columbus

Urban Meyer’s Pint House

Main facade of Urban Meyer's Pint House
The Urban Meyer’s Pint House opened its doors for the first time September 27. Image courtesy of Columbus Navigator.

NOT a brewery, but this brand new food and spirits spot in the greater Columbus area is too sensational not to mention. This new Dublin restaurant comes from serial restaurateur Chris Corso and legendary OSU football coach Urban Meyer. Opened just days ago on September 27, 2019, this 8,000-square-foot space advertises as a perfect spot for both “foodies and sports fans.” The aesthetics of the brand are encapsulated in the ‘7-0 Room’ that is open for private reservation to fit 50 and 60 guests. This room is named in celebration for the Ohio State University football team’s perfect record against the University of Michigan during the 7-year span that Meyer coached. The Pint House currently does not advertise any house-made beers or spirits, and the owners do not show any signs of interest in opening an Urban Meyer-brand brewery at the moment.  However, the young bar hosts a ‘tap takeover’ on Wednesdays for a rotating selection of craft beers made by local breweries. The main anchor of the drink menu is the selection of signature cocktails, all served for $10 each. 

While the Urban Meyer’s Pint House has its own niche of drinks carved out with its signature cocktails, the future of beer at Meyer’s is still up in the air. The name ‘pint house’ evokes the taproom experience, and thus Urban Meyer and business partner Chris Corso are tapping into a huge industry in Columbus. The current state of things seems to center around partnerships and cooperative projects with local breweries. If this is the case permanently, Meyer’s could be a great addition to the beer scene in Columbus.

Land-Grant 7-0 Ale served at Urban Meyer's Pint House
The Pint House serves beers from local breweries, like this can of Land-Grant ale made custom for Urban Meyer’s. Image courtesy of Columbus Navigator.

Fast Facts

Drinks = Rotating selection of beers, Wednesdays ‘tap takeover,’ tons of signature cocktails all for $10 each

Food = A mixture of gourmet foods like avocado bruschetta and oysters with sports-bar classics like buffalo wings and pizzas. 

Location = 6632 Longshore Street, Dublin

There are dozens of Columbus breweries left off this list. We compiled what we feel are the most unique, industry-defining taprooms and brewers in the city area, only selecting from those with consistently high ratings from reviewers and customers. A night at a taproom is a perfect alternative to the classic bar experience, offering you locally-made beers often with the option to take your favorites home in cans. Yet, locations like Urban Meyer’s are bringing the taproom experience to an OSU-themed bar setting where you can buy a variety of local beers all from the same spot. A place like the Pint House allows you to take a tour of the city’s breweries from the comfort of a single booth. Whether you prefer a classic bar experience or to tour a brewery, the taproom scene is exploding in Columbus. Right now is the perfect time to dive in and become part of the active community of beer-lovers.

October 10, 2019
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