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Delicious Options to Satisfy Any Taco Craving

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Craving tacos? We’ve all been there. Tacos, beloved by so many of us, are a favorite of Americans, who eat 4.5 billion of them every year. So it’s understandable that you might find yourself caught up in the age-old dilemma: where to go to find the best tacos?

Thankfully, Columbus has you covered. Even Columbus natives may not know the full extent of Columbus’s dedication to serving up grade-A tacos, so we’re here to let you in on the secret.

In Columbus, you’ll find the perfect crunchy taco spilling over with steaming beef and fragrant onions, vegetarian options made with portobello mushrooms, American-inspired concoctions, and so much more.

Whether authentic or Americanized, simple or extravagant, tacos can fill your stomach and soothe your soul like no other food. No wonder we have a whole day of the week dedicated to this delicious food--I’m talking about Taco Tuesday, of course.

Because tacos hold such an important place in our hearts, we thought it would be helpful to direct you to the best taco places in Columbus, ensuring that you get the perfect taco fix.

  • Los Guachos Taqueria
  • Taco Loco
  • El Tacoriendo
  • Nada
  • Taqueria La Super Torta
  • Cuco’s Taqueria
  • El Ranchito Taqueria
  • El Camino Inn
  • Condado Tacos
  • La Casita Mexican Grill

Where to Find the Best Tacos in Columbus

The Places We Love and the Tacos We Crave

Los Guachos Taqueria

Los Guachos Taqueria
Marinated pork is hand carved onto the soft taco shells. Image courtesy of Los Guachos Taqueria.

5221 Godown Road | Columbus

Featured on the Food Network Series “Top 5 Restaurants,” Los Guachos Taqueria is a staple of the Columbus taco scene. This restaurant was the first brick and mortar restaurant on Godown Road, opened due to the overwhelming popularity of the original Los Guachos taco truck.

They serve a signature marinated pork taco with sliced pineapple that well deserves its praise--delicious pork complimented by the sweet pineapple makes for a savory combination of ingredients. They even have specials like their Monday buy-one-get-one-free deal!

I haven't had a dish here that I didn't love. I feel like I don't hear about this place enough, perhaps because they're just aren't a dozen locations. It's definitely a go-to for Mexican or taco night! - Travis C. on Yelp

Taco Loco

Taco Loco
Don’t forget the lime! Fresh lime juice sprinkled overtop your tacos makes the flavors and seasoning pop. Image courtesy of NBC4.

5467 Bethel Sawmill Center | Columbus

With delivery options available, Taco Loco makes it easy for you to satisfy your taco cravings in the comfort of your own home. Eating in the comfort of your own home means you can hunch over your taco, shards of shell flying everywhere and beef juice dripping down your arms, without worrying about the judgement of fellow diners.

Their storefront hides a true taco-lover’s gem--order their Tacos De Birria for a taste of what Columbus taco places have to offer. This is also a great place for Mexican food lovers looking for something other than a taco--Taco Loco has plenty of items on their menu to satisfy any type of craving.

If you haven't tried their carnitas they are so so good. I highly recommend that you get out and try it at least once. The meat falls apart just like it should and was perfectly paired with some toppings and tortillas. - Will K. on Yelp

El Tacoriendo

El Tacoriendo
Drive on out to Refugee Road or order these yummy tacos directly to your door. Image courtesy of El Tacoriendo.

3892 Refugee Rd | Columbus

Their menu features tons of authentic Mexican dishes--El Tacoriendo is known for dishing up classic favorites that always leave you feeling satisfied. Order one of their gigantic mango smoothies for the perfect refreshing side.

And don’t worry if Margarita Monday has you stuck in bed the next day. When you celebrate Taco Tuesday at El Tacoriendo you can take advantage of their hangover specials known for their curative properties.

I LOVE that they have fish ceviche!! So hard to find! I definitely feel this is authentic Mexican food and reminded me a lot of LA food trucks I've come to love. I adore their al pastor and the cheese they use for the quesadilla is very tasty. - Śea E. on Yelp


Order their family packs and enjoy a night of food and fun. Image courtesy of Eat, Drink, Nada.

220 W Nationwide Blvd. | Columbus

Nada is prepared to plan the perfect party for you. With private and semi-private rooms suitable for larger and smaller parties alike, Nada will cater to your every need--which includes serving tacos made with fresh ingredients.

For the healthier-minded, Nada has a crispy kale and mushroom taco that will leave you with the satisfied stomach of a taco and the healthy, energized feeling of a salad. And, while it’s not a taco, their mac n cheese dish definitely deserves a shout-out--even lifelong mac n cheese haters will find themselves won over by this dish.

Nada is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Just let their excellent staff know what you’re celebrating, and they’ll put together a dessert dish to commemorate the day.

The service was great, our waiter was very professional, very nice, and gave us a lot of recommendations. Parking was easy too, we paid $3 for two hour parking. We stayed there about 1 hour 20 minutes. You definitely need to pay more parking if you want to have a drink there. BTW, the patio is awesome! - Richard J. on Yelp

Taqueria La Super Torta

Taqueria La Super Torta
Not sure what to have for dinner? Tacos are always a good plan.

721 Georgesville Road | Columbus

Taqueria La Super Torta is a small restaurant tucked away at the corner of a shopping strip, and despite the unassuming exterior, La Super Torta has earned its place on the list of best taco places in Columbus. The interior is bright and charming and the staff will make you feel right at home.

Although their Cuban sandwich is often considered the star of the show, the tacos served up by La Super Torta’s experienced staff have an authentic feel to them. Tripe, lengua, and chicharron all make an appearance on their menu and are sure to delight.

This is a hidden gem! My bf took me here for authentic Mexican food and it didn't disappoint! I had five tacos - adobada, pollo, asada, lengua, and pastor. My favorites were the pastor and adobada. They both were marinated in something red (not sure what it's called) but they were sooooo flavorful and they didn't even need much lime or any salsa... - Caroline S. on Yelp

El Ranchito Taqueria

El Ranchito Taqueria
Enjoy corn tortillas and well-seasoned meat in your El Ranchito tacos. Say good-bye to Taco Bell and hello to this local hotspot!

1275 Brown Road | Columbus

If you’re looking for a spot vetted by locals, El Ranchito is the place. Locals love it and out-of-towners are sure to be wowed by the great atmosphere and fresh, flavorful tacos. The diner-esque atmosphere is as welcoming as the courteous--and quick--servers.

Their tacos pair well with their fresh chips and fresh-made guacamole--the al pastor taco is especially lauded, so be sure to check it out when you visit this great Columbus taco place!

Delicious!!!  Especially try the cabeza (SUPER tender and rich).  I enjoyed the tostada (flaky and crisp) most, followed by the Gordita and sopes. I ordered the cabeza, chorizo, and adobado - ALL the proteins were super flavorful. I've eaten at many taquerias and this was up there among the best UPDATE- Still the tops. New favorites are gorditas.  Made from scratch. - Dan B. on Yelp

El Camino Inn

El Camino Inn
Tacos, chips, and salsa--El Camino Inn is the restaurant for all these crowd favorites. Served in a dimly lit, vintage-inspired restaurant, when you eat here you’re getting a unique dining experience.

238 S. 4th St. | Columbus

If you’re looking to blend tacos and happy hour, El Camino Inn is the place! Known for their great taste in music, this tiny taco place serves simply, delicious fare. Tacos are notoriously versatile, but anyone who’s ever had a taco craving can tell you that when it comes to tacos, simplicity produces some of the best results.

The blend of great atmosphere and great food definitely makes this a special place!

I'm really into this place. Simple menu, open late, nice happy hour. Pretty authentic food to what I've had in Mexico honestly, nothing fancy. Salsa and soup are fresh. I love the barbacoa tacos. In general it has a cool, low key vibe and atmosphere set by the dim lighting, vintage decor and soul/jazz background music. - Sabrina R. on Yelp

Condado Tacos

Condado Tacos
Condado’s menu can seem intimidating to the inexperienced taco consumer--when in doubt, order one of everything! Image courtesy of Condado Tacos.

1227 N. High St. / 132 S. High St. / 4077 Fenlon Street / 2977 N. High St. | Columbus

Condado Tacos is best known for their build-your-own-taco that let you craft tacos just how you want them. Using fresh ingredients, Condado offers choices of toppings, protein, shell, and sauces. The shop, which is painted by local artists, enhances the experience of eating here.

Condado has been highlighted by Thrillest as having the best tacos in Columbus. In addition to their build-your-own option, Condado’s menu features a wide variety of suggested combinations. “Plain Jane,” “Up In Smoke,” and “Braised + Confused” are three of their fan-favorites.

Stopped in for a quick lunch while shopping in the Polaris area... I love Condado and highly recommend this location over most of the others my My favorite of the premade tacos is The Mantis, which is a vegetarian option! - Darreyon C. on Yelp

La Casita Mexican Grill

La Casita Mexican Grill
Fill up on margaritas and tacos at La Casita--and then come back for more the next night!

1355 Bethel Road | Columbus

If you’re looking for the best tacos in Columbus, make sure to stop at La Casita. You’ll be tempted to fill up on fresh chips and salsa but make sure you leave room for their delicious tacos--crunchy shells, seasoned meat, perfectly cooked vegetables, beans, rice, and more.

For all those messy taco eaters out there--La Casita has a taco salad that makes it easy to enjoy your favorite food. Served in a flour tortilla bowl, the taco salad comes with all the classic taco fillings.

I absolutely love this place. They load you up with chips and guac/salsa before your meal and have great service. Make sure you go hungry because their meals are extremely filling! My family and I love going here. 10/10 would recommend for any Mexican cuisine lover! - Pauline C. on Yelp

The next time you have a hankering for quality tacos, check out one of these taco places in Columbus--any one of them is sure to satisfy your need for good quality food served in a clean, welcoming environment.

Order tacos to your door or opt for a dine-in experience--wearing a mask, of course--all while knowing that you’re eating some of the best tacos Ohio has to offer. Be sure to leave check out their social media pages and leave a Yelp review, too!

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